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Zombie Army Trilogy (PS4)
Zombie Army Trilogy (PS4)
Price: £29.86

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4.0 out of 5 stars Shoot, Shoot, BOOOM, Splat!, 6 Mar. 2015
15 campaign missions of total carnage as you endlessly blast nazis zombies in the face using your sniper rifle or mow them down using a machine gun, whether you play on your own or with friends you will have a blast but playing with a team transforms the game into one of the most fun shoot-em-up games of the last year.

The roots of this game are evidently founded in sniper elite 3 and they've milked that link to the N'th degree. Playing in solo mode you are treated to the well know and coveted "X-Ray kill cam" where if you shoot an enemy in one of several places including the head, testicles or heart then you get a slow motion X-ray kill cam of that shot, the killcam only works when you use a sniper though and when playing in solo mode.

The game operates a 4 player drop in co-op system so you won't need to restart if a friend comes online and you both get trophies as you play along, sadly you loose the X-ray kills when a friend joins the game. Now while the graphics look good overall especially the later missions, it's only fair to say that some of the missions look their age, not forgetting that this trilogy has missions in it from the original PC game which is years old. There are different types of zombie too, including some that wield chainsaws and others which are heavily armoured. Some move quickly and others are slow and predictable, my one piece of advise is don't whatever you do get boxed into a corner, always have a contingency plan or way out because believe me the numbers of zombies onscreen can be very intimidating if you allow them to get close.

The later missions which are completely new are the best, with you having the ability to kill Hitler himself and I would argue the game becomes more immersive as you progress. There's lots to collect on your way through the game and ensure you pick up every pack of ammo you come across as ammo can become scarce.

There are a few negative points although nothing major as far as I can see, Close range combat is woefully pathetic just like it is in sniper elite 3, remember this game was designed for medium-long range combat, if they get too close to you then you've pretty much left it too late. Secondly, some of the checkpoints are in the wrong locations, rather than putting a checkpoint before a section it should be afterwards otherwise if you die the game forces you to replay the last 15 minutes over again. Lastly, the combat while being incredibly fun in co-op mode is highly repetitive, now while I love these type of sniping games and indeed the thought of shooting nazis is my idea of ultimate weekend fun, I wish they could have added a few different sections, maybe some stealth or puzzle sections rather than the constant shooting. The fact there is no multiplayer section doesn't impact on the game whatsoever and indeed you don't really miss it.

Verdict: a great shoot-em-up experience consisting of the two original PC games which have been remastered and added to the new missions to provide a 15 mission mouthwatering campaign. For sniper elite fans this is a must especially if you intend to play with a friend, best of all the price is spot on for what it is and because it doesn't take itself too seriously you'll have a blast along the way. RECOMMENDED!

Corsair Builder Series CXM 600W Modular 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX/EPS PSU
Corsair Builder Series CXM 600W Modular 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX/EPS PSU
Price: £58.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best 600W semi-modular power supply you can buy with good quality cables!, 25 Feb. 2015
As a computer technician and part-time system builder i purchase on average around 50 power supplies each year and the CX600m is my go to power supply. If i have to replace a power supply in an office computer or low/mid end gaming system then this is the one i usually recommend to people, naturally that also depends on what (if any) graphics card you use or plan on using.

With the TDP (watt usage) of many computer components coming down each and every year the need for 800W+ power supplies is reducing year on year and we have now reached a situation where you can run a high end gaming system off a 600W power supply (depending on the parts you use). This power supply offers a dedicated single +12V rail which will be compatible with most components. I also like that the cables are fully-sleeved which keeps everything looking neat and tidy and for those that worry will the cables reach in a full tower (E-ATX), the cables are extra long so they will fit even the largest of cases.

Being a Semi-Modular power supply means aside from the two motherboard connectors 1x 24pin and 1x8pin (which can be split in half if your board only requires a 4pin) all the other cables can be plugged in as and when you need them which makes installation ten times easier and also means you don't have spare cables around the back which in turn makes cable management a breeze especially in smaller mATX cases.

Verdict: Good quality Branded Power supply which comes with all the cables you could possible want, being a semi-modular design simply makes it easier to handle and install, Bought many of these over the years and if you are looking for a 600W unit then i honestly wouldn't bother looking at anything else especially when you consider Corsair include a 3 year warranty! Recommended!

