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Riddick [DVD]
Riddick [DVD]
Dvd ~ Vin Diesel
Price: 5.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, 16 Feb 2014
This review is from: Riddick [DVD] (DVD)
I wish I could come back from injuries as fast as this guy. Film sets off at a fast pace and carries it along throughout, leaves it set up nicely for the next one.

Defender STV632 Mega Sonic Scatter-Cat Gun
Defender STV632 Mega Sonic Scatter-Cat Gun
Price: 10.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worked on the Mother in Law, 16 Feb 2014
I bought this to scare our cat when she decides to lay on the car's roof after it's just been washed. On ultra-sonic nothing. On sonic, and quite close up, she ran like I'd just plugged her into the mains. Didn't mind too much until I saw that her take off (zero to sixty) involved quite a bit of claw to gain some traction and I ended up t-cutting the roof to get the marks out. Still she stays off the roof now.
But that would only earn 3 stars.
The real benefit of this thing is that it fits quite nicely next to you on the armchair. And when the mother in law visits and takes her time going home it works a real treat. You see she has tinnitus.
Sooooo after a quite long drawn out lunch at home a hint to go home was needed. Not wanting to be blatant I decided to skip the sonic setting and try the ultra sonic. I think it actually works. Within minutes she was up and saying that her ears were playing up, (not helped by the dogs barking everytime I hit the trigger) and the old boys hearing aid was whistling like a good 'un.
Cleared the house nicely.
Recommended to all but crap on cats and birds. On unwanted visitors - top stuff.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 21, 2014 9:49 AM BST

Twixt [DVD]
Twixt [DVD]
Dvd ~ Val Kilmer
Offered by videosanddvds
Price: 3.49

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1.0 out of 5 stars Should be renamed TRIPE!, 7 Dec 2013
This review is from: Twixt [DVD] (DVD)
We lasted 33 minutes on this crap and I must say I've had a more entertaining 30 minutes having root canal work done.
It truly shows how washed up Val Kilmer is and how so very hard up he must have been to agree to be in this mess. Even Bruce Dern can't help the missing plot.
The acting was worse than an Asda Christmas advert and once again I've thrown away 8 quid on what was some hungover effort from a once great director who was clearly having a laugh.
Some reviewers claim that a few of us are missing the point of the film, well without copious amounts of LSD and maybe being strapped into a chair with my eyelids forced open with match sticks I can think of no other way to enjoy rubbish of this calibre.
Utter unadulterated Tripe.

Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set (Twin Pack)
Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set (Twin Pack)
Price: 18.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars Do what they are meant to, 3 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Used on a big low Peugeot they do a great job, could have been a touch higher but for the price and the speedy delivery I can't fault them. Stay where they should when putting the car on them. Bargain

Philips HP6403/00 Satinelle Corded Epilator with Shaving Head
Philips HP6403/00 Satinelle Corded Epilator with Shaving Head
Offered by i PHARMACY
Price: 29.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Love this thing, 3 Oct 2013
I talked my wife into "doing" my back for me today with this thing. My back wasn't particularly hairy but I wanted to prove to myself (and to her)that I could stand a bit of discomfort and that the fuss that some women make when having their legs done is over exaggerated.
Had the back done and I most say it was in all quite pleasant - a bit like having a large tattoo done whilst having your back ironed with a hot plough.
I laid on my back after thinking that went well when she looked loving at me and said, "Want your belly done?".
Stomach was a bit hairy and as I'd already "done" my legs with a dry razor I thought why not.

Now I'm someone who doesn't mind having the odd bit of root canal work done and have read a book whilst having most of my tattoos done. I've carried on at water parks abroad after breaking toes there because I'd paid a few quid to get in and wanted my monies worth. Sticking my cut off finger tip with super glue to get me to the hospital - child's play.

But when she stood this thing on my stomach and turned the f***** on I'm sure my neighbours thought I was being chain-sawed in half.
Absolute agony and she only managed a 4 inch track before the sobbing kicked in.

Wonderful bit of kit but keep it off your stomach.
Highly recommended to anyone using it to get answers out of unwilling suspects or moving on squatters or protesters. Used as an anti-mugging device I could see this out selling pepper spray.

V-fit CUG2 Herculean CUG2 Compact Upright Gym
V-fit CUG2 Herculean CUG2 Compact Upright Gym
Price: 259.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not too good, 21 Sep 2013
Bought a version of this elsewhere without the 2 rowing handles at the front, but this review may save someone some money.
The thing arrives in a couple of large boxes and when it's put together looks like it will do a reasonable job.
But first allow 4 hours to fit it together (maybe longer with this version), have some plasters and a few drinks on standby for the job.
The cables are great fun and should only take an hour or 2 to figure out even with the instructions.
The weights will need numbering with tipex or stickers once they are fitted and you may want more once you've used the thing for a while. There are no after market solutions to that and I looked all over the net.
Speaking of net - the birdcage effort at the back that goes round the weights may not fit right. Ours didn't but brute force and cable ties sorted that out. Once you've unwrapped everything you are well passed sending it back, even if they let you.

