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Destiny (PS4)
Destiny (PS4)
Price: 42.00

74 of 87 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Destiny, the biggest let down of the year so far!, 10 Sep 2014
This review is from: Destiny (PS4) (Video Game)
Destiny is one of the most expensive games ever made along with being the most highly anticipated, sadly the game does not meet the hype that Bungie and Activision have pushed, before i talk about the bad areas i want to talk about what the game is about.

Essentially Destiny is an online only first person shooter that has 3rd person perspectives along with an MMO style of play. You play the part of a "Guardian" to which you can customise and select one of three different classes, sexes and so on. Essentially a giant sphere called the traveller came to earth and nearly gave its life to fend off the "darkness" which tried to consume earth. It's saving grace was to give a small amount of power to guardians (you and fellow players) in order to fend off the darkness which has returned but to also travel to different planets to do the same there.

The first thing to say is that in typical Bungie style, the graphics and scenery to this game are truly stunning, in many ways it does remind me of playing halo, probably because of the space connection and the fact that several of the vehicles and weapons do have a halo-esk look and feel about them, some may disagree with me on that but it is my personal opinion. Everything starts back at a place called the tower, which is where players gather to trade, upgrade and indeed interact with others and is the sole 3rd person perspective area of the game, from here you can then go to your ship (you get one early on which looks pretty basic but it does nothing more or less than any other ship in the game as ships are purely a vanity item. You only really see them during loading screens).

From you're ship you can travel to the crucible which is the PvP area of the game and encompasses traditional game modes such as team death match, domination plus many more. This area will please traditionalist that prefer quick paced game modes that last 10-15 minutes. The maps and their layouts are great and there's lots of variety between the maps, sadly special abilities are already overused, if in doubt everyone uses a special ability and indeed some people have already maxed out their character which completely spoils it for those just starting out and there doesn't seem to be any levelling out of teams.

From your spaceship you can also travel to various planets like Earth, the moon and indeed Venus. Here comes the bad news unfortunately, I seem to remember being told when Destiny was revealed over 12 months ago that the game was going to be a "10 year game ", with lots of different content that will keep you busy for months and years to come. All I will say to anyone reading this is you need to drastically cut back your expectation of this game and rather than saying its a 10 year game they should have said it's a game that will be supported for 10 years which is a big difference!

I've already completed both the earth and moon missions in less that two days since launch and I've played for perhaps around 9-10 hours so far and I do like to explore along the way. It gets worse, the missions are SO repetitive I couldn't believe it. Literally each mission is effectively the same, go here and kill these enemies or go there and wipe those out and you occasionally get a proper boss to fight. Huge spans of the maps during the missions are unpopulated both by friendly players and enemy AI and the basic level AI are completely stupid, not just that but the amount of ammo you will use on basic enemies such as vandals is redicoulous at times and like others have said, you would think that as you get stronger those basic enemies would be easier to take down, nope they're exactly the same and it's as if levelling doesn't matter, even using stronger weapons that deal more damage feel restricted and at certain times inaccurate. There is a hover craft called a sparrow which you use for fast transport across the map to get to where you need to go which I think is part of the reason the developers left these areas so empty and therefore pointless.

The MMO part of the game is that you can collect loot, weapons and armour and upgrade your character, there is no massive get together of players where you can work together, indeed if you want to work with others doing some mission or "strikes" then 6 is the maximum number of players, hardly breaking the bank in terms of massive player numbers is it? The plus sides are the proper bosses really are a grind and take ages to kill, the trouble is although they are stronger and do show higher intelligence they're boring to fight. You can get random events on the map too which might be defend a location against a few enemy waves and get a bonus, these do help to spice otherwise boring areas up but they need to happen more often in my opinion.

Pros: Graphically it's a masterpiece * I like the idea behind the different planets and the POTENTIAL scale of the game * higher level bosses and "strike missions" are a true grind * you have a traditional PvP area to keep people happy * I love the variety in weapons and vehicles * servers are stable

Cons: the reason there is a traditional PvP area is to cover up the fact that the campaign/ story is lacking content and indeed I would argue the story itself needs more dialogue so people know what's happening * hugely repetitive and virtually no innovation between missions * spaceships are pointless as they are only seen during loading screens and do/add nothing * 6 players is not my idea of an MMO and I think it was wrong of Bungie to claim it was going to be * PvP is already filled with overly aggressive people that are already max level * special abilities and shotguns are overused * You can't talk or communicate with other players in the "Tower", only wave at them or dance your character * cut your expectations of the games size and depth by half and that's where the game currently is * I'm already starting to get bored due to the repetition.

