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Iomega eGo 320GB FW400/FW800/USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive Mac Edition - Red
Iomega eGo 320GB FW400/FW800/USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive Mac Edition - Red

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5.0 out of 5 stars 18 Month's Continuous Use and still going strong., 26 Dec 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
With my review of the Iomega eGo 500GB version of this HD I hedged my bets by writing that I should have waited at least a year before reviewing as all hard drives die - some sooner, some later. Well this has been on continously for just over 2 years now as a dedicated backup to 'Time Machine' and is still humming along nicely. I've had bad external hard drives, LaCie and Western Digital, that didn't last more than 8 months before they had to be replaced under warranty. But my experience with Iomega has been consistently Good. I reccomend this as a Mac Compatible HD with firewire and USB2 and hope I can update this review with further good news in another 18 months.

Playlist: The Very Best of Bob Dylan 1980's
Playlist: The Very Best of Bob Dylan 1980's
Price: 6.24

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3.0 out of 5 stars Dylan Revised, 30 Oct 2010
This is quite a nice selection of tracks but hardly the Dylan that created such turkeys in the 80's. Rather than keeping to the released content of his studio releases this rewrites history by concentrating on material not heard until the first of 'The Bootleg Series' was released in 1991 - if my memory serves me well. In one respect this proves that Dylan was still writing good songs - the much feted 'Blind Willie McTell' for instance. However the fact that he chose not to release them is proof of his poor judgement in putting albums together.

The Original Mono Recordings
The Original Mono Recordings
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 75.38

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dylan - Up Close and Personal, 21 Oct 2010
A time ago I bought the Sundazed recordings of these 8 albums on LP (which are cut from the same masters as these cds) and wondered if they could possibly sound so good on CD. Well, apart from the certain warmth that vinyl inspires in me I have to say that this release is every bit as good.

From the raw primitive blues of Dylan on the eponymous first album through to the sonic power of Bringing it All Back Home to Blonde on Blonde and the freshness of John Wesley Harding this set really reveals Dylan in all his 'raging glory'. No longer do we have the weird experience of Dylan's voice filling the left speaker while his harp and guitar fill the right speaker but the solid presence of Dylan with guitar, harp and band filling the room with the fully integrated power of his music.

Some people have wondered aloud whether Dylan's complete catalogue couldn't be released this way and I can understand why if they have never heard Dylan as he is here in Mono. The only track in which the stereo release is on a par with, some critics have said 'better' is on 'Rainy Day Women 12 & 35' which utilises stereo by creating a broader soundstage for the track. However, crank up the volume on the mono version and Dylan and his band fill the room - up close and personal.

I've noticed that this review is being used for the vinyl set, which is prohibitively priced - especially compared to Sundazed. It always angers me that Sony always optimises the profit they make out of vinyl junkies but - rant over.

This is the most rewarding re-issue of Dylan's early albums ever and makes the SACD experiment redundant.
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The Bootleg Series Volume 9: The Witmark Demos [+Bonus Disc Of Live At Brandeis University 1963]
The Bootleg Series Volume 9: The Witmark Demos [+Bonus Disc Of Live At Brandeis University 1963]

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3.0 out of 5 stars Well, They ARE only demo's, 20 Oct 2010
When this set in The Bootleg Series was announced I found it to be by far the least inspiring of all 'Bootleg Series' to date. One reason is that this is one collection that nearly every fan has had for three decades or more. Another reason is that these truly ARE 'Demos' not just for other artists to hear but for Dylan himself to consider for future professional release. As such they are unsurprising lacklustre renderings. Of course they will become so much more as Dylan crafts and moulds them for future release. These 'performances' were indeed, never meant for public release and were only exciting when first heard on true bootlegs because some songs were unknown and others were first time source material for future masterpices, 'Hey Mr Tambourine Man' 'When The Ship Comes In' etc.

To many they will taken to the heart simply because they are Dylan's songs sung by Dylan and, as such, nothing can be said against them. Certainly they are of interest historically for the Academics and BobCats to pronounce upon but for me, considering the wealth of concerts, outtakes, the 'Freewheelin'and Blonde On Blonde Sessions, the complete 'Blood On The Tracks' sessions that Sony have to choose from this is thin meat indeed.

The final point, of pure irony is that Amazon mailed me urging me to buy this when a] I had, and B] It is only available at a greatly inflated price from third party sellers - not for long it is to be hoped.
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Live On Air
Live On Air
Price: 12.54

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2.0 out of 5 stars Another Dylan Ripoff?, 2 Oct 2010
This review is from: Live On Air (Audio CD)
After buying and deeply enjoying Folksinger's Choice I've been trying to find out more about this CD lest it be of the same quality. However whilst 'Folksinger's Choice' is a legitimate release [of a long favoured bootleg] and excellent in its quality, an hour on the web disclosed nothing about this CD except hints and rumours concerning it's poor quality. Possibly cobbled together from different sources - recorded via mic in front of radio/tv with poor signal - it seems that this is 'one to avoid'. Fearing that such a negative response will never get published by Amazon I can only put the call out for somebody who has the disc to properly review it - or for Amazon to print out something of its own - even a track listing and brief description would help.

Meanwhile it might be an idea for Amazon to reduce it in price so that somebody can hear it and do better than this poor reviewer.

