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Sharkoon Fireglider Laser Mouse - Black
Sharkoon Fireglider Laser Mouse - Black
Price: £22.90

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent and tactile budget gaming mouse, 23 Mar. 2011
There will probably be some skepticism in this mouse for a lot of people; myself included initially. It seems to be less than half the price of the 'reputable' gaming mice brands (Logitech, Razer etc.). I bought it on the risk that it's a lot cheaper, but that I might be settling for something that wasn't much better than I was using before (a generic laser mouse). The reviews seemed solid on here and around the net, so I took the gamble. So far, I'm glad I did.

Performance-wise: The mouse is a perfect size and fit for me (I have long fingers, so this mouse might not perform as well for smaller-handed gamers). The maximum weight seemed right for me, and I haven't yet bothered tweaking the weights or anything (it's a comfortable weight, making it feel solid and heavy enough that the slightest shudder won't make you miss a shot in your favourite first-person shooter, but also light enough that you can move it without it becoming cumbersome). All the buttons are fairly easily in reach and feel well made, and there's a tactile satisfaction to the feel of them during use. This mouse favours a claw-grip/palm grip style of use (I use a claw-grip, and it feels pretty natural).

Modularity: The DPI button allows quick switching of a set of configurable preset DPI values from 600 to 3,600. As well as allowing setups to switch between general use and specialist sniping needs efficiently, the button glows a chosen colour on different DPI values making it easy to determine the setting (plus it looks nice). Each button except the left mouse button can be freely configured. They can be set up to represent any keyboard key, multimedia hotkey function, clipboard shortcut (i.e. copy/paste etc.), and most interestingly of all, a macro editor that allows you to script a complex sequence of actions to a single button press. I've tried it only on basic things, like setting a button up to perform a ctrl+alt+p hold and release function to act as a play/pause button for Winamp's global hotkeys. This seems to be only scratching the surface though, and it seems almost unnecessarily in-depth. There is also a '16-in-one mouse gestures' option, which allows the combination of a button hold and mouse movement direction to act as 1 of 16 different useful functions, from zooming in to scrolling etc. This idea interested me, but in practice I was a bit disappointed by the tediousness of putting these gestures into action and have given up on this function.

Aesthetics: I like the futuristic look of this mouse, from the glowing DPI button to the grating-style grip. Most importantly I like the minimalism in this version of the mouse. There is a version with flame graphics that, to me looks very tacky, like a kid's car toy or something; but for anyone interested it can be found here: Sharkoon Fireglider Laser Mouse.

Cons: For all the praises of the software there is some glitchiness to it sometimes, as loading the configurations to the mouses in-built memory can seem to not register sometimes, or the software will crash when attempting read/write operations. The 500hz polling rate is good, but comparatively less than say the Razer Deathadder's 1000hz. This just means how often the mouse reports values to the computer, and whilst I honestly don't notice any difference, maybe gaming veterans would argue that 1000hz polling gets them that bit more accuracy. As with most products I've read a few cases of failed units, though as this is a problem with most products it's hardly a con; though something to consider anyway.
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Kensington Memory Gel Wrist Rest
Kensington Memory Gel Wrist Rest

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Feels good :D, 20 Mar. 2011
After developing wrist pains from typing with nothing but the edge of the desk as a rest, I decided to get a wrist rest. This seemed the obvious choice based on analysis of the reviews.

It feels very comfortable -not as much at first, but through long term use it moulds to the shape of your wrist. The length is good, accommodating larger keyboard sizes well. It stays pretty firmly in place, so there's no worry of having to constantly re-adjust it. The only thing that could discourage potential buyers, is it can be a tad too large for some desks, so if you have limited space try something thinner.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows

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5.0 out of 5 stars The ultimate controller for a PC gamer., 6 Nov. 2010
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
The Xbox 360 controller is perhaps the best thought out gaming controller built. Everything from the shape, size and weight is perfect -the buttons are cleverly placed for precision gaming. This item gives you the receiver for use with a PC and a few AA batteries for 40 hours (though I'd definitely recommend getting the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit (Xbox 360) as buying batteries, or even using standard rechargeables is a hassle if you want a long gaming session).

Most modern games support the Xbox controller, however I realise other people have had issues with it being unsupported with certain games. In which case, there are several tools out there which make the controller compatible with ANY PC keyboard and mouse controlled application (check out Xpadder). I use this controller combined with Xpadder for everything -a remote controller for digital media such as videos etc. -global hotkeys for players like Winamp -and with any unsupported games it's easy to just run Xpadder with a custom control setup for using the controller to emulate the keyboard/mouse controls of the game. In this way the wireless Xbox 360 controller for the PC can be a really useful way of controlling your PC easily from around the house.

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