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Memory In Death: 22
Memory In Death: 22
by J. D. Robb
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Free Marnie Now!, 30 Jan 2008
This review is from: Memory In Death: 22 (Paperback)
I quite enjoyed this. One reason being that for a change Roarke is allowed to show his nasty Trudy...who turns into the victim of murder a few pages later. The more boring In Death books are all those where Roarke is turned into some kind of opinionless crutch for his wife. Which is most of them nowadays. Also. Eve shows her selfish side and then has to apologise to her husband. I enjoyed that too.

Towards the end of the book, the perp, Marnie calls Eve a hypocrite. I agree with her. Eve says that she would have prefered that sadistic foster mom, Trudy, should have been tried for her child abuse crimes and then put in a cage for many many years. But who would have the guts to see that justice was done? Not Eve. She had shut Trudy out of her mind and turned into a pathetic quivering coward the first time she saw her in her adult life. Yet Marnie, another abused foster kid had the balls to hand out vengeance and then had to suffer Eve at her sermonising, insufferably moralising worst. The case of Trudy's death should have been left unsolved and quietly closed.

In any case. This is a prime example of a crime some police forces categorise as 'no humans involved.' That is, one felon committing a crime upon another felon. Why a fairly decent human being such as Eve feels any personal attachment to Trudy is beyond my understanding.

Despite all that. Like I said I enjoyed this novel. Mainly because there are lots of scenes between Roarke and Eve. One relationship that continues to ring false however, is the one between Eve and Summerset. There really is no need for Eve to be so constantly abusive to Sommerset, who is essentially a well-loved servant. Sometimes it seems that she's bullying him. Seeing how she's married to his employer. By now all the readers realise that if it came to a choice between Summerset and Eve, Roarke would choose his wife every time.

Cry Me a River [CD 1]
Cry Me a River [CD 1]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: 11.95

5.0 out of 5 stars Totally Loved Each Mix., 17 Jan 2008
This review is from: Cry Me a River [CD 1] (Audio CD)
Beautiful, beautiful CD.

I loved all the mixes. I'm gonna buy CD2 for even more mixes. Can Justin actually sing? Who cares. His management people know exactly how to frame his voice to please an audience.

More power to them and Justin.

No One
No One
Offered by thebookcommunity
Price: 11.12

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2.0 out of 5 stars Totally dire production., 17 Jan 2008
This review is from: No One (Audio CD)
Please give this woman to Justin Timberlake's production team.

On the first track the 'pom, pom, pom' beat in the background makes the track sound like something a military band plays in green park. Completely ruins the track.

The reggae version is also dire. Alicia screaming out over the backing. No effort whatsoever by the engineer to tone down her strident singing.

The song is good. The singing is excellent. Please god someone releases a white label version. Someone with a bit of producing talent.

Origin In Death: 21
Origin In Death: 21
by J. D. Robb
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Next time, spare Deena! -**** CONTAINS SPOILERS ***, 13 Jan 2008
This review is from: Origin In Death: 21 (Paperback)
I don't like books that make me cry. And I got very emotional towards the end of this novel. Why, oh why does Deena have to die? What is the point? SHE was the one who saw through the brain-washing and escaped to freedom. But oh. She killed the Icoves. So she has to die. What century is the writer living in? But Deena deserved life. The Icoves were monsters incarnate. Particularly the son. With his swapping of the Avril clones every year. So as to keep them away from their children. They mofo Deserved To Die. Deena should have made them suffer a LOT more. Although I got a bit confused when Joseph Wilson seemed to claim the Icove murders as his own.

For me. This novel only got interesting once the murders had been solved. Over half-way into the book. Basically the reader was allowed to see the hard glint in Avril's eyes. It seemed to take forever for Eve to put two and two together. And inbetween we get a family Thanksgiving. Boy. That was boring. But I never saw the 3-clone plot coming. I would say that it was a brilliant idea. Unfortunately it didn't really work. Because. If Joseph Wilson cloned himself. Why didn't the Icoves? The idea that Icove Snr was content to be 80-years old, when he could have been a 30-year old clone is nonsensical. Anyway. Just to reiterate. Both the Icoves were Devil People.

The other thing I got tired of was Eve's moralising and sermonising on how murder affects her on a personal level. The reader gets pretty much the same thing in all the In Death novels. tbh. Eve's experiences paled into insignificance when compared to the indignities the Avrils had gone through. Eve's difficulties ended before she was 10. The Avrils and all the other clones had to endure decades of horribleness. But no. Eve's just got to drag up all her memories and emote on behalf of the Avrils. Also. Why does Eve spend so much time giving Nadine, the tv-journo, information about her cases? It's beginning to look like glory-hunting to me.

