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New Bike Jock Black (X Large, Black)
New Bike Jock Black (X Large, Black)
Offered by M&K Products Ltd
Price: £12.99

5.0 out of 5 stars BIKE Jockstrap, just what you need for working out or sporting activity!!, 29 Jan. 2015
Excellent Jockstrap, ideal for wearing under gymwear if you're working out or indeed as daily underwear. VERY supportive yet exceptionally comfortable to wear for hours on end. Chunky and supportive waistband that does stretch and rests just above the hips. Being a jock means leg movement isn't restricted and reduces irritation of any clothes you wear over the top. Quality is excellent and they wash well in the machine. Good sizing too. RECOMMENDED!

Asus Nvidia Gtx 960 PCI-E Graphics Card
Asus Nvidia Gtx 960 PCI-E Graphics Card
Offered by Maplin_Webdeals
Price: £189.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars A card designed for the 1080p gamer!, 29 Jan. 2015
The GTX960 range of cards have been specifically aimed at the "1080p gamer"... what do i mean by that? This card was designed from the very beginning to fit into the existing Nvidia lineup between the 750ti (which is seen as an excellent casual gamer card) and the 970 (which is aimed at the serious gamer looking to achieve higher resolutions beyond 1080p). In essence if you want to play virtually every game at 1080p on ultra settings then this card will do it...JUST!!!! Everyone talks about 60 frames per second being the golden standard and while this card will surpass that figure in games such as Battlefield 4 (70fps+) it won't in others such as Crysis 3 which is one of the most graphically intense games at the moment. Naturally if 60fps is more important to you than quality of detail then dialling down the settings from ultra to high or even medium will allow for more frames... as an example, Titanfall (to take a game i tested) running at 1080p on a 22" gaming monitor on "medium" settings using this card looks stunning... and while the card can EASILY manage 60 frames per second i mention it to show you just how impressive games can look even when not at full settings. Out of the box this card features 2GB of GDDR5 memory which has been factory overclocked by Asus to 1291MHz. In OC mode the card can run as fast as 1317MHz (boost clock) if and when the extra Oomph is required. There are three settings which can be manually selected too, silent mode, overclocked mode and gaming mode (default)

Now there are a few other things to mention with some good and disappointing points. Firstly the negatives, the memory interface is only 128-bit, i was hoping that it would be 256-bit like other newer cards but i'm guessing that will end up becoming an option when they release a "Ti" version later down the line (just a theory based on what Nvidia have done in the past). To most people that will end up using this for day to day gaming it probably won't even become an issue anyway. Power usage wise, while significantly lower than any AMD comparative card (R9 280/280x) it does require 1x 6-pin PCI-E power connector and has an overall power requirement of 120w when pushed to the max, so the 75w power output of the PCI-E 3.0 x16 bus won't be enough and therefore make sure if you are new to upgrading graphics cards that you have a power supply with a spare 6-pin PCI-E connector.

From talking about power usage i want to talk about heat output... because this card is based on the Maxwell architecture it runs very cool and indeed the two fans on the heat-sink don't even start to spin until you've been gaming for a while, more casual games like football manager and Diablo which aren't that graphically intense never see the fans spinning even after a few hours, so if you just happen to look at the fans and they're not spinning, don't worry they're not broken rather they're just not required, which naturally saves power!! Even when they do spin the noise they output is barely noticeable, if anything it just sounds like another case fan!

Now on to something i really like, the included "GPU Tweak" overclocking software really is simply and easy to use and you can play around with the settings to maximise the output for your system, if you're an overclocking noobie then the software they include is ideal and means you don't have to start messing with any third party software or even in the bios. The software can actively monitor every aspect of the card from core temperature, memory usage to fan speeds besides a few others. You can display this information as a small widget on the dash or have it on full screen.

Dimension wise the card measures 21.5cm in length, 12.2cm in width... and takes up two standard PCI bays measuring just over 4cm in depth. There are 5 outputs including 3x Display Ports, 1x DVI-I port and 1x HDMI 2.0 port. In the box besides the card and usual warranty documentation there is a STRIX sticker to add to your case art, a DVi to VGA adapter should you be using an older monitor or cable and a disk which includes the latest drivers and software to install on your system after the card has been physically installed.

