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Lille Disposable Bed/Chair Incontinence Protection Pad, Size: 60 x 40cm (23.5 x 16") - Pack of 35
Lille Disposable Bed/Chair Incontinence Protection Pad, Size: 60 x 40cm (23.5 x 16") - Pack of 35
Offered by Drylife
Price: 4.25

5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful, 15 Feb 2014
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Very useful product. We use it for changing our babies nappies on, home and when were out. Also for nappy free time.

In Too Deep (Black Lace)
In Too Deep (Black Lace)
by Portia Da Costa
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.96

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3.0 out of 5 stars Fun read, but I find sadism unsexy! Just not for me!, 7 May 2010
This book reads well and I found the lead character funny, interesting and quite likeable. I think the book had a lot of promise as the mystery element is very engaging, but the mystery element is a bit of a let down as it encourages you to expect so much more.

I feel the story perpetuates theories about overweight women and women in their 30's (Being more willing to compromise and more desperate/eager to please), so the introduction to and eagerness to try domination to please the admirer smacks of such theories (even though I'm sure she does actually enjoy it!) especially so, as the man is acknowledged to be very out of her league.

I think the thriller part had promise, as it's gripping.

The sexual element is exciting in parts, more so at the beginning for me, but then it just gets sadistic. This book is probably more for people who appreciate sadism, domination, S&M etc, but that sort of erotica is something I find degrading and to be weirdo territory. I have a very good imagination, sometimes its a gift, but in this case it was a curse, I just found it quite unsexy towards the end and a bit discovery channel, the imagery of an overweight person being slapped, hit, probed for sexual arousal is just as gross and unsexy to me and people urinating over each other for sexual kicks.

Well written, love the way she describes her thoughts and feelings, but the overall content just wasn't my thing!

by Emily Barr
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very good interesting read!, 6 April 2010
This review is from: Backpack (Paperback)
This is the first Emily Barr book I've read, so it took me a little while to get used to her style. It starts of jittery and jumpy, so isn't very easy to follow. But I think this is indicative of the character's mind and personality. It gets a easier to read. The characters grow and have many interesting dimensions.

The characters are realistic, they're interesting and there is an aray of personalities. It's very insightful to a living with an Alcoholic. This to be a very good and authentic description of what it's like having/living with a dysfunctional mother without getting too heavy about it. I guess some people will understand this aspect, if they don't it may be a little lost/weird for them.

The book reads very authentically and is very believable and you can really get into it (if you can bare with the jittery writing style!).

Love the characters. Love the description of emotions. Love the setting. The very articulate thoughts and descriptions. It's not only about romantic relationships, it's about 'travelling', about globalisation, culture, attitudes, family relations. It intelligently covers many topics, if only briefly on some.

Good fun read!

by Lori Foster
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.26

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3.0 out of 5 stars Expected a lot more!, 6 April 2010
This review is from: Wild (Paperback)
I found this book a little slow. The characters were well described, regarding their looks and emotions, lust for one another etc but I wouldn't say they were particularly likeable as they are just a little too nice e.g. Zane is made out to be so amazing gorgeous and wonderful in every way possible, every womans dream and he knows it! Yuk! He sounded to me like a bit of a slime. Trying to make him sound too amazing, actually made him come across unbelievable. His whole family was perfect and wonderful too, happily ever after 2 dimensional types. yawn.

To put my review in perspective, I'm a happily married woman in my early thirties, I'm a londoner, so maybe this may have some to do with my opinion.

The book reads as if it was writen by a man, more from Zanes perspective. As a woman, I would've prefer it written from Tamara's perspective, especially as it is a romance and I'd prefer to read about the sex from the womans perspective, as a woman reading it, it would've been a lot sexier.

The emotions of love were well described, though it does describe Zane's thoughts and feelings a lot more that Tamara, again would've prefered Tamara's perspective. I feel that the story was unrealistic, too perfecty, immature, inexperienced for the age these people are meant to be and therefore took away from the book. It's all a bit wonderful and perfect (unlike real life) and therefore not very emotionally moving or very interesting. She's meant to be a gypsy and she's still not very interesting.

The thriller part was a little silly and felt a bit pointless, I was expecting more from the build up, suspense and also from the reader reviews!

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