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Its Not Cricket [DVD]
Its Not Cricket [DVD]
Dvd ~ Basil Radford
Price: £9.01

4.0 out of 5 stars Definitely good for a giggle or three!, 23 Sep 2014
This review is from: Its Not Cricket [DVD] (DVD)
A very quirky little film this, with an odd but amusing start…..

The tale centres around two bumbling, though hugely affable, Army Intelligence officers (Major Bright and Captain Early) who are based in post-war Germany. They are played by the instantly recognisable Basil Radford and Naunton Wayne. Funny, I didn’t recognise the latter name, but the chap himself instantly!

All around the sector, the talk is of an escaped Nazi War Criminal (possibly a little insensitive, but certainly not done offensively!) - one “Otto Fisch” portrayed farcically by our very own Maurice Denham. It’s certainly a type of role I’ve not seen him in before. Otto is known for his mastery of disguises…..

Now it is of course only a matter of time before our dynamic duo (Bright & Early – get it?) and the cunning Otto’s paths meet……..

Time for a spot of leave for Bright and Early (perhaps more appropriately “Dim and Late”!), and their trusty batman prepares to drive them (via a sailing) back to Blighty. Now the Batman (played by one of my favourite actors - Leslie Dwyer, forever remembered as the rather fond of a drink, child disliking Punch and Judy man Mr Partidge in Hi-De-Hi) whilst on the way to meet our boys meets an untimely demise……. So who do you think takes his place? That’s it, you’re getting the idea. Unsurprisingly, the dopey duo fail to recognise him, and accept his weak reason for replacing their usual chap!

Of course once it is realised that our poor dim-witted friends unwittingly aided the escape, there’s nothing left for it: The chop, Demob!

What follows is a bungling chain of events as our lads attempt to make their way in Civvy Street.

Lots of mishaps along the way, with an absolutely hilarious scene at the theatre, culminating in an even more farcical, and equally funny ending.
Blink and you’ll miss a very young (dare I say rather sexy?) Diana Dors who plays a very small part.

Whilst not Oscar material, this is a genuinely funny (and as I noted right at the beginning) quirky little film that’s worthy of a place in a collection if you (as I do) love old British Movies!

It was co-produced by none other than Peter Rogers (in one of his very earliest films) best known of course for his producing of the evergreen Carry on series.

Bissell Powerforce 1491E Bagless Upright Vacuum C
Bissell Powerforce 1491E Bagless Upright Vacuum C

4.0 out of 5 stars Powerful and good value for money vacuum cleaner, 8 July 2014
This is of course an upright vacuum cleaner, and the reality is it is unlikely to be blessed with similar longevity to a cylinder cleaner, it's the nature of the beast (unless you consider the old Hoover Junior of course that was crude, but bullet-proof)
As other reviewers elsewhere have noted, this machine is noisy - trust me, it is! However, I don't find this a great problem.
It seems to be fairly well constructed, not appearing flimsy, but of course time will tell.

The reality is though, it is not well suited to using attachments (such as they are anyway), it is just not really practical, and indeed is a drawback of most uprights. I have retained trusty Henry for that purpose (stairs, dado, skirting, coving etc.) One could try to undertake these tasks with this model, good luck in that!!

This was wholly understood on my part when purchasing, having done so, after seeing how well it performed. It has to be said, I could never have effected the level of carpet vacuuming with poor old Henry (always willing, ever reliable, but just doesn't quite cut the mustard). Whilst always my intention to have 2 x vacs (upright / cylinder) for aforementioned reasons, this may not be ideal for everyone, particularly with many homes these days being limited on storage space. Just don't run away with the idea this is a perfect alternative to a cylinder. I'm sure some will disagree with that - just my opinion!

You need to take care when dispensing of the collected dust etc from the cylinder (very easy to do, just slide the button), since you will be liable to being engulfed in a plume of dust.... The trick is (if at all possible), to immerse inside of the bin (assuming that's how you will empty) before sliding the button, so it is mostly (not wholly) contained.

Now the messy part...... I have I have only attempted this task once so far (although the recommendation is that it is carried out after every use), but filer cleaning. Oh my goodness, what an absolutely messy job. I strongly recommend if possible this be done outside, in a bucket of water, without wearing one's best bib and tucker!!

All in all, and in trying to be as objective as possible, this is an excellent value for money, effective vacuum cleaner.

Update: forgot to mention previously.... Another (becoming increasingly so) irritating design flaw is the power cord outlet location. It is right down low. The problem is that it tends to get caught underneath the machine, and of course (apart from annoying meaning having to lift to remove) could mean cable damage. The only way to sensibly overcome is to hold the flex in one hand (semi-taught away from the machine base) whilst manouvering the machine with the other hand. Effective - ish, but more than a little aggravating!