Verdict: Don't get me wrong, graphically the game is stunning and I applaud the idea behind the game but where is the longevity in the standard game? By this time next week ill have finished the mission on all the planets currently available and yes im sure there are some reading this that will say what about exploring all the areas and redoing some of the missions? Theres only so much exploration you can do before you get bored and playing the same missions over and over isn't my idea of fun especially when most of them are essentially the same. I'm at level 16 and to be honest I keep waiting to see something new but it never happens, in fact if it wasn't for the crucible area (PvP) this game really would be a drag. I understand that Bungie plan on extending the game via downloadable DLC every few months, the trouble is I've paid good money for this game as part of a console bundle and to be honest I was expecting more than what is currently on offer, not just more missions but also better variety is needed and fast! There is nothing on offer in this game that we haven't seen or played before and ive heard several people liken it to Borderlands, Borderlands has 10x the amount of content and fun that this game has and i would recommend that game over this each and every time. The trouble is what is Destiny trying to be? I certainly don't know and I'm not sure Bungie can tell us either. I can only hope they make the future DLC free as I don't want to pay any more money for a few more mission of the same old stuff.

In a nutshell, graphically it looks impressive and the audio matches that but the game is woefully lacking in the variety of the content. To be honest I think it's boring and as a keen gamer I feel disappointed by this game, Destiny just isn't the game we were all lead to believe it would be, so based on everything so far it gets 3 STARS. It certainly doesn't deserve any higher than that!
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Glen Moray Classic Single Malt Whisky
Glen Moray Classic Single Malt Whisky
Offered by Shop4whisky
Price: 20.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Glen Moray classic!, 9 Sep 2014
fresh and zesty with hints of vanilla on the palate and floral notes on the nose, there is no age statement but given the pale colour I'm guessing its under 10 years of age and has most certainly been matured in ex bourbon casks (fresh bourbon at that). For the price I would say this is a very good value malt, it may not be over complex but its very pleasant and offers a decent whisky experience. The whisky is 40% alcohol by volume and has a quality cork stopper. Worth noting that the box mine came in was square and not round!

Certainly one to try if you like bourbon matured whisky, don't expect the earth but if you add a few drops of water then for the money you'll find this hard to beat!

Sony PlayStation 4 Console with Destiny
Sony PlayStation 4 Console with Destiny
Price: 329.00

37 of 39 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars PS4 bundled with Destiny, 9 Sep 2014
The PS4 is a very well priced and well designed piece of hardware, this particular one comes bundled with "Destiny" which is the most anticipated game of the year so far and they're including the game at no extra cost (350 when we purchased it). We decided to get another PS4 with the destiny bundle as my girlfriend wanted to start gaming on a more regular basis and Destiny seemed the perfect time for her to jump in and join me on the journey.

Firstly about the console, it looks and feels quality and has a good weighty feel to it for something so small. Size wise I would say it's on a par with the PS3 slim. The two tone look really suits it with the blue light in between as an indicator as to the status of the console. Port wise at the back you have Power, Gigabit Ethernet, optical audio, HDMI out and an AUX proprietary port for the PlayStation Camera. At the front is the slot loading bluray drive on/off and eject buttons (which are touch sensitive) and 2x USB 3.0 ports which are ideal for charging your controller from and if you so wish a 3rd party headset. At this point i will note that Sony have made the PS4 so that you can upgrade the hard drive without voiding warranty... the specs if you want to know are that it be greater than 160GB and no thicker than 9.5mm. Although it doesn't mention the spin speed the one that comes in the console runs at 5400RPM to reduce heat so i would advise you stick to that for good measure.

