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Xbox Live £35 Gift Card (Destiny Expansion Pass)  [Online Game Code]
Xbox Live £35 Gift Card (Destiny Expansion Pass) [Online Game Code]
Price: £35.00

4.0 out of 5 stars This is not the Destiny DLC, it's a voucher code for £35!, 20 Dec 2014
This is not the Destiny Expansion, what it does is credit your Xbox Live account with £35, which is what the Destiny DLC costs. Some people may be mislead over this, just so you are aware that you will need to purchase and download the Destiny DLC through the Xbox Live store separately once you have used this digital code.

Minecraft (Xbox One)
Minecraft (Xbox One)
Price: £14.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Minecraft Xbox One Review!, 18 Dec 2014
This review is from: Minecraft (Xbox One) (Video Game)
A game which has something for everyone and offers hundreds of hours of endless fun. The possibilities of what you can excavate or create are endless, everything from castles and towns to huge underground caves are waiting to be built... All that it requires is your imagination! There are two modes, survival where by you must find what you need to build what you want and creative mode where everything is available at your finger tips. Different worlds can be created too, from flat maps to forests and caves waiting to be found so the combinations that can be had are unreal. Maps are full of creatures like cows and other animals such as wolves but beware at night as the monsters come out such as zombies and spiders.

For me though this game is as its best when played with friends, invite them in to your world and create something spectacular together and remember it can be anything you want. Sure the graphics may not be the best but that misses the point of this game, in fact the more you get into it and realise the size and depth of the game the more you realise the graphics aren't that bad and in fact add a different take on what we've all come to expect from games, for example seeing everything in blocks is hilarious and the fact you can ride a pig with a saddle I would argue can't be eclipsed. Also there are many graphics packs that can be bough for under £1 each and they really have an impressive impact on the game. I highly Recommend the Plastic pack as it does take that rough look away.

PROS: insane fun * broaden your mind as the possibilities are endless * for what's on offer this is probably one of the best value for money games out there * even bigger maps than the 360 version and the quality is better at further distances!

CONS: you do require patience especially in survival mode * it can take away your social life (its that addictive) * beware of the price fluctuating as it can be bought direct thought the Xbox Live Store as a digital download for around £12.

VERDICT: a truly brilliant game that can be epically fun, invite your friends and it takes it to the next level. Open your mind and dream the impossible, in this game you are allowed to break the rules!


Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership Card (Xbox One/360)
Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership Card (Xbox One/360)
Price: £29.86

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5.0 out of 5 stars Xbox Live GOLD membership for 12 months!, 16 Dec 2014
A bit of background info for you first...

Buying membership directly through your console using a credit/debit card is the most expensive way to pay for Xbox Live membership, Often it is full price at £39.99 for 12 months. If it's ever discounted then it usually comes with the caveat that you have to automatically renew the year after at full price. Be warned trying to get Xbox/ Microsoft to stop the second years payment and to remove your card details is one of the hardest things to do and i learnt that the hard way, so the best advise i can give is to avoid the direct payment through your console altogether!

Finally onto this product, for the past several years i have only ever renewed my subscription with a pre-paid code. WHY? They are usually cheaper and give me the security that Microsoft doesn't have my card details. First thing to note is that the price to renew your membership or indeed create a new one isn't as heavily discounted as much as it use to be. A year ago i managed to purchase 12 months membership from Amazon for £28 so that shows you how much these voucher codes have gone up in price. Today as i write this the standard price across the internet seems to be £35 for 12 months and i would strongly advise you pay no more than that, if you see it dearer then it has been hiked simply for the Christmas buying season!!!

This is NOT a digital code whereby they E-mail it to you, this comes on a card via the post to which you scratch off the silver on the back to reveal a code to type into your console (can also be redeemed through if you have set your account up)

Literally once you type the code in and confirm it your account linked to your "Gamer tag" is instantly credited with 12 months of Gold Membership which allows you to play online, chat with friends and indeed use many other services. This works for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One and you only need the one membership for both consoles.