The next day when you've put the thing together you'll find that the handles sent with it are really dire and you'll end up buying quality ones from here or ebay to make amends. The weight stack will foul if only the top weight is used and after 2 weeks the cables will have their plastic coating split.
It says that it will handle a body-weight of around 250lb. Don't count on it. I am marginally just over that and the frame where the seat fitted to had stress dents after a few uses and I had to apply extra washers to spread the load.

The leg curl function means leg extensions. You can do single leg curls only if you wish to chase the thing around the room.
And the foam on the legs parts can induce some excellent bruises if you go heavy, along with the grazes from the nut and bolt holding that on on your thighs when leg extensions are attempted. Tall users may want to remove their feet to avoid striking the floor.

The peck deck is made for hobbits and will put shoulders out, and there's a nice lump of plastic on the leg parts that will dig in your spine when doing lat pull-downs - again you need to be 5' 5" or less otherwise you will not get any kind of stretch.

Mine went onto ebay for a Frodo Baggins look-alike to buy and it actually sold. I bet he's still there now trying to sort the cables out.

Spotter Catcher
Spotter Catcher
Offered by Sweatband
Price: 69.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good with a flat bench, 21 Sep 2013
This review is from: Spotter Catcher (Sports)
Had a set of these and had no problems with them. Sturdy and do the job well. Check for height before buying as unless you are a hobbit or Richard Hammond you won't be squatting under these. I bet someone will try though lol. Buy them, they're good.

Dayton Black Suede Sofa Bed
Dayton Black Suede Sofa Bed

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not too comfortable, 18 Sep 2013
This review is from: Dayton Black Suede Sofa Bed
My darling wife bought one of these efforts as a sofa for her dressing room.
"Why not just buy a sofa Babe?"
"Well it's handy for you when you fancy sleeping on your own if I'm snoring."
Yes I thought - change that to when she's snoring.
Now I quite like a night in the living room, sleeping on the floor in my sleeping bag. Strange but that's the kid in me (and I'm only 50). But the idea of sleeping on a sofa bed now and again seemed to have it's merits.

Anyway, sofa thing came, fitted into the space and seemed a lot smaller than I thought it would be. But to keep the powers that be happy I agreed to give it a go.
That night it was folded down and sleep was attempted. Now one thing you may find, if you are over 5 foot 3, is that it's somehow even smaller when set out flat. I'm 6 foot 1. I tried laying on it diagonally as well but there was something that seemed to want to keep me awake a bit more than someone's snoring - that would be the wooden framework that lurks under the padding. That stuff is great for busting the odd shin if you even think about rolling onto your front. So there I was - lying on what seemed like a short uncomfortable surfboard with my legs over the edge and my pillow back on the floor, mumbling about smashed shins wondering why I was bothering.
Up I got, smashed a few toes on the things leg and after the pain had subsided lifted the back up and tried sleeping that way.
Too small again so this thing is back to being just a sofa. The cats seem to like it as a bed.
I tried out another use for it but we had to stop before we ever really got going as the framework cracked rather fast. (Suggestion to the people who make these - put a leg in the middle at the front - it would have a use then).

In short unless your name is Frodo Baggins then steer well clear of these things.

The ExecutionerTM Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper
The ExecutionerTM Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper
Price: 11.03

5.0 out of 5 stars It stings a touch, 18 Sep 2013
Mother in law bought me one of these after I kept nicking hers and taking it into her garden.
Great piece of kit.
Took mine home and it's served me well over the months.
Use it for mosies at night then turn the lights of keeping the button pressed down and you have your own magic light show.
Use it on flies and you have that wonderful indoor BBQ smell.

One little tip though - don't try and dislodge the insects from it with the button pushed down, it tends to sting a touch, especially when you've recently put new batteries in the thing.

Good stuff.

Aftershock [DVD]
Aftershock [DVD]
Dvd ~ Eli Roth
Price: 4.22

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not too bad for 7 quid in Tesco, 18 Sep 2013
This review is from: Aftershock [DVD] (DVD)
Despite the other reviews I sort of enjoyed this film. It took way too long to get going and there was no real plot but if you bother to read the cover on the dvd you know it's going to be a bit silly. Sort of Hostel cum Final Destination movie.
Not bad and the death scenes were most enjoyable lol.

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