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Wind Chill [DVD]
Wind Chill [DVD]
Dvd ~ Emily Blunt
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.18

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very effective. Very eerie. (Review may contain spoiler)., 21 Jun 2008
This review is from: Wind Chill [DVD] (DVD)
I love snow movies, especially when they are like this one, abandoned in snowy landscape middle of nowhere all night and menaced by phantoms! Can't remember if wind was howling too, but I think it was. It's great watching something like this, alone, and with all lights out so you're sat in total darkness apart from the dvd on screen. My only complaint (hence only four stars instead of five) was that some of the 'ghosts' or whatever they were, were a bit OTT, especially the one with the eel or whatever it was meant to be, when things like that start happening, I lose a bit of interest because it just seems so silly, and unnecessary, as, so often in movies what is hinted at, or only half seen, is far more effective than straight-up, in-yoour-face silliness, and at one point in the midst of some of the dreams, hallucinations, happening from the past, or time warp memory or whatever, I found myself growing a little bored, whereas throughout the rest of the movie, I was riveted, especially the bit where Emily Blunt's character goes out alone into the raging blizzard to climb a telegraph pole in the middle of the night with the threat of phantoms appearing at any moment. That, combined with the wild elements of the weather and the dark coniferous trees was a superb touch and my favourite moment in the whole movie. A very effective scene indeed.
The two characters worked well together and were believable and, as they grew closer, their plight, coupled with their growing closeness, was very touching and ulitmately very sad, given the outcome.
A joy to watch and I wish they made more movies like this one.

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Price: 17.76

4.0 out of 5 stars Very cool. Uber sophisticated., 17 Jun 2008
This review is from: Autumn Leaves (Audio CD)
This is lovely laid back listening. My only complaint is that there is one track on the album which is up-tempo and quite raucous in comparison to all the rest and is such a jarring contrast and seems totally incongruous and doesn't fit in well at all with the rest. And the rest really is lovely. She has such a beautiful voice, so mellow and sultry. I'd love to hear her do some lullaby music, her voice would be far better suited to lullaby music than some female singers (like Susie Tallman who persists in doing lullaby albums when her voice is so high and shrill and sharp it all but toally destroys them). If Jacintha were to attempt it, her honeyed tones would make anyone drift off into a peaceful, dreamy reverie of sheer bliss. Her voice is an absolute delight.
This album is a treat for fans of lounge music everywhere. You can't go wrong with this.

About The Blues
About The Blues
Offered by themusicmerchant
Price: 11.06

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very good., 17 Jun 2008
This review is from: About The Blues (Audio CD)
Interesting for the inclusion of "Dark", which according to the other reviewer here, is not available on anything else by Julie. Quite why this should be so I really cannot imagine. It is anyway my favourite track on this album, I'd like to see it included on another compilation with more of my favourite Julie tracks, such as "Round Midnight", "Cry Me A River" and "Mad About The Boy".

Anyone into this kind of music, should also check out Jacintha. Very sultry.

Agatha Christie: Miss Marple Complete TV Mini Series, 12 Episodes Boxset Edition
Agatha Christie: Miss Marple Complete TV Mini Series, 12 Episodes Boxset Edition
Dvd ~ Joan Hickson
Offered by ____THE_BEST_ON_DVD____
Price: 15.98

126 of 136 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Superb series!, 17 Jun 2008
After seeing the abysmal portrayal by Geraldine McEwan in the abomination that was the "Marple" series with (as if McEwan's interpretation of Miss Marple wasn't bad enough!) its preposterous political correctness, what a relief it was to once again see how Miss Marple is really meant to be portrayed. Joan Hickson is the definitive Miss Marple and if anyone is going to attempt to make another series, then they really should look to recreate Joan Hickson's performance, perhaps in some of Miss Marple's stories that weren't covered by these twelve.

As to this set of six dvds containing all twelve of the original series, it is very good value for money and interesting to see that they must have sourced different avenues for the stories contained here, as some have the title sequences how I remember them when the series was shown on tv recently, whilst some states 'part one' but nevertheless shows the complete story with no breaks in it. Others state 'part one' and then later on show an 'end of part one' which thankfully goes straight into part two, without starting it from scratch with the music and all the title sequences playing again, but just a few titles over the scene that was playing. I guess this was done to make sure that none of the filmed scenes were missing, which was a nice touch. Though at one point I did wonder, at the end of the last story "They Do It With Mirrors", if some of the summing up was missing, as it was a little difficult to see how Miss Marple had worked it out from what Inspector Slack had said, (about the mirrors) but it would be strange if some of this was missing when the series is so complete vis a vis the title sequences.
Also of interest is that the pictures used at beginning and end of each story, though of the same things, feature different drawings of different people, though the same in most other respects, though some are very faded, almost in monochrome or sepia, and some have pastel shades of colour, and at the end of some stories, the drawn sketches of Miss Marple were also different. I found all this interesting and was glad that they had not made all the beginning and end credits the same for continuity but had kept the variation, as it was good for compare and contrast. (For those who take notice of such things!)