Zalman STG1 Super Thermal Grease
Zalman STG1 Super Thermal Grease
Offered by procooling
Price: £10.09

5.0 out of 5 stars Zalman "Super Grease" thermal compound!, 21 Feb. 2015
There are many different methods for applying thermal material and no particular way is right or wrong, myself as a computer technician and system builder use the "pea" method which is to place a pea sized amount on the center of the processor and then allow the CPU cooler to spread the compound evenly across the surface. It's a tried and tested method which i will continue to use.

However, this particular product is used in a completely different way! Imagine a traditional thermal compound but in a grease consistency and that's what you have here and it comes with a nail polish like brush for applying across the CPU surface. You literally spread a very thin layer across the surface and your done, no worrying about did you put enough on or any air gaps!

It doesn't run nor does it cure which is essential for thermal compound to be effective especially over the long haul. Temperatures when using this are consistent with other compounds i've used including from Corsair and Cooler Master when using the same cooler and like i say it's very quick and easy to use, it may cost slightly more than buying a tube of MX-5 but is far easier to work with!


The Order: 1886 (PS4)
The Order: 1886 (PS4)
Offered by Turbotrance
Price: £45.70

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3.0 out of 5 stars The Order 1886 - A solid game but the content is limited and there isn't much replay value!, 20 Feb. 2015
This review is from: The Order: 1886 (PS4) (Video Game)
I've been anticipating this game ever since its announcement back in 2013 and I must say having now finished my first playthrough I'm glad I bought the game but i do question its Retail price given the amount of content, please read on...

Set in Victorian London during 1886, this game is everything you might expect of an olde worlde type game but with supernatural monsters to fight. Indeed the game almost portrays itself as a parallel world which could quite have easily happened. The game is a 3rd person shooter meaning you view the character you play (Galahad) from an over the shoulder perspective and has a modern mechanic of the way it goes about its business. The story in particular starts in a very good way leaving you with lots of questions which only get answered by playing the game and eventually finishing it off. You and the rest of the Knights from the "Order" must battle against the half-breeds which threaten the people of London.

Visually the game is solid and looks just as good as the trailers and demos we have seen over the past few months so don't worry they haven't downgraded it in the final game, even at high octane moments on screen there is no tearing or frame rate lag which is a good sign and I have to take my hat off to the developers for the work they have done visually at the same time they haven't over-saturated the game with colour, in part because they want to portray the game in an older look and feel! Audio wise the music is also very impressive as well as sound effects of the weapons and the noises they can make, even the little things like when you reload the noises that the guns make add to the sense of the games setting and date.

I love how the game seamlessly moved from cutscenes to combat, indeed a few times I thought it was still a cutscene and the game all of a sudden required me to press some buttons. Yes, sadly there are a few too many QTE (quick time events) where you have to press buttons in a specific order and a certain time but it doesn't take over the game nor does it destroy the gameplay, what it does do is make it slightly easier to survive certain moments and considering I was playing the game on hard I think it would be a good option if you could turn QTE off and allow the player to figure out the best way of defeating the enemy (just a thought). Speaking of difficulty, Hard does not feel hard, if you use lots of cover and try for headshots then most enemies go down pretty quickly without you taking any damage.

Pacing of the game is spot on with a good combination of talk, combat and chasing after monsters. Weapons wise there are many different ones but your main one is the M2 Falchion automatic rifle, it's powerful and has good stopping power with the ability to use its secondary weapon in desperate close quarters situations which is a non-lethal shotgun designed to knock enemies back. My favourite is the ARC gun although I wish you could use it more than your currently allowed. Despite the different weapons they all seem ever so slightly inaccurate when aiming using left trigger, whether they have been specifically designed to be that way but it can become slightly off putting when you are aiming directly at someones head 6 feet away and the bullet either misses or does virtually no damage! On the other hand if you blind fire behind cover then bullets do seem to do more damage which seems odd. There is another ability Called "blacksight" which slows time down and enables you to lock onto enemies in a quick fire event allowing you to take several of them out in one room, it works well and I like it although it does make it a bit too easy!

Now because there is no multiplayer or co-operative side to this game it does mean that the single player side has to be especially good. During my first playthrough it took around 8 hours but that is with me playing on Hard, exploring around and getting a few collectables along the way and having a good look at the scenery in various locations. I am well aware that some people claim to have finished this game in around 5 house, personally I seriously doubt that unless they have skipped over everything and didn't do any exploration of any kind, if that is someones goal then I don't understand why some people buy such games which are designed to be played in a certain way.