Visually to look at the card looks the part with the black and grey shroud covering the PCB and the double fans adds to the "gaming" theme along with the hints of red which are specific to Asus and their "Republic of Gamers" line of products, i specifically like the fact this card comes with a backplate to cover the back of the card, so when the card is installed it looks easier on the eye should you (like me) have a window in your case.

VERDICT: Phew...that took a while to write, now down to what i think and would i recommend it. This card fills a gap that existed in the Nvidia lineup and like i said earlier is targeted at those that want to game at 1080p on very high settings, so if you currently have a GTX750 or lower, then this is the card you might want to look at as a possible upgrade. Yes it's true that this card is capable of 4k output BUT the framerate won't be very good and attempting to game using ultra settings may result in lag especially if the rest of your system isn't up to scratch. REMEMBER this is designed for 1080p gaming and if you stick to that then this card will provide you with an exceptional gaming experience, especially if like me you game on a 22" monitor. The V-Sync technology reduces screen tearing and smooths out game-play by stabilizing frame rates at hectic moments (Battlefield players will benefit from this especially around "levolution"). For most gamers in the 19"-27" monitor category that want a high quality graphics card which can output every game at 1080p with decent frame rates then look no further. It's a worthy upgrade if you have something like a GTX750 or a AMD R9 270 or earlier.

When you add the excellent performance to £££ ratio along with lower power usage, low heat output, ease of install and no driver issues along with some great Nvidia technology and Asus software this card really stands out as one to go with. There are other brands available that do slightly different version of the 960 but since this one is overclocked out of the box i decided to stick with Asus.

Aside from a few small niggles this card is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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Vicks Inhaler
Vicks Inhaler
Offered by All Day Pharmacy
Price: £2.29

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5.0 out of 5 stars Vicks Nasal Inhaler Review!, 24 Jan. 2015
This review is from: Vicks Inhaler (Personal Care)
I've tried a variety of different brands when it comes down to these nasal sticks including supermarket own brands and other well known ones like Olbas.

The first thing to note is that all the different brands use different ingredients and perform to different levels. Where as the supermarket brand versions and the indeed the Olbas ones simply give a cooling effect and don't do much else, this particular one by Vicks actually cools and then actively starts to de-congest (unblock) your nose. Also unlike the Olbas one which says you can only use it 4 times an hour, this Vicks one says you can use it as "often as needed".

I recently had a very bad cold, the kind where your head feels heavy and your nose is either dripping all the time or clogged up, using this made the cold much more manageable and gave me a better nights sleep too. Other things worth noting are that the expiry date on mine is over 2 years away and at this price point it is actually cheaper than many supermarkets own brands.

Highly Recommended Nasal de-congestant!!

EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Intel GDDR5 Graphics Card (PCI Express 3.0, HDMI, 4GB, DVI-I, 3x Display Port, 256 Bit)
EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Intel GDDR5 Graphics Card (PCI Express 3.0, HDMI, 4GB, DVI-I, 3x Display Port, 256 Bit)
Offered by Kikatek
Price: £496.22

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5.0 out of 5 stars If you can justify the price then this is the ultimate graphics card for gaming (as of January 2015)!!, 21 Jan. 2015
Out of all the cards i bought and/or tested in 2014 this particular one came top of the pile. Performance benchmarks really were impressive and frame tests easily surpassed the golden 60 frames per second in every game i tested including Crysis 3. This card uses 4GB of the very latest GDDR5 memory and base clock on this GPU is 1266MHz which overclocks to 1367 MHz by itself should it need the extra processing power. The maximum digital output of this card is 4096x2160p with a 240Hz Refresh Rate with a maximum of 4 monitors being supported at any one time.