Pros: At £2.91 a month you will struggle to find it cheaper anywhere else on the internet (certainly at time of writing this) * Very easy to redeem the code

Cons: It's no coincidence Gold membership has gone up in price, it went up around the time the Xbox One launched but it also seems to go up around Christmas time

VERDICT: If you own an Xbox 360 or Xbox One console then you will know that GOLD membership is mandatory to play online. At £35 it's cheaper than buying direct and gives you peace of mind that Microsoft don't have your card details. Beware of sellers charging a premium (and indeed the price on Amazon seems to jump up and down), pay no more than £35 and you will have a good deal!!


Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 750Ti 2GB PCI-E Graphics Card
Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX 750Ti 2GB PCI-E Graphics Card
Price: £103.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 750Ti Review!, 15 Dec 2014
It's very easy to spend money on graphics cards, indeed they can range from £50 for a barebones version all the way up to and beyond £450+ for the very latest card, This one however sit's somewhere in the middle and is more than capable of running most games on very high settings lag free. 2GB of the latest GDDR5 Memory is exactly what most people should be looking for. Also this card is rated at 4K@60 frames per second via the two HDMI ports, it can support up to 4 screens in total (2 on HDMI, 1 on DVI-I and one on DVI-D). This card was designed to work with ATX motherboards, for those wanting to know the overall size of the card to see if it fits into your case: L=204mm , W=144 mm, H=42mm.

The card has been designed to work in a PCI-Express slot 3.0 x 16 Bus and DOES require a 6-pin power connector directly from the power supply, they do include an adapter in the box should you only have 2x 4 pin connectors available. Now here comes the warning, Ensure you have a minimum of a 450w rated power supply. Sure, the literature might say a minimum of 400w but sometimes you can get power spikes especially during intensive gaming sessions or if you are video editing and having a power supply capable of handling such events is essential...

(the following is a warning to amateurs, skip this paragraph for my final verdict)

NEVER SKIMP ON YOUR POWER SUPPLY.. As a computer technician I've seen it where amateurs have bought expensive graphics cards and hard drives and then bought a cheap unbranded PSU which wasn't capable of stably running the system. The power supply had blown and sent 230v through the system and welded the power connectors into the end of the graphics card, they would often say "can you fix it?"... sadly when such a thing happens everything has to be replaced, this is why i always say don't skimp on the Power Unit!

Verdict: For the money you will struggle to find a better graphics card capable or running the vast majority of games at full settings. More than that, it's got a good balance or power usage and performance and would equally make a great choice for everyday use, knowing that you have the graphical capacity to play games and edit videos.


York Active 110 Exercise Cycle
York Active 110 Exercise Cycle

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5.0 out of 5 stars York Fitness 110 Exercise bike review!, 14 Dec 2014
Construction wise York Fitness don't skimp on the materials they use in their equipment and this is no exception. We have a home gym and a few weeks ago decided to get an exercise bike to go along side our treadmill, rowing machine and vibration training plate.

The legs that the machine sit on are very sturdy and are made from metal with heavy duty rubber pads at the corners to stop it sliding around if on tile flooring, at the same time there are wheels in the front bar so it can be moved quite easily without lifting (the machine is very heavy). The seat position can be adjusted to any number of positions so virtually anyone of any height can use fit. There are 8 settings which determine the resistance on the pedals, this can be operated from the dial half way down the main post, Setting 1 literally offers no resistance, while 8 provides the feeling that you are cycling up a steep hill.

Everything can be monitored from the screen which showcases all the information you may want including; distance, time, rpm, amount of calories you have burnt and if you place your hands on the metal pads on the handle bars then it gives you your heart-rate in beats per minute (which i have to say is very accurate). Now the screen requires 2 AA batteries in the back to work but they do last a few months. Just to clarify for those wondering... the machine does not use batteries, it's magnet based, only the screen is battery operated!!

Other things worth noting are that the seat size and padding is excellent and is identical to what you would expect on a high quality bike, also the pedals are high quality and have a loop which can be adjusted so as to keep your feet secure.