Pros: A solid story which is both fun and engaging and drip feeds you information which makes you want to finish it to find out what happened * Visually the game is stunning, not just in its setting but also the characters and realistic colour saturation * Love the weapons * I like how they have morphed the start and ending of cutscenes into gameplay * easy to fathom controls * lots of cover to hide behind and decent combat sections * Monsters can move fast and can be intimidating to begin with * Authentic voice acting * Lots of collectables to find and a few easter eggs for those that like to explore.

Cons: There is no multiplayer or co-op * Hard difficulty isn't hard * weapons can be more accurate if you fire blind rather than aiming which seems stupid * "blacksight" ability while being very useful does make gameplay far too easy * non destructible cover * Likens and Werewolfs attack in very repetitive ways * camera angles can be hard to work with when you're behind cover * you can only roll out of the path of an enemy when prompted to * can't throw grenades back * Only 7-10 hour storyline depending how you play * Can't skip cutscenes * Lame ending * expensive for what's on offer despite the game being a high quality production!

VERDICT: This game was NEVER portrayed as some massive 100 hour game which has several different modes, it was from the very outset sold as a 3rd person shooter set in 1886 London which had a specific story to tell and if you think of it in that regard then it is a success. At £45 I feel the game is short on content, certainly there isn't enough to keep you coming back beyond a few playthroughs at the most, When Machine games released "Wolfenstein" last year that game was cheaper than other games because it didn't have any multiplayer/coop side to it and I feel despite how good this game is, it is overpriced certainly when you start to look at its replayability. My recommendation is therefore to wait for the price to drop at which point it may become an option, until then save your money for something more involving!!

A Graphical masterpiece which is a true feast for you eyes but aside from that the combat can be repetitive and there are too many cutscenes and "QTE" events for my liking. As a guide pay no more than £30!!
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Dying Light [Online Game Code]
Dying Light [Online Game Code]
Price: £29.16

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3.0 out of 5 stars Dying Light (PC) Review!, 19 Feb. 2015
You’re infected and must survive the journey to help those around you, slaying zombies as you progress in a giant city which is populated by the undead and bad humans … in essence it’s a giant sandbox game and you can decide how you make your way around and what buildings you use or fences to scale, remember you never know what’s on the other side as you progress through the story.

Yes, it’s another zombie/horror survival game which shows similarities to Dead Rising and Left for Dead (both great in different ways), certainly towards the beginning in the “tower” the game has an almost Condemned look about it. To anyone that has played Dead Island you will instantly take a likening to this game and best of all it can be played in co-op with 4 people.

The difference here is in how the game changes between both Day and Night, when it goes dark the calibre of the zombies after you and indeed how they react makes the game much more aggressive, indeed at night everything is about stealth because if you get detected then your pretty much screwed unless you can get to a safe house without stopping. Unfortunately, while the game is incredibly fun (especially when playing in co-op), the story is completely dull (aside from the opening 5-10 minutes) with most of the characters totally lacking any kind of personality to the point where you just don’t care about what happens to them. It’s the usual go here and save this woman and defeat this bad guy and in between all that the aim is to just survive using your surroundings and weapons like pipes to fend off zombies.

You get different skills which you can unlock as you progress to a higher level such as “Power Attack” which gives a massive boost to the damage of whatever weapon you are using but this does drain your stamina so be careful as you will need stamina to run away, the game lets you decide what to use and where to use it…my one piece of advise is not to think short term, instead think of what you might come across in 2 minutes time and not just what is on your screen at that given moment. I love the ability to climb virtually everything and jump from rooftops to rooftops without stopping, be aware that some zombies can do the same.

Bandits and zombies can be a grind to defeat to begin with but the gratification you have once you kill them is highly rewarding especially as the close quarters mechanic can be frustrating as you endlessly hack a zombie to death and watch it get back up, my tip is to use your surrounding where possible especially if there are any traps that you can use. When guns enter the mix the real fun begins, it instantly turns the tables in your favour and grenades can clear a whole crowd of zombies out no question asked. Be warned that guns can malfunction and break so you have to salvage scrap as you go in order to fix the gun but this can only be done so many times before the gun itself becomes junk. Now because ammo can become scarce I recommend you try and shoot zombies in the head to minimise you bullet usage or try to use melee weapons as much as possible and save guns for “boss zombies” and alike. I equally like the fact that you can combine certain weapons to add electric shock to any hit you do or simply make your melee weapons more dangerous and the fact you can find so many different weapons out and about defies the point of buying weapons with the money you have looted from any corpses, indeed using weapons you find is more rewarding.