The controller is a vast improvement compared to the Duelshock 3 (PS3 controller), it now actually feels like a proper controller and the textured back of it feels very nice to hold. The trigger buttons now feel like proper triggers and have been positioned in such a way so your fingers rest on them perfectly. L1 and R1 buttons have been redesigned too and feel better. The thumb-sticks are perhaps the biggest improvement along with the trigger buttons and i can confirm that your fingers won't be slipping off due to the shape. Compared to the Xbox One controller i have to say i prefer the thumb-sticks on the duelshock 4 as they seem slightly bigger and hence you can rest a larger part of your thumbs on them, that is a personal preference however! There is a built-in mini speaker as well as a touch pad which game developers can use however they see fit, in a game by game basis. Select and Start buttons have been replaces with "share" and "options" buttons. The share button allows you to either capture past game-play footage (up to 15 minutes, a screenshot or even live stream footage to either twitch or ustream). The Options button kind of doubles as a start button. There is the inclusion of an in ear mono headset which simply plugs into the controller and i have to say it does feel cheap and basic but at least everyone will be catered for and won't have an excuse about not being able to talk to other players. If anything it will tide you over till you get something better after a few days/weeks and indeed would be good as backup so you can't really complain (at least they included one in the box). If you do want a proper headset then I fully recommend the "Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0", it's good value and sound quality is awesome! You also get a HDMI cable and mini usb to usb 3.0 cable to charge the controller in the box. The battery is built in so no need for disposable batteries! (smiley face) although it is worth noting that if you want to play and charge the controller at the same time you WILL need to buy a longer cable. Either that or buy a second controller.

Setup is very quick and easy and i was up and running within 5-10 minutes from when I first plugged it in. Given my girlfriend was creating a new account rather than redeeming an old one the process was slightly different and took slightly longer than when i redeemed my account. Please note that there is a mandatory update when you first connect to the internet which did take a while but after that i was already at the dynamic menu and oh what an improvement it truly is compared to PS3! The menu system is easy to navigate, intuitive and fast to operate. Everything is where you yourself would think it is and there are no loading screens between menus. You can tell that Sony really wanted to push the social side of this console as everything from friends latest trophies, notifications, news and video uploads are available right from the off. Everything is also laid out in order of what you were doing last with the very last thing being the nearest to where you start. Above all this there is a kind of "cross media bar" where all the system info and settings can be found, again all very easy to get to and it's fast so those days of waiting around with the ps3 are long gone. Similarly the PlayStation store has been redesigned so it's even easier to navigate and also fast to operate, (ps3 owners will know how painfully slow accessing the store was on ps3, well that's a thing of the past).

To play online you will require PlayStation plus membership but because of all the included stuff that it brings you will never complain about what it offers. Everything from free games each month, updates that happen in the background, cloud saves and discounted games and DLCs are offered to PS+ members and i would argue you actually get your money back over the course of the year. For example later this year (2014) there will be a special PS+ edition of "Driveclub" and it will be free to all PS+ members, well that's a 40 game right there that they are including, and you get to keep the game once that month has gone! Indeed you can keep playing those games for as long as you want, so long as you remain a PS+ subscriber.

As i said earlier updates happen in the background while you are gaming and also when the system is in sleep mode, the controller can also be charged through the console while it sleeps too. Now there are mandatory game installations just like the ps3 but this time around they are much larger although i do need to point out that installation is extremely quick, within a few minutes per game as opposed to the 30 minutes+ (on average) it takes on Xbox One. As for noise wise, the console runs very quiet most of the time although the main fan can become quite loud at certain points particularly when a game loads or when the console has been running for a good few hours. As for games, there are a whole host of games I have tried over the past few months including Call of Duty, Watchdogs, Killzone, Wolfenstein and Sniper Elite. All were fantastic in their own right and would recommend you check each of those games out.

As I write this review my girlfriend is currently playing the first few hours of Destiny and she's loving it so far, I plan on writing a more in depth Destiny review when I've have time to play it, at the moment all I can say is based on what I have seen so far it looks very impressive and runs smoothly and would be a great place to start gaming on the PS4.

I'll just give you a very brief take on what Destiny is about. Essentially you play the part of a "Guardian" and must defend The universe from the "darkness", travelling to various planets and locations to defeat enemy forces, its a cross between first person and third person perspective and has an MMO style of gameplay. There is a campaign storyline and also a crucible section which encompasses traditional player vs player game modes like domination. Be aware that Destiny is solely based online so you will require Playstation Plus to play the game!