Surely Conspiracy In Death covered much the same ground. Nutty, self-righteous, doctors with over-inflated egos.

The ending was totally ludicrous. Roarke letting 12-year old Diana walk away with the baby in her arms. Just how is she supposed to feed, and clothe that child. No matter how precocious a child seems, they're still completely dependent on adults to provide for their physical needs.

I'm not giving this book a second read. Because of Deena. She should have been allowed to live. And the prologue was not nice too. Cracking good read though. For what is basically a formula novel. Much too much waffle throughout the first half of the story. Basically you get the Icove/Wilson tale told over and over again. I suppose the publishers demand a high wordage. It goes without saying though. Minimal romance. Which is a great shame. Would it totally traumatise Eve to put a bit more adult emotions into her marriage?
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Soul Deep
Soul Deep
by Lora Leigh
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.32

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4.0 out of 5 stars I dare you to read this on public transport., 12 Jan 2008
This review is from: Soul Deep (Paperback)
The first half of this book is the usual straight-up smutty breed schtick. Lashings of hotness plus a high embarrassment factor because the main couple seem to do it in company. Although neither Simon nor Stephanie are likely to be in the least offended by anything they witness. But as a reader, I certainly felt like cringing. Which is ridiculous really because reading romances is all about the reader witnessing intimate acts between the main couple.

However. Suddenly at the half-way mark. Amazingly. I realised that I actually liked the main couple, Kiowa and Amanda. Her. Because she naturally protests at giving up what she thinks are her dreams of the future. While Kiowa tells her that she justs needs to adapt those dreams. And I like him because of what he said when he was eleven years old. `I have a soul, I always did.' After all the years of his grandfather telling him he had none. Also. Apart from being the daughter of a fictional president, Amanda is totally normal. Well. Sort of. A 24-yo virgin who knows she likes giving head.

In theory. Kiowa is an `evil Coyote breed' although he wasn't raised by the cruel scientists in the labs. Just had a completely loveless childhood courtesy of a cold grandfather. But like all the breed males, such experiences haven't made him bitter and twisted. With another author Kiowa could have become a mother-hating psycho-killer. But with this series I am secure in the knowledge that Breed males are generally very sociable...even Kiowa has friends. I liked Kiowa a lot. I totally felt the pain of his early days.

So basically. This novel is all about how Amanda particularly comes to terms with mating with Kiowa. And all that entails. Poor woman. Unfortunately Amanda also reveals that essentially she is tstl. She forgets about the goons that kidnapped her, the chopper shooting at her n Kiowa and justs heads out to `escape' from her protectors. On the other hand. I have also in my life cut off my nose to spite my face. At least in Lora Leigh novels it all comes good in the end. So I forgive Amanda. None of us are perfect. The other thing I would say about Amanda is that she could have shown a bit more gentleness to Kiowa. In particular, when he was showering, she could have soaped him up nicely. He would have appreciated that I'm sure.

Like I said. There are a few totally cringe-making scenes in the story. The oral in the SUV scene, the scene with Amanda in the gynae-chair. And one completely outrageous scene featuring a knife. Which I didn't personally find erotic at all. But it was interesting to read through. Nice to see some variety in the hotness too. All very entertaining. Not for the faint-hearted though.

This novel is exactly what a good series romance should be like. A fairly simple plot that is a sexy, interesting, not too long a read. With a couple of flawed scenes thrown in.

Specially for the british...this novel features; explicit language, anal, ropes, implements....and the weird weird offensive world of the Breeds.
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The Serpent Prince: Number 3 in series (Princes Trilogy)
The Serpent Prince: Number 3 in series (Princes Trilogy)
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: 6.62

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3.0 out of 5 stars A total mystery., 27 Dec 2007
Let's get this straight. Lucy, like so many romance heroines, sets her sights (sorry, `falls in love with') on marrying a hero With Money And A Higher Social Status. In the blink of an eye, her tame almost-fiance is no longer good enough for her.

Once Lucy and Simon actually get married the plot gathers pace and intensity. Although I didn't really buy Simon's transformation into a horticultural expert. There's still lots to be dissatisfied with though. Lucy turning into a sanctimonious prig for one. Leaving Simon when he needs her most. If Barbara can stick with Conrad through all the trials and appeals, then Lucy should also stand with her man and not run home to Daddy when her husband chooses to defend his family's honor.

