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The Pick Of Destiny
The Pick Of Destiny
Offered by Dirty Deals UK
Price: 5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent - Excellent - Short but sweet, 18 Nov 2006
This review is from: The Pick Of Destiny (Audio CD)
Reading previous reviews many D fans are 'disappointed' -

Lets get one thing straight this album rocks - but probably isn't as good as their debut -

Bear in mind however, this is a movie soundtrack - and until we've seen the movie to put the songs in context the album probably won't make much sense - There are a few dialogue clips at the end of certain tracks to link the songs together -

Listening to the album you can imagine what the story of the film will be and in turn how jables and rage kage go from living at home with their father (meat loaf) pray to dio for guidance and eventually have a duel with Beelzebub (this track is hilarious) - to obtain the pick of destiny and become the greatest rocks stars of all time.

Musically the album is much better than the first and the songwriting is far better - most noticeably Jack's voice is also clearer, richer and attempts (very successfully) various styles of vocal acrobatics.

This album is NOT like their debut - which was a much more live feeling tongue in cheek album exploring various rock, metal and prog styles..

I must say again - this is a MOVIE SOUNDTRACK! Bear this in mind, listen to it in context - and imagine how awesome the movie's going to be -

Tenacious D rock - can't wait to see them live in a few weeks - and indeed match this excellently crafted, variety laden soundtrack to the action in the movie..

John K, Bolton..

Track Breakdown -

1) 'Kickapoo' - A very 'tenacious d' start - acoustic guitar - four minute prog montage featuring meatloaf as jb's father and DIO.. 9/10

2) 'Classico' - Fans of the debut will note that this track begins with the classical theme from 'Rock your socks off' It is a medley of classical melodies with lyrics added by jack - Excellent vocals.. 9/10

3) 'Baby' - Slow track - acoustic guitar and two vocals - presume this has some significance in the movie... 8/10

4) 'Destiny' - 40 second track - again obviously intended as link music between two scenes - electric guitar and jables voice only 7/10

5) 'History' - Owners of DVD the masterworks and fans of the original HBO show will recognize this song from the open mic night - It has been re-recorded and slightly altered structurally - Good homage to previous work.. 8/10

6) 'The Government' - Will be interesting to see how this fits to the plt - I can imagine the saying they need to write a political song etc etc.. Seems a tongue in cheek effort at doing recent greenday efforts - Full rock band, 95 seconds long.. Good good! 9/9

7) 'Master Exploder' - Longer length - 2:25 - Full band song - One of Jacks most exciting and original vocal sounds accomplished through this song - Excellent... "I do not need -- a microphone-- my voice is f**kin-- Powerfulll---- Ha! 9/10

8) 'The Divide' - 22 second sound bite from the movie 8/10

9) 'Papagenu' - It wouldn't be a tenacious d movie with out sasquatch - Presume this is a dream sequence of the result of the d using narcotics to expand their rock - This is very camp - almost cure like - with wonderful stevie wonder-esque clavinet providing rhythm on the keys - Breaks from initial structure into more typically d rock style to finish.. 2:24 this represents one of the longer song on this album .9/10

10) 'Dude (I totally miss you)' - This song is vocally beautiful and amazing.. That's the main point of this song - As tongue in cheek as everything else on the album - but the emotion behind the inflections in jack's voice not to mention the raw acoustic guitar solo will hit a nerve - presume this will be a pivotal point for the relationship between the two halves of the d in the movie (sim. kyle quit the band) Rocks out too to finish - nice 6/8 emotional masterpiece. Love this. 9/10

11) 'Break In-City (Storm the Gate)' - Again a full rock out- metal dialogue song - presume this forms part of their assault on 'hell' or wherever they go on their magical quest! 9/10

12) 'Car Chase City' - Nice double pedaled start - Full rock.metal feel again - Lyrics are complete nonsense - and again - need to see the movie to understand this one

13) 'Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)' - Excellent musical accompaniment to the scene where kage and jables challenge the devil to a rock off and win. Fantastic! 10/10

14) 'POD' - The promo release song playing on MTV at the moment - Very good - typical D.. Great... "If you are groovy then be in my movie" 9/10

15) 'The Metal' - Great end to the album - Chronicals all forms of rock other than metal which have challenged its supreme crown as the devils music - Very good end to the album - Maybe credit music.

Hope this helps -

John K, Bolton

Bo' Selecta: Series 1 And 2 [DVD] [2002]
Bo' Selecta: Series 1 And 2 [DVD] [2002]
Dvd ~ Leigh Francis
Offered by Top of the Charts
Price: 3.49

28 of 32 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Bo!, 23 Aug 2003
Bringing to life one of the freshest and funniest TV comedy programs to hit UK TV screens since the likes of the now rather stale Ali-G, Bo Selecta! is a spitting image for the 21st century. Some of the impressions aren't 'top notch'; or as a friend put it, upto Alistair McGowan's standards - Bo Selecta! focuses more one the side splittingly funny comedy writing and grossly eggagerated costumes and facial masks.
Early hints lead us to Expect to see Avid Merrion upto his usual tricks along with other backstage clips and trailers and TV shorts. The DVD also contains a stunning array of extras including; Craig David's Life Story, Outtakes, Trailers, Avid's Picture Gallery and a huge number of deleted scenes.
So all in all, this is a must for fnas of British Comedy and of course, die-hard Bo Selecta fans alike...
Happy Shopping...

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