Port wise you have 1xDVI-I, 3x Display Ports and 1x HDMI and the motherboard interface conforms to PCI-E 3.0 16x. Having said that this would be compatible in any PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot and performance wise you won't actually notice that much of a performance dip (based on talking to colleagues who have tested it in PCI-E 2.0). Now unfortunately (for some) this card has a direct power requirement of 165 Watts which means you will need to use 2x6 pin PCI-E power connectors, along with a minimum 500W rated Power supply

Overall dimensions for those that need to know if it will fit into your case are: Length: 26.7cm, Width: 11.2cm, Depth wise it took up two full slots.

Other things worth noting are that this card is DirectX12 and SLI ready and features Nvidia "G-SYNC" technology which smooths out input lag and screen tearing during gaming, certainly during Battlefield 4 it does a terrific job of improving the visual aspect of "levolution" like when a building falls or when weather conditions change on the fly.

Verdict: There's no competition in my personal viewpoint as far as graphics cards are concerned at the end of 2014. There are different brand of this card on offer and i'm sure their equally as good but the EVGA SC version really is a great card and the ACX 2.0 custom cooler does a great job and isn't too loud, indeed the box claims it's 36% quieter than it's predecessor. If money is no object and you are looking for an ultra high end graphics card then look no further. I will simply finish by saying the card comes with the drivers needed as well as power adpaters should your PSU not have 2x6pin PCI-E power connectors. STUNNING PERFORMANCE CARD and it comes with a 3 year warranty!!

Germoloids Pile Relief Ointment To Sooth & Reduce Painful Piles Swelling  55ml
Germoloids Pile Relief Ointment To Sooth & Reduce Painful Piles Swelling 55ml
Price: £6.15

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Germoloids Ointment for Piles Review!, 17 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I can't comment as to how the cream version is but this ointment is like a firm paste which is easy to spread and quickly absorbed, it doesn't drip and is non greasy although you will need warm soapy water to remove any residue from your hands.

This ointment can be used for both internal and external piles, inside the box is the included nozzle for use when internal piles is an issue. Within 20 seconds of placing a small amount on the affected area the Lidocaine started to work, giving a deep cooling effect, almost a numbing effect! It definitely soothes the area and makes it easier to sit down if they are giving you pain. The cooling effect seemed to last well over an hour and the numbing effect lasted a good while after that.

You are suppose to use this first thing in the morning, after a bowel movement and then before bed, sure it isn't pleasant to use it but at the end of the day if you have piles then you'll be glad to use something like this. Mine aren't that bad but i figured it best to treat them now before they get any worse. Mine were caused by straining on the loo following a long bout of constipation brought on by stress and while i can't comment as to whether this cream solved the problem as i haven't been using it long enough, i can say it makes it much easier to live with and has already helped reduce the swelling.

Verdict: There are lots of different brands that do this type of cream over the counter. The main competitor is Anusol but given the rave reviews of Germoloids i decided to pick this version. The tube is a decent size especially considering you don't need to use a lot in one go, the nozzle supplied helps make it easier to use for internal piles and i was happy with the price!

I will update this review as the days go by....

XFX Black DD R9 280 Graphic Card (3GB, GRA, PCX)
XFX Black DD R9 280 Graphic Card (3GB, GRA, PCX)
Price: £143.10

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4.0 out of 5 stars XFX R9 280, for most average PC gamers this is more than good enough for the next few years at least!!, 16 Jan. 2015
Out of all the R9 280 versions on the market, this particular one is most definitely the best looking with the casing and fan design matching the price tag (something to keep in mind should your computer be on display) or have a viewing window in the side.

First the basics, this is primarily designed for use in PCI-E 3.0 x16 slots on more recent motherboards. However, such is the backwards compatible nature of PCI-Express technology in graphics cards, it means that this will work in older motherboards that feature PCI-E 2.0 x16... so if your motherboard is 5 years old for example then this will work although it will only run at the slower 2.0 x16 speed, don't worry the difference shouldn't be too noticeable.

This card has 3GB of the very latest GDDR5 memory. 933 Core clock speed with 5000 memory clock speed along with 1792 Stream Processors. The maximum display output is 4096p x 2160p through the HDMI port, there is also 1x DL-DVI-I, 1x mini DP and 1x SL-DVI-D port.

