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Siege: Mighty Avengers (Mighty Avengers (Paperback))
Siege: Mighty Avengers (Mighty Avengers (Paperback))
by Dan Slott
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.99

7 of 11 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Well there's some of my life I'm not getting back., 30 Jan. 2012
Occasionally a book comes along that has everything you could possibly hope for. A likeable main character who you find yourself caring about and rooting for until the final page. A story that has a goal or an aim and has a logical series of events that leads up to this ultimate end. Problems for our hero and his friends to overcome that leaves you smiling at how clever our writer is to put across these ideas so simply and overall takes you on a journey from page to page that makes so much sense you never once need to turn back to see if you've missed anything. The book I am referring to is of course Spot Goes to the Park. What? Yes I am going somewhere with this. You see Spot has all of these things whereas for some reason Siege Mighty Avengers seems to have decided to do the opposite....To all of them. Explain? Don't mind if I do.

Let's start with our hero (Pym) shall we? A wife beater was always going to be somewhat of a hard sell at the Nobel Hero Awards but they really haven't done him any favours in this book. Being egotistical isn't always the best trait of a hero and Pym has it in droves. But don't get me wrong, ego can work, but where as someone like Namor comes across as funny, Pym just comes across as annoying. Rather than rooting for him, you end up just wishing he were somewhere else. Maybe off to the Pym shop to buy a new Pym suit and then back to the Pym mansion for a Pym cup of Pym tea. I am genuinely not sure if the need to name everything "Pym" is the "hero's" narcissism or the result of the terrible writing. I could go on. Ok I will. The "story" is ridiculous. Any hero that uses the word "Psych" after tricking a bad guy needs to be culled and quickly. The Mighty Avengers themselves seems to be the who's who of who cares and they are so goofily written I kept expecting Scooby Doo to pop his head in at the side of a panel. It sort of reads like the script to a bad 80s sitcom that the poor, seemingly competent, artists had to try and turn into something you could take seriously.

Things to make you go hmm. 1: There is a point in this book that one of the main characters dies and it is in between one side of a page and another. I tried to pry this page apart but no. On one side he is alive and the next he is being referred to as dead. Hmm. 2: After one decision Pym makes, the Mighty Avengers decide to discard all the trust and respect for their leader and go their separate ways. At this point, instead of trying to win back their favour or answering a call to arms by Captain America, Pym decides to put fleshy parts on his lady bot. Hmm. 3: The Infinite Mansion. Hmm. 4: The infinity of space does in fact have a shape. It's in the shape of a woman. Hmm. 5: Space has a floor you can walk about on. What?

Ok I could go on and on but it's time for a summary. Writing so painful and cringe worthy, you'll need professional dental work after grinding your teeth down to the gum, artwork that is passable but makes all the characters somewhat goofy looking, characters you can't care about even if you wanted to and a story that will leave you with a bald patch from all the scratching of your head you'll do. Go buy Spot Goes to the Park instead. You're collecting the Siege stories? Well this has 2 pages that link in with that so definitely worth adding to the collection... Psych.
-The Pym Harb

Siege: X-Men Premiere HC
Siege: X-Men Premiere HC
by Marjorie Liu
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £13.50

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Siege: Not really about the X-Men but called X-Men (Catchy eh?), 22 Nov. 2011
Ok so having finished Siege and Siege Dark Avengers, I settled down to Siege X-men. Knowing their only impact in the whole thing was "Toldya" (a cameo quote), I was expecting this book to be nothing but the X-men sitting about, killing time and generally thanking the lord no-one was trying to kill them that week. But I was wrong.

The writers had the realisation that this wouldn't make an exciting graphic novel and so found a solution. They would do an X-Men book....Without the X-men in it. Hmmm I hear you think. Hmm indeed.

Well ok there are a few pages about the New Mutants (2....No I am not kidding, I counted them, 2) and a story about Dani Moonstar/Valkyrie. She had a part to play in Utopia and this sees her going to Asgard to collecbcbedjsmsks. Oh sorry. I fell asleep on the keyboard. Suffice to say her story doesn't do anything but fill pages. Even if you're a fan of her's , I am sure you wouldn't miss a thing if you fail to add this to your brainspace.

The other part of this book has earnt a couple of these stars as its about Dakan. Oh you remember.. He joined the X-Men back when they..Nope..No you're right. He didn't. Anyhoo this is actually not a bad little story and sort of fits in with the other two books with him in. I say sort of because if you read all three, he goes from Asgard, to a town and back to Asgard only to magically reappear in the town. You'll see what I mean. Oh yeah I said it got stars. Erm.. well its pretty well written, the art work is suitably brutal and the story is a bit meh but alright. I have to admit to being a bit behind the times with Dakan but I have a feeling this could also be missed. One for the Dakan fans?

The glossary of characters in the back gets the final star as I do like these even if they are a way of getting it up to 128 pages.

In summary, its a graphic novel of chicken fillets. Nice padding but ultimately a dissapointment when you get inside the packaging. Still, you have to appreciate the effort.

- The Ramblererer Harb

Avengers/X-Men: Utopia HC
Avengers/X-Men: Utopia HC
by Matt Fraction
Edition: Hardcover

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Easily one of the better X Men graphic novels., 22 Nov. 2011
Ok so this is a must have for an X-men collection and if you have been following Normy after Secret Invasion then again it makes sense. They even give a reason to him unleashing the Avengers on Utopia which is handy because when Siege finally comes about he only needs flimsy excuses apparently. Well... He is a loon.

So anyways yes this is good and although I have never been a Cyclops fan (firmly planted in the Wolverine camp from an early age), I have to say the boy is growing on me and its in no small part to his dealing with the trouble they go up against in this book. Wolvie turns up but doesn't do alot as he is far too busy making successes of other titles to be worrying about the X-Men right? Ahem.

To coin a phrase it is a "page turner" because you can't really figure out how a few mutants are going to deal with the Sentry....THE SENTRY FFS. Give them a chance at least jeez. What with him and Ares looking over his shoulder... Well you end up wanting to see how it all turns out. Which is nice.

I am giving it 5 stars because I am used to alot of X-Men stories being a bit average with not alot happening but this is action filled with alot of superbeing's sitting gear being handed to them. If you want awesome, read Second Coming. If you want great, read this.

-No Spoilers Harb

Wolverine: Origins Volume 1: Born In Blood Premiere HC
Wolverine: Origins Volume 1: Born In Blood Premiere HC
by Daniel Way
Edition: Hardcover

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Wolverine Goes Meh, 26 Sept. 2011
Ok so I am a big Wolverine fan like alot of other people and I have been steadily growing my X-men collection so this seemed like a natural buy after M Day. Hmm. He starts the book angry but he isn't sure who at so chases some leads from one place to another while the story is cut up with scenes of his past. Cue new character that you don't end up caring about and some cameos from the X-men but after finishing the story I felt like he hadn't really gone anywhere. The writing isn't bad but the art work ..well..doesn't work. It is the same bloke who did Preacher which is beautifully drawn but ends up turning Wolverine from a grisled old man to a clean shaven 20 something. M Day did him some good it seems. He also seems to switch from being unlikable as past self to an old (young) moaner in the present. Overall this book didn't make me want to buy the others even though I want to see the back story to Dakan. I might revisit the series once I am out of other things to read.

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