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Man With a Camera: Complete Collection [DVD] [Region 1] [NTSC]
Man With a Camera: Complete Collection [DVD] [Region 1] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Charles Bronson

5.0 out of 5 stars Just say - Watch for the Punch., 13 Nov 2011
I have never before seen this this TV Series, as like many other's I never knew that Charles Bronson had ever made a TV Series, which really was a pleasent suprise.

This Complete TV Series is in it's original Black and White format, and it does really look Good having been Digitally Restored in this 1958 TV Series of 29 Episodes in with Bronson play's Crime Photographer, Mike Kovac, a former WW2 Combat Photographer now free - lancing in the City of New York, who specialises in getting the Photograph that other's can't.

Bronson as Kovac get's his assignment's from various out - let's including from Newspaper and Insurance Agencies, and also from the Police, to Private individuals, all of whom want a Photographic Record of some Event, and of course Danger is alway's on the Menue for Mike to deal with.

I would think that these TV Stories were mainly original during their Day, for this TV Series does indeed remind me of the early 1962/63 UK ITC TV Series Man of The World, Starring - Craig Stevens, as Michael Strait, whom is also a Photographer, who seek's out Danger on his Mission's.

Man With A Camera, has "Only" been Released in Region 1, for Sale in the United States, and Canada, and is NOT intended for export into the UK, so if you intend to Buy this really worthwhile TV Series by being Imported into the UK, then you should check whether or not your Region 2 Pal DVD Recorder will handle the US Region 1 DVD Format in Black and White, for some UK DVD Recorders will, and some won't, otherwise you should check to see as to whether your DVD Recorder can be converted into the Multi - Region format for viewing this TV Series.

Yes, a Great TV Series Starring Charles Bronson, that is really very good to watch. So smile, it's 5 Star's ALL around.

Black Sheep Squadron: Series 1 [DVD]
Black Sheep Squadron: Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Stephen Richmond
Price: 7.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars If Black Sheep "could" really Fly, 13 Nov 2011
I first saw this TV Series when it was first shown on Sky TV here in the UK during Sky TV's Start - Up begining on the Astra Satellite back during the Middle 1980's, and although this TV Series is losely based upon the exploits of "Pappy", it is no less a rather entertaining romp about a bunch of mis-fit's that go on to become the most feared US Air - Force Outfit, by the Jap's during WW2.

While it's clear from the way this TV Series is presented, that it has a feel of being first and foremost an Adventure TV War Series, this no less take's away the fact that this TV Programme is based upon REAL LIFE People, and to this end we would ALL like to believe the Tale's shown in this TV Series as keeping in line with True incident's, even if some account's may be streathing the Truth just a little.

I will give this Black - Sheep TV Series a 5-Star rating, since the Acting of Robert Conrad is alway's second to none, from an Actor whom has Starred in many other TV Series, namely; Hawaiian Eye, Murder One, and The Wild, Wild West, etc.

Kojak: Season 1 [DVD]
Kojak: Season 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Telly Savalas
Price: 10.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hair today, Gone tomorrow - me old Crocker., 22 Sep 2011
This review is from: Kojak: Season 1 [DVD] (DVD)
This TV Series did wonders for Bald - Men, for at long last they had a TV Hero they " The - Men" and many Women could look up to, while Children just loved the bit about Lollypop's.

Yes, Kojak set in New - York, was indeed a firm Favourite for many People for various reasons, and not least because of the great acting of Telly Savalas himself, whom would give ideas to his Captain about any Case's, rather than wait for any Order's in Return.

I believe this was Telly Savalas First Major TV Series, having appeared in many previous Bit - Part's in much earlier TV Series before turning to Film Acting as this was at the tail end of a period when many Film Actor's were turning to the Small Screen to find Work.

The Kojak Series being set as previously mentioned in New York, is in many ways like the TV Series, The Streets of San Francisco for whereby Kojak was dodging around Traffic-Lanes, while back in the other SFPD Area they had many long hilly Roads and "Streets" to contend with, otherwise the pace of the Action in both these TV Series is First - Class since Kojak seems to know all the Low Life around his Manhattan - South Police District, and their Father's, Brother's, Cousin's, or "The Family" etc; Coshie - Coo.

Yes, Great Stories, and Settings, - and also well worth a 5 Star-Rating.