PROS: The Console looks beautiful and the User Interface is clean and crisp to look at * Controller is VASTLY improved * At long last we have cross game party chat * Background updates * quick install times * games i have played so far are fantastic including the free games they offer * you can get back to the main menu at any point mid game and it holds the game in suspension rather than quitting so you can instantly rejoin (double pressing the PS button takes you straight back to the game) * recharge controller while the console sleeps * for what you get i would argue the console is very good value * includes a disk based copy of Destiny in the box at no extra cost!

CONS: Party chat isn't as clear and crisp as it is on Xbox One (I can say that as I also own an Xbox One) * included headset feels cheap to look at and use * PlayStation network needs to be made more stable especially as we are now mandated to pay for it if we want to play online * Sony need to reduce the amount of "maintenance" sessions it does and shorten their length or at the very least do them during the early hours of the morning rather than prime time during the day or evening.

VERDICT: We have both of the next generation consoles and have to say that we're very impressed with both of them although the speed and ease of use of the PS4 along with it's potential gaming ability really is impressive. The controller is a big plus this time around and feels like they actually listened to what gamers want. Will the inclusion of a touch-pad and speaker set the world alight? Probably not but it does open up possibilities for developers to get creative. I'm glad Sony didn't go down the Voice control path that Microsoft did, using a controller will always be faster and more reliable and i'm glad they put extra effort into the basics of the system rather than getting cocky, voice control technology simply isn't at a good enough standard to become mainstream... maybe in a few years!

They've priced this Limited Edition bundle right on the money and you feel like you're getting a quality package and from one gamer to another i can fully recommend this to you. I hope you enjoy many happy years of gaming with this, it's a great time to be a gamer.

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Game Golf Digital Tracking System - Red
Game Golf Digital Tracking System - Red
Offered by McGuirks Golf
Price: 151.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Game Golf Digital Tracker...perfect for a game improver or indeed professional standards!, 5 Sep 2014
This is a great device and while not essential to play i would say that anyone that does play a lot of golf should at the very least be investigating this kind of system.

Essentially you have a small gps device clipped to your belt or pocket and you get 18 red caps which push onto the end of the grips of each of your clubs (naturally you can only use 14 clubs on the course), Each cap is marked to so you know which cap goes onto which club, this saves you having to identify which club you used later on when you connect the device up to a computer. In essence before you play each shot you touch the end of the golf club where the red cap is to the red part of the device on your belt, it instantly makes a beeping noise and records your position on the course and which club you are using, when you move to where your ball is and select another club it does the same.

Simply when you get home connect the device to a computer where it will instantly download the data into the "Game Golf" program online. From here you get a birds eye view of the course you have played and each shot you have made with it clearly stating which club you used. You get to see all kinds of information such as distances, average putts and indeed your score besides much more, there is also an app for your phone which particularly comes in handy when you're out and about and maybe want to check a previous round you had at the same course.

Pros: Simple and easy to use * well made piece of kit * the software is pretty easy to understand and there is lots of information about your round * I like the fact it records which club i used and where exactly on the course meaning i don't have to remember when i get home

Cons: Check on Game Golfs website that your golf course is listed as it only works with supported courses * The whole system depends on you remembering to tag the end of your club just before or after you take your shot otherwise it screws the whole thing up, for example.. you can end up having it register your drive as 400 yards if you forgot to tag your iron shot to the green (this can be edited through the software but it's aggravation best avoided).

Verdict: If you play a lot of golf on a variety of different courses both at home or abroad then this is something you should be looking at. It certainly helps you track your accuracy and what distances you are hitting and indeed over time helps you find your "real world" distance out on the course and not at a driving range where they use specific balls. It's certainly helped me when it comes down to picking what club to use especially when i play the same course again. Simple to understand and the device is well made, if you can justify the price and want to start keeping track of your game then look no further, it's also worth checking Game Golfs website for the price as buying direct can sometimes be cheaper!


Andrew Christian Almost Naked Jock Thong
Andrew Christian Almost Naked Jock Thong
Price: 18.90 - 26.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A.C. Almost Naked Jock/thong brief review!, 4 Sep 2014
I'm no stranger to wearing jockstraps or thongs and to be honest if you find a brand you're happy with and pick the correct size then in many cases they can be the best type of underwear to wear as many that have tried them will testify.

