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ForTech Grizzly 16GB USB 3.0 Stick High Speed USB Flash Drive USB Memory Stick Pen Drive Leather Casing With Metal Key Ring Shockproof plug and play compatible with Windows 7,Windows Vista , Windows XP, Windows 2000 , Linux 2.4 and later, Mac OS 9, X and later(Blue,16GB)
ForTech Grizzly 16GB USB 3.0 Stick High Speed USB Flash Drive USB Memory Stick Pen Drive Leather Casing With Metal Key Ring Shockproof plug and play compatible with Windows 7,Windows Vista , Windows XP, Windows 2000 , Linux 2.4 and later, Mac OS 9, X and later(Blue,16GB)

1.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing quality, 12 Oct. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Reasonable looking but feels a little clunky. Mine stopped working after 6 or 7 months which was disappointing.

Toshiba HDWC120EW3J1 2TB Stor.E Canvio USB 3.0 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive - Black/White
Toshiba HDWC120EW3J1 2TB Stor.E Canvio USB 3.0 3.5 Inch Desktop Hard Drive - Black/White
Offered by Kikatek
Price: £88.84

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1.0 out of 5 stars Lasted five months, 3 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I thought I would try a different brand for a change as a back up drive. After five months of light use and without warning it no longer shows up on my mac, or pc. Luckily I was able to open the case and power the actual hard drive in another enclosure. No idea whats failed but it's ironic that the Seagate and WD drives remain working after two years without a hitch whilst the much newer emergency backup failed. I'll stick to the other brands in future.

Dickens Of London [DVD]
Dickens Of London [DVD]
Dvd ~ Roy Dotrice
Price: £12.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very entertaining, 30 Jan. 2009
This review is from: Dickens Of London [DVD] (DVD)
Well cast series on the life and career of Dickens.

Episode one is a bit shaky so it was a while before I tried another one but it quickly got me hooked. Dotrice is excellent in the dual roles of Charles Dickens (middle age onwards) and John Dickens (his Micawberish) father.

Gene Foad is also very good as the twenty something Charles Dickens. Pity he seems to have done so little TV work since that time.
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The Prisoner [DVD]
The Prisoner [DVD]
Dvd ~ Patrick McGoohan
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £23.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars Badly cocked up effort, 30 Jan. 2009
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This review is from: The Prisoner [DVD] (DVD)
Missed opportunity by network to create a really fine anniversary set. This is made all the worse by the fact most of the faults were introduced by them for this edition and are absent from earlier ones.

Picture quality is improved but the various sound problems (wrong voice overs, out of synch sections) and weird mistakes like missing or wrong title sequences outweighs a lot of this.

The additional documentary that is included in the set is good but thankfully this has been released as a standalone dvd now.

House Of Wax [DVD] [1953]
House Of Wax [DVD] [1953]
Dvd ~ Vincent Price
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £14.29

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4.0 out of 5 stars Decent film with a wonderful extra!, 22 Jun. 2007
This review is from: House Of Wax [DVD] [1953] (DVD)
The Vincent Price film is fun for most of its running time. Price is good value as always and there are some good set pieces - including the initial fire in the wax museum and some well staged fogbound stalking. However it is let down by a plodding pace and a weak supporting cast that gives the film a very 'buttoned down' fifties feel.

As noted by the first reviewer an 'extra' on this disc is the earlier Michael Curtiz version from the 1930s which is simply fantastic. This is scripted at a much faster pace and has a far more satisfying story based around a newspaper reporter (wise cracking blonde Glenda Farrel)investigating the case. It is filmed in the early two strip technicolor process which has a muted and limited colour range but in fact this really adds to the atmosphere of the film. Fay Wray gets to scream a lot and look pretty (she succeeds on both counts) and Lionell Atwill makes the villain a believable human being (and therefore all the more chilling). Echoes of art deco in some of the set designs adds another pleasing dimension to the staging of the film. A marked contrast to the flat - almost televisual - look of the later version. The biggest puzzle is why this delight is buried away and barely mentioned on the packaging of the DVD.

