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Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy & Money in a Post Peak Oil World
Confronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy & Money in a Post Peak Oil World
by Michael C. Ruppert
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!, 4 Jun. 2011
A great book for uncovering the hidden facts behind the oil industry. If all of the book is based on truth, which i've no doubt it is, then it makes a scarier bedtime read than any fiction book i've ever read! Basically it explains that we're lower on non-renewable oil reserves than is made out by the media, in order to keep people buying things and driving everywhere and thus keeping the economy ticking over (which it only just about is!) The point that our efforts to increase oil production against the backdrop of a 9% annual reserve decrease is 'like trying to refill the niagra falls with a garden hose' sums it up perfectly. The siamese relationship between energy and money is explained in simple enough terms so that anyone can understand what's going on behind the media smokescreen. My only criticism of this book is that it's very america-centric, but the same laws of physics apply all around the world and nowhere is safe from the perils of Peak Oil. Please read this review, buy the book, then panic! Unless you don't believe the laws of physics apply to you.

HY Mini Wind Turbine
HY Mini Wind Turbine

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4.0 out of 5 stars HY Mini Wind Turbine, 29 Oct. 2009
This review is from: HY Mini Wind Turbine (Electronics)
I found this a surprisingly good piece of kit. I've stuck one on the handlebars of my bike and when you ride at more than 9 mph carbon-free energy goes into its battery. You know when its charging because a green light comes on beside the turbine. It has no problems charging my phone or ipod and the best thing is that you can use it when the sun is hidden and there is no wind; the act of riding, running or sailing through the air generates the power.
Annoyingly though, there is no indication of how charged the battery is, so i don't accurately know how much riding it takes to fully charge the battery, but 5 miles a week for 3 weeks seems to be adequate, but experiment yourself. Another let down is that the packaging gives no indication of how long you have to charge it from the mains before it will charge by wind power alone. It seems that 75 minutes does the trick, but be warned of this fact before you think that it's broken, as i did! There is just enough space to fit four of these things on the handlebars of my average sized bike, as i will do, although it will look ridiculous!
Be warned that it cannot handle much more than a light shower, and the claims that it will gather 'free' energy when attached to a car or motorbike are rubbish. The engine will work harder to push the turbine through the air and any power going into the battery will come from the harder-working engine.
Despite these issues, you won't find a more versatile, reasonably priced and weather-independent eco gadget on the market.
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Samsung - SGH-F400
Samsung - SGH-F400

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4.0 out of 5 stars Samsung f400, 19 Sept. 2008
This review is from: Samsung - SGH-F400 (Electronics)
I have had this phone on O2 for 6 weeks now. I gotta say its a great phone for its price. It can take an 8gb micro sd card although if you cram it with 2075 mp3s loading it all can take 90 seconds from start up. The camera is good enough to obselete many average digicams. The screen is great (it does attract fingerprints and scratches tho). It looks the part and its easy to navigate; the spin wheel works a treat and the keys are fine. The build quality does seem to me a bit of an issue. When slid down, it's clear that the two sections have gaps that result in creaking when pushed together, also the softkeys wobble a bit and the wheel isnt flush with the outer cirlce on my one anyway.
The sound quality is one of the best bits. Good enough to jog with and listen to in the car (an fm transmitter amplfiies background radio noise, so play through 'aux in' 3.5mm lead). The built-in speakers are so much better than any other phone ive heard of. Loud, clear and virtually distortion free at 90% volume.
Call quality is ok on O2 in southern hampshire, just about loud enough. One nice feature is you can find out your credit at any time if on pay as you go, also it tells you after each text and call.
The internet function seems ok although i havent really tried it fully. its 3g so it should fly along.
A few issues are build quality as said before, and also the music player is quite badly organised. Slow when crammed and also the songs cannot be organised to your likings. Only alphabetically which is terrible if you got 2000 songs and wanna find one starting with m! Similarly when you go into 'artists', it does not subdivide into albums like any other music player ive ever seen. (only alphabetical lists of songs). Quite poor i think. Best put it on random play on all songs which does a good job.
The phone has turned itself off several times too. Mostly, but not always when i'm playing music and rating the track. Also it will not recognise my gear 4 bluetooth headphones.
My favourite feature however is the music recognition thing. You play it a song (can be quite obscure and dodgy sound quality even) and it will hopefully tell you what the song is! Sometimes it will give you a link to buy the track its found.
Battery life is 4 days when used lightly and 2 days when used to play music loudly on shuffle for 4 hours while i run 27 miles (!)
So aside from build quality and music player finishedness, this is a gem!

Apple iPod 80GB Video/Black (5th Generation)
Apple iPod 80GB Video/Black (5th Generation)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Ipod 80GB 5G, 17 Jan. 2008
I'm giving this ipod 4 stars cuz it might not be worth 5 stars for everyone's tastes. This is my first ipod having previously used mobile phones with 4GB memory cards for listening to music and it's a step up and no mistake!

All my music- every CD in the house and most of my friends' on it, all at 128kbps bit rate, 51GB with 21GB left.

