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Fantomas Collection [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Fantomas Collection [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £13.35

5.0 out of 5 stars Here and there, Fantomas is everywhere, 4 May 2015
A century ago, France's bookstores were selling a series of pulp novellas involving a dangerous criminal and serial killer called Fantomas. Master of disguise and of manipulation, his presence made the fortune of his authors and captivated the public, including the Surrealists like Jean Cocteau and Gabriel Appolinaire. An interest Louis Feuillade also shared as he adapted five episodes of that long saga into a film series that has influenced many, among them Fritz Lang for Dr. Mabuse.

All shot in 1913 and 1914, these episodes are dramatic, exciting and filled with an incredible sense of suspense. One so powerful that each time you wonder if Commissioner Juve and his friend Jerome Fandor will ever capture that fiend. Speaking of Fandor, those that may have read the original novels in French like I did might notice how Jerome's origins are more simple. Not only that, the first episode's ending is less grim and shocking than what the first novel offered. As the latter is easily explainable as being too violent for a wide public release, the absence of Jerome'S origins presents the protagonists as archetypes of good and evil rather than people with different layers as in the novel. Nevertheless, the episodes are very pleasant to watch and Feuillade really knows how to focus your attention on the action and the plot; making you impatient to watch the next episodes. A forewarner of the television serials that would appear decades later.

Technically, each episode is color-tinted for the moods and time period of the story, uses music cues from the Catalogue Sonimage, and the actors are excellent; in particular René Navarre, whose piercing look makes him the perfect person for the Fantomas role. By the way, I adored what Feuillade did at the start of each episode as he displays Navarre's various attires he shall use in his episode. It forewarns the public that the story's dramatic and that the character is dangerous.
But as a pre-warning, I have to mention that the last episode "The False Magistrate" is partially complete as several frames of the film are either damaged or lost. Indeed, notes on the screen summarise what happened in those absent sections, including the ending, which sorts of kills the tension of that episode and makes it more difficult to watch. Therefore, that episode's mutilated quality is a clear warning on how we must preserve movies from any deterring conditions whether they are human or natural.

Finally, the special features offer very decent bonuses. Two audio commentaries, two other short films Feuillade did, a documentary on the director, and images with posters involving Fantomas, including some with the Jean Marais and Louis de Funes's trilogy.

As a whole, this series is a wonderful treat for those who love suspense and a visual proof of the power Fantomas's character still holds. A character whose novels deserve more translation in English as only the novels offer a complete conclusion to the story. As to who Fantomas really is.

Shaun The Sheep: Picture Perfect [DVD] [2015]
Shaun The Sheep: Picture Perfect [DVD] [2015]
Price: £5.00

5.0 out of 5 stars "He doesn't miss a trick or ever lose a beat!" - Lyric from Shaun the Sheep, 4 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Another ten episodes from Shaun the Sheep's flock down on Mossy Bottom Farm. Episodes of tension, humor, and animation; the usual wonder from Aardman's studio.

Again nothing from Pidsley, the farmer's cat who hasn't appeared since the end of season 2, and this time the flock really has reduced its number. Ten or eight sheep from what I noticed so far. But still, wonderful episodes to watch. Of them, my favorites were "Duck", "Bitzer for a Day", "The Stare", "Hidden Talents", and "Fruits and Nuts" which I shall rewatch. Episodes involving Shaun, Bitzer, Timmy, Shelley, the twins, Timmy's mother, and the farmer whose presence continually proves his incompetence as a farmer and his poor sense of observation.

Of its bonus features, the DVD offers a trailer for Shaun's movie, and five episodes of the new Morph series. For the latter, this is an Aardman-Kickstarter coproduction which was funded with Web users' money. An initiative that I find rejoicing as it showed their devotion for this simple plasticine character, and a quicker type of funding which I think shall take more presence over the years as it offers artists the chance to do what they want without risk of non-productive compromises TV sponsors and channels could impose on artists.

A series I can't wait to see its new episodes and a Wallace and Gromit spin-off who deserves all its success, this Shaun the Sheep DVD is another treat for viewers.

