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Magix Best of Soundpool Collection (PC/Mac)
Magix Best of Soundpool Collection (PC/Mac)
Offered by ERSO-Media
Price: 24.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT collection from previous Soundpool releases (and it works just fine), 16 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This one's a truly great collection of loops/samples from a decade of Magix Soundpool releases.

It should be noted that, regardless of your OS, you *will* be able to use the sounds in this and every other Soundpool volume: in order to do so, you'll just have to copy the files on your pc (preferably, in the Soundpool directory, which you'll easily find in the program settings - say, Music Maker), and then import them in the program itself ("add style"). As simple as that. Do not install the disc (unless you're sure it is compatible with your OS and Magix software): just copy/import and you'll be fine. Of course, I am talking about the collection itself, not the software included in each disc. The software usability will depend on your pc configuration, of course.

It should also be noted that this is the last of the Soundpool volumes that comes as "License free use", meaning you should be entitled to make use of the content as you please.

Pity this item got such a low rating on account of people's lack of experience rather than its content.

2013 YAMAHA 3D CODEFREE BD-S673 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player MultiZone Region Code Free DVD 012345678 PAL/NTSC Blu Ray Zone A/B/C. DivX XviD AVI and MKV Playback and Support. 100~240V 50/60Hz comes with EU & UK plugs (Free HDMi Cable)
2013 YAMAHA 3D CODEFREE BD-S673 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Disc Player MultiZone Region Code Free DVD 012345678 PAL/NTSC Blu Ray Zone A/B/C. DivX XviD AVI and MKV Playback and Support. 100~240V 50/60Hz comes with EU & UK plugs (Free HDMi Cable)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Know what you're buying, 9 Nov 2013
Before getting this player, I bought the LG BP620 region free model.
It worked fine... until it did not: after a few weeks it started not recognizing any region at all. I tried reinstalling the enclosed multiregion firmware cd, but it did not work. I had to send it back.

The problem with the majority of region-free players, is that such a feature is obtained via firmware's modification. And that makes for a very volatile (as in not reliable) solution.
In other words, besides not having the possibility of upgrading your firmware (unless with a new version of the region free firmware made available to you by the player's seller), there is always the risk of the player starting to act up (as it happened to me).

This is the reason why, in the end, I opted for the Yamaha BD-S673: in this player the multi-region feature is achieved through a hardware modification. Doing some web searching, I found out that this model allows for a specific chip to be installed on it. You can actually purchase the chip separately and install it yourself, provided you're skilled and equipped for the task. But given the chip's cost I wouldn't advise it (much easier and safer to buy the professionaly modified player).

I'm pretty sure the afore mentioned chip has been installed on this machine. Indirect confirmation is in the fact that - with this model - the same seller did not send any firmware restore cd nor gave any instructions for that matter. That is because you should be able to upgrade the firmware with new genuine releases of the same, without losing the multiregion feature. Anyway, you may always email the seller for tech details before purchasing.

The Yamaha BD-S673 is more expensive than most of the other models, but I believe it is worth the extra cash. The machine has plenty of features, and looks and feels most sturdy (it weighs twice as much as the LG model I first purchased).

p.s. purchased on the Italian Amazon.

Sword in the Stone [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Sword in the Stone [Blu-ray] [Region Free]
Dvd ~ Wolfgang Reitherman
Price: 12.52

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1.0 out of 5 stars Aspect ratio and other stuff, 19 Sep 2013
From what I could gather, several Disney movies were filmed as open matte widescreen, meaning that the 1.37:1 negative was then matted to 1.75:1 for theatrical presentation. Among these movies, there are 101 Dalmatians, Sword in the stone, Jungle book, Aristocats, Robin Hood.

Except for 101 Dalmatians, Disney has chosen the theatrical widescreen format for its recent blu-ray releases. Not a good choice, in my opinion.
Even if you gain a little more image on the sides of the screen, what you lose from the top and the bottom of the frame is just too much. The image looks cramped, you can't help feeling that there's a lot missing.

So, what I did was to purchase older dvd editions of all the afore mentioned movies that kept the 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Funnily enough, that cost me even more than the new blu-rays, given that some of those dvds are quite hard to find - especially in Italian.

As far as Sword in the stone is concerned, I suggest you get the recent 45th anniversary edition DVD: it is still in stock, and - besides preserving the 1.33:1 aspect ratio - it has an excellent picture quality (which, on the blu-ray, apparently, sucks too: out of focus, etc...).
About the dialogue line that I've read to be missing from the UK edition due to censorship (how lame is that, really), it is included in the Italian edition, that you can find on with the ASIN B0041KX5PC, for the price of about ten Euro.
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The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert [Blu-ray] [2013]
The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert [Blu-ray] [2013]
Dvd ~ Queen +
Price: 11.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars About time!!, 10 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After having waited for years for a proper dvd release, I purchased the double VHS edition of his event, and digitalized it. I'm saying this just to make it clear how bad I wanted this concert.

Now, this edition... I honestly do not comprehend what other reviewers go complaining about, in terms of video quality, but I'll tell you what: this concert has never looked better. And it never will, given the source.

Of course you'll never get Avatar-like HD, but, watching it on a 50" screen, closer shots look GRRREAT!! I mean, I put it on the other night for a quick A/V check, and I just couldn't stop watching!! So many great performance. Unexpected A/V quality. AND, they preserved the original aspect ratio too!!! Thank God for that.

As far as missing performances are concerned, if you take the time to check them out on Youtube, you'll probably find out that, in most cases, there truly is not much to be missed. Some of them are downright embarassing for the performig artist (have a look at Extreme's rendition of "Love of my life", to name one).

Anyway, I like this SD-Blu Ray series by Eagle Rock, and I hope they'll give the same treatment to other deserving titles (there's plenty of them).

