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Autoglym Super Resin Polish 325ml..
Autoglym Super Resin Polish 325ml..
Offered by Motionperformance - Waxacar
Price: £6.39

5.0 out of 5 stars Autoglym, Super Resin Polish... stunning shine!, 26 Nov 2014
Super Resin Polish by Autoglym is one of my most favourite and trusty products when it comes down to caring for car paintwork. For those that don't know, car polishes are cutting liquids that level out scratches and swirl marks which in turn create a better shine. This particular one uses diminishing abrasives so there is no danger of you damaging existing paintwork. On the cutting scale of 1-10 (10 being the most aggressive), super resin polish is around 2.

To make up for the fact that it's cutting ability is so low (not necessarily a bad thing as it stops amateurs creating new problems) they have added resins and other polymers into the liquid. The Resins temporarily fill in most scratches and swirls that are left and the polymers give a temporary protective barrier, although i would STRONGLY suggest you add a top coat of wax/sealant to give added protection.

The shine that this polish provides is unmatched by virtually all other brands, the results are especially good if you are applying the polish by hand. All you need is a small amount on a lint free cloth or applicator and work a body panel at a time going in small circular motions. Ensure you buff the residue off using a microfibre cloth within a few minutes because if you leave it too long it will dry and then the residue will be a nightmare to remove and goes very powdery. Naturally to help the situation do not apply in direct sunlight!

Pros: Provides an excellent shine and gives a small amount of protection where most polishes don't * Easy to apply * Shine will last the length of any wax you cover it with

Cons: Very low cutting ability so only the faintest of scratches and swirl marks will be permanently removed * As fantastic as the shine is it starts to fade after a few weeks if not protected by wax * be quick on the draw to remove the residue and avoid getting any in bodywork joints as it's a nightmare to remove

VERDICT: After you have washed and ideally clayed your car and then dried it off, this is the kind of product you should be applying, it restores that showroom shine by removing light scratches and temporarily filling in deeper ones. On it's own it will offer 1-2 weeks worth of protection so best apply a wax on top to protect the shine. If you require a polish with better cutting abilities but still uses diminishing abrasives then check out Meguiar's Ultimate Compound. Shine wise though, this is hard to beat!


Options Belgian Choc 220 g (Pack of 6)
Options Belgian Choc 220 g (Pack of 6)
Price: £10.44

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the better hot chocolates on the market!, 24 Nov 2014
This is by far the most authentic hot chocolate i have ever come across. Simply put 4 heaped teaspoons into a mug and top up with boiling water, to add to the experience top with a small amount of milk and squirty cream although that isn't required. Certainly on the sweeter side of the many hot chocolates i've tried but the taste is more realistic of a Belgian chocolate. The pack of 6 works out to be very good value for money too!

Original Source Mens Shower Gel Black Mint Deep Clean 250ml Pack of 6
Original Source Mens Shower Gel Black Mint Deep Clean 250ml Pack of 6
Price: £10.02

5.0 out of 5 stars Creates a really good lather and smells refreshing!, 20 Nov 2014
This shower gel has been around for years and the scent is very refreshing. Creates a good lather on skin and gives a clean feeling once used. Would recommend as a good all rounder and good value for a pack of 6!

Star Trek Voyager: The Complete Collection [DVD]
Star Trek Voyager: The Complete Collection [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kate Mulgrew
Price: £73.60

5.0 out of 5 stars Star Trek Voyager, "set a course for the alpha quadrant Mr Paris", 20 Nov 2014
All 7 seasons on DVD, picture quality is very high as is the boxset itself. For me Voyager was the ultimate Star Trek saga, about one woman Captain Janeways attempt to get her crew home after being pulled over 75, 000 light years away into the far quadrant of the galaxy. Follow the journey as she tries to get them all home, naturally not everything goes to plan and they do meet new faces along the way but it's a great story if you are a Star Trek fan.

For me it was a must and glad i bought it!

Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar Regular 200g
Bilt Hamber Auto Clay Bar Regular 200g
Offered by Adrenaline Motorsport
Price: £12.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bilt Hamber Car Clay (Regular grade) Review, 19 Nov 2014
I've had the Medium grade version (black box) twice before which is suppose to offer a combination of all year round use at the same time as being the middle order one for removing deposits.