Road to Avonlea: Complete First Season [DVD] [1989] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Road to Avonlea: Complete First Season [DVD] [1989] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £29.23

5.0 out of 5 stars "Mrs.Potts, it's gossips like you that give women a bad name. Why don't you open your eyes and close your mouth?"-Rachel Lynde, 5 April 2015
First part of Kevin Sullivan's popular series, this seven season saga is a classic for families and fans of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne Shirley and the Avonlea community she, Marilla Cuthbert, and Rachel Lynde live.

In this first season, we discover the misadventures of Sara Stanley, a French-Canadian from Montreal who, due to her father's legal issues, has to live with her mother's family down on Prince Edward Island, in the town of Avonlea. There she meets her cousins, Alexander, Felix and Felicity, her aunt and uncle Alec King and Janet, and her other aunts Hetty and Olivia. Also, she gets to interact with the other more popular characters of Anne of Green Gables, that is Marilla Cuthbert and Rachel Lynde.

Thirteen episodes for each season, the stories are a nice window to a historical past in Canada which show gorgeous views of Prince Edward Island (second unit directing) along with scenes shot in Ontario (Avonlea's village and the main characters' houses). School life, family dramas, comic mishaps, community incidents, this series''s a historical dramedy. Among those episodes, I particularly liked the pilot, The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's, The Materializing of Duncan McTavish, Proof of the Pudding, Aunt Abigail's Beau, Malcolm and the Baby, and Nothing Endures But Change. Indeed, each offered a good dose of humour, drama, and human factor in them to make them enjoyable for other viewings.

As for the image quality, the series is shown widescreen as if watching a movie and although the definition is standard, the image quality is sharp, even on an HD television. As for its audio, the sound quality is wonderful and offers, in terms of languages, the original english version, but also the french-canadian dubbing, which I particularly adored as the voice actors's voices and performances corresponded to their characters. Not only that, they had the chance to employ, for the Rachel Lynde and Marilla Cuthbert characters, the same French Canadian voice actresses that had worked on the dubbing of Sullivan's movies and, how awesome can it be, on Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki's Anime adaptation of "Anne of Green Gables". Which interconnects those voice actresses with Anne Shirley's stories and Montgomery's classics. As for its subtitles, I didn't find any which might be complicated for those who have hearing issues.

Nevertheless, this first season is a must if you are a fan of Montgomery's books or if you want to view something together with your family.

Amanda Knox [DVD] [2011] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Amanda Knox [DVD] [2011] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £3.43

1.0 out of 5 stars Shameful and libelous Crime Porn, 30 Mar. 2015
Movies based from real tragedies can be done if those movies are presenting accurate facts coming from certifiable sources; are filmed years after the case is "closed". But in the case of this movie based on the Meredith Kercher tragedy, this is not what happened. Instead, the movie uses innacurate sources and reports, along with scandal newspapers' details to present the people involved, even inventing behaviours and elements that never happened. Which I think is horrible and wrong. Because in this movie, Amanda Knox and Rafaele Solecito are presented as cunning individuals while important parts and facts of their lives are obliterated. Facts that prove their innocence and humanity. Proofs that prove they never attacked Meredith Kercher. That the sole culprit in this murder is Rudy Guede. As this movie was done and broadcast in 2011, it also put in danger the innocence of two individuals who were still on Appeal at the time. Which is reckless and irresponsible.

Also when the actors portraying the people involved are terrible, not credible, and play their parts using whatever lousy Method acting Hollywood or Studios believe makes its puppets portray reality, it's horrible because their portrayals hurt reputations, in particular Amanda Knox's as she's played out by Hayden Panetierre as some Hollywood starlet in Italy, which is not at all how the real Amanda Knox speaks and behaves. And when the actors interviewed (ex: Hayden Panetierre) explain their interests in interviews as "just doing our job", to win their bread, butter, and milk, well I think it's unnacceptable and pretty pathetic. Especially as LifeTime is the one producing and releasing this scandalous pornography. But then again, what more can you expect from such a sexist channel that promotes a "men are dogs" ideology; especially in its "Murder Porn" and lame TV movies that have been condemned in many shows like Family Guy and South Park.