Overall very impressed with the quality and usability with a big range of resistance on offer between settings 1-8. Considering you can spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on these machines i honestly wouldn't look further, the quality is top notch and if you look after it, it should last a very long time. Recommended!

Mikki Grooming Coarse Stripping Knife for Left/ Right Handed Users
Mikki Grooming Coarse Stripping Knife for Left/ Right Handed Users
Price: £7.31

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mikki stripping knife!, 14 Dec 2014
Sturdy to hold and is a good size, bladed part isn't too big so you can focus on a smaller area, being double sided means i don't have to keep emptying the blade every 5 seconds. Bought it for keeping our Airedale Terriers coat in good shape, naturally he still has to be done professionally twice a year but doing it at home on a regular basis does help maintain the natural colour of the coat and stops everything from getting heavily matted. Recommended for use on pets that have a double coat and require stripping!

Emporio Armani thong
Emporio Armani thong
Offered by STYLEPIT UK
Price: £24.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Emporio Armani Gents Thong (cotton version) Review!, 14 Dec 2014
This review is from: Emporio Armani thong (Apparel)
Forgive the long review but when buying expensive items of clothing such as this i feel it warrants talking about in depth...

Emporio Armani is one of, if not thee most renowned fashion name around and make a whole host of products including a huge clothing range for both men and women and are predominantly aimed at the higher end of the market. This particular item is their thong version and i must say it looks even better in the flesh than it does in the pictures. As soon as you get your hands on it i guarentee your first comments will be "that feels really soft", i also guarentee the second thing you will say is "it looks and feels really well made", and you won't be wrong in either. Material wise it's made from a mixture of 95% luxury cotton and 5% Elastane. It honestly doesn't feel like cotton, it feels better, almost as if it was made from some kind of premium microfibre material, it really is soft against your skin and you immediately understand why such an item is priced so high.

There is a decent amount of stretch from the material, especially the waistband and sizing is accurate to the Emporio Armani guide in Centimetres:

Small-76/81, Medium-81/86, Large-86/91, X-Large - 91/97 ... note that if you are between sizes, pick the larger of the two

From the front they could quite easily pass for briefs which is no bad thing and indeed there is decent amount or room to hold your "package" at the front with good coverage around the sides of the pouch area. Support is another impressive feature, everything is held securely in place and means those pocket adjustments that every guy does from time to time become a thing of the past. Now the one i have is a black and gold colour combination which is rare to find but the ones on Amazon are made from the same material, just different colour options.

Before i talk about the back i want to talk about the sides. The cut from the side of the pouch that goes up to the waistband is spot on and means at no point is your leg movement restricted, simply because there is no material that can interfere, (see my 2nd picture below). Naturally this "cut" follows all the way around the sides to the back. Under jeans you can't feel the waistband at the sides at all. The thong back is also perfect, not too long or wide, i guess what i'm trying to say is it's in proportion to the underwear and the stitching and overlocking is first class. Contrary to what some may say, if you buy the correct size you don't notice the backstrap during the day that much, certainly you DON'T get that wedgie feeling but the key like i said is to get the right size!!

So why would you choose to wear a thong and not traditional briefs or boxers, indeed i don't wear thongs all the time but they do have a time and place. On really hot days this type of underwear really comes into its own as the lack of excess material does reduce irritation and heat. Equally if you are doing any sporting activity you will find the blend of support and comfort while allowing maximum movement a really boon! You can naturally wear this type of mens underwear everyday, if you like wearing tight fitting jeans then you too will benefit from this design.

Round up time....

Pros: Very sexy and stylish * quality of the material and stitching * LOTS of support yet comfy throughout the day * Low rise design as they rest on the hips * the cut (shape) at the side of the pouch is perfect * Thong back is a good length and width and feels sturdy * wash at 30*c in the machine and it retains its shape and colour * Emporio Armani branding is never a bad thing * Overall it feels like a premium piece of underwear

Cons: It may be expensive for one piece of underwear but once you hold it you do realize why * Thong design won't appeal to everyone and sadly some still consider it a taboo type of mens underwear which is a shame because once you try it i practically guarantee your views will change.

