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Rush - In Rio [DVD] [2008]
Rush - In Rio [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Rush
Offered by b68solutions
Price: £12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars A Superb Package, 29 April 2011
This review is from: Rush - In Rio [DVD] [2008] (DVD)
I feel its pointless reviewing the music here .... any Rush fan knows exactly what you get from this band on a live stage and this DVD simply adds to that catalogue of superb, outstanding stage shows. On top of all that and the awesome crowd in Rio, what I like most about this DVD is the ability to use some of the digital features. My favourite being the ability to simply follow any of the band members around the stage and just watch either Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson or Geddy Lee throughout the gig. When I look back on my first ever Rush video (Exit Stage Left) ... this is on another planet in terms of the viewing experience and is possibly my favourite music dvd.

On A Storytellers Night
On A Storytellers Night
Price: £8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars All The Gig Faves, 25 April 2011
This review is from: On A Storytellers Night (Audio CD)
Go see Magnum live (I thoroughly recommend it) and the crowd usually go nuts when they play tracks from this album. I love this album but its not my favourite Magnum cd .... but somehow this collection of tracks have got themselves engrained into the psyche of the Magnum faithful. I caught Magnum on their 2011 Visitation tour and despite having a vast collection of thumping tracks to choose from, they still managed to weave Les Morts Dansant, Storytellers Night, All Englands Eyes and How Far Jerusalem into the set ... and the other usual gig favourites of Two Hearts, Just Like An Arrow and Steal Your Heart wouldn't have been out of place.

When looking back over the entire Magnum collection this is a pivotal recording and I disagree with some other reviews, this is the first of their albums that really doesn't age. Most of the tracks from this album make it onto my iPod Magnum playlist. They are steering wheel tappers, they get you up and jumping at live gigs and they capture Magnum at a time when they discovered a rich vein of songwriting. Swiftly followed by Vigilante and Wings Of Heaven, Magnum quickly became propelled into an arena band and on the back of these albums they have become huge in Germany, Scandanavia and the Far East. And yet, Magnum love coming back to tour the UK and play small venues in front of about 1500 tightly packed people to get that face-to-face feedback from a crowd that are literally 4 ft from them. Every band has an album by which the band is immediately associated - say Rush and you think 2112, say Metallica and you think Black album, say Bon Jovi and you think Slippery When Wet, say Fleetwood Mac and you think Rumours and likewise say Magnum and most people that know them will think Storytellers Night. I personally prefer their last two albums (Moonking and Visitation) but this will always be regarded as their classic album.

This is just a damn fine rock album, well worth the money it will cost you. This is music that grows on you, listen to this album and I guarantee you will buy more Magnum.

Whitesnake - Forevermore (CD/DVD)
Whitesnake - Forevermore (CD/DVD)
Price: £6.85

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3.0 out of 5 stars Pretty Good but ...., 25 April 2011
I judge everything that Whitesnake do against Live ..In The Heart Of The City .... which is easily their best recording by a country mile. This album isn't too bad - powerful, well crafted and nicely packaged too. As a modern era recording its their best effort since the '1987' album. However, having recently seen Micky Moody and his Monsters of British Rock play a full retro Whitesnake set at a Butlins Rock and Blues Weekender .... this band will never reach the same heights as they did with Moody, Murray and Marsden in the line-up. Some will say "for christ sake move on man" but for me Moody has a signature sound and style in his guitar play that were as much the archetypal sound of 'Snake as those superb Coverdale vocals. Before DC eventually decides to call it a day ... wouldn't we all love to see the old line up re-united for one farewell album and tour?

Getting back to this album .... lots of tight music, great production work and strong vocals .... but it could be just about any slick, well mixed metal band. Whitesnake have developed into a disparate group of musicians that DC has long admired and finally pulled together. Musically this is an accomplished piece of work but it lacks the early Whitesnake spirit and I have not been playing it regularly like I normally would with a new album. Will it usurp usurp Heart Of The City from the top of my Whitesnake playlist .... not on your nelly. In summary ... a good album but it still just falls slightly short of their best.

