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Juppa® Apple Iphone 5 / 5S TPU Gel Case Cover with Screen Protector, Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth and Application Card (Clear Frost)
Juppa® Apple Iphone 5 / 5S TPU Gel Case Cover with Screen Protector, Micro Fibre Cleaning Cloth and Application Card (Clear Frost)
Offered by Invero
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars How do they do it?!, 10 April 2014
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I bought this for less than a fiver and I cannot believe how they are able to sell such a quality product at this price. The name may say 'gel' case but its not the kind of plastic that attracts dust every time you put it in your pocket - in fact the opposite, the plastic is flexible but clear and wraps your phone without losing its finish.

I'm just about to buy another one just in case this one breaks but I can't see it happening! Now with the pack you get a screen protector and screen wipe for those who want them but I just wrapped my iPhone in the cover and was immediately pleased. you can spend £20-£30 on a rigid case that doesn't do anything but make it look fancy. This one protects and shows the phone off with minimal bulk (I have an iPhone 5 white and bought the clear one).

If you want one of the fancy colours I would suggest getting a few bought at this price you can't go wrong! Off to get me a few more now!

Casio Men's Digital Watch Prw-2000-1Er with Radio Controlled Pro-Trek Solar Powered Resin Strap
Casio Men's Digital Watch Prw-2000-1Er with Radio Controlled Pro-Trek Solar Powered Resin Strap
Offered by WatchHub
Price: £189.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Here's a review of a first hand user you will find useful, 23 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This watch had been on my radar for a while. I don't often have almost £200 to put away on watches, but when I do, I buy watches. A little bit of history, I have loved Pro-Treks since I did my Duke of Edinburghs award - I bought one to try it out in Morocco and it was awesome. The watch I had back then was like a tank on my wrist and got comments that it was so big. Don't get me wrong this watch is big on small wrists but i have a big wrist and there is double wrist buffers built into the watch that move with the strap adjustment; so don't not buy it if you have smaller wrists.

So here's the review of this next generation Pro-Trek watch. I have compiled a list of pros and cons below that I wish I had when I was choosing my watch. I feel these are deal breakers so you can decide to pay £150+ for a new watch. The watch is 'Tough Solar' this doesn't mean it has G-Shock levels of protection, but this watch isn't designed to be knocked about - it's a precision instrument. The manual you get with the watch is well worth reading, as I learned so much about how this watch works. The mineral glass IS flush with the bezel so don't go getting it scratched up.

Two things you need to know about this watch before the pro's and cons, is that using the light sucks up battery! But it is solar powered and atomically timed so you have to balance that out. Here comes the pros and cons of this watch (and overall I should mention this watch is awesome).

- Compass - this is accurate to within 5 degrees - the manual says allow 20 degrees each way but I have tested the compass setting against a liquid bearing compass and my iPhone but it's spot on within 2-3 degrees normally. I bought this watch to help with star gazing - I check the bearing on my watch in my front or back yard and walk out and know where im looking. There are instructions to recalibrate it if you leave it next to a MRI machine.

- Barometer - this may be a feature you think 'I don't need that at all i can see the weather out the window' but this watch predicts the weather and on the timekeeping mode you can see what the barometric pressure is up to. Incidentally, from the timekeeping mode you can tap 'BARO' and it gives you the current pressure reading (going up or down) against the last reading. It takes readings every 2 hours so this feature is awesome. The best feature in my eyes.

- Duplex Display - you may think that a duplex display is a bit showy, but it is entirely necessary in this type of watch. The second display is for the compass, but it also indicates the mode you're in. So when you tap mode over and over, it scrolls down the features on the left hand side of the watch. This is a really nice touch. Classic Casio joined up ingenuity.

- Solar Power and Atomic Timing - This watch reached me with a L (low) battery level and I sat it in the sun whilst I read the manual whilst I played around with it. Be aware that each time you put the backlight on it needs a full 5 minutes of direct sunlight to get back. So unless you're a glutton for punishment don't bother putting on the 'Auto-EL On'. See the manual. Atomic timing is spot on; I set the hourly beep on just to see how accurate it is and it's better than any other persons watch in your office. Period.

- Timekeeping mode - you get a great big display, high contrast, and the best part of it is on the top left you have one of 3 options.. year, day, or 12 hours of barometric pressure readings. You know which one I have chose. You can cycle through these by tapping 'adjust' in time keeping mode. I love looking at the time and also knowing that it's going to piss it down in an hour! Also when you put your LAT/LONG in you have your sunrise and sunset time with one tap from timekeeping mode.

