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Like You've Never Been Away
Like You've Never Been Away
by Paul Trevor
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great exhibition, great photos, need to rejig layout of the book though., 17 July 2011
I went to see the exhibition of these photographs at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool today and was blown away. They were fantastic. I am a fan of photographs that portray the essence of an era, I must admit, but these had special meaning to me as it reminded me of my early years playing in Wavertree, Liverpool in the late 60s/early 70s. Kids using their terraced street as a playground, whole families sitting on their doorsteps, a near total absence of cars, using any kind of street furniture as an object to use in a game. All great memories. Something that shocked me is the poverty that could be seen behind the smiles in these photographs, I don't think I ever realised things were that grim, yet I remember playing on flattened rubble near to where I lived and I was only 5/6 years old, little chance of that happening now. My major disappointment with this book which I would ask the publishers/author/photographer to address is the layout. Whilst the photographs themselves are stunning and speak a thousand words, when that same photograph is spread across two pages its effect is lost in the 'twighlight zone' of the crease in the middle. A real shame. I think to put a single photograph on a single page and perhaps say something of how/why/where it was taken on the other page would have been better, just a thought. I hate to be so picky, but it ruined my enjoyment of some wonderful snapshots of a moment in time. Well done Paul, at 27 you did a marvelous job.

SoulBoy [DVD]
SoulBoy [DVD]
Dvd ~ Martin Compston
Price: 4.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Not a brilliant script, but gives a good feel for the music, dancing, and the 70s itself., 17 Jan 2011
This review is from: SoulBoy [DVD] (DVD)
I pre-ordered this back in October ready for its release in January. Just watched it today and thought it was a good film. Fair do's, as other people have said the script and plot-line is nothing original, but at the same time I felt the director Shimmy has made a good job of giving you a feel for the time. For any youngster today would know nothing of cassette players, birmingham/oxford bags, spooner shoes, vests, record shops on corner streets etc. As for the music, it's tremendous! In my opinion you get a real feel for the time with the dance scenes (dance off excluded!). They've done a brilliant job of blending old documentary footage (most of which you can see on youtube) with the film footage and passing it off as the same, which I thought worked very well (compared to others that have tried the same).

As for the comment by the person who wanted a storyline more for his age group (now being in his 50s or whatever) I think you've got to appreciate that this film is not just for people like him that want to reminisce, but also for those who haven't got a clue about this genre and how much it meant to people at that time, like the teenagers of today, hence the 'coming of age' storyline.

At the end of the day, it opened my eyes to what it may have been like at the time (I was only 10 in 1974) and having loved the music since I first heard it, it makes me wish even more that I had been apart of it as it was happening. Enjoy the music, and try if you dare to stop your feet from tapping or from wanting to dance!

Byron SX86 75m Wirefree Plug-In and Portable Door Chime Kit with 8-Sounds
Byron SX86 75m Wirefree Plug-In and Portable Door Chime Kit with 8-Sounds

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2.0 out of 5 stars Good when it works, annoying when it picks up neighbours doorbells, 23 Nov 2010
We purchased this doorbell from B&Q about 2 years ago, and it wasn't cheap in comparison to others. We set it up and all worked well, for a while. Then, out of the blue, it started to play from the list of random tunes in its repertoire. We began to learn that if it didn't play 'our' choice of tune, then there was no-one at the door, more likely someone at another house, nearby, with a similar doorbell (affected by the similarity in the frequency setting). The instructions account for this and claim you can 'reset the digital code' of your doorbell by taking out the batteries/unplugging each component, replacing after 10 seconds and pressing the doorbell straight away. This is 'supposed' to link the doorbell push with plug in and battery bell via a digital code setting. I've tried this on numerous occasions only for the spurious random tunes to later reappear. In plain English 'IT DRIVES YOU MAD!'. Therefore, for that reason...this doorbell is FIRED! Get another with a better review. End of discussion.

Tales From The Golden Age [DVD] [2009]
Tales From The Golden Age [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Vlad Ivanov
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 5.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars An insight into life in Romania during communist times., 26 Aug 2010
I watched this film for the first time in the Corner House cinema in Manchester. I didn't know what to expect and there were only three of us present. It consists of 5 or 6 short tales (or myths) of events that occurred during the communist period in Romania. For me, having a Romanian partner, it helped me to appreciate just how difficult life was at that time, and also gave me an insight into traditions and ways of life of the Romanian people, with some additional ironic humour slotted in too. In general, I like Romanian films. You don't get the predictable Hollywood formats in a Romanian film. You get the nitty gritty of 'how life is/was', with some irony or black humour thrown in. Like others may grow a fondness for japanese films so have I for Romanian. Along with this I would recommend also California Dreaming, 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days, The Death of Mr Lazarescu, and Boogie. It may not be your cup of tea, but why watch the same old predictable action/chick flick movies anyway? Broaden your mind!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Made my music accessible everywhere., 26 Aug 2010
These little transmitters are a godsend. I use it to play my ipod nano through my car radio and also all the radios in the house. If I leave it downstairs playing through the kitchen radio I can still pick it up through the radio in the bathroom (ok, the reception in the bathroom may not be as clear as the signal is passing through walls, but I'm old enough to be able to accept a little cracking in my music, as long as it's a selection of 'my' music lol). The trick is finding a frequency in your local area that is not occupied. There are plenty, believe me, and it is easy to adjust the transmitter to a frequency that you want. Just match the radio to that frequency and voila. I like the fact that you can match your transmitter colour to that of your ipod too. For me it was excellent value for money.

5 PACK X 137 CM/ 54" LONG LARGE CARDBOARD CORES/ROLLS/TUBES (27cm circumference)
5 PACK X 137 CM/ 54" LONG LARGE CARDBOARD CORES/ROLLS/TUBES (27cm circumference)
Offered by Holland Plastics (UK) Limited
Price: 14.99

5.0 out of 5 stars May seem old fashioned but perfect for the job., 26 Aug 2010
I bought the silver coloured door blinds and it looks 'bob on'. It may be an old fashioned idea, but it is effective for keeping out the flys and wasps etc, and also if you don't want neighbours looking into your house, but like the idea of a cool breeze in summer it serves a dual purpose. Cheap and practical. Bought the sticky bud hooks to go with it too and was up and running in seconds. Happy Bunny.

Bioffice Bi-office Memo Board Write On Wipe Off 900x600mm Mp07001010
Bioffice Bi-office Memo Board Write On Wipe Off 900x600mm Mp07001010
Price: 13.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars Functional and does exactly what I wanted it to., 26 Aug 2010
I wanted a white board to record my reps and sets for workouts. This was ideal as it is light enough to be moved around to wherever you need it to be. The pen has a clip that can be stuck to the border so it's always near to hand. Functional/practical. All I asked for.

Defenders Universal Repeller Adaptor
Defenders Universal Repeller Adaptor
Price: 8.80

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1.0 out of 5 stars Stick with the battery, 3 Nov 2009
Initially it seemed like a good idea getting an adapter, but besides the problem of the British weather being more wet than dry, there was the fact that the lead would not reach where I wanted it in my garden and the danger of electrocution. Through just using the square battery I have found that the repeller has kept cats out of my garden and the battery is still active more than 6 months after installing. The repeller has a test button to test how strong the battery is, just in case you wonder if it's still working. I regretted buying the adapter as I cannot see a purpose for it practically.
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