Both films are worth watching - just make sure you watch fifties version first and then follow up with the sharper version from the thirties.

Quartet: The Facts of Life / The Kite / The Colonel's Lady / The Alien Corn [DVD]
Quartet: The Facts of Life / The Kite / The Colonel's Lady / The Alien Corn [DVD]
Dvd ~ Basil Radford
Price: £9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Satisfying short story collection, 11 Jun. 2007
This is the first of what became a trilogy of portmanteau films based on short stories by W. Somerset Maugham. The author himself appears to introduce the stories. Each is around thirty minutes long and are a good mix of comedy and drama with the emphasis on character.

The first story, 'Facts of Life', features Jack Watling as a young tennis player trying to put into practice his fathers advice about avoiding gambling and women whilst playing a tournament in France (still seen as a hotbed of vice and wild living in Britain at the time). This becomes difficult when he encounters Mai Zetterling in a casino. What happens is nicely worked out - and infuriating for his father.

'Alien Corn', the next story features an early appearance by Dirk Bogarde as the scion of country gentry who share the usual pre-occupations of hunting, shooting and fishing and not much else. All except Bogarde that is, who announces that rather than becoming a solicitor or going into politics he wants to study to become a concert pianist. A mix of philistinism and confusion from his family gives way in time to the agreement that he can study for a few years. After that, if it is agreed he has no future, he must give it up. The setting of this story dates it a little bit and, in fact, the only sign of age on the source print appears here as well; some minor sound faults (a pop and crackle or two but nothing serious). The drama unfolds convincingly with the viewer left to make up their own minds about the way the story ends.

'The Kite' is perhaps the slightest story, recounting a young mans passion for the sport of kite flying and how it endangers his marriage (although I'm not sure whether this was actually a popular pastime even in the forties). George Cole stars alongside Susan Shaw. His doting parents are Mervyn Johns and Hermione Baddley. On a point of trivia her sister Angela appears very briefly in the first story as Watlings mother. However Angela's main fame would come many years later on televison playing the cook Mrs Bridges in Upstairs Downstairs.

The final tale of this quartet is 'The Colonels Lady'. Traditionally in the British Army whilst other ranks and NCOs have wives, officers have 'ladies' and Cecil Parker plays a very traditional kind of officer. Happy in his daily routine he is dimly aware that his own lady has published a book of poems. Something almost like a proper book by all accounts. Such is its great success that he is even forced to sit down to read it at one point. Here Parker communicates beautifully his characters distress at reading a book that is full of passion for a lost love. A stuffy and cliched character suddenly becomes human. He attempts to make sense of this passion and confronts his wife about his rival.

Each story is well told and satisfying in the way it avoids convention and cliche. The picture quality is a little soft perhaps. One of the extras, billed as an alternative ending, is something of a letdown. The film ends with the conclusion of the final story, a short goodbye by Maugham and the credits. The alternative ending simply omits the goodbye. But these are small points. Overall this is a very entertaining set of stories told well. It good to see this film avilable on region 2 DVD at last.

Carry On... Doctors And Nurses Collection [DVD]
Carry On... Doctors And Nurses Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Frankie Howerd
Offered by Not2day Media
Price: £10.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars Oh Dear - I think the patients dead, 5 Jun. 2007
I'm a great fan of the Carry on films in their prime but unfortunately this set does not show the series in its best light. At the heart of the carry on legend are thirty plus film produced over three decades. It started as straightforward - but well played - comedies sending up institutions such as the Army, Hospitals and Education.

The god-like genius for puns and enjoyable innuendo by main scriptwriter Talbot Rothwell pushed the series in a new direction and defined what is meant by the carry on style. Two films in this collection show this development - Carry on Doctor and Carry on Again Doctor. Both good comedies that stand up to repeated viewing. The latter was probably the last REALLY funny one in the series.