I decided to try the Regular version which is slightly firmer in consistency and harder to mould in the palm of your hand BUT it does offer a better level of cleaning than the medium grade. Baked on deposits such as road tar, sap and brake dust is a lot easier to remove (not that the medium ever struggled to remove everything) but you don't have to work this clay as much as the medium. The negative point is it is harder to mould against bodywork.

You get a 200g bar (which is generous compared with many other brands) and it comes inside a sturdy plastic box for storage. Unlike other brands that require a lubricant in order for the clay to glide across the bodywork this one only needs tap water to do the job, heed my advise and ensure you keep the bodywork wet otherwise the clay can drag on the paint, naturally avoid using it in direct sunlight as the bodywork will be too hot and the clay will also drag.

Don't go thinking you need to use the whole block in one go as that is a total waste, a 200g block is a sufficient amount to clay 4-6 cars depending on the size of the car. Simply cut a small chunk off and remember the golden rule, if you drop it on the floor throw it away and use a fresh piece.

Instruction wise, mould a piece as flat as possible in your hand, wet a section of bodywork and KEEP it wet all the time, then rest the clay on the paintwork and start to glide the clay across the bodywork ideally in straight lines, you only need enough pressure to stop the clay from slipping out of your hands, REMEMBER.. let the clay do the work! Once the surface of the clay in contact with the car has become really filthy, fold it over into itself to expose a clean section and continue.

VERDICT: Clay is designed to be used on car bodywork after you have washed a car but before you polish and wax it. It removes all the contaminants on car bodywork that ordinary washing won't including tree sap, road tar, brake dust along with many other deposits. If you want that silky smooth feeling as you run your hand down your car door then car clay is what you need. Bilt Hamber is by far the best car clay out there not only when it comes to value for money but also the amount you get but crucially the results. The fact it only needs water as a lubricant is a bonus, as is the fact that like all Bilt Hamber product it is made in the UK. If you have never clayed your car before or plan on claying less that a few times each year then the regular grade is probably best suited for you. If you plan on claying your car every two months or so before you apply a wax then the medium is better. There is a soft grade but for most people it's pointless.

Essential for any car enthusiast or anyone that wants to thoroughly clean bodywork. Highly Recommended!

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
Price: £42.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars GTA5, Looks and plays better than ever!, 18 Nov 2014
There were two sides to GTA 5 on the Xbox 360. On the one hand you had the single player storyline which was sensational and the other was the online multiplayer which never seemed to gain traction due to a delayed and poor start. Well, GTA 5 on Xbox One is a different kettle of fish!

For those that are new and never played the game on previous generation consoles GTA 5 is mainly a 3rd person open world action adventure and shooter game, at the touch of a button however you can now switch to the new first person mode which really works well when you are driving or shooting and gives you a different perspective of the game especially as you walk around. The game is set on an island where the main city in the south is called Los Santos, unlike past games where the map was completely built up, GTA 5 features a lot of countryside/mountain locations and naturally you can go anywhere and do practically anything from skydiving to searching the ocean depths in a mini sub. The map is easily the biggest and most feature packed compared to any GTA game from the last few years.

The main story remains identical to the previous generation version so don't expect any new surprises apart from the graphical jump. What is the story about? You play the part of 3 different characters; Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each character has different missions but some of the missions incorporate more than two characters and you can switch between the three characters pretty much whenever you like, they each bring different things to the table and the banter and chit chat along the way is absolutely hilarious. It's not all storyline missions however; there are hundreds of side quests (small offbeat missions) and indeed you don't have to do the missions at all. You can boost cars, hold up stores, go to the strip club for a private dance, buy businesses (not as many as I would like in the game but I guess it's not the be all and end all). You can meet up with the other characters to go for a drink or take on the cops in a drunken rage. Speaking of the cops, they are brutal! Forget past GTA games, in this they are as aggressive as I've ever seen and their driving skills have been dramatically improved, for example, if you think you'll swerve around the cop car coming towards you, the cops will foresee that and ram you off the road while another car boxes you in. Now we all want them that way but unfortunately they're not perfect, sometimes they can be over sensitive, I got rammed by an AI car from behind and got pushed into a cop car in front. The cop immediately got out of his car and started shooting at me, next minute I was "wasted". If you ever get wasted then you spawn at the local hospital minus some $$$. If you ever get busted by the cops (arrested) then you lose all your guns and ammo plus some $$$ so better to be killed rather than give in! Gone are the internet cafes and instead everything is viewable on your Smartphone where you can view the in-game internet, stock market called the BAWSAQ (and make money) as well as phone in-game characters or start missions. You can even use your phone as the detonator for explosives or simply use it to take in-game pictures.