This particular piece of underwear incorporates both a jockstrap and thong design to create a very unique style and wearing appearance. There are many reasons why you may want to wear jocks or thongs and indeed they both offer similar wearing experiences, the only real difference is the positioning of the strap(s). So why wear something that has both? Simple, you have the best of both worlds in something that will provide maximum support throughout the day with no risk of twisting, chafing or rising. Equally because you have both it means your buttocks will be better defined, it certainly helps create a more muscular look both at the front and back.

Despite the funky colours and contrast stitching which i love, the front looks quite traditional for Andrew Christian underwear and could quite easily pass for briefs although you still get the trademark pouch which in my personal and humble opinion cannot be beaten (although "Ergowear" underwear does come very close). You get slightly more room up front than you need which is perfect and naturally allows for some expansion, while at the same time providing stunning comfort levels, not once will you have to "adjust" yourself throughout the day, indeed at times you forget you're wearing anything at all. Partly due to there being no front seam and the really soft rayon material which also has some natural stretch.

I love the slimline waistband which is highly elasticated and general low rise nature of these and if you don't mind the design at the back then what's not to like.

Pros: Stunning levels of support and the comfort is as good as anything i've come across * the pouch has evidently been designed by men for men * super soft material which actually keeps you cool * thong part is surprisingly comfortable * I love the funky colours with contrast stitching * my partner loves the sexy and enhancing style

Cons: Not cheap but you are buying quality * The jockstrap/thong combination may put some people off * Needs more colour options

Verdict: If you want to wear something different yet quality then look no further, i'm building up a small A.C. collection and this was a must especially as it's a limited edition. It's very comfy and the support is unrivalled.

For A.C. fans this is a must and even better to look at in person! Recommended

Metro Redux (Xbox One)
Metro Redux (Xbox One)
Price: 27.99

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Metro Redux, remastered and as good as ever!, 4 Sep 2014
Two great games in one (2033 and Last light) which have been remastered. It looks gorgeous and plays really well especially if you want an edge of the seat journey with a great mix of game-play, past fans will love this especially with all the content and bonus stuff it contains. Just be wary of the price as i paid 28 for it and have noticed some sellers charging a premium which is a disgrace!

Gilda Womens Marx Thong Leotard Ladies Ash 10 (S)
Gilda Womens Marx Thong Leotard Ladies Ash 10 (S)
Offered by Sports Direct
Price: 3.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Gilda Marx leotard, good sizing and ideal for my workout, 4 Sep 2014
Comfy and supportive, i bought these for my daily aerobics workout. It features a breathable liner which wicks moisture away from skin and keeps you cool and dryer for longer. Good quality stitching and cotton material used and naturally being a thong design allows for maximum movement without any restrictions during my workout. There is a small amount of stretch to the material which does help comfort over the course of a training session. Would definitely recommend to any woman looking for something to wear during your workout session, if you intend wearing this to a gym then wearing a simple and basic pair of compression shorts over the top will keep everything discreet. My one and only negative point is the label says hand wash only. Overall it's a Thumbs Up!

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish, Caramel Cupcake
Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish, Caramel Cupcake
Price: 3.69

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality, lovely colour and great value, 29 Aug 2014
I love the "caramel cupcake" colour which looks nice yet is neutral enough so i can use it every day all year round, the polish seems as durable as any other branded polish, it does take longer than the claimed "60 seconds" to dry but by the time you've done the other nails the first ones you did are virtually dry. Good flat brush for applying and great price too. I fully intend on purchasing more in a few weeks. Thumbs Up!

Elgato HD60 Game Capture for Microsoft Xbox/Sony PlayStation
Elgato HD60 Game Capture for Microsoft Xbox/Sony PlayStation
Price: 139.95

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4.0 out of 5 stars Elgato HD60, I'm set for the "next generation", 29 Aug 2014
BE WARNED... at time of writing this review Amazon has lumped all the reviews of the previous and new Elgato device together! My review is of the new HD60 version.

When it comes down to game capture devices, Elgato is the one and only brand that springs to mind. Their previous one really was impressive and it enabled me to record gaming footage on the fly from my Xbox 360 and using the software that came with it i could edit it to my hearts content. It was great value and to anyone wishing to record and edit gameplay footage it was a godsend especially compared to other devices which never came close.