So what does all that mean performance wise? Well Battlefield 4 runs at 50fps @ 1920x1080p on ultra settings which believe me is very impressive, don't worry about it not hitting the golden 60 frames per second as battlefield 4 is a graphically intensive game with lots going on at the same time on screen. It runs other games such as watchdogs and Titanfall at 60fps @ 1920x1080p which shows each game will appear differently. This card is Crossfire compatible meaning you can run a second card side by side to improve performance further (check your motherboard to see whether it's SLI or Crossfire compatible first)...

Installation was very simple and easy, installing drivers from the included disk was also simple and quick and i had no issues whatsoever.

Here comes the downsides, the card requires a 750w Power Supply (PSU) which is a lot higher than other r9 280 cards such as the one by Sapphire which only require 500w. The reason why is that out of all the R9 280 cards, this one by XFX is primarily set as the gamers version and draws more power when the card needs it most which enables it to run slightly faster than its competitors. The problem is how many people have a 750w power supply? At a time when computer components are becoming more efficient and the need for higher rated power supplies reduces, it is strange that a middle order card like this crops up with such a huge power demand, if you have a smaller PSU then best to look at other version from MSI or Sapphire which offer 95-98% of the performance anyway.

VERDICT: It's a very powerful graphics card considering the reasonable price but the fact it demands a higher than usual power supply unit does cost it a star. If you're a gamer and like to play the latest of games in full HD then look no further, this should last a good few years before you notice games are starting to suffer and it's time to upgrade again.

I'll finish by saying that this card does produce a fair amount of heat and while temperatures are kept within bounds even after hours of gaming i would advise you place it into a case with good air circulation. The card dimensions for those that need to know are L 29.5cm x W 14.3cm x D 4.2cm.

If you have the power supply capable then look no further! RECOMMENDED!
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Motorola Moto G 5-Inch (2nd Gen UK Stock) Dual Sim 8GB SIM-Free Smartphone XT1068
Motorola Moto G 5-Inch (2nd Gen UK Stock) Dual Sim 8GB SIM-Free Smartphone XT1068
Price: £139.95

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic smartphone and excellent value!, 11 Jan. 2015
Ordinarily every two years I pop into my local phone shop and upgrade my phone, sadly most phones from such shops are locked to a particular network which will restrict your ability to switch to a new network at a later date. Buying this from Amazon was the first time I've ever purchased an unlocked phone which enables me to use any network I choose, indeed because the phone has two SIM card slots I can have two numbers on the same phone, one for business and one for personal. This means I don't need to carry around an additional phone.

Inside the box you get the phone, some documentation and a USB charging cable. The phone itself does have a quality and weighty feel to it. The front of it is taken up by the massive 5 inch touch screen display, there are no fixed buttons on the front... All the buttons are touch capacitive and appear on the screen when the device is turned on. There is a microphone and speaker bar on the front along with an LED indicator light. There is also a 2 megapixel front facing camera, which is ideal for taking selfies or if you are doing a video call.

There are no buttons or ports on the left hand side, on the top is a standard headphone jack while at the bottom is the charging port. The right hand side of the device has a volume rocker button and the on/off button. At the back of the device there is an 8 megapixel camera and LED flash. The whole back panel is made of plastic and can be removed and indeed replaced, I've seen some pretty snazzy and stylish designs available. Removing the back panel exposes two MICRO sim slots and an empty SD card slot which can support up to and including a 32GB card, should you want additional storage... Keep in mind the device comes with 8GB of internal storage which should be enough for 99% of people.

At this point it's important that you know that the battery is built in and can't be removed, however, given most of us change our phones ever year or two I can't see battery deterioration playing a part. On a full charge the phone seems to last me a day and a half although I do switch my phone off last thing at night, so I guess for most people they will need to charge it up every night.

I'm into social media as much as anyone else, the amount of apps that you can have is pretty much unlimited, Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp besides many more all work flawlessly on this device. Which brings me on to the screen itself and some features.