But to find those weapons you have to explore and oh my this is a game that HUGELY rewards exploration, trust me and go as far as the map will allow, scale the tallest building and the chances are you will find either a collectable or weapon of some kind. Graphically the games environment looks good with what I would describe as good quality shading along with decent colour saturation. Anti-aliasing could do with more work but given the size of the game I won’t be too critical, if anything because you’re moving around quite quickly you only notice it as and when you stop and look at something specific, blood spatter is pretty good whether you use a gun or pipe in melee attack. There are different classes of zombies and they all look, move and respond differently and indeed do different levels of damage, the baby zombie which really does look like a baby is very disturbing and in my view resembles the witch from Left4Dead so best leave them along as it can attract other zombies to you.

There is a mode called “be the zombie” which is enabled if your game is a “public game” and happens during the night cycle (you can have your game set as private so you this won’t happen). If left switched to “public” then other players can enter your game at night as a zombie and it is your task to hunt down and destroy nests, you are given a few lives in which to do this and the player as the zombie has to track you down and kill you. As the zombie you permanently know where the human player is and can cover huge distances very quickly across rooftops and pounce on the human player very easily. To defend against this the human player is given a UV lamp which sucks all the power and health from the zombie if pointed directly at them. So it’s basically a 1 on 1 - PvP matchup which has been integrated into your main game and the extra bonus points it offers are very rewarding. Some people have said they are having problems with this mode with disconnects occurring, of the several times I’ve tried this on either side it has disconnected me twice so I guess a little server works needs to happen to fix this bug but given the game has only just launched i won’t be too critical.

Pros: Hack, Slash and shoot survival gameplay and is a cross between Left4Dead/ Dead Island * Setting of the game is very easy on the eye and you can move around freely * I love the combination of day and night cycles as it feels like two different games * controls are easy to fathom * graphics and audio are solid with very few bugs and glitches * 4 player co-op * weapon variety is decent and lots of weapon pickups * Loads of different skills available * Co-op challenges (which pop up as you play) can be fun and offer something different to simply following the story * I like how you blend items together using blueprints to create items like medkit * Lots of side quests

Cons: I don’t like the backtracking and the pointless water sections towards the end which add/do nothing, not the mention the most pathetic and easy to kill final boss EVER (which isn’t even a zombie) * Playing on your own is hugely boring * Can be confusing as to where you are supposed to go * Characters are very forgettable meaning you don’t care what happens to ANY of them * They need to expand the multiplayer area beyond “be the zombie” mode

VERDICT: It’s a good solid zombie survival game but with a different slant on things what with the day/night cycles but aside from that the game doesn’t offer much which can’t be had in a variety of other games such as Dead Island/Dead Rising or even Left4Dead. When I first started to play this game I did around two hours on my own and it was dull and slow going. When a friend of mine joined me and we started again the game was instantly better on virtually every level. The fun factor went up and you cared about each others survival unlike that of the AI characters. Graphically the game looks solid but it is far from “next generational” … certainly on a par with other games of this type. Is it a game I can recommend? If you like zombie games and have a friend to play along with then sure it’s a game to add to the list but it’s certainly not worth more that £30 especially with the lame ending and poor story in my opinion!

Worth a buy but don’t pay over the odds, if you take a step back and look at the game overall, it's very mediocre despite some great moments!

Viakal Limescale Remover Spray 500 ml (Pack of 5)
Viakal Limescale Remover Spray 500 ml (Pack of 5)
Offered by REMI DIRECT
Price: £15.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent limescale removing ability and leaves everything smear free!, 17 Feb. 2015
Excellent value mutipack which contains 5x 500ml spray bottles. Viakal is one of, if not the best limescale removers around, indeed not only does it remove limescale but if you use it daily on your shower then everything will stay looking shiny and like new. We found that if you spray a small amount into one of those "miracle sponges" that you see for sale around supermarkets then you don't need to spray the surface directly and the bottle will last 10x longer. The liquid comes out of the bottle in a semi liquid/foam type consistency and DOESN'T stain tiles or shower trays.