What is it about american romances and wannabees? Like. There has to be one in every novel. This one is called Christian Fletcher and I just know the readers are supposed to love him. As always. I thought he was yet another pain. I kept expecting him to be a spy for his father and when he turned into something else (the sacrificial lamb) I felt mightily disappointed. btw `needing money' is not a valid reason to break the law by committing insurance fraud. No court of law would accept it as such. Particularly when it involves the murder of an innocent man. Rupert Fletcher should have been banged up in Newgate for a long time...without his family. There was no justice for the women Rosalind and Pocket.

But what really surprised me is that I read Pye and de Raab as being the novel's comic relief. Definitely not as the heroes of the previous books by the same author.

What makes this novel very readable is the hotness. Although I didn't care for all the `sorrys' Simon says on his wedding night. Nor for the fact that whenever Simon kills someone in a duel he turns into a rough uncontrollable sex-fiend and immediately jumps on his wife. The scenes where Lucy pukes were also quite entertaining.

Simon is just the wrong side of strange for me. He has aristocratic notions of honor but marries a woman with a very provincial moral code. Lucy would have made an entirely suitable bride for Eustace Penweeble, the vicar of Maiden Hill. I didn't really get any sense of the emotion of Simon falling in love. I can't remember the last time I read an historical where men duel with swords.

There's a lot of miserable cynicism in this book. As illustrated by not only Simon's version of the Serpent Prince fairytale but also by the snake and toad story. But I will probably read Harry's story, the Leopard Prince.

Also. Why does the paperback cost a whole 1 more than say, Janzen's or Adrian's far superior ouevres?

This is the first book I've read that is plastered all over with glowing reviews of a completely different novel by the same author. How weird is that?

District B13 [DVD] [2006]
District B13 [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Cyril Raffaelli

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5.0 out of 5 stars Completely Outstandingly Brilliant, 26 Dec 2007
This review is from: District B13 [DVD] [2006] (DVD)
There is just so much that is so good in this film. The soundtrack. The opening sequence with the rat. The concrete-jumping. The totally awesome attitude of the lead female when she stuffs her underwear down the dirty-talker's throat. Unfortunately she's made to pay a heavy price for her nerve. I think the plot is very clever. In how many action films does the most important fight take place between the two good guys while they have a conversation about whether their boss is playing a double-cross game or not? Brilliant.

I watched this film about 5 times at my local multiplex. So I'm holding out for the non-dubbed version because I liked the french accents.

Only minus points. It's just a little too obvious that the baddie gang and the lead male are all part of the same troupe. Sorry. But I'm not a big fan of male pattern hair loss. In a hero type. And I'm not a big fan of such obvious political hogwash.

Crazy Kisses
Crazy Kisses
by Tara Janzen
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Where's Igor., 12 Dec 2007
This is a well written book. Very well written. Well plotted. All the strands coming together. Furthermore. You know what. I thought this was quite a serious book. Unusually for Steele Street.

Choices and decisions. Is what this novel is about. I suppose. So much time is not spent in the bedroom. Plus. Actually. The main couple don't spend enough time together. He's always running away from her. Because he feels angst over what the consequences of his job are for her. They tend to meet in crowded situations. Or when they are alone together they don't really communicate. But I got tired of it all. Honestly. Too little happiness and joy. This is also a romance where the guy keeps thinking `I'm not worthy.' Over and over again. And again.

I hate to admit it. But. Quite early on. I got bored. Mainly with all the descriptions of the artwork. Plus. There were over a hundred kids hiding in the old theatre. As if that could work. What with the hundreds of people at the art gallery showings. And another coupla hundred at the club. To say nothing of the warring gangs and tons of cops. Just too many people in 1 novel for me I guess. All in all. This novel was brim-full of eccentric characterisations. Urchins, models, gangstars, drug-barons, transvestites and of course artists. Probably the Bhagavid Gita has fewer people in it.

Not a patch on the highly personal interactions between Katya and Superman. The trouble is. Peter sees Nikki as being so perfect. Superman saw all Katya's imperfections and loved her anyway. Also. I didn't see much effort on Nikki's part ever to help Peter in difficult situations. Kat helped Superman a lot the second time around. When I thought about it. It seemed Nikki was much more of a precious american princess than even Katya. A week in yurt in exchange for a year in Paris is not an equitable bargain.