Dublin Nightmare [DVD]
Dublin Nightmare [DVD]
Dvd ~ John Pomeroy
Offered by Helgy
Price: £7.59

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Quirky, atmospheric Suspense Thriller!, 5 Mar 2014
This review is from: Dublin Nightmare [DVD] (DVD)
This is a rather quirky tale, set in Dublin. It is a story of ruthlessness, betrayal of loyalties, and fanatical beliefs…….

In case you haven’t guessed, the plot centres around the activities of “The Movement”, which of course we now know by other terms. A quiet little hotel forms the backdrop of the “headquarters” of the “cell”…

The movie has an air of the “Film Noir” about it, and has a rather curious (if at times slightly irritating) scene setting music background. For some strange reason, it also reminds me of that cult western “High Noon” (can’t quite put my finger on why…..)

We start with a “Bank Job”, which of course has the intention of fund raising. The co-conspirators are all set, which includes one Steve Lawlor (Richard Leech). Now our friend Mr Leech clearly has different motives – he’s in it for his share of the money, and makes no secret of the fact. The love interest (Steve’s squeeze) comes in the form of Anna (superbly portrayed by Marla Landi). Anna is clearly torn between love for her man, and her own morality.

All seems to have gone well, but two of the motley crew fail to return. What follows is an atmospheric journey through many twists and turns …….. A visitor to the hotel, American photographer John Kevin (William Sylvester) is a friend of Steve’s hoping to meet him there. John gradually becomes drawn into the intrigue, and himself begins to fall for the charms of the beautiful Anna.

There are quite a few surprises in store in this competent suspense movie. It’s a strange, but rather compelling tale, enjoy!

The film doesn’t have a big cast, but see if you can spot (an obviously rather young looking) David Kelly. David who? I hear you ask (think Albert Riddle, the one armed kitchen help at Robin’s Nest – for those of you old enough to remember it!)

WD My Passport 1TB Portable Hard Drive - Black
WD My Passport 1TB Portable Hard Drive - Black
Offered by PreisCompany
Price: £63.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the tin, 3 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Little to add to the review title really, it's light, highly portable, and serves the purpose perfectly for what I want. It's also near silent, and stays cool.

I have various external drives, which I generally use for media storage. This is of course slightly different for my use of moving large files etc between computers etc.

Like they all seem to, this comes with different back-up software etc which to be fair I've never really got my head round, finding it far easier just to do manually. I rather suspect that's the case with most people!

Pineapple Peeler - Neat Ideas
Pineapple Peeler - Neat Ideas
Offered by Garden Gear
Price: £4.00

1.0 out of 5 stars Waste of money, 3 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
To be fair, some people seem to like it - fair enough of course!

However, we found it messy, and quite crude. I think it's quite robust, but obviously only time would tell re. that. This is something we won't get to find out though, having thrown it away.

It's quite difficult to use, and quite a laborious process. You have to chop each section as you go - and as noted VERY messy.

We also have one of the other popular type (which are sold by many merchants very cheaply. This is much easier to use and quicker. That said, we bought the Neat Ideas one in the hope that it would be better still, but of course it's much worse.

We have gone back to traditional method of cutting the outer, and then slicing. Since we tend to eat as a healthy snack a slice or two at a time, we cut in half the whole slices. It's very easy to nibble round the core. This method of peeling is much more straight forward, simpler - I actually find it just as quick, with far less waste.

A simple corer would take care of that if a must (i.e. for pineapple slices with gammon etc, but as far as peeling, stick to the traditional method - quicker, cleaner and much less waste!

Penny Princess [DVD]
Penny Princess [DVD]
Dvd ~ Yolande Donlan
Offered by Helgy
Price: £6.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lovely Film!, 20 Sep 2013
This review is from: Penny Princess [DVD] (DVD)
In deepest Europe lies a small (fictional of course!) Principality named "Lampidorra". Lampidorra nestles snugly between Italy, Switzerland and France.

The Lampidorrans are a pleasant, friendly community, but with a big problem...... For many years they've just about survived by ducking and diving. Ducking and Diving you ask? These were the days before the dreaded E.U. - no freedom of movement / free trade etc. .... So the Lampidorrans became proficient at one of the oldest professions (no, not that one) Smuggling across the borders of their neighbours (supply and demand!) However, now they're bankrupt! What to do then?

Their saviour transpires to be a wealthy American who agrees to buy Lampidorra (declaring it the "49th state") for $100,000 and is soon hailed a national hero. There's one slight snag though (naturally) - our aged benefactor pops his clogs - before the money is paid.

Way across the pond, in Downtown New York is a ditzy but charming shop girl called Lindy Smith (enthusiastically portrayed by Yolande Donlan - an actress I'm not familiar with) Lindy has been working hard in Macy's Department Store demonstrating the latest thing in Potato Peelers - not very successfully however. Lindy is called into the Manager's office, whereupon she thinks she is about to be fired.