I found it rather odd that Inspector Slack was plain old inspector for some stories, chief inspector for another and Superintendant Slack in another, I loved the way he was always exasperated with Miss Marple, and both their performances were splendid in this respect.
Odder still was Inspector Craddock, (played by John Castle) in "A Murder is Announced", he is no relation at all to Miss Marple, and she refers to him as Inspector throughout, and indeed even ventures at one point to state that she does hope he is not finding her irritating, (as he appeared to be) to which he replies "Put the thought out of your mind, Miss Marple!" Whilst in "The Mirror Crack'd" story, he is portrayed as being Miss Marple's nephew, and she refers to him as Dermot throughout. He is still Inspector Craddock but in one story no relation, while in another, her nephew. I can only surmise that the makers did not forsee the series being eventually put onto dvd or vhs where people could see these little inconsistencies.
That one thing aside, everything else about this series is spot on. Couldn't be bettered. The acting is flawless, the filming excellent, none more so than in the Caribbean story, where the use of bright white against a clear blue sea was artistically splendid and conveyed perfectly well the contrast between this region and the greenery of St Mary Mead, where Miss Marple hails from.
"At Bertram's Hotel" is one of my favourite stories, the settings are marvellous, though quite why this is one of the stories with the unremovable Dutch subtitles is very intriguing, (the subs were removable in nine of the stories, so why not all of them?) I loved the gentle old world charm of this story more than the others, and the discussion about seed cake between Miss Marple and her friend was utterly delightful. A real treat all round.
So nice to have the complete series all contained within one package. And the packaging is indeed very nicely presented in a fold out set, very pleasant to handle and look at.
No lover of Agatha Christie's stories, and indeed, of Miss Marple, will be disappointed by this series.
Teacake anyone?
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Chopin and Champagne
Chopin and Champagne
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 5.24

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Divine. Heavenly., 11 Jun 2008
This review is from: Chopin and Champagne (Audio CD)
This is a most wonderful collection of some of the most beautiful pieces of music to listen to when you want to hear something soothing and relaxing. The piano is much in evidence as you might expect from anything by Chopin and it is played flawlessly and flowingly here. Quite simply, music to calm your mind. If you like peaceful and beautiful poetic sounding music, you can't go wrong with this one. It is marketed as a CD to play when you are involved in some romantic interlude, but it by no means needs to be reserved for only that kind of scenario. This is to be enjoyed anytime you want to wind down and relax, maybe even to meditate to as there are no jarring elements that could come in and interfere with your reverie. The music just flows effortlessly along. Truly, a treasure!

Offered by rockaway-records
Price: 7.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing., 11 Jun 2008
This review is from: Lullaby (Audio CD)
I expected something wonderful, given the title and the glowing reviews, but I was very disappointed. It certainly did not live up to expectations.
It was very annoying to have spoken rhymes interspersed with the songs, and the voice speaking the verses was kind of irritating to listen to, and the musical renditions and vocals doing the songs were not all that I thought they would be either. There are far, far better lullaby CDs out there than this one. One of the best is "Lullaby Baby. Soothing Vocal Lullabies" this is a Fisher Price album, and even though not sold as a lullaby album, the debut from Scarlett Johansson would be a 'different' kind of lullaby album to use, as her voice is so refreshingly different to most female singers, in that it is lovely and mellow and deep in a very relaxing way, whereas far too many female singers voices are too high and sharp and shrill, (Susie Tallman being a case in point) and especially with lullaby music, one wants a gentle sounding, much deeper voice, than a high-pitched sharp one, and though the voice on this is not as bad as Susie Tallman's, it is not exactly wonderful either and the accompanying music is not much. So if you are looking for the best lullaby album, you need to look at more than this one.
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Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes
Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes
Price: 17.03

3.0 out of 5 stars She needs to lower her voice., 11 Jun 2008
Her high, sharp voice ruins some of the songs. Hardly relaxing. I love "Summertime" yet far prefer it sung in a deeper, more mellower register. Although I certainly don't dislike this version, I just would prefer a deeper female voice to sing it. I'd love to hear Scarlett Johansson do a recording of that track. After listening to her debut album and hearing her beautiful, soothing voice, I long to hear lullabies sung by her. Would be so peaceful and comforting.
Susie Tallman really should lower her voice quite a lot, as enabling one to be able to drift off to sleep, it certainly doesn't! This album is okay to listen to if you want to hear renditions of the songs, but as a lullaby album it fails miserably. I know she has her fans, but I guess they like to hear melodies sung by someone with a loud, shrill voice, which is fine if that is their taste, but how can anyone drift off into a peaceful reverie whilst listening to lullabies when every so often the voice rises into high pitched shrillness, having the effect of jolting one back to wide awake awareness? This album was certainly a disappointment, I expected something really good after reading the positive reviews. Her other album, "Lullaby Themes for Sleepy Dreams" was equally as much a bit of a let down too, if not more so. For a far more suitable lullaby album, try "Lullaby Berceuse. A Warm Prairie Night". By Connie Kalder.