Verdict: If you don't mind trying this style of mens underwear (which i admit isn't mainstream yet) and like the colour options then you won't be disappointed. The quality and wearing experience is top notch and while it is expensive you do get what you pay for in life and this is no exception. I'll finish by saying this, take a gamble and try something new, it will last years and you never know it might just change your mind about mens thongs. That's what happened to me and since i haven't looked back! Highly Recommended Premium Underwear!

If you want a cheaper, everyday alternative then perhaps consider this: HOM Nature Fredy G String, it may not be as stylish or have the same softness to the material but it's a great all rounder and good place to start, indeed if you do like this type of underwear i would honestly recommend both, they equally deserve a place in your underwear draw!

Clearskin Pore Penetrating Clay Face Mask by Avon
Clearskin Pore Penetrating Clay Face Mask by Avon
Offered by The Ding Dong Bazaar Ltd
Price: £5.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Avon Pore Penetrating mask, great for daily skin treatment, 11 Dec 2014
This stuff is great if used on a daily basis. My girlfriend gets a lot of Avon stuff through a local rep and she bought me a tube of this to try simply as i do suffer from stubbornly blocked pores and oilly skin.

Directions wise apply a small amount of liquid onto the skin so that every area is covered (the liquid is very sticky and sets quite quickly). Wait 20 mintes and then peel off. Afterwards your skin will be free from any excess oils that may be clogging up pours and thanks to the astringent properties any open pores will close once you rinse your face with cold water. Doing this once a day keeps my face oil free and does help clean out blocked pores. If you suffer really badly then repeating the process immediately afterwards helps (if you have the time). One tube seems to last me 2-3 weeks if i'm doing my whole face or well over a month if i'm doing worse affected areas such as the nose.

Verdict: This has certainly helped me as someone who suffers from oilly skin and frequently blocked pores, the key is to get into the habbit of using it on a daily basis and through persistent use should give you good results.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer Razor Blade
Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer Razor Blade
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Hydro 5 grooming razor, 10 Dec 2014
Fantastic wet razor that encompasses a replaceable 5 bladed head design which has a Gel Reservoir that contains aloe which moisturises skin as you pass over it. The blades are very sharp and glide effortlessly across skin and cleanly cut beard growth up to 5mm in one go. At the other end of the razor you have a beard trimmer which if very effective and provides a consistent length to whatever you set it at. It takes a AAA battery which you gain access to by twisting the razor in the middle. The compartment is water resistant but not water proof so i wouldn't go taking it into the shower!

I love the blue/green colour combination and the blades work out cheaper than the equivalent Gillette razor. Some may say why do you need a beard trimmer built it? Well in my case i don't have a separate beard trimmer so this does two jobs in one and the results are very good, the trimmer guard can also be removed for easy cleaning. I will say however that batteries don't last that long in this (14 days of daily use before it starts to slow down).

If you want a wet razor that also has a really good quality beard trimmer then look no further!

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - 200 ml
St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - 200 ml
Price: £2.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars St Moriz tanning mousse, good consistent results and a great price!, 8 Dec 2014
Now the winter months are here getting a tan by natural means have long since gone. This tanning mousse by St Moriz is truly fantastic, it provides a natural medium colour enhancement to average skin colour and is very easy to apply. Easier than the spray version which is a nightmare to get even coverage with, the key is to use a tanning mitt and spread the mousse nice and evenly and work a section of your body at a time. It dries quicker than the spray version too and after an hour or two you can shower the excess off to produce a very even and natural tan that lasts a good few days. My one piece of advise is that you moisturise areas such as elbows and knees well before you apply this... such areas are susceptible to producing a patchy tan (trust me i found out the hard way) and moisturising beforehand dramatically improves the finished result.

Verdict: So it's easier to apply than the spray, dries quicker and is easier to get a more even coverage. It produces a very natural colour as if you have been away in the sun for a week. The key like i said earlier is to moisturise those dry areas and if possible to moisturise all over as it prolongs the tan but also stops it drying streaky. By far the best spray tan we've come across and the price is pretty good too!

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