Price: £6.49

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2.0 out of 5 stars Its been nice knowing them but......., 25 April 2011
This review is from: Heligoland (MP3 Download)
Many good relationships run their course and come to a natural end and I feel that I have reached that point with Massive Attack. Each of their albums has managed to build on the last and they have developed this multi-functional set of layers to their music and lyrics. Its like a journey ... you had to listen to and love Blue lines, Protection and Mezzanine to get the depths and haunting quality of 100th Window. But latterly the band have gone in a somewhat simplistic direction. The release of the film soundtrack to Danny The Dog (later re-titled Unleashed) was a bizarre collection of musical snippets that lacked any cohesion or theme - clearly a succession of atmospheric excerpts designed to accompany the film, it failed to stand-up as a piece of music on its own and sold in small numbers (I ended up eBaying my own copy because quite frankly I thought it was c**p). Heligoland continues in a similar vein. I find it a shallow sound, it lacks the usual body, it lacks their normal craft, it lacks the rich MA silky treatment. To me it doesn't feel like progression in their music and I found it a hard album to avoid flicking past tracks and if you end up flicking past more than you listen to, then the signs aren't good.

Many hardened MA fans will love this album simply because its MA, its a marked change in style for the band and it could be argued that they keep themselves fresh by taking risks and not simply following the proven formula. However, for me this album is disappointing and I have already given my copy away. I feel I have reached a cross-roads in my own relationship with the music of MA and have decided to move on. Its been nice knowing their rich sound but I can't see me buying more releases if this is the direction they are moving in.

But don't taking my word for it ...go to Spotify, have a listen and make up your own mind. Maybe one day they will re-dicover their 100th Window mojo but until then I wave them a fond farewell.
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Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Electric Lawnrake 750 W - 34 cm
Flymo Lawnrake Compact 3400 Electric Lawnrake 750 W - 34 cm
Price: £85.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Like having your own electric Titchmarsh in the shed, 10 April 2011
The last winter has left my garden wet and waterlogged for longer than usual and a lack of direct sunlight has caused moss to multiply at an alarming rate in my lawns. I started to rake the lawns by hand and it was taking forever and I eventually conceded and drove to my local Homebase. The salesman recommended this model and I have to say it has made incredibly short work of what was looking like a marathon couple of days. I would usually expect my hand raking to generate 2-3 bin bags from my two small lawns. However, and this is no word of a lie, in just 20 mins, this thing filled 4 bin bags of moss from just half of one of the lawns and not so much as a blister on my palms nor any cramp in my forearms from excessive rake use.

Small tip not stand this machine still for more than 3-4 seconds while it is operating or you will quickly find a completely bare earth patch. Otherwise it is a stonking piece of kit that takes all the grunt 'n' groan and sweat 'n' moan out of deep raking the lawn. The small perspex window lets you see exactly what is being picked up and put into the collection basket and also lets you see when the basket gets full. Its incredibly lightweight, really easy to manoeuvre round the garden, has a longish lead but I still needed an extension reel with built in RDC, and putting it together involves minimal parts and easy to follow instructions. From opening the box to using it took under 5 mins. It also comes complete with a pack of spare rake tangs (small sprung steel teeth) and a special fitting tool for removing and refitting them. The real advantage this has over other models is the collection system. So many have a rear mounted mesh/netting basket that will quickly clog with moss and be impossible to get completely debris-free. This has an internal plastic basket which keeps the machine small and compact but also comes up 100% debris free every time you empty it.

I would suggest this is pretty hard to beat for the money .... its been the best gardening tool I have bought in a long time.

When Your Heart Stops Beating
When Your Heart Stops Beating
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Love Blink? Like +44, 13 Mar. 2011
Having seen Blink live at what later turned out to be their Farewell gig in the UK, I was surprised as many when they suddenly announced the split. However, Mark and Travis wasted no time in getting into the studio and the result was +44. What you get really does sound like Blink with all the sharp edges rounded off .... but that doesn't mean its bad. Good song writing, Travis with his usual explosive drumming and Mark with his thumping bass rhythm and easy on the ear vocals. When Your Heart Stops Beating is the stand out tracks for me but the rest are equally good offerings. If it hadn't been for Travis being badly injured in a plane crash, there would undoubtedly have been more to come from +44, however now that Blink have patched up their differences, the future of +44 is uncertain.

Perhaps the way for Blink to retain their individual sanity is to maintain +44 and AvA as viable side-projects to fill their collective voids when Blink are not touring or recording. I am now playing this album quite a bit again for two reasons: firstly I have been listening to AvA a lot lately and added this album to the playlist on my iPod; secondly, Blink are touring the UK in July (tickets safely stuck on my kitchen magnet-board) and in anticipation I have started to re-acquaint myself with all things Delonge/Barker and Hoppus.