Peter Gunn Season Two [DVD]
Peter Gunn Season Two [DVD]
Dvd ~ Craig Stevens
Offered by simplesimon1966
Price: 12.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Your find Me at Mother's., 19 Sep 2011
This review is from: Peter Gunn Season Two [DVD] (DVD)
Craig Stevens was a very under-rated Actor whom put in a First - Class performance as TV's Private-Eye, Peter Gunn.

Stevens played Gunn as being upright along with a very light dry sense of humour, which resembles the Acting of those earlier 1940's Private Eye's, and Gum-Shoe's in namely, Sam Spade and Philip Marlow whom were made famous by Humphrey Bogart, and Dick Powell, although unlike most other TV Private-Eyes of the Era, Peter Gunn was to be found hanging out at a Bar called - Mother's, where his girl friend worked as a Singer, and Gunn would be called over and accosted by some shady strangers to help them out for various reasons.

The nearest in the Acting TV stakes which was back then on a par with the Peter Gunn TV Series and both in production around the same period in time which was also limited to the 25 Minutes TV episodes format, was the Richard Diamond Private-Eye TV Series made by 4-Star Productions, and starring the great David Janssen of; The Fugitive, O'Hara US Treasury, and Harry-O fame.

After Peter Gunn, Craig Stevens came over to the UK to star in the old ITC TV Series called - Man of The World whereby Stevens played a World Famous, Freelance Magazine Photographer named Michael Strait. This too was also a very enjoyable TV Series starring the under-rated and most talented Actor, Craig Stevens and this TV Series is now also out in the form of a Complete TV DVD Box-Set, and likewise again this TV Series is also well 5-Star recommended.

Adam Adamant Lives! - The Complete Collection (5 Disc Box Set) [1966] [DVD]
Adam Adamant Lives! - The Complete Collection (5 Disc Box Set) [1966] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Gerald Harper

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Swingin' Sword of the 60's, 19 Sep 2011
Now Adam Adamant Lives! to me seems to fit in very well indeed with the middle Period of The Swingin' Sixties, for up until then back in 1966 most BBC Productions of anything resembling a Victorian Era Play, or TV Series were thickly padded, well over Acted and very slow indeed, as well as being somewhat Action-less in their contents.

However, with the arrival of The Adam Adament TV Series the BBC both shook off its slow lane image of presentation for a more up-beat tempo which saw Adament as a Top Government Agent being frozen in Ice without ageing, and then defrosted and bought back to life again nearly a Century later in the middle of a Demolition-Site in the City of London and the Swinging Sixties.

Gerald Harper played his part of the dashing Adament with all the Fun of a Victorian James Bond figure, which fitted in again perfectly nicely with the dress sense of the Cloths loving Carnaby Street locals, whereby even Victorian Dress was back in style.

Since 1966, there has NOT been produced by the BBC any programme's that are both tongue in cheek, while being also both dashing and as exciting as was when the Adam Adament Lives TV Series was first broadcasted and shown, whereby Gerald Harper got to become a memorable TV Hero, whereby again also Shirley Bassey sang the Title Song at both the beginning and at the end of each Episode for as the Title - Song suggests, Adament was TV's Knight in White Armour.

Welcome back Adam, you have been a long time missed from being shown in any TV Re-run's, while its been great to see again, the TV episodes that have survived.
5 Star's all around.
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Danger Man: The Complete 1964-1968 Series [DVD]
Danger Man: The Complete 1964-1968 Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patrick McGoohan
Price: 43.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Move over Bond, Drake is here., 18 Sep 2011
Back at a time when James Bond first hit the Big - Screen, Danger Man was the opporsite TV equivalent.
For indeed, Patrick McGoohan had already turned down the part of James Bond ahead of Sean Connery being given that part.

Unlike Bond, Drake was a more hands-on Spy / Counter-Spy, working firstly for NATO, and in then later after the First-Series for British Intelligent MI6 etc; out of a London based "Cover" Office for International Travel..

Patrick McGoohan portrayed Drake as a thinker, whom did not trust anyone at face value, while keeping a low profile away from any love interest of the Ladies, something that James Bond would have found difficult to do while John Drake would have been too busy pitting his sharp wit into conversation, trying to gather any clues about his mission, which usually meant that he had to find something, or someone.