The screen is very bright, clear and highly detailed, you won't look at it and think it's a budget smart phone that's for sure, you can adjust the brightness to save battery life if you are out and about. The processor they have used is also incredibly fast, there no waiting or delay.... The second you press a button the app opens up! The phone also has full wireless capability and the downloading and uploading of data is super quick, I use my home broadband network when I'm at home to conserve my network data usage and the phone works flawlessly without problems. Naturally you have Bluetooth technology and an aeroplane mode, besides vibrate and silent setting. There's lots of ringtones and personalisation on offer that come with the phone so no need to spend money on 3rd party ones, Motorola have been generous in what they have supplied but you can always download free things from the Google play store.

As you hold the device in your hand it does feel big, it has a slight curve to it which makes it slightly easier to hold but be under no illusion that size wise it's on a par with most other smart phones that have this size display. It's slimline and fits into jean pockets without any problem but because it is on the larger side it could quite easily slip out especially when you sit down... My honest advise is to buy a screen protector and cheap case (just to be on the safe side).

Pros: physically the phone looks and feels like a well made and quality device * the 5 inch display is bright and highly defined, it certainly looks as good as many high end smartphones * very fast processor * duel MICRO sim slots * fast wireless connectivity * Bluetooth * android OS is simple and impressive * Google chrome internet browsing is fast * built-in speakers are fantastic * crystal clear phone calls * lots of case customisation * 8GB internal storage * unlocked so can be used with any network in the UK * delivery was quick and packaging was spot on.

Cons: you can't replace the battery * battery life lasts just over 24 hours (based on me using various apps with wireless turned on all day, texting and so on) * UK plug for wall charging is not included, only a USB cable for computer charging is supplied

VERDICT: For the £140 I paid this phone is stunning and excellent value, the display is as good as any other phone I've seen and the phones processor is very fast. Being android based means virtually every app possible is compatible and aside from the built-in battery which doesn't bother me too much the phone has surpassed my every exception! Given it has a 5 inch display and runs lots of things in the background it's not surprising the battery only lasts a day but given I've yet to find a comparable device that last longer I won't be complaining too much. If you're looking for an unlocked budget smartphone (although there's nothing budget about it) then I wouldn't hesitate in buying this. Motorola have definitely up'd their game in recent months and this offering is proof of that, indeed put an iPhone next to this and you'll honestly ask the question... What does the extra £400 the iPhone costs get me? The answer is not much besides the apple logo!

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Eternity Aftershave - 100 ml
Eternity Aftershave - 100 ml
Price: £27.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Calvin Klein Eternity Mens aftershave review!, 10 Jan. 2015
There are two types of men's perfume, eau de toilette and aftershave. Eau de toilette is a cheaper and weaker version of aftershave and intended to be used as an everyday thing. Aftershave is more expensive and best suited to those special occasions like a special dinner, date or night out.

I've owned some Eternity aftershave for a few years now and will be honest, it's not the most potent of scents, very pleasant and easy to live with and everyone likes it but it's by no means is it an imposing aroma. Now everyone will say a particular aftershave smells of different things as everyone's sense of smell is different, personally I think of wood, new leather and a freshness almost like a waterfall in the spring... Yes your mind can wander when sniffing different aftershaves but that is how I would interpret this particular aftershave without going OTT. It's definetely a masculine aroma and will certainly please most people around you especially the lady in your life.

In recent years it must be said that the price has started to creep up given I could buy a bottle for around £16 two years ago...although given womens perfume can quite easily cost two or three times as much I won't be complaining too much, just be cautious regarding the price. The bottle and screw top have a quality feel to them and this would equally make a good present or gift.

Pleasant and smells like quality!

