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4.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly very good, but let down by a few rubbish tracks, 5 Nov 2004
This review is from: Lifeblood (Audio CD)
I'll be honest like most Manics fans I was dreading the release of Lifeblood because I was unsure what it would be like. I hoped it would carry on from where There By the Grace of God left off and in some ways it has.
It does feature the best opening track to a Manics album ever. I did just say that so stop screaming "Yes" at me - unless you are agreeing of course.
I won't bore you with in depth reviews of each track but many are very cleverly written and although they appear to be hinting at a particular melody they will jerk another way and this is what makes it a 4-star album.
Great Songs on Lifeblood; 1985, Empty Souls, A Song For Departure, To Repel Ghosts.
Very Good Songs on Lifeblood; The Love of Richard Nixon (even if it doesnt fit in), I Live to Fall Asleep, Fragments, Cardiff Afterlife.
Good Songs on Lifeblood; Glasnost.
Rubbish Songs on Lifeblood; Emily (but you knew that already), Always/Never, Solitude Sometimes Is (still sounds like a Keane b-side)

The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible
Price: £5.07

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best album ever, 5 Aug 2002
This review is from: The Holy Bible (Audio CD)
Where should I start, well track one should be a good idea. Firstly though for all those that dismiss the Manics and think that Everything Must Go is their debut, listen to this. It may not be as heavy as In Utero but it is a hell of a lot darker and it is infinately better lyrically.
Yes tackles prostitution and is an explosive start to the album leaving you with a taste for more.
Ifwhiteamerica... is all about the American gunlaws and has easily the most scathing lyrics, addressing the american governments as being rascist. Amazing Song with fantastic harmony - worth listening out for.
Of Walking Abortion continues the rock and in fine style with once again fantastic lyrics
She is Suffering is a calmer track and is in a word "Beautiful" which is kind of ironic considering the lyricall nature of the song "Beauty is such a terrible thing". One of the best songs ever.
Archives of Pain is fantastic, deals with the glamourisation of sereal killers, another classic rock track, Pure Gold.
Revol. is a song that the band themselves absolutely hate, despite this it is a really good song, about Love and Leaders and how they use it. (Revol. .loveR get it?!)
4st 7lbs is chilling and beautiful and disgusting and vile and one of the best songs on the album. Dealing with anorexia great lyrics are met with a haunting tune and vocals from James Dean Bradfield.
Mausoleam is a return to rock and deals with an obvious subject matter. Great song one of my favourites.
Faster is quite simply one of THE most popular songs amongst real manics fans and its easy to see why. It is fast paced, great lyrics great tune, vocals, guitars all perfect.
This is Yesterday is another beautiful track that even your mum will like, it is well crafted and a welcome cool down break.
I admit that when I first got this album I dissmissed the next two songs, but after a relisten I love them.
Die in the Summertime is the most alternative and hard to approach song on the album. It contains my favourite lyric of all time, "Scratch my leg, with a rusty nail, sadly it heals. Colour my hair but the dye grows out, I cant seem to stay a fixed ideal".
The Intense Humming of Evil despite having a very chilling minute long sample as an intro is very good and very clever lyrically. Again slower then most but still as dark.
PCP is my favourite song of all time, its perfect. The pace, the vocals, the bass, the drum roll, the drums, the harmony, and especially the little guitar riff after every second line. It is a fine crafted song that just keeps getting better.
If your music taste is rubbish then stay away, but if you want to hear the greatest album ever written, The Holy Bible of Rock Music, get this and read the lyrics and get depressed but then realise that theres more to life. Then go and read Octave Mirbeau's Torture Garden

The Torture Garden (Empire of the Senses)
The Torture Garden (Empire of the Senses)
by Octave Mirbeau
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Disgusting but Brilliant., 22 July 2002
This book starts tame enough and you are thinking this isnt as sick as people have described, there are indeed some very good moments which question society, in particular a large passage from Clara towards the end of the first half. Then comes the Torture garden, and again you think you can take it. Then I began to feel physically sick as I read but inspite of this i could not bear myself to put the book down. As I read the nausea got greater but I could not release myself from the books grasp -the first time a book has had an effect on me- . This book is possibly the greatest book of all time and I strongly reccommend it to anyone.

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