- Lightweight and Fully funtional - this is the last pro I will put here. It is the slimmest and most functional small Pro-Trek watch you can buy. It has stopwatch, countdown timer, all you'd expect from a top notch watch. You wake up every morning after it being atomically sync'd and is powered by the sun. Awesome watch.

The next few points are my own suggestions on how this watch can be bettered.

- Green backlight - After having a negative display stealthed black G-Shock with a sick blue backlight I really thought they could put a blue one in this watch. It has blue decals around the watch fascia so I would have thought they could have stretched to a nice blue light

- Altimeter and Thermometer - Even in the manual it says you can't use these tools simultaneously. I find the Altimeter useless as it uses temp and barometric pressure to determine altitude. So I could sit here in this seat and if a storm passes I could find myself 200m below sea level. I wouldn't trust this tool on this watch. Also if you're trekking and want an accurate temp in your tent or your surroundings, you need to take the watch off for 30 mins (manual again) and then see. Temp went up to 42degC in the shower earlier. Also sun affects it - not a tool i would use.

- The strap - I like big metal straps on my watches but I bought this at £170 - you may get a different price but its far better than the £250 they want for it. If I was paying £250 I'd want a titanium strap but the one that comes shipped is hypoallergenic and tough as old boots. Also you can change the strap if you find the sizes and stuff so I guess I don't know why this is a negative. Also the resin band is never coming off your wrist - it has a strong steel band and strap stopper. I'll try put up pics for you.

After all said and done, this watch is good for four things. Atomic timekeeping. Solar powered. Barometrics. Duplex display with compass. I am really pleased with my purchase and I hope my pros and cons have helped you make your decision. Any questions please I welcome them. Liam

Iron Man: Extremis (Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (Quality Paper))
Iron Man: Extremis (Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (Quality Paper))
by Warren Ellis
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Can Iron Man survive his metamorphosis?, 6 April 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

In recent years there has been a new renaissance of superhero movies which I overall I am really pleased about. Some good... some not so good. I already knew about a lot of the superheroes they portray from my childhood and watching their TV shows. I've seen almost all these modern day film depictions (despite Green Lantern - not heard anything good about that one!) and have really become enamoured with certain heroes and less keen on others. I guess you could say some movies make us believe, and others just pass over us as they don't relate. And I think the key thing with any superhero story is the relation with the reader/watcher/audience.

One of my young distant memories is watching X-Men in silly yellow suits and crude clichéd remarks, the other is Iron Man who had a gallery of suits and saved the world in one of them each episode. I guess the novelists and film makers saw potential in these shows to develop a stronger concept to bring to a wider, adult audience (and also bring in a younger audience to their respective Marvel/DC worlds).

As you may have guessed, I'm a film and TV watcher and always have been. I have always been visual and loved the moving picture (eventually going to Leeds College of Art to Study the same). And so by no means am I a graphic novel aficionado. At art college I dabbled with a few weighty tomes that looked good and felt good in the hands, but never really got into their concepts. However Iron Man intrigued me. The Man, the Suit, the power, the challenges. How could one man be an answer to all problems? Then I started reading about the origins of Iron Man and that kind of sealed my interest. I was hooked

After the first Iron Man 3 film trailer was released, again I was very interested in the plot and how he could develop further. Also whilst researching the new film I found it was going to be loosely based on the 'Extremis' storyline which had already existed for some time. Eager to understand what this storyline was I did more research. And it turns out 'Extremis' is an alternative beginning to Iron Man and his woes/successes. I am eager to watch the film but it was a long time coming - so i wanted to know more. Then this preorder of the compilation of the 6 story arc of the 'Extremis' storyline was going to be released as a compilation. How do comic book guys wait til the next comic book!?

I received my copy of Extremis this morning and started reading it because the stupid grand national and nothing else was on. And I did not put it down once. I read it from cover to cover. This story rightly portrays Tony Stark as a troubled genius with a stand to take and metaphorical cross to bear. He is challenged by more than one foe (himself being one included) and undergoes anything to overcome everything. The artwork is stunning - dark yet bright when needed, the wording and character's story flows perfectly (by my standards), the broad range of storylines and their convergence is spot on and the novel really leaves me wanting more. And I think that is the point with a graphic novel like this.

Now if you don't want any negatives about this book you should look away now and order - but in my humble opinion the 'technology' scenes should be shown in more detail and how they are experienced and that the battles should be more protracted to give you an idea of Tony Starks metamorphosis.

I hope this review helps (it's the first I have written for a product - but I felt it was needed) and if you have any comments I would be happy to hear them.

Overall for the money I spent, the storyline, the splendidly appropriate artwork - I would highly recommend it and it will leave you wanting more from the Mr. Stark and his film that is coming later this year.

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