The making of Dylan products is Legion and too many deserve a Gaderine destiny.
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The Collection
The Collection
Price: 4.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Oh No Not Another Compilation!, 22 Sep 2010
This review is from: The Collection (Audio CD)
If this were one of those collections that keeps apace with the artist by way of a compilation from the beginning to the present it would make sense. But it isn't. It's another lacklustre collection that covers ground by sundry other collections. Maybe, at 2.99, this is the paupers collection. But it contains nothing that can't be found on many other collections, 'Greatest Hits Of..." Essential..." and of course the towering
Dylan (3CD) (Deluxe Edition). OK that is somewhat pricier but it covers nearly all of Dylan's career. This is a taster and as their are plenty, of the aforementioned 'collections' here in Amazon look around! Collections and compilations of Dylan come in gardarene quantities and most of them deserve a similar fate.
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The Best Of The Mono Box
The Best Of The Mono Box
Price: 6.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars That One Dylan Track That You Gotta Have?, 16 Sep 2010
In days long past Columbia used to release Bob Dylan compilations as 'Greatest Hits', 'More Greatest Hits' and 'The Essential Bob Dylan'. If you were a collector, fan of the man, you bought them because they, invariably, contained one track that you couldn't otherwise get. Well, here we are again covering similar ground. Looking forward to the release of Bob Dylan's 'Mono Collection of his first eight albums? Got it on pre-order? Don't think you need this?

Think again. This set contains one track unavailable in Mono on CD, namely 'Positively 4th Street'. I used to be a Dylan completist, as much as funds would allow but not so much in these austere times. But if you haven't got a Mono copy via the original single or EP or from 'Greatest Hits Mono LP [Pity they missed that out, it contained 'Positively 4th Street' just as 'More Greatest Hits' contained a great version of 'Watching The River Flow and 'You ain't Going Nowhere']from the sixties are you sure you can let this go? Of course what we really need now is 'Bob Dylan - The Singles' including the EP's. It would make a nice addition to the CD catalogue, lavishly packed, each CD in an historically accurate sleeve with the Old Columbia Label on the CD and containing all the B Sides with a booklet containing liner notes from Greil Marcus or Clinton Heylin.

UPDATE: If you buy 8 Album 'Mono Series' you will receive the bonus of a download of all eight albums together with 'Positively 4th Street' so, finally, this disc is an affordable taster for those who wish to sample Dylan's Mono recordings before, possibly, spending 63 on the whole collection or those who simply cannot afford 'The Mono Series'. Incidentally, if this is a series it suggests it may be the first of a new collection of Mono recordings. We've got the chance to get the albums now. Will future releases in the series contain EPs and Singles in Deluxe packaging - ie carefully produced facsimiles of art work etc?
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Iomega eGo 500GB FW400/FW800/USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive Mac Edition - Red
Iomega eGo 500GB FW400/FW800/USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive Mac Edition - Red

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good Value - And under warranty for 3 years (and a year from Amazon), 22 Aug 2010
I have already reviewed the silver cased version of this Hard Drive,Iomega eGo 500GB FW400/FW800/USB2.0 Portable Hard Drive Mac Edition - Silver which is humming along nicely after 13 months. It is fast and ultra portable and the same can be said, of course, of this model. Amazon give's a year's warranty and Iomega gives 3 years. I now have 5 Iomegas (one of which is on 24/7 for Time Machine) and each is over three year's old. I've had other brands die on me after mere months and there are some that I won't touch - as one reviewer here vows never ever to use Iomega again.

Actually their hard drive is still under warranty from Amazon - or whichever retailer he purchased it from so I can't understand their complaint. As for Iomega Europe, a dummy run using their online email service received a response within 36 hours. To further emails asking about their returns policy I was given instructions, should I ever need them, and further reassurance that if my HD 'died' within 3 years it would be replaced. I personally recommend this HD and trust Amazon's year's warranty [if purchased from Amazon rather than a third party seller]and Iomega's 3 year warranty. UPDATE:_
*Well, this hd has been in constant use now for well over 18 months with no problems so I'm glad I stayed loyal to Iomega.

The Vintage Guide to Classical Music
The Vintage Guide to Classical Music
by Jan Swafford
Edition: Paperback
Price: 12.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars For Lovers of Classical Music and Those Just Beginning, 15 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
If you were/are looking towards buying 'Claasical Music For Dummies' buy this instead and keep '... For Dummies' on your wish List. This is superbly written in accessible and stylish prose which never makes the reader feel patronised. Taking you through the different periods of music it also introduces many composers you may have heard of and blends aspects of their lives and times with the music and school they became associated with. More importantly it places listening and enjoying music above knowing about it but soon convinces the reader that informed listening will only increase their pleasure and set them out on journeys towards yet more music, of different schools by different composers. But if you're set on buying the Dummies guide buy this as well (as Amazon might themselves say) This will stay closer to hand for years to come I promise you.

LaCie Rugged Drive 320GB USB 2.0 FW 400 & FW 800 - 5400RPM 8MB
LaCie Rugged Drive 320GB USB 2.0 FW 400 & FW 800 - 5400RPM 8MB

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2.0 out of 5 stars LaCie never mounted. Forget LaCie go Iomega., 14 July 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've used LaCie hard drives before and had mixed results, a short life being too common, but this was one of the few I could find that had Firewire as well as USB. Its appearance certainly lives up to its name but I found that it simply would not mount on my iMac desktop whether I used Firewire or USB. Using the extra USB port to boost its power made no difference - all I got was an square outline with the LaCie logo in the middle. Not what I expect. LaCie are recommended by some of Mac resellers but this model certainly didn't deliver. Another feature is that it quickly ran hot - even though I never got around to using it for backup. Though it didn't really need instructions [it was supposed to be simply 'plugNplay] the instructions didn't offer any advice concerning Firewire usage and assumed connection by USB. In the light of the positive reviews here I would say that I was unlucky - but it isn't the first time that LaCie have let me down. However, had it worked it would have been a good choice for portable use with its tough rubberised surround and thick casing.

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