Now, let's play that G n 'R bit again... UNBELIEAVABLE :-D
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Spandau Ballet [DVD] [1992] [NTSC] [Region 1]
Spandau Ballet [DVD] [1992] [NTSC] [Region 1]
Dvd ~ Spandau Ballet

4.0 out of 5 stars Best Spandau Ballet concert video, 2 Jun 2013
I purchased the recent "Live at O2", but then I felt the urge - was it Hadley's overgrown stomach? just kidding :-D - to look for a SB concert from their golden era. And I found this one.

Now, I don't know what some other customers have been watching, but I found this to be an excellent document of Spandau Ballet at their best. Problem is, nowadays everybody goes on expecting 1080p video and TrueHD sound. But this was originally released as VHS, so... you can't seriously expect it to look/sound any better.

And the concert is beautifull shot, lots of angles, great voice, tight musicianship, energetic performance.

So, I'd advise fans to get themselves a copy (on the American Amazon will be even cheaper).

Finding Lost - Season Six
Finding Lost - Season Six
Price: 6.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Thank you..., 1 Jun 2013
...Mrs Stafford, so much, for enlightening me :-D

I was among those that did not took too well at Lost final episode (I believe my reaction was something like "What the... ?!?").

This impressive book has helped me put things in perspective, and recall tons of details I had forgotten through the years.
I, too, believe, as the writer, that this show that requires a much shorter viewing time than six years. And I expect to be watching it again, sooner or later (I've just purchased the blu-ray boxset).

Mind you, not *everything* gets explained, but what does (the most important issues) I found definitely satisfying. As for the rest, I found quite interesting the theories that the author and her blog readers came up with.

Caprica - the complete series [Blu-ray] [French Import]
Caprica - the complete series [Blu-ray] [French Import]
Dvd ~ Eric Stoltz
Offered by DH BLU
Price: 45.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A prequel not to be missed., 14 May 2013
All Battlestar Galactica fans should have a look at this.

While the show lasted a single season, it still managed to shed light on the pre-Cylon 12 colonies' society.
I mean, the writers went and invented a whole culture here (well, several of them - you know, 12 colonies).
Very, very interesting indeed. For one, if you ever wondered where all of the religious rambling in Battlestar Galactica came from, you'll find your answer here.

It would have been nice to see the show go on, eve if just for one more season. But, unlike other series prematurely cancelled, this one makes perfect sense on its own. I also loved the way the series finale manages, in the last few minutes, to link with the events described in the BSG main series.

One word of advice: do yourself a favour and get the French blu-ray edition. Preferably, on or even it'll be considerably cheaper. The experience will be worth the extra cash.

Jethro Tull - Velvet Green - Live In London 1977
Jethro Tull - Velvet Green - Live In London 1977
Offered by Empor UK
Price: 16.77

4.0 out of 5 stars Jethro Tull live at the London Hippodrome, 1977, 23 Mar 2013
This is the concert at the London Hippodrome, 1977.

Once again, the front cover has nothing to do with the actual footage, where you'll recognize the infamous red bowler. Have a look at the back cover (I'm posting a picture) to see how the guys look like in this gig.

Tracks: 01 Skating Away 02 Jack In The Green 03 Thick As A Brick 04 Songs From The Wood 05 Velvet Green 06 Hunting Girl 07 Aqualung 08 Guitar Solo 09 Wind Up 10 Locomotive Breath.

Great concert, although a bit short (well, it was a tv broadcast, after all). One star less due to obvious picture/sound limitations. Still, highly enjoyable.

On the plus side, there are no japanese subtitles, just a "LIVE" logo in the lower right corner, to cover the logo from the original tv broadcast.

To Russia With Elton [DVD]
To Russia With Elton [DVD]
Dvd ~ Elton John
Offered by Satsumo
Price: 3.98

5.0 out of 5 stars The real Elton John, 6 Jan 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: To Russia With Elton [DVD] (DVD)
This is one of the two must have Elton John's video concerts, the other one being "Live in Australia", recently released on dvd by some Korean label (if I'm not mistaken), with the ASIN B002SASG60.

The voice is what is supposed to be (as opposed to what you've heard in the last decades, when it dropped a couple of tones). And, on this particular show, the man's musical genius shines in all of its glory, being that it is basically a one man show. Can you imagine that? Just piano and - not even on all songs - percussions.


Live in New York City-1986
Live in New York City-1986
Price: 8.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars A release long overdue [dvd edition], 21 Dec 2012
Ok, this one looks like a bootleg, but... I got it anyway.
To be precise, I purchased the dvd version of this title, available on the italian Amazon with the Asin B0086AYBHE for the price of about 15,00 Euro.
The songs on the dvd are the same of the cd edition, running approx. 52 minutes. Same cover (the wrong one) too. I'm posting a picture for those who might be interested.

As I was saying, I purchased it, and I certainly won't regret I did. I've been waiting for ages for this video to be released on dvd. I even thought about re-purchasing the old vhs (the one I had went lost, sadly) and acquire it in digital format, just like I did with a dozen of great gigs unavailable on dvd. But I did not want to spend the kind of money asked for a used copy of said vhs.

Unless the original video was in a widescreen format (I honestly can't remember), it looks like the image has been cropped to 16:9 (I'll never understand why they keep doing that, as if I'm not capable of zooming in on my own). I did not find that annoying in this particular case, but it might be annoying to some.

There are several audio option: stereo, 5.1 and even a 5.1 DTS track (ah ah, that's a good one), but do not go expecting miracles, both in terms of audio and video quality. We're still talking vhs quality. I did not, and I'm perfectly happy with my purchase, since this was the only significant Big Country video missing from my collection :-D

p.s. the dvd is all region, btw

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