In conclusion, I think this movie is an insult to Knox and Solecito's dignities because court testimonials, ethical investigation, and non-biased experts have confirmed the innocence of Knox and Solecito in 2011. And so did Judge Hellerman who felt sorry for those two kids and the hatred they, along with their families, have suffered on Twitter, Facebook, and Scandal sheets in the UK, Italy, and around the world.

And as Amanda Knox and Rafaele Solecito have been finally declared "Not Guilty" and "innocent" in an ultimate verdict given by the Supreme Court of Italy on March 27 2015, I think it's time for LifeTime to remove this filthy and libelous piece of trash.

The Princess Who Had No Fortune
The Princess Who Had No Fortune
by Ursula Jones
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £11.38

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful treat for parents and children, and visual art fans, 27 Mar. 2015
Another book collaboration between Ursula Jones and Sarah Gibbs, this picture book is an original story as wonderful as their "Princess who had no Kingdom" fairy tale.

Indeed, it is the story of a princess who lives in a ruined castle with a cat called Gideon and with a father who's an unsuccesful inventor. A story that narrates how she prepares a reception for her father's latest demonstration to the public, and how, to ease her job, she decides to employ a gardener. One who is unlike other gardeners. A story whose clever twists I loved. One that the characters find out, one that only the reader does notice.

Of its visuals, the duo employs their usual strategy. Profile paintings either in watercolours mixing cut textures or silhouettes with touches of paint for the characters' eyes or clothes' accessories. A style that I adore as it strengthens the expressions of the characters' actions, mood, and feelings. By the way, I adore how they portray the architecture of the castle. Indeed, we see on two pages profile views of several rooms. That way, you get a greater sense of realism out of the story's world. Among my favourite pages, I adored how the artist presented half in silhouette half in watercolour the princess dancing with her gardener in the ballroom. With the light direction and a wide perspective and detailed painting of the ball room, it gave the artwork a depthness that enriches the mood of the story.

Therefore, this book is a wonderful treat for parents and children to read either together or aloner, or for visual art fans who love to collect unconventional and memorable artbooks.

Criterion Collection: Beauty & The Beast [Blu-ray] [1946] [US Import]
Criterion Collection: Beauty & The Beast [Blu-ray] [1946] [US Import]
Offered by Moref Designs
Price: £25.52

5.0 out of 5 stars "To those who still know to sleep while awake, who didn't lose their childhood, who believe the impossible is possible!" Cocteau, 26 Mar. 2015
Shot over nine months starting from the end of World War II, in August 1945, Cocteau reinterpreted "Beauty and the Beast"'s tale of Madame Leprince de Beaumont in one of the most impressive cinematographical poem in the history of cinema .

Accompanied by his friends — actors like Jean Marais and Marcel André, decorator Christian Bérard, Marcel Escoffier as costume designer, and composer Georges Auric — Jean Cocteau introduced in his crew other admirable people. Talented artists such as Mila Parély and Nane Germon in the role of the sisters Felicia and Adelaide, Michel Auclair in the role of brother Ludovic, Doudou in the role of Diane and Josette Day in the role of Belle. Sublime discovery this actress is for her natural, pure and subtle acting skills make her the perfect actress for this role. Among the technical staff, Henri Alekan (cinematographer) and René Clément (assistant director) supported Cocteau. Especially Clement who directed sequences in the castle of the Beast while Cocteau was gravely ill at the Pasteur Institute. Detail Jean describes well in his film diary, which people can buy in bookshops or consult in libraries.

Far from telling the story that we already know, Cocteau takes the opportunity to enrich the mythology with very important antagonists like Ludovic, brother of Belle, Avenant, a friend whose love for Belle reveals him a very dangerous soul, and Diane Pavillon's, a magical section in the castle. Through these additions, Cocteau gave the story a greater dramatic tension that enriches the theme of appearance and beauty, but also an open ending that questions the film and some elements like the beast's nature, true intentions, double motives, and his universe. For in this tale are two dimensions. A real world similar to Vermeer paintings, with suffocating accessories and superficial frills. And the magical world of the Beast; whose subtle, frugal decorations, and clair-obscur lighting are reminiscent Gustave Doré's engravings. Turning the impossible into a surrealist theater.