Drake of course had plenty of Gadget's to help his cause, that back in those early TV Day's were very impressive indeed, to collect, and get information back to base.
This TV Programme was set in REAL Time, as many episodes centered around getting both People and Information back across the Berlin - Wall between the East and West Sectors, which gave this TV Series many Nail - Biting ending's, along with a straight lace style of Acting by McGoohan, and indeed this TV Box - Set re-live's again the Day's of pure ITC Adventure.

While this TV Series is mainly shot in Monochrone B&W, with the exception of the last 2 Episodes that were shot in Colour, and are set in Hong - Kong, for these same 2 Episodes were also Released in UK Cinemas as a Main - Feature under the Working Title - Koroshi.

In one memorable episode we find Drake as a DJ onboard the back then real life Pirate - Radio Station, Radio 390 on a Fort in the Thames Estuary trying to intersept Radio Messages by Foreign Spies, while Patsy Ann Noble also starred in this Episode called; He Who Rides a Tiger, a song which she sings in the End-Credits, and was also a 45rpm Single Release for Patsy.
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Hawaii Five-O: The First Season [DVD]
Hawaii Five-O: The First Season [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jack Lord
Price: 12.00

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best TV Cop's Show ever., 18 Sep 2011
I have now bought ALL the First 7 Season's of Hawaii-Five-O, and I have enjoyed them ALL again after first seeing them upon their original release here in the UK on Friday Night's. then being the First of Programme's over the Weekend Period on the old ITV's London Weekend Television.

The reason why this Programme was so hughly popular is that because it seemed so REAL, while at the same time being enjoyable enough along with Plot's and Acting that were a cut above the average by showing us in a modern Sherlock Holmes kind of way, and fashion, how the Crime's were deducted.

This of course was ALL down to the way McGarrett went about solving the Crime, by using the available man-power, logic and sense, and a large Black - Board to solve each Case.

Oh', and of course - Book 'Em-Danno, for we will never sadly see the like's of Jack Lord and his Crew ever again, for they were Hawaii-Five-O.

That man!
That man!
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 14.14

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wow., 14 Aug 2011
This review is from: That man! (Audio CD)
I bought this CD as an Import from America for my Wife a couple of Years ago, and just the other Day I recommended to a friend of mine to listen to Robert Mitchum's version of; Little Old Wine Drinker Me, which is my friends favourite Song.

At first my Friend did not know that RM was a singer, and was further blown away with Mr Mitchum's version of my friends favourite Song, and I must admit that I too prefer RM's version of this Song that is more remembered by many as being sang by Dean Martin.

Whether Mr Mitchum is/was copying Dean's style is not the point, but what is, is that the version of that Song which is included on this CD, and is if anything is by far better than Dean's version.

It's more the pity that Robert Mitchum did not Record more Song's during his life - time, but however then again we would not have had the pleasure of finding such a lost Gem of very good recording's.

Try this CD out yourselves, you won't be disappointed.

The Saint - The Complete Series 1 [DVD] [1962]
The Saint - The Complete Series 1 [DVD] [1962]
Dvd ~ Roger Moore
Offered by Smart Entertainment
Price: 47.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Halo, again., 21 Jun 2011
Intrestingly, the first 2 Monochrone Series ( Seasons 1 & 2 ) of the Saint are by far the more gritter and best episodes of all of the ITC Saint Seasons, where Roger Moore really doe's throw himself into the part of Simon Templer.

Therefore, as all the rest of the Colour Season's of The Saint are more than worth a 5 - Star Rating, then if I could I would have given these first 2 Seasons more than a 5 - Star Rating.

So all in all, this TV Series ( The Saint ) was British Television at its very best along with a very few other TV Series, in the Television heyday of the 1960's.

Jason King: The Complete Series [DVD]
Jason King: The Complete Series [DVD]
Dvd ~ Peter Wyngarde
Price: 23.80

4 of 17 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars A total flop. Avoid., 21 Jun 2011
Having seen this TV Series when it first came onto TV, BUT unlike the previously and by far much better performance of Jason King by again Peter Wyngarde in the more sensible Department S, TV Series, this off - shoot TV Series of Jason King is an all around flop, and somewhat let's down the otherwise First - Rate ITC Brand Name.
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