The purpose of the summons is actually to advise her of her inheritance. Yep, she turns out to be the long lost (only remaining) relative of the departed benefactor!

And so begins Lindy's journey........ Lindy has a big heart, but is also very naïve, and falls in love with Lampidorra and the people.

En route so to speak, she bumps into a very keen Cheese Salesman, Tony Craig (played in true 50s Heart-throb style by our very own Dirk Bogarde). Their initial "meeting" doesn't go too well, but their paths cross a little later when Tony is "persuaded" to help in an audacious plan.

Tony has been sent abroad to a Cheese sales conference by his Boss, Selby (A.E. Matthews - who I always remember from one of my favourite films - The Million Pound Note - where he played one of the old duffers, Duke of Frognal, who had the bet!)

When Lindy arrives, Lampidorra is ecstatic and she is proclaimed the new Sovereign. Oops, another problem - The Minister of Finance (Reginald Beckwith - you'll recognise the face if not the name!) and the Chancellor (Edwin Styles) are both expecting Lindy to bring the money..... Things are about as bad as they can be! The trouble is, there is a long delay while the whole estate is sorted out, so no money.

Being the moral girl she is, our Lindy declares Smuggling illegal - punishable by.... DEATH. Oh dear, now what do they do?...... A cunning plan is derived following a chance try of a special local delicacy called Schneese. This is like cheese, but not ordinary cheese, as will be seen!

Cue the return (as promised) of our old friend Tony Craig to help (naturally they fall in love along the way). All seems to go well until this burgeoning new industry is scuppered by their big neighbours and other countries imposing punitive import levies etc......

Nothing else for it then, Lindy relents, calling upon the other great skill of her new kinfolk (why smuggling of course!)

Watch out for the Hotel Concierge at the Hotel where Lindy and Tony first meet (blink and you'll miss him) - played by the wonderful Richard Wattis (bedecked of course in his trademark horn rimmed glasses).

This is a really enjoyable old film, with a very funny storyline - a sort of cross between The Mouse That Roared and Passport to Pimlico!


Venetian Bird [DVD]
Venetian Bird [DVD]
Dvd ~ Richard Todd
Price: £7.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing Thriller, 8 Sep 2013
This review is from: Venetian Bird [DVD] (DVD)
The tale begins with Private Detective Edward Mercer (convincingly portrayed by the ridiculously handsome Richard Todd!) undertaking a search for a missing person in Venice.

Upon arrival in Venice, he makes acquaintance with a friendly local street tourist photographer (played by the wonderful John Gregson). We see as the plot unravels, all is not always as at first appears....... And perhaps there is more to the happy snapper than meets the eye......

Mercer is clearly a battle weary veteran of the war, but with a steely determination to find the man he has been commissioned to locate by a French Insurance Company.

Mercer's quest to trace the missing Italian, Renzo Uccello, for whom, he has been told, is to repay an act of bravery during the war. The selfless act involved rescuing an allied airman shot down. Frustratingly, the search seems to have ended almost before it has started - he learns that he is in fact dead. But is he? And if he isn't, why would somebody claim he is?

Before arriving, Mercer had placed an advert seeking information about Renzo, and agrees to meet a man called Boldesca (Sidney Tafler) who claims to have some information. However, a couple of heavies get to him first. Although Mercer rescues him in time, he subsequently ends up stabbed to death anyway, before any information can be imparted....

From here on in, things start to become decidedly dangerous, with ever more conflicting clues coming to light.

In his attempt to find out more, he turns to an old friend from years ago, Rosa, who now lives in Venice herself. Rosa introduces him to the local undertaker Bernardo (Sid James), who has more than a modicum of local knowledge.... Could Bernardo perhaps unlock some of the "slammed doors"?

Our man's love interest is fired up when he comes across Adriana Medova (Eva Bartok) at a local gallery where he has traced links with the elusive Renzo. Once again, all is not what it seems..

After turning down a large amount of money to leave Venice, and drop the case (not for our Edward the easy option....), he is set up to take the blame for a planned assassination of a Political Leader, and is soon arrested when it indeed does take place.

Already suspicious of the intrepid Private Eye's activities, the Local Police Chief is going to take some convincing, not to mention hard evidence, to accept his innocence.

As the clouds of mystery start to clear, the story culminates in a gripping chase across the rooftops........

This is a most enjoyable thriller, full of intrigue - and surprises (I shall say no more..) There are wonderful shots of Venice throughout the film, which all adds to ambience.

Sleeping Car To Trieste [DVD]
Sleeping Car To Trieste [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jean Kent
Price: £7.50

18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Smashing Film!, 17 Aug 2013
The scene is set in this delightful Film Noir, in Post War Paris, and starts with a robbery from (what transpires to be) an Embassy. The first few minutes of the film are a little confusing, but after a short while all starts to make sense and fall into place.