Graphically the game runs at 1080p/30fps and believe me the game looks stunning! Lighting effects have been dramatically improved with street lighting, car reflections and buildings being the most obvious improvement along with the glorious weather and spectacular sunsets (go to the highest peak of Mount Chiliad and wait for the sun to set, trust me it's worth the journey). There are a lot more AI walking and driving around the map than before and as you go about your business I would say the map has more activity going on rather than how it was before with some roads being empty even in the day. During first person mode you naturally get closer to viewing things, in car graphics are still a let down although considering the size of the game and the fact they finally included a Speedo/rev counter I'm not going to be too critical, don't forget this is a remake and not a brand new game so to expect perfection wouldn't be right.

Size wise I would say the storyline can easily take over 20 hours plus you have all the other side quests and things to collect if you want to truly complete the game. I do like the ability to replay any mission at the drop of the hat whenever you want, unlike GTA 4 where you had to restart the whole story. I could go on about the single player side but I want to talk briefly about the online side of the game.

You can literally switch between the two whenever you want. The online map is identical to the one in story mode except there are lots of properties that can be bought. Online once you have created a character you can team up with friends to take on other players, hold up places, take part in loads of races besides many different modes. You can also buy garages and two properties which also double as safehouses. As part of the whole competitive side to GTA online you can place a hit on another player for "x" amount of money. All the other players in that lobby (now upto 30 in total) will instantly be notified that a hit as been placed on a certain player by another player. The first to kill the player gets the money and going if you go into a different lobby the hit will follow you. You can rank up to level 100 and you gain all different skills along the way which makes you stronger. Online is bigger and better than ever, with even more players and just as much fun when teaming up with friends.

If you played GTA 5 online on either Xbox 360 or PS3 then you can port your online save over to the new game meaning you won't lose any progress. Sadly the same can't be said of the single player side.

Pros: Stunning storyline with 3 very different playable characters * graphically everything has been enhanced and it runs at 1080p/30fps * New First person mode transforms the experience * Ability to replay any mission you like whenever you want * In car radio is better than ever with over 100 new tracks on the same great stations * Smartphone enables you to gain access to everything whenever you want * ability to switch between single player and online very quickly * 30 players to each lobby * Ability to port your online character from a previous console to the new one very quickly * You get $1m in game currency split 50/50 between story mode and online * LA Noir style murder mystery * taxi cabs for quick travel to an area

Cons: You are limited to owning two properties online at any one time * loading times/screens are still too long * For those that bought and played the game on previous generation consoles there is little reason to upgrade unless you plan on teaming up with friends online (like me) * Money and XP from races and missions online seem very stingy compared to how they were at first on Xbox 360 * aiming and shooting while in first person mode can be awkward.

VERDICT: If you never played GTA 5 on xbox 360 or PS3 then it's a no brainer to buy this. It has one of the best storylines to a game and the open world environment is truly stunning with literally miles and miles to explore. In-between missions the game operates in a sandbox mode meaning at the drop of a hat you can go off and do something else like blow a petrol station up or attempt to steal a chopper from the military base, or something as simple as massacre a load of people just because you can and fend of the cops for as long as possible, although many of those things are best done online with friends giving you a helping hand which is when the fun factor truly kicks in. You could quite easily buy this game for the storyline alone and it's certainly a lot better than GTA 4, when you factor in the online side to the game which is a bonus then you really can't complain. The only true negative if I was forced to list one would be that I find it hard to justify the price if you already have the game on a previous generation console. If you don't mind the price to upgrade or if you are buying this game for the first time then I truly hope you enjoy this as much as I am. Lets rock and ruin and bring Los Santos to its knees!!