But the rest? Carry on Matron is from the slow death period of the series (starting around 1970) as wit, word play and funny vulgarity gave way to coarseness and unfunny scripts. Its watchable in places as is Carry on Loving but the team was breaking up and the increasing cheapness of production was beginning to overshadow things.

Just as Carry on Loving does not have much really to do with the theme of Nurses neither does What a Carry On (a clip show). It was fine for an era before DVD but the actual films are available to all now. The completist may want it for the links by Williams and Windsor but these are quite weak. Carry on Emmannuele may or may not have a link with Nurses but its difficult to say as I have only ever been able to watch the first few minutes. Rather like watching a favourite elderly relative attempting to lap dance this is dire and very uncomfortable. The kind of film that should be taken out and burned - and then burned again to be sure.

So as a package 2 out of 6 is not a good score. Better to cherry pick your favourites from the single editions.
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Diary of a Lost Girl [1929] [DVD] [2007]
Diary of a Lost Girl [1929] [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Louise Brooks

61 of 62 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A melodrama with magic, 5 Jun. 2007
This release of the second collaboration between actress Louise Brooks and master film maker GW Pabst allows modern viewers to understand why this film is still written about and discussed eighty years after production.

Pabst takes a simple story of a girl cast out from her family, due to an unwanted pregnancy, and turns it into a study of the hypocrisy of 'respectable' society. Moved from her home to a reformatory and then escaping into a life on the streets, Pabst shows a character looking for love and support who time and again is betrayed. Once again he is able to coax a remarkable performance out of Brooks and make good use of an eye catching supporting cast. Sometimes this veers towards the grotesque but this fits in well with the themes of the story. The occassional stiffness of the silent school of acting can be seen of course but, in fact, it now re-inforces a feeling of social rigidity and convention for the modern viewer. Against this is contrasted the light and natural character of Brooks. Hers is a very modern performance and it is her sensuality and beauty that adds the magic to this story, lifting the film onto a whole different level.

The quality of the print is very good and allows the viewer to become immersed in the film without being distracted by flaws or failings in presentation. An interesting booklet is also included as part of the package.

A good release of the first Pabst-Brooks film, 'Pandoras Box' is already available from Second Sight on Region 2 DVD. This release of '... Lost Girl' allows us to enjoy the other great work of cinema they created, in something like the condition that was originally intended.

It is released by Eureka as part of the 'Masters of Cinema Collection' and shows the care and attention to detail that makes so many of their releases essential for anyone truly interested in cinema.

Sid James Collection (Comic Icons) [DVD]
Sid James Collection (Comic Icons) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sylvia Syms
Price: £9.96

71 of 73 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A mixed bag, 14 May 2007
This set includes three films;

The Big Job

The Lavender Hill Mob

Make Mine a Million

For a Sid James fan the first of these is the gem. A well cast story of James and his gang attempting to recover some stolen loot plays a little like a live action Roadrunner cartoon. One scheme fails only to be replaced by another doomed plan. There may be no anvil but they do manage to work in a harpoon at one point. Supporting cast includes Sylvia Syms (underused in comedy but very good here), Dick Emery, Jim Dale, Lance Percival and Joan Sims. The collection is worth buying for this film alone as it is funny with a wonderful feel of the period it was made.

The Lavender Hill Mob is one of Ealing Studio's finest comedies without doubt - but hardly a Sid James vehicle. His role as one of the mob - a burglar who carries around press clippings of his most well known work - is good but the film belongs to the main stars Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway. So an odd choice for a James centered collection.

Make Mine A Million is perhaps the weakest film on offer here. A decidedly average fifties comedy. The story of exploiting television coverage to advertise washing powder doesn't offer much chance for comedy gold. Its watchable of course but James and Askey have to work hard. If nothing else the film illustrates the love hate relationship of British cinema with the rise of television during this time.

Sid James had a long career in British films but, as someone who liked to keep busy, this often took the form of cameos or playing as part of an ensemble. It is a pity that films featuring him in a more central role could not have been included in the set but perhaps the selection illustrates this fact.
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