Visually, the Blu-Ray version is impressive in HD , even if the image quality of the film, made on different types of film stocks, can be felt in certain sequences, which is what explains a bonus on the Restoration of the film. Indeed, as time went on, the film became damaged, resulting in noises, scratches and perforations that required several restorations sessions of the nitrates.

In its audio, the film offers an uncompressed Mono soundtrack, but also an HD recording of an opera by Philip Glass, who was inspired by Cocteau's film. As bonuses, other wonders are there too. Either the original trailers of the film that reference to sequences deleted in the film involving Belle, Adelaide, Ludovic, and Felicie. Comments of film historians, including a leaflet with Cocteau's message in regard to American audiences. But mostly an interview celebrating 50 years of the film, which took place in Rochecorbon with Henri Alekan, Mila Parély and Jean Marais, accompanied by Cocteau sound clips explaining his film.

As such, this film is fun for all movie lovers and fans of Cocteau who, under the HD treatment Criterion collection, can rediscover a classic under the HD splendor.

Suspiria [1977] (Region 1) (NTSC) [DVD] [US Import]
Suspiria [1977] (Region 1) (NTSC) [DVD] [US Import]
Price: £8.57

5.0 out of 5 stars "The I...Three....turn...ue one!" - Important phrase that Suzie Bannion catches from Pat Hingle through the rain and wind, 24 Mar. 2015
Important note: To view this Region 1 copy, the best solutions would be to either buy a Region free DVD player or to download the free software called VLC player. A wonderful software which has allowed me to view on my computer or laptop movies from all over the world.

Of Dario Argento, I learned many movies he made or collaborated on. "Once upon a Time in the West", "Suspiria", "Phenomena", and the video game "Dead Space" where he even did voices for the Italian dubbing. But I had never taken the time to watch Suspiria. His popular classic. The first part of his "Three mothers" trilogy. One of his many giallo movies, but his most popular and accomplished as many said. Though I feel that opinion could also be shared for other movies he did before and after like "Phenomena", which was a big reference for the video game series "Clock Tower" and "Haunting Grounds".

But it wasn't until I started watching the iconic and excellent Dark Shadows soap opera with Joan Bennett that I gave Suspiria an interest. For yes, Joan Bennett is in that movie as Madame Blanc, the vice-headmistress of the Freiburg Dance Academy Suzy Bannion is studying in Germany. Played by Jessica Harper, Suzy Bannion is a young woman whose academic studies take a terrible turn as she's caught in the school's secrets the minute she arrives from New York. Secrets which some of her classmates have already uncovered as dreadful forces are attacking them.

Violent, stylish, and filled with symbolism, this movie is not for the faint of hearts. It is a wonderful technicolor piece of work using anamorphic lenses that is filled with tension and wonderful sets. A fairy tale you'd read in a Grimm Brothers book; with saturated colors as lively as the ones in Disney's Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, which Argento considered an important influence for his movie's making. A giallo of Young Snow Whites in a haunted school; of which the fairest of them is Suzy Bannion. As for Jessica Harper, whom I didn't heard before, I found her performance perfect for the role. And like Dario Argento said in the DVD's interviews, she really looks like the kind of girl you'd see in an Anime, probably referring to series like Candy Candy, Mazinger Z and Devilman which are popular in Italy, especially in the seventies. Strong-willed, friendly, and observant; Suzy Bannion is not at all the whiny-bimbo some slasher movie directors love to intoxicate the horror genre with, and that is something I appreciate.

But if one strong aspect stands out of this movie, it is the soundtrack, composed by the music group "the Goblins". Haunting, spooky, and mysterious, this music is the best for that story and Dario Argento uses it sparingly; for the most efficient and terrifying scenes. A nice combination of synthesizers and choirs; voices that sound like witches screeching through the rain and night, and a a great idea of Argento to use it during the shooting, especially during the grand finale, as it enhances the performances and tension of the story.

As for the special features, the bonuses are very good. Advertisement (TV, American radio spots, and the excellent international Trailer), and the Daemonia music video, the posters, and the Interviews for the 25th anniversary of the movie. Movie which Blue Underground, the makers of this release, are presenting remastered and uncensored. Which is for the better as many of Argento's movies have been censored in the United States.