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Glen Moray 10 Year Old Chardonnay Single Malt Whisky
Glen Moray 10 Year Old Chardonnay Single Malt Whisky
Offered by Dram Good Drinks
Price: £26.94

5.0 out of 5 stars Glen Moray Chardonnay 10yr old Single Malt, 14 Nov 2014
Very similar to the "classic" version i tried a few weeks ago although the influence from the Chardonnay cask is quite evident. Has a natural sweetness too it, very fruity and lots of spice with a toasted wood note at the back of your mouth once swallowed. Adding a small amount of water does enhance it although less is more!!! Comes in a very nice glass bottle with a cork stopper and round cardboard container with a tin lid. Overall for the money i'm very impressed and would buy again!

Trophy Boy Thong w/ Show-It Tech., Black, X-Large
Trophy Boy Thong w/ Show-It Tech., Black, X-Large
Offered by Andrew Christian EU
Price: £24.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A.C. Trophy-Boy thong, stunning pouch and really comfy!, 12 Nov 2014
Ever since Andrew Christian underwear was modelled on "this morning" a few years ago i instantly took i liking to their stylish colour ways and often racy designs, gone are the days where i wear boring white briefs or boxers! As Gok Wan said "get with the times" and try different things. I personally have all different types of underwear in my draw, everything from trunks, hipsters, boxers, tangas, jocks and indeed thongs. There's a time and a place for everything and this particular one is one i simply couldn't resist.

Firstly the waistband, it is made from highly elasticated material and has a decent amount of stretch, it features the "Trophy Boy" logo around it rather than the Andrew Christian branding like most of their underwear which does add to the sex appeal. The pouch is made from Rayon which is a natural fibre and is incredibly soft so is extra comfy to wear. Now here is the key to why this gets 5 stars for the pouch alone, it features a pouch within a pouch, this not only pushes your "package" up but also slightly out to showcase them better. Also because of the way the pouch has been designed around the sides i.e. it has extra material it means everything is kept in one place so those "pocket adjustments" become a thing of the past. It's also worth noting that the pouch has been designed by men for men that need extra room up front (also allowing for some natural expansion).

Not once during the time i wear this do i ever have to adjust myself or worry about twisting, rising or chafing. So the pouch is as comfy as any I've ever tried and certainly matches other "show-it" underwear by A.C... I also love the contrast lime green piping around the edge of the pouch, it's very trendy! At the back you get a very traditionally shaped thong with a good size triangular piece of material in matching black with lime green piping again. The thong part is very comfortable and quite easy to get use to.

Other things worth noting are that it washes extremely well in the machine at 40*c (i'm a throw it all in the wash kind of guy) and it retains both its shape and colour no problem at all.

Verdict: Stylish and sexy to look while at the same time being very comfy and supportive to wear, works really well under jeans but can be worn under any trousers/shorts which is helped because of the low rise design. Two final things worth noting, firstly it may be expensive but you're buying into the brand and in terms of mens underwear A.C. is one of the most up and coming out there at the moment, secondly be careful of the sizing as A.C. tend to run slightly smaller than the guide lets on (use the guide on Andrew Christians website and not amazons, if you are borderline then size up).

If you don't mind trying different types of underwear and like the colour then i recommend this to you, mens thongs may be relatively rare but they are becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Be different, try it and go for it..once you get use to the position of the strap at the back you won't regret your choice!


Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream 19ml
Nivea Lip Butter Caramel Cream 19ml
Offered by UK Pharmacy Direct
Price: £4.22

4.0 out of 5 stars Nivea lip butter, a great moisturiser and tastes great, 11 Nov 2014
Don't be fooled, both men and women can use this. It is essentially a moisturiser designed for use on your lips and it does a great job, I myself suffer from dry lips so i apply a very small amount each morning and so far it hasn't let me down. The bonus is that it provides a decent scent which isn't overpowering but when you kiss someone on the lips they can immediately taste the flavour which certainly spices things up. My only complaint is the price which is excessive for the amount you get. Otherwise it's a great cream!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One)
Price: £39.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Master Chief is back and has never looked so good!, 11 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Any updates to how the game plays will be placed at the bottom...

Out of all the games this year, this one has been top of my list and like many Xbox gamers I'm guessing you too are a Halo fan, if you aren't then once you play this you soon will be, I myself can remember playing the original on the very first Xbox, it was a transformative game and the remake of the original on xbox 360 was a huge success.