Finally. I need to say it. Although I have realised this isn't really a lightweight series I wish J.T. hadn't had to die that horrible death. Crazy Love managed perfectly well without constant references to it. And it didn't really ring true that Superman would have accepted being a bodyguard to the Prom Queen if he had truly wanted to avenge J.T's death.

But whenever a person gets into a series. Some you love, some are just ok. Like this one was for me.

Elizabeth's Wolf
Elizabeth's Wolf
by Lora Leigh
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.80

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3.0 out of 5 stars Strictly speaking. 8 yo Cassie's sad and lonely story., 11 Dec 2007
This review is from: Elizabeth's Wolf (Paperback)
Should really be called. Elizabeth's Coyote. The most outrageous Breed plot yet. Although this is one of Lora's earlier Ellora's Cave books.

I'll start with the spoiler. The daughter Cassie turns out to be a Breed child. One of the evil coyote Breeds. And she knows it. So she makes endless efforts to be good. Poor kid. Only 8 yo. She'll have a breakdown for sure when she gets to her teens. Probably. She's been keeping a lot of secrets from her mother. I could have done without evil adults calling sweet damaged Cassie a 'monster' to her face too. Also. Readers need to ask themselves. What on earth is an 8 yo doing in a piece of erotica? Strictly speaking. This novel is more about her than about Dash and Elizabeth.

Amazingly. The smut totally gets in the way of the excellent plot that surrounds Cassie. Despite what she repeatedly says. Elizabeth entrusts the care of her hunted child to acquaintances of a man she has known for about 1 day. I understand completely that the demands of the plot made that a necessity. Not least because she and Dash could hardly consumate their relationship in the usual noisy Breed manner with an 8 yo around in the next room. But it just meant there was a huge discontinuity between her intentions and her actions.

The novel ends rather abruptly. Like many of the books. In addition the author seemed to have to struggle to fit in the required anal scene. Ok. The heroine faints from the resulting ecstacy. But there should have been at least one more bedroom scene just to show that she felt happy in the relationship following that weird event.

I bought Elizabeth's Wolf as a 12 paperback. From the smut point of view. I don't think it was worth it. Not enough. Because understandably it can't really get going until Cassie is off-loaded at around page 170. From a 'good story' point of view the price was not a problem. On one level I suppose you could call this book 'good edgy fiction.' But I found it a bit too scary to enjoy as a novel. Obviously I guessed quite early on that Cassie was Breed. It's just that the details, and especially the ending were just too sad for me to cope with comfortably.

Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed)
Midnight Awakening (Midnight Breed)
by Lara Adrian
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Tame and somewhat dated., 28 Nov 2007
Midnight Awakening reads like an average series romance. Perfunctory is the word I would use to describe it. I cannot believe this novel comes from the same pen what wrote in the lurid tattoo-sucking scene in Kiss of Crimson.

`Widow' romances are rarely much good and this is no exception. The heroine Elise subjects Tegan to one of the most outrageous teases I've ever read. First she comes on to him like she's ready to do the deed. Then at the last moment she changes her mind, runs away, and then comes back to finish the business! I thought her actions at the time almost amounted to the sadistic torture of a guy who admits he hasn't had sex for 500 years. I don't like that kind of thing.

And lookee. The Order has got it's very own groupie, hanger-on. Chase. Just like Butch in the BDB. And he's just as much of a brown-noser. I want him to die. Or be the first Rogue to infiltrate the compound. But I just know he's going to get his own story some time in the future.

As an experienced romance reader I found Midnight Awakening to be such an eeeeasy read. However. Be aware that the story still has the quota of soft-core and violence required by the genre. But not too much of either. Neither is the heroine brutalized by the baddies. I think that's what I found a bit much in Crimson. When Tess got munched by the Rogues. Not to mention the imagery of blood that was thrust into the tattoo-sucking scene. All a bit too much for me. But. Wow! What an imagination on someone's part. Nothing like that in Midnight Awakening. Thank goodness. Sort of.

What is good is the non-romance plot. Something about a book and an ancient alien vampire. Marek gets his just deserts but someone worse is due to take his place. However like so often, the thrills and tension do not make any appearance until well over half way into the book. It was wonderful how all the riddles were solved by the females.

I absolutely did not get the character of Andreas. I kept expecting that continental creep and his floosie to turn bad. He takes up far too much of the novel for what is essentially a cipher role.

Absolutely not a patch on Kiss of Crimson. But perfectly acceptable nonetheless. And it was Tegan who turned out to be a cardboard cutout not Elise. I found it all a bit one-dimensional and...simple.

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