A nice introduction to Argento's movies, and one of his best releases, Suspiria deserves its success and more people in watching it.

Classic Love Poems (Unabridged)
Classic Love Poems (Unabridged)
Offered by Audible Ltd

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5.0 out of 5 stars "Give all to love; Obey thy heart!" - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 17 Mar. 2015
For twenty-two minutes, this Audible audiobook transports its audience to poetry of love and passion under Richard Armitage's charming voice. Poems of Shakespeare, Keats, Corinthians, Lord Byron, Browning, etc.; writers whose famous verses remind to us how they have defined this simple, but so powerful emotion. Ideal for relaxing or for accompanying your dinner or special activity with your loved one.

Of the technicality, the sound quality is sharp. No click, no hiss, no pops, and no need to upper the volume to listen. A quality the technicians working behind the scenes should be proud.

As for the start and end of this work, Michael Wailin's music introduces and concludes this recording with wonderful compositions. And although at times melodies could have been performed in the background to accompany the actor's performance, less music is in the end much better. Indeed, Richard Armitage's voice is itself an instrument. A cello that entrances the audience into those poems, enunciating words clearly for everyone to understand, moving us the same way he has impressed many as John Thornton in "North and South". Making therefore the idea of musical instruments playing in the background become pleonasms if musicians were to play along.

In sum, this recording is a vocal performance I believe should have lasted more than half an hour. An hour at least. And if Richard Armitage were to also perform with other type of poetry (tragedy, nature, urban life,etc.) too, I would be more than happy to purchase. And so would other Amazon users I believe.

Oliver Twist (Penguin Classics)
Oliver Twist (Penguin Classics)
by Charles Dickens
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

5.0 out of 5 stars "Some people are nobody's enemies but their own" - Charles Dickens's quote in Oliver Twist, 9 Mar. 2015
Since I was in preschool I knew who Oliver Twist was. First through two cartoon adaptations where his famous "Please sir, I want some more!" became a classical quote always associated with this novel and Charles Dickens, its author. Then came the Wishbone TV series where an episode had trimmed the story to a very simplistic level, keeping the Artful Dodger and a friend as antagonists, while Mr. Brownlow remained Oliver's sole protector. No Fagin, no Bill Sikes, nothing violent. Of those adaptations, I remembered that the Emerald City Productions had used character designs that replicated the costumes of Carol Reed's musical.

Therefore, many versions of Oliver Twist had passed before my eyes, until I decided to set forth with Charles Dickens's original novel. Getting a full and firm grasp of Oliver's Twist's adventures. His departure from that workhouse where he came to birth; then his job as coffin maker until he escaped for a life in London. To make a fortune that would end him up the city's slums, at Mr.Fagin's hands until Mr. Brownlow would rescue him temporarily. Indeed, Fagin, his associate Bill Sykes, and another sinister individual named Monks intend to retrieve Oliver. To introduce him into a life of crime for grave reasons.

On its cover, Oliver Twist is a picaresque story of virtue, where we wonder if the good and pure Oliver will ever be tempted to the dark vices of London. But through its lines, it is a chance for us to witness the terrible class issues between the poor and rich in London, of the prejudices that surround them as the Industrial Revolution takes place within the United Kingdom in the early 1800's.

Personally, I was surprised to see how the story's first half focuses on Oliver's point of view until the second half where instead secondary characters take his place. Nancy, Bill Sykes, Fagin, and others like Monks who was only present in one of the two cartoons adaptations I had seen. Regarding that latter character, many movies like Carol Reed, Roman Polanski, and the Emerald City cartoon omit Monks whose plot creates a mystery layer to Oliver's adventures.
For years, I wondered why not many adaptations ever offered that character a chance. Why Dickens abandoned Oliver's presence in the second half of his novel. But after rereading the book, I realized that Monks's plot might have been too much complicated to introduce in a one hour or two film adaptation, unlike a TV mini-series whose many episodes could offer the story a better justice. As for Oliver, he is firstly a character who experiences other people's actions rather than a proactive figure. And with the way Dickens unfolded the story monthly and considering where Oliver ends up, only other characters could bring forth a sense of suspense for the readers and do what his age and situation couldn't allow him to do. Secondly, secondary persons like Fagin, Oliver's protectors, Nancy, and Bill Sykes reveal more of the reality Dickens wanted to expose and which many in England were not ready to acknowledge. A reality that is still actual though with another form of technology available.