Anywhere I Lay My Head
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Offered by MasterDVD
Price: 4.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful! Sublime!, 10 Jun 2008
This review is from: Anywhere I Lay My Head (Audio CD)
I don't know anything about Scarlett Johansson as an actress and don't recall seeing any films with her in, but I do know that I love this recording! It is so soothing to listen to, so relaxing and laid back. Also quite wistful and haunting in a very beautiful way. The notes in the booklet inside the CD say that it was recorded in hot lazy days and this is conveyed in the songs. Though the first 'song' on the album isn't technically a song at all but an instrumental piece of music, or soundscape, as it is more to listen to and hasn't got what one could call a tune as such. The rest of the album is devoted to Scarlett singing intertwined within the music itself, which, if anyone had bothered to read the notes supplied with the cd, would realise that this was the intention; to have her voice included inside the music, rather than sitting on top of it and outside of it. The songs are relaxing and mellow to listen to, very laid back and some almost ethereal, very chilled, making it a good chill-out album for drifting off into a reverie or could even be used as peaceful and comforting lullaby music, especially the wonderful track entitled "I Wish I Was in New Orleans", this is accompanied solely by a musical box arrangement and is so beautiful to listen to and my favourite track on the album, though every track is good to hear. If this had been by some obscure indie outfit instead of by a famous and glamorous actress then it would no doubt be lauded and applauded for its originality and feel-good vibes, but the sniping remarks from some quarters seem more like bitchiness directed at Scarlett herself because of who she is, and as I said already, I don't recall seeing any movie with her in, so have no idea what her qualities as an actress are, I only know about what I have heard of her on this recording. Her voice on these songs is beautiful, and far more suited to relaxing, soothing, lullaby music than some of the singers who put out lullaby albums and get praised to the heavens for it, when their voices are really far too high and sharp and shrill to be considered really proficient at performing lullabies, (Susie Tallman springs to mind here, whose voice is extremely high pitched and sharp, yet considered great at lullabies for children, when the reality is that listening to Tallman's voice would jolt anyone wide awake with its shrillness). I'd love to hear Scarlett perform some lullabies on an album devoted entirely to them. The "Wish I Was in New Orleans" song, with its beautiful music box tinkling accompanying her voice, is the kind of theme that would lend itself wonderfully to the sort of thing I have in mind. Perhaps the lady herself may even think about it if she sees this, and I'd like to thank the World Service for playing that track one night, which is how I came to hear it and bought the album on the strength of that one song, and so glad I did. Quite simply, the best album I have heard in a very long time!

(Don't recall hearing anything by Tom Waits before but I guess I shall have to check him out sometime).
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Children's Favourite Lullabies
Children's Favourite Lullabies
Price: 8.69

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good collection., 7 Jun 2008
A nice collection of songs and her voice doesn't grate as some female singers' voices do. I prefer the voice on this collection to albums featuring the voice of Susie Tallman whose voice I find altogether too high to be condsidered really relaxing. I note this says various artists and yet the album features one female voice throughout. Maybe it really is different singers but it doesn't sound like it when listening. I don't know why albums like this don't make it known the singer's name, it seem a little unfair that they have to remain anonymous, especially when the renditions are as nice as this.

Dark Water [DVD] [2005]
Dark Water [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Jennifer Connelly
Price: 2.72

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Anathema to say so in some quarters, but I preferred this to the original!, 7 Jun 2008
This review is from: Dark Water [DVD] [2005] (DVD)
I loved the original of "Dark Water" and expected to be disappointed by this, as in the terrible remake of "Ring", but I was very pleasantly surprised to find this was a most excellent movie and better than the original, in that this one didn't leave in what seemed like unnecessary parts, which in the original seemed to drag in places, whereas this one never seemed to lose its atmosphere but continued on with its slow building feeling of dread. The original film seemed to include too much more going on, especially near the end, whilst this one kept things more minimal and was therefore more effective for it. Greatly conveyed the feeling of hopelessness and dampness, dripping water, always raining outside, dampness and more dampness, it was everywhere. Obviously very well thought out and full marks to the makers for creating the damp feel which was always there, so you always felt affected by it. Great movie.

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