Very much recommended for keeping your bathroom free from limescale!

Intel Pentium G3258 CPU (Dual Core 3.20GHz, Socket H3 LGA-1150)
Intel Pentium G3258 CPU (Dual Core 3.20GHz, Socket H3 LGA-1150)
Price: £52.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars Aimed at Gamers, overclockers and people looking to build a good quality system on a budget!, 15 Feb. 2015
By far and away the best Duel Core CPU currently on the market. It comes unlocked so can be easily overclocked (I've managed to get 4.2GHz by adjusting the multiplier and it seems very stable). Depending on the rest of your components you may need to increase the voltage slightly but not by much, naturally ensure you pick a "LGA-1150" socketed motherboard which has been designed for overclocking, i personally recommend one with a Z97 chipset.

This processor is ideal if you plan on building a gaming system but are on a budget and want to get maximum value for money. Intel made this processor for that very reason knowing that it would be perfect for enthusiasts that want to overclock and the performance to price ratio is very impressive, Partnered with a GTX750ti you get decent framerates (30+) in most games on medium/high settings, remember medium settings on a PC can look better than any console!

Verdict: While you can use it at stock speeds this processor wasn't designed for that, it was made for the gaming community to experiment with but if you do plan on overclocking it then i STRONGLY recommend you buy a third party cooler such as the "Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo" as the included Intel cooler was only designed for stock speeds and when you overclock it can become noisy.

This 20th anniversary range of CPUs are aimed at those people on a budget yet still want decent performance. Here you have an unlocked processor which has been given a lower price point and fair crack to Intel for offering it in this way. If you are a gamer or just want to build a good solid PC that will hold you in good stead for the next few years then honestly i wouldn't hesitate in buying this!


Smith's 10 second Knife & Scissor Sharpener
Smith's 10 second Knife & Scissor Sharpener
Offered by General Stores Online
Price: £7.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy, lasts a long time, as well as being quick and easy to use!!, 14 Feb. 2015
Recommended to me by a local restaurant chef. Very quick and easy to use and can sharpen both knifes and scissors. The 10 second claim is true if the blade you are trying to sharpen isn't too bad but if a blade is virtually blunt then a minute or two is more realistic, the blade feels substantial and high quality and can be reversed once its effectiveness starts to drop off, although we've had it for several months now and it's still as good as the day we got it. While it's made from plastic the grip feels sturdy and i like the guard loop which covers your hand.

Overall very impressed considering the price and far better than any other sharpener i've tried over the years! RECOMMENDED

Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 SKT-AM3+ Motherboard
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 SKT-AM3+ Motherboard
Offered by AVIDES u.k.
Price: £106.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars A solid AM3+ motherboard with the bonus that it looks the part!, 12 Feb. 2015
A solidly constructed AMD motherboard by Gigabyte. AM3+ socket which is compatible with past AM2 and AM3 socketed processors. Love the black and gun metal grey colour and the current revision (4.0) is bang up to date with the latest bios and hardware upgrades. It must be said that AMD have been creating a version of this board for the past few years and as testament to it's quality and durability the price has remained pretty high. The board is both SLI and CROSSFIRE compatible and features Japanese capacitors and duel bios. Very easy to build a system with and conforms to the ATX form factor and has plenty of SATAIII connectors to connect drives.

Verdict: Ideal for both gaming and everyday systems, with Gigabyte you are getting a quality motherboard with decent support. The bonus is that it looks the part too!

Gilda Womens Marx Thong Leotard Ladies Ash 10 (S)
Gilda Womens Marx Thong Leotard Ladies Ash 10 (S)
Offered by Field & Trek
Price: £2.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for aerobic exercise/ working out., 8 Feb. 2015
For my aerobics session i find this thong leotard to be ideally suited, providing the necessary support but without restricting leg movement thanks to the high cut around the sides, good support at the bust and very comfy. A blend of mostly cotton with some elastane for added stretch, these are ideal during training or exercise too. If i ever go running then then i usually some running shorts over the top. Bought mine from a "Sports Direct" store although they since stopped stocking them so Amazon is a good alternative. For the money they are good quality.

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