Of the editions to read, I suggest buyers to consider any release with George Cruishank's original drawings (ASIN number: B00ES29BB0) that appeared in Dicken's original press releases when he wrote as Boz. Indeed, the illustrations are clear and detail well the prose's tension and the story's setting, so much that I cannot read Dicken's book without the other as each complement one another. A piece of cultural artwork that should be praised as much as this classic.

Dvd ~ Robert Pugh
Offered by ____THE_BEST_ON_DVD____
Price: £10.94

5.0 out of 5 stars Memorable. A movie that shall haunt you for a long time, 9 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: PRIEST (1994) [IMPORT] (DVD)
Like others on Amazon, I fell on extracts of "Priest" on television; in my case twice, in 2002 and 2005. Always during circumstances that prevented me from viewing this movie in full. Nevertheless, many scenes in this movie have stayed withing me, haunting me years after their viewing.

Although I could have first bought a copy of the zone 1 DVD Miramax has been selling on Amazon for a long time, I didn't do so because I had heard the US release was censored. Only after buying and watching the uncensored Region 2 release did I decided to get a used copy of Priest (Zone 1) on Amazon Marketplace. And the rumors were right.
The US release "is" censored.
Nudity shots during beautiful loves scenes are cut and certain scenes are mutilated for dubious reasons. In one instance changing the context of the relationship between Father Greg and Graham. In the Miramax release, the relationship is edited in a way that ends badly while in the original version, present in this DVD, events portray an open ending showing Greg's care and concern for his friend's safety after what happens to him; giving out a positive continuity in their relationship with each other after the ending of the film; especially as during an important scene, Greg admits to his colleague that he loves Graham, meaning their story will continue after the ending. In short, the censorship of the copy Miramax produced in 2002 is shameful and, let's be frank, homophobic; in full contradiction with the values of the film the late Antonia Bird directed under the writing of Jimmy McGovern, creator of the wonderful series "Crackers" with Robbie Coltrane. Ironic this blatant censorship considering the supposed values of Free Speech values the United States and their First Amendment constantly gloats about. Then again, such censorship reflects pretty well the theocratic and lowest common denominator ideologies that intoxicates American medias, especially as Priest caused quite a scandal in the United States and in several countries.

For once, we have a movie that does not portray gays as effeminate, drag queens, or promiscuous sluts (like a certain scandal talk show called "the Jenny Jones show" did with a very homophobic episode they shot back in 1995). In this uncensored copy produced by BBC, we have a film that, under Jimmy McGovern's rigorous writing, presents the reality of Greg Pilkington, a new orthodox priest installing himself in Liverpool, who develops a Faith crisis following a disturbing confessional between him and Lisa, a young 14 year old girl, and also after he starts a beautiful relationship with Graham, played by Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty, Castlevania Lord of Shadows, Crackers, Once Upon A Time, etc.) Accompanied by Tom Wilkinson, Paul Barber and Lesley Sharp (all three present in Full Monty) and other actors, Linus Roache delivers a phenomenal performance that adds beautiful points in this production that won awards at the Berlin, Edinburgh, and Toronto Film Festivals. Prizes that contradict the lukewarm reception the press of the time gave to the film, including the demagogic and hypocritical Roger Ebert or "Poppa Roger" as I like to call him. For indeed, although the press has been hard on "Priest", the public comments on Amazon (France, UK, United States, etc.), on the Internet, and in Film festivals prove that Priest works, that viewers didn't forget Grerg's story, and have applauded its humane treatment of homosexuality. A movie that also exposes the hypocrisies of many religious practitioners and their double standards with the Catholic religion, especially some of its celibacy and chastity laws that are more human than divine.

In short, I fully encourage Amazon users to watch Priest, whose finale is successful as it leaves us with the feeling and desire to know more about what will happen to Greg and the other characters in the film. Feeling which is for me one of the most compelling evidence of a film, novel, play, or video game's success.

A great moment for cinema and for the rights and dignity of sexual minorities. With moving pictures, story, and music.

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