There is a wonderful ambience about the cinematography, evocative of the era and the surroundings.

Following the robbery, an accomplice double crosses his "partners in crime", making off.......

The motive for the robbery soon becomes clear, being for political reasons. The object of the robbery is a Diary, the contents of which turn out to be highly explosive, and having the potential to destabilise a country (we're never quite sure which country, but that's by the by!). However, political ideology is one thing, but the motive of greed is another, and so the intrigue begins to gather pace - as does the Orient Express, set within which, the plot begins to gradually unfold.

There are many similarities to Murder on The Orient Express, and in that context, gradually more characters are introduced. Who are these people? Are they somehow linked into the subterfuge? All, my dear friends, will become clear.......

There are some wonderful characters that we meet as the Orient Express makes it's romantic progress across Europe, none more so than the famous (and equally prickly and belligerent) writer Alastair MacBain, perfectly portrayed by Finlay Currie (you'll recognise the face, if not the name, a list of credits as long as your arm!). You'll feel for his long suffering secretary, Mills (played by the also instantly recognisable Hugh Burden).

Poor George Grant (Derrick De Marney) is an altogether not unpleasant chap, a respectable lawyer on a business trip (accompanied by a female to which he is not married......... risqué in those days!), becomes embroiled in the situation, and is framed for the murder of one of the villains that is bumped off on the train........ Will he prove his innocence?

There is also some great humour in the story, particularly that displayed by the irritating, "in your face" Tom Bishop (classic comedy actor David Tomlinson), who's main interests in life seem to be whisky, women, and playing cards - not necessarily in that order - (sounds good to me).

The fight scene and ensuing murder will have you laughing (although not intended to do so). It's so unrealistic (as all fight sequences were in those days), it's hilarious.

It's interesting to note, that pretty much every scene shows somebody furiously puffing away on a cigarette (the tobacco companies must have loved it). Oh how times have changed!

This film has a most charming naivety about it, with some of the character portrayals being somewhat clichéd, particularly the travelling American serviceman!

A smashing film, perfect for a snuggly Sunday afternoon - enjoy!

Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse - Black
Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse - Black
Price: £24.49

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Usual Logitech quality, 10 Aug 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Overall this is a good mouse, with excellent functionality and flexible programming of buttons.

Not quite 5 star, since I don't feel the ergonomics of the mouse are as good as previous Logitech mice I have had. This is compounded by the positioning of the side buttons, one of which is nigh impossible to operate without effectively moving the hand and turning the mouse so that one is almost at 90 deg to it. The design should enable easy thumb operation of all side buttons with the hand positioned in the normal mouse using position.

Overall though, as noted, a good product, well made.

Brides In The Bath [DVD]
Brides In The Bath [DVD]
Dvd ~ Martin Kemp
Price: £7.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dark and Chilling..., 9 Aug 2013
This review is from: Brides In The Bath [DVD] (DVD)
George Smith (darkly portrayed to perfection by Martin Kemp) is a man of humble origins, and even more humble means. However, Smith has one thing going for him - he is a handsome and charming man.

Smith has aspirations way beyond his circumstances, which during those days (Edwardian period) would have been an impossibility.

The dark brooding Smith devises a cunning plan, bigamously (being already married) marry for money and then murder his bride! This he does with aplomb, the proceeds supplemented by life insurance policies taken out.

Smith undertakes the dispatching by persuading his new bride Bessie to take a bath, then drowning her. This seems to be the perfect method, having previously "set the scene" by telling their landlady of his new spouse being poorly, thus seeming plausible that she passed out and drowned. This was to become Smith's Modus operandi....

Smith's legal wife (or indeed was she married bigamously too?), a dowdy woman, appears to have no knowledge of Smith's "other wives", he explaining his trips away as stock sourcing ventures for their second-hand goods shop.

Astonishingly, the murders continue (always at bath-time....), with Smith carefully selecting his victims and becoming wealthier in the process until quite by chance the daughter of one of the landladies (who was suspicious from the outset), sees an article in the paper about the tragic loss of a new bride by drowning in the bath (exactly as had happened previously...).

This sets in motion the chain of events, and investigations that culminate in Smith's arrest and trial.

Smith maintains and uses his charm during the trial, in an attempt to convince the jury of his innocence, aided by his theatrical Defence Lawyer (a wonderful performance by the late Richard Griffiths).

Brides in the Bath, in chronicling these real life events, captures the Edwardian era ambience perfectly. The story is told starting at the trial commencement, with the events that took place gradually unfolding in a series of "flashbacks". I usually dislike this method, which can often be a little confusing, but this actually works really well, being balanced just right.

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