If pushed for a choice I would have to say I prefer AvA but +44 is a pretty good album and all Blink fans will undoubtedly have snapped up a copy.

Price: £5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars ANOTHER SURPRISE FROM MR DELONGE, 7 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: I-Empire (Audio CD)
Based on the quality of their first album I also purchased this one and whilst it is quite different it really is another really good collection of songs. The first album did have some undertones of being a Blink 182 sound but this one is quite a change. It has a definite sort of U2 feel to it and Tom's guitar playing in particular sounds like he has emerged from a few jam session with The Edge and picked up some hints and tips. The songwriting once again is very strong, the tunes are catchy, the music is well played ... what else can I say?

Of the two albums AvA have released so far, I do prefer We Don't Need To Whisper .... but this is still a fine album and both are currently playing regularly in the car. Of the two breakaway bands, I think I do prefer AvA over +44 and if the newly reformed Blink do call it a day again, the disappointment will be greatly softened if it means there is going to be more output from this band.

Good music, good writing, good band, good album.

We Don't Need To Whisper
We Don't Need To Whisper
Offered by Bridge_Records
Price: £4.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Good things can rise from the ashes, 5 Mar. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I watched Blink 182 live at Wembley Arena at what turned out to be their farewell UK gig. A couple of weeks later the band announced their now much publicised hiatus (split to you and me). It is surprising how wrong your initial perceptions can be, having seen Blink live a few times I had presumed from their on stage antics that Tom DeLonge was the punkish hi-energy element of the band and that Mark Hoppus was the calming influence. When I then heard the band members were doing their own projects I was surprised to find Mark had splintered off with Travis and produced the initial +44 album, which sounded to me very much like a Blink album with some of the sharp edges rounded off. What you get from AvA is a far more considered and mature offering. Tom Delonge does have his own trademark voice and so it will always resonate a Blink connection, but this is a really good album. Clearly the the three Blinksters needed a break, the results of their solo projects do suggest there were creative elements that were being stifled within the confines of Blink and AvA has been a pretty good project for Tom.

Three tracks stand out - The War, Valkyrie Missile and Distraction .... but the real killer track on here is The Adventure ... a thumping, foot stomper of a song. This is just a really good album and well worth the money. How do I sum it up? Its Blink but its not, its a new band but its not. Blink are back in the studio ahead of a summer 2011 tour (I have my NEC tickets already) - if it is even half as good as this album it will be a top seller. Give AvA a try .... its all the proof you need that good things can sometimes emerge from the disappointment of a band splitting.

Brand New Morning
Brand New Morning
Price: £8.25

5.0 out of 5 stars BACK AND FULLY REFRESHED, 27 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Brand New Morning (Audio CD)
I was a huge Magnum fan in the early 90's but due to other things going on in my life at the time, music kind of lost some of its prominence in what I was doing and I was even unaware the band split and later reformed. It was only the heavy airplay on Planet Rock in the run up to the release of Into The Valley Of The Moonking that I realised this awesome band were still around. I went to the Norwich gig of the Moonking tour and they played a superb set and in particular one superb track that I didn't recognise .... I then discovered it was the title track to this album. I think I have said in other reviews that Tont Clarkin's writing is superb, but the music takes on a life of its own when played live ... Brand New Morning is a brilliant live track that gets the whole crowd involved. This is the second album in their comeback period and it far outweighs the first comeback offering (Breath Of Life). The tracks We All Run, I'd Breathe For You, The Last Goodbye, Immigrant Son and The Scarecrow are all great finger-tapping tunes that feature regularly on my iPod.

As Magnum albums go, this is a really strong collection of songs .... I also can't help noticing the bizarre similarity of the album cover to Rainbow's 'Stranger In Us All' (Blackmore's final offering with the band and potentially their best)

A Show of Hands
A Show of Hands
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Was Their Best Live Album For A Long Time, 15 Feb. 2011
This review is from: A Show of Hands (Audio CD)
Most live Rush albums are a lesser product compared to their srudio work and until the epic 'Rock In Rio' album appeared I would have to say this was the best live Rush recording available. I have seen Rush live on countless occasions and this really captures the live sound better than previous attempts. Technically Rush come close to studio perfection in their live performances but there is enough variation and adaptation in their music to make these live recordings worth owning. If you went to see Rush on the UK leg of the Hold Your Fire tour when this album was recorded then it will also hold some nostalgic memories for you.

Its a great bunch of hi-tempo Rush tracks, it captures the energy of the Hold Your Fire tour and is very much worth buying.

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