The HD60 is the new Elgato Game capture device for 2014 onwards and has been specifically designed to work with both the PS4 and Xbox One games consoles. At the same time it will still work with the PC and Xbox 360, Sadly at time of launch the HD60 will not be compatible with PS3. The reason it's called HD60 is because this time around the device will record in 1080p and 60 frames per second, which has become the golden standard for modern gaming. The device is smaller than the previous Elgato and is finished in a matt black colour as opposed to the glossy plastic the last one had which was famous for being a fingerprint magnet.

There are a few new features including the built in Live streaming service which allows me to broadcast to Twitch and other sites rather than having to record a session and then upload it like before. You will also be able to live-stream and/or upload to YouTube and Ustream. Crucially YouTube are going to allow the uploading of video clips at 60fps (the old limit was 30fps), this in combination with the 1080p resolution will mean that uploaded video clips will look exactly as they were intended and won't be restricted by video compression, what that means is uploaded videos will look identical to how they looked on consoles. For those wondering how it stores the footage, you must have the capture device connected up to a PC or laptop at the same time and it stores the media files on your computers HDD. Computer spec wise you will need Windows 7/8 or OS X 10.9 onwards for the device to work and have a minimum of 4GB RAM. You will also require a spare USB 2.0 port.

On the actual device there are 4 ports. A HDMI-IN port where you plug in a PS4, Xbox One or Xbox 360, HDMI-OUT port which goes from the device to the TV, A USB port which connects the device to a computer and there is an audio input jack. They include 1x HDMI cable and 1x USB cable inside the box.

The software which is included with the device which can be downloaded from the Elgato site is truly fantastic and is probably worth the money in itself. Editing videos does take a while to understand if you're new to editing especially given all the options but once you get the hang of it you're away. Naturally using the audio input you can record your voice over the footage as it happens or retrospectively when you edit it later on. Flashback recording is fantastic, essentially if you have everything connected up and the program open but are not recording footage and something happens that you want to record then you can use the software to go back to that specific point and click record, you simply then select the point at which you want the recording to end and it will save that section of gameplay. When something unpredictable happens or perhaps you did something crazy it means you can always go back and record it.

Pros: Smaller and more compact that the previous Elgato * Records in 1080p and 60 frames per second * No screen lag * Included software is great and allows you to fully edit recorded videos and add voice and video overlays including use of a webcam should you want to * Flashback recording * You can separate footage and audio into different files and edit them separately * Ability to live-stream directly to Twitch, Ustream or YouTube * No lag while streaming and it does a very good job of syncing your voice and video together * Includes a HDMI and USB cable

Cons: Slight amount of input-lag between what you see on the TV and computer screen meaning you can't play games using the computer monitor (in other words stick to watching your TV while recording) * Does take time to fully understand everything the software can do * Unless you intend to create a lot of online videos or do a lot of high quality streaming then I find it hard to justify upgrading if you currently have the previous Elgato.

Verdict: The thing I love most about the Elgato HD60 is its plug and play nature; I don't need to start messing around with computer settings and use secondary programs or other software unless I want to take editing to a crazy level, everything you need is included! The quality of recorded footage is very impressive, and the software seems stable to use. I've not had any crashes, bugs or corrupt videos thus far and fingers crossed that remains the same. You feel like your getting a lot for your money, especially when you realise that to buy similar editing software would probably cost just as much as the device alone. Naturally PS3 owners will feel disappointed certainly at launch but hopefully they'll provide support moving forward. For those that have the previous Elgato and wondering is it worth upgrading? I would probably say yes...IF... you intend on using it on a regular basis, perhaps if you have a YouTube channel or website and frequently upload content then there is justification to purchase this new one. If on the other hand you are new to game capture devices and are thinking of starting your own YouTube channel/ website then this is definitely the kind of device you should be looking at, for the little extra money this is well worth purchasing over its predecessor. I'm not an expert on video editing but the tools on offer with this device are more than enough for what most people should need.
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Elegant Touch False Nails - American Pink - 126 (Short Length)
Elegant Touch False Nails - American Pink - 126 (Short Length)
Price: 4.03

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Elegant Touch False Nails 126 - A great choice and good value, 26 Aug 2014
Realistic looking and very easy to apply. The pack comes with everything you need including glue and a Buffer for trimming the front edge once you've removed the tab from the nail. I certainly can't complain about the quality with them feeling sturdy enough to last as long as any other false nails although i would advise you get a proper nail glue as the one supplied isn't the strongest going. The pack contains 24 nails in total which at this price is good value in my book. Thumbs Up!

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