Diesel Zero Plus Eau de Toilette for Men - 75 ml
Diesel Zero Plus Eau de Toilette for Men - 75 ml
Offered by Beautycart
Price: £14.70

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Diesel Red men's eau de toilette, a great everyday scent and good value!, 10 Jan. 2015
Firstly I love the fact it's a spray bottle, spray bottles tend to last longer than if you pour some liquid out yourself, it doesn't jet the liquid out instead it puts out a fine mist and to spray some more you have to release the trigger and press it again, one spray either side of your face is enough to last the day unlike some scents out there that seem to disappear within an hour or so. Initially the scent is quite potent when you spray it but it quickly settles down to a pleasant aroma which isn't it should be with an eau de toilette. Acording to my other half it smells sweet and spicy yet very masculine.

I enjoy wearing it and my girlfriend likes the subtle scent it offers. Considering it lasts the day and being a spray bottle means a whole bottle will last a good few weeks at the very least I equally think it's good value too. If you're looking for a decent scent to wear everyday then look no further, if you've never tried Diesel Red then it's worth trying it at least the once! RECOMMENDED!!!

Emporio Armani thong
Emporio Armani thong
Offered by INDERWEAR
Price: £24.22

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5.0 out of 5 stars Emporio Armani Mens Thong (Microfibre version) Review!, 4 Jan. 2015
This review is from: Emporio Armani thong (Apparel)
Expensive and premium underwear warrants a longer review in my book so here goes...

As far as mens thongs go you won't get a better fit and finish than this by Emporio Armani. I've been wearing gents thongs on and off for a few years now and provided you get the correct size and ergonomic shape (i.e. one that conforms to male anatomy) then you can't go far wrong.

Size wise around the waist these are accurate to the size guide in cm: Small-76/81, Medium-81/86, Large-86/91, X-Large - 91/97... There is a decent amount of stretch from the waistband so everyone should be able to get comfy if you are between sizes. One piece of advise i would give is if you are between sizes then pick the larger of the two. The pouch that holds your manhood provides LOTS and i really do mean LOTS of support yet is very comfortable thanks to the ergonomic shape especially at the sides of the pouch meaning there won't be any slippage, twisting or chafing. The thong part is very soft & comfortable, aided because it's the right width and length, indeed the shape of it at the back means it's inconspicuous to wear under clothes too. The low rise nature should appeal to most guys too!

The material is classed as "microfibre" which can actually mean a whole variety of different sub-materials, essentially it means a really soft synthetic material which gives a premium look and very soft feel against skin, on this particular occasion the material used is Polyamide along with Elastane to give stretch. Stitching and overlooking of the waistband and edging is first class!

Visually from the front while wearing them they look really smart especially with the Emporio Armani branding on the girlfriend also remarked that she liked the contoured pouch as it better defined your body shape, although it must be said that as far as mens thongs go these could be considered conservative as far as the looks are concerned, indeed they could pass for briefs from the front so if you are concerned about the provocative design then don't worry as they do look masculine.

Pros: Very soft microfibre material * Lots of support * fantastic ergonomic pouch and low rise design * thong part has been designed with "all day" wearing in mind and is very comfy * pocket adjustments become a thing of the past * Inconspicuous to wear under clothes * Extremely well made and stitched * Accurate sizing * Overall design looks very masculine * Wash well in the machine at 30*c.

Cons: Even when you take into account the Emporio Armani branding these are expensive * The cotton version is cheaper yet has a premium look and feel so unless you want microfibre material then probably look for the cotton version first * being a thong design means you will either like it or hate it and sadly some people still consider it a taboo for men to wear this type of underwear (although the people that usually complain about men wearing thongs are usually the people that haven't tried them).

Verdict: I have both the microfibre and cotton versions of this thong by Emporio Armani and while the material may be different and the waistband may be branded slightly differently.. the overall shape, fit and finish is identical. The cotton version certainly feels more substantial and quality when compared to most cotton underwear on the market and certainly if you are looking for something to wear as daily underwear then the cotton version is probably best. The microfibre version is suppose to provide a more premium wearing experience while looking more expensive to look at, it certainly looks more streamlined and feels like a second skin. Personally i wear the cotton version during the winter for added warmth and the microfibre version during the summer when it's hot as microfibre material has moisture wicking properties.

Both versions look and feel good, i'm glad i have both...the quality and wearing experience with both is excellent!

Recommended Premium Underwear!

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