So what is the Master Chief Collection? It's a remake of Halo's 1-4 on the next generation. Everything has been given some graphical stardust with Halo 2 being given the full monty and extra special treatment. All 4 games are on the one disk and can be played in whatever order you want. Indeed you can create custom playlists consisting of different missions from different games. Story wise, Halo is about saving Humanity from the forces of evil, mainly the Covenant, Prometheans and Flood and is spread across the 4 games in different locations. The locations that all 4 games are set in are stunning, indeed you can just stand there sometimes and admire the beauty (and take a few screenshots as you go)

Graphically the game is a masterpiece, sure there are a few areas as you travel around where you notice the odd rock or object that appears "low rent" almost as if the developers forgot about it or had trouble giving it a new look, it's not a deal breaker and to be honest I'm being a bit picky.

Now some may be thinking, they've missed out Halo:ODST or Halo:Reach and you'd be right simply because those games do not feature the Master Chief so don't throw a paddy over it, just accept they're missing for a reason! However, the good news is you can play through all 4 games in co-op over xbox live (dribble dribble drool drool). You get all the same weapons, all the same vehicles and the same stunning storyline and that's the thing about Halo, it takes you into a world that is so distant and unique that no other game can compare to it. Newcomers WILL be impressed, people returning are sure to be reinvigorated for the fight against Covenant forces and more besides with Cortana (AI on a computer chip inside your head) at your side to help you along the way.

The controls are easy to work and follow the same Halo layout that we all know and love which comes in extra handy for the Multiplayer. All the multiplayer maps from all 4 games are included, (more than 100 in total). All have been reworked and are now 1080p/60fps and run on dedicated servers for extra stability but run on their original game engines. I've played around 4 hours worth of co-op campaign doing a variety of missions from the different games and around 3 hours of online multiplayer (team deathmatch mostly) and it takes me back to my younger years. Some of the original maps I thought were lost forever are back and as good as ever.

Pros: Halo's 1-4 all on 1 disk * co-op all the way through * Over 100 Multiplayer maps with loads of different modes including deathmatch, capture the flag and many more * Dedicated servers * 4000 Gamerscore available for achievement hunters to get their teeth into * exceptional value given you are getting 4 FULL games plus a multiplayer that is easily twice as big as any other game on the market right now and I include Destiny in that * Ability to create your own playlist crossing the 4 games * Skulls are back (skulls are in game mods like grunts explode into confetti if you head shot them or more serious ones like enemies spam grenades or have twice the health) * Includes access to the Halo 5 beta in December/January * Remastered cut scenes * ability to switch between the original graphics and the upgraded ones at the touch of a button * You get to watch the long awaited Halo: Nightfall tv series through your console each week

Cons: On top of the disk installation time which for me took 45 minutes there is a 15GB mandatory update that you need to download and install before you can play the game which took me a few hours * Unless you are a Newcomer or returning die-hard fan like me then casual gamers may say "I've played it all before" * Despite dedicated servers there is quite a lot of lag especially during co-op games * Some achievements have met the criteria for unlocking but refuse to physically unlock * The server sometimes puts people inside your party on the opposite team in online matchmaking which does spoil the experience.

VERDICT: At £39 this is the cheapest Xbox one game I have purchased so far and quite easily wins the title of best value and entertainment packed game of the year to date. When was the last time you came across a game with over 100 multiplayer maps, all different and graphically enhanced? After my friends and I tested out a few custom playlists we started from the very beginning of Halo: Combat evolved (Halo 1) and started to make our way through, we've literally just finished Halo 2 and believe me Halo 2 looks fantastic and credit to the developers for their efforts.

As a Halo fan this was a must and 343 Industries have done a great job in giving it the next gen treatment. There's weeks of campaign co-op gaming on offer especially if you want to get all the achievements and the multiplayer alone will keep you going for months and months to come. RECOMMENDED for any Halo fan!!

Update 22nd November 2014: despite a 1.4GB update designed to fix online matchmaking the system remains broken. Sometimes you get lucky and find a match, 99% of the time however, you can be waiting 10 minutes at a time only to find a few players, often you have to quit and start again. The forums are full of players saying the same. Campaign is working fine though.
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