Itunes, i and others have heard can be a pain, but after a day or so, it works real well with the ipod. It was a (fun) task converting all my 14500 tracks to aac. from wma. It took 7 days at 6GB per day (14 hours) to get it all on there. Btw, itunes will usually miss out album art and sometimes genre and year from tracks modified on windows media player 11 which means you have to modify a lot of the tracks yourself. Ive virtually perfected everything on all my tracks cuz i don't wanna keep touching up the details for my next ipod whenever that'll be.
Another point is that when converting tracks to mp3 aac compatible ipod formats, it will duplicate the tracks that you set to transfer so if you find your hard drive suddenly shrinking, this is why, so set the output file destination to an external hard drive if possible, but if you wanna modify tracks on the ipod, plug the external drive in, or itunes won't find any tracks! One last point about itunes 7.5 is that album art coverflow does work if you set the colour of the screen to 32 bit through control panel/display. It's jerky and cpu-guzzling but its pretty impressive nonetheless.

It's easy to navigate around the menus nb compilations are present on the 5G/5.5G version! the sensitivity of the wheel is pretty much perfect for rapid menu- flicking, and if you don't wanna look at the screen, the clicking sound tells you how fast you're going.

When playing a song, from selecting the track to sound coming out takes 3-4 seconds, fine then. The hard drive spins when changing tracks and spins for around 10 seconds to fill up the 32mb, yes 32mb buffer. If you play tracks of 128kbits bit rate, the hard drive will store 7 or 8 4mb tracks til the hard drive spins up again. DON'T RUN WITH A HARD DRIVE, not that i have and i wouldn't dare either!

The sound quality compared to my previous mp3 devices took a while to adjust to, even with the eq set to 'bass booster', the bass is oddly lacking and this is the bassiest eq of all but the overall quality after getting used to the shriller sound of the ipod is great after a day or so. Thru some non-apple headphones, the quality is very acceptable- very clear, just keep the volume down, cuz it does scream at you through traffic noise at higher levels. Distortion does occur and deep drum beats get spoiled often but other eq settings probably get around this.
N.B. the quality of sound when played in my car through a £7 fm transmitter bought from a petrol station is damn near CD quality, amazing!

Battery life isnt amazing, 5 hours a day at moderate volume gave me 3 days play time, get a mains adapter asap id suggest.

I've heard that a lot of ipods self-implode after a few months and i will write another review here if this happens, but 1 month on, mine is going strong and obseleted every CD in my house and car!

This is better than the new classics ive messed about with in hmv- faster and better sounding.
Until the mega capacity flash powered 2009 ipods emerge, this will more than suffice.
Consider a 5G a worthy bit of kit!

No Title Available

4.0 out of 5 stars SE K800i, 6 Oct. 2007
This was the third phone i ever owned, the others being 2004 top end spec, which meant that getting the K800i from 3 last year was a god send for me cuz at the time i had no idea that such phones existed!
This phone will likely be a huge step up from any 2 year old mobile or older!

The camera is stunning and produces clean, clear shots in all but the lowest light, say at sunset/sunrise. The flash works up to 8ft away roughly. Tbh, the camera could replace a lot of proper digital cameras. The good thing is that the files at 3.2MP are only about 1.5MB so you can get loads on a memory stick micro (Can be up to 4GB and no higher- i own a 4GB M2 stick and it works fine with it). The 64MB onboard memory is perfectly fine for hundred or so shots if you set the res to 2MP. I know many people say that a let down is the lens cover coming open a lot and id agree, it does come open in your pocket quite a lot whilst riding. If you buy a case for it (dirt cheap)= problem solved, although the case i had for it was designed in a way that you had to open the case to open the lens cover, not a big prob tho.

The music player takes wma and mp3, wav etc and with a bit of equaliser tweaking can kick out dam good sounds with plenty of bass, not as much as a w810i, but the k800i is not a walkman phone. One point is that at the highest volume the loudest parts of a song become reduced in volume which createst peaks and troughs in the volume, but reduce the volume by 2 clicks and problem solved. The loudest volume which does not involve the volume troughs is just about loud enough to be clear enough to listen to while running or riding with traffic/wind around you. the w810i phone suffers in this department, ive found.
The K800i can take a 4GB M2 card as ive mentioned, just to clear up any doubts for everyone! Enough for 1300 ish tracks at 96Kbps (who needs more?) The music player runs quite slowly with the memory filled up, but big deal again really! The quality of output makes up for that and more.
It has a2dp so bluetooth headphones to listen to music is available. i don't have bt headphones yet so don't ask me about that!
The joystick is annoying cuz after 9 months when i push it to the right, it does the action of pushing it down, solution is to push it to the upper right and this shouldnt be so much of a problem.

Calling is standard, with voice dialling and answering, i havent yet found a loud enough ambient to drown out the caller talking.
This is a seriously powerful phone. Get one!

Sony Ericsson W810i Black - 2.0 Megapixel Camera - Bluetooth - 20MB Internal Memory
Sony Ericsson W810i Black - 2.0 Megapixel Camera - Bluetooth - 20MB Internal Memory

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4.0 out of 5 stars w810i, 11 Sept. 2007
I got this phone in july 2007 becuase pretty much everyone who'd owned one said it was a hell of a phone. Ive had it for 2 months now and id agree. It is now quite an old phone (18months), but even so, it turns on faster than a k800i, opens colourful menus quickly. The interface is easy to navigate through and you can use the number/letter keys instead of the direction buttons to work your way through numerous options.
It plays music very well and with the right equalizer settings, can rival a stand alone mp3 player. One issue ive found is that the volume cannot go up especially high- it is loud enough but doesnt have that extra bit of volume which can overcome loud traffic and headwinds when riding or jogging without losing some of the music. Why would you want to have the music that loud anyway really?! Also, similarly annoyingly, at the highest 2 volumes the loud parts of mp3 music gets reduced so there are troughs in the sound.
The caller volume isnt all that high, but high enough to hear the other person easily.
The orange half moon button on the left of the directional pad takes you to the walkman function. Even if you're in the middle of looking at notes or the calender this button will take you directly to the music. This won't work when you're using the camera though.
The camera is above average for a 2006 phone and is still good now, at 2MP. I also own a k800i so the camera was naturally a let down, but even so, the w810i gives good daytime shots, clear and crisp with accurate colours, but the night time shots are grainier and noisier although still pretty useful. There is an LED which lights up when you want it to. This doubles up as a general white light, probably as useful as a proper camera flash.
The keypad and directional buttons (not a joystick this time) feel OK. The letter buttons feel solid, but the softkeys and direction buttons often click louder than usual and feel like they're siezing sometimes.
owners of a k800i or phone with similar keys might notice this.

This phone can take up to 4GB pro duo memory stick btw and works fine with it nearly filled up.

It has the option of using it as a remote control, but i cant seem to make it do so.

Battery life is usually about 3 days including listening to music and mucking around with the calender, notes, calculator etc.

Overall id say that this is a practical easy to use phone for people who like to listen to lots of music of good quality, and make calls!

SanDisk 4GB M2 Memory Stick Micro
SanDisk 4GB M2 Memory Stick Micro
Offered by KING OF FLASH
Price: £9.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars 4GB M2 memory card, 11 Sept. 2007
The first thing you notice about this memory 'card' is the fact that its smaller than a postage stamp and could be lost in a deep carpet!
I bought this for my sony ericsson k800i and, for the doubters, it does with this phone!
The only problem with it is that you can fit around 1200 tracks at 128kbits/sec, and when there are this many tracks on the card, that when you want to play one track on the music player function on the k800i, it takes 45 seconds from selecting the track to the phone unfreezing and actually playing the track, and thats with only 1.8GB taken up by 580 MP3s! When playing an artists music or an album the phone runs at normal speed.
Nowadays 4GB cards arent expensive any more. if your phone can take an M2, check its maximum memory card capacity and if it takes up to 4GB, buy this card!

One other thing, when filling up this card on my k800i it took the disc2phone mp3 transferring and recoding program about 4.5 hours to put the 1.8GB of music onto the phone. Leave the computer to do this overnight with 3GB+ of songs.
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4.0 out of 5 stars headphone adapters w810i (and other sony ericsson phones with the same connectors), 11 Sept. 2007
if youve ever got one of those handsfrees which add about 3 foot of wires to your headphone leads, ie handsfree connected to the phone, which has a socket for your headphones (and their leads) and you end up with about 5 foot of leads coming from the phone which can prove a hassle, then these adapters cut off all but about 10cm of these leads. They mean you can ride a bike or jog without leads wrapped around your neck.
My k800i gives out great sound with the adapter fitted and the lengthy handsfree kit and pretty decent headphones.
My w810i though doesnt work so well with the adapters compared to the handsfree set. the music quality and overall experience is actually better with the handsfree set even with the 5 feet of wires. the volume is lower on this phone when using the adapter to the point at which when riding a bike or running with a wind and traffic nearby, its nearly pointless having the music playing at all. Also the volume troughs that the w810i has anyway with any headphones is made worse. Loud volumes choke the headphones and reduce volume to more of an extent with the adapters fitted to the phone compared to the handsfree headphone kit that the phone came with.
The k800i is a better more powerful phone so mebe the w810i cant punch out so much sound, but my experience with the adapters leads me to warn other users that less powerful sony ericsson phones (or mebe just the w810i) might struggle to get so much volume and sound quality with the adapter(s) fitted.

Turn Around
Turn Around
Offered by InfinityBuys
Price: £2.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Phats and Small- Turn Around, 25 May 2006
This review is from: Turn Around (Audio CD)
This is an inspired piece of music! If you like this kind of music (dance and r&b) you'll hanker over this. It's a very simple song really, only one riff used but the baseline and the riff and the lyrics all come together to make a great track to dance to, or listen to before going out. BUY IT!

City Of Blinding Lights
City Of Blinding Lights

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5.0 out of 5 stars City of Blinding Lights (Single), 13 May 2006
This review is from: City Of Blinding Lights (Audio CD)
City of Blinding Lights will be forever one of U2s trademark successes. It hooks the listener and never has a dull moment. The other 2 live tracks are from 1992 and complement the title track perfectly.

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