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Calvin Klein Underwear Modern Cotton Thong in Grey (X Small)
Calvin Klein Underwear Modern Cotton Thong in Grey (X Small)
Offered by Whites and Smalls
Price: £25.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sporty styling yet very comfy, great choice as daily knickers!, 28 April 2015
This review is from: Calvin Klein Logo Thong (Apparel)
Slightly on the snug side but very comfy and offers lots of support, i'm not a huge fan of lace nor am i a fan of knickers that have frills around the edges, i like to keep things simple and classy so these were perfect. Very soft cotton material while there is a very sturdy elasticated waistband. These lay flat against the skin and because it is a thong means no visible pant lines even under a tight fitting dress. Sizing is accurate to the guide on the Calvin Klein website but these do offer a more sporty fit and appearance, I also have the matching bra and can recommend that as well. Overall i'm very happy and would purchase these again, the quality is as you would expect from C.K. and they can be washed in the washing machine for convenience as well. The only downside as far as i'm concerned is the price but i guess you do get what you pay for in life. The added bonus is my partner approves of the look. Thumbs Up!

Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Strix Direct CU II Graphics Card (4 GB, GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0, HDMI, DVI-I, 3 x Display Port)
Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 Strix Direct CU II Graphics Card (4 GB, GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0, HDMI, DVI-I, 3 x Display Port)
Offered by PCSuppliers
Price: £215.12

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4.0 out of 5 stars Asus 4GB GTX960 - a quality card but doesn't add much performance, if any, over the 2GB version!!, 24 April 2015
I have already reviewed the 2GB version of the Asus GTX960 and my review can be found here > (Asus Nvidia Gtx 960 PCI-E Graphics Card), i finally managed to get hold of the 4GB version for a customer build, considering it was the first 4GB version of the gtx960 i've had a hold of, i decided to test it out on a few games and compare it to the 2GB version.

Design wise the card looks identical to the 2GB version and even the specifications are the same on paper. I was hoping for the memory bus to be wider than 128-bit although it is fair to say that Nvidia do use compression technology so in real world testing it performs better than how you would think at first glance. Literally the only difference between the 2GB and 4GB versions are the extra two Gigabytes, so how does this impact gaming at 1080p, not forgetting that the 960 was designed for 1080p gaming?

Truth be told there weren't any frame per second increases when using the 4gb version over the 2gb one. Indeed i didn't manage to find a game where the extra 2gb improved framerates or allow graphics settings to be ramped up which does make me question why they have decided to make a 4GB version. The answer became clearer when i tested the card out on a 1440p monitor as the games held up considerably better frame wise compared to the 2gb version. Don't go thinking you can use multiple displays at 1440p, i started to get stability issues once i connected a second display at that resolution but if you want to game @1440p using 1 monitor then this card should just about do it, JUST!

I recommend you go and read my 2gb gtx960 review, for most people gaming at 1080p resolution that card will be more than ample, to be honest while this card is very good it adds very little in the way of performance over the 2gb version. If you specifically want to game at 1440p and use multiple monitors then you need to be looking at either the Nvidia gtx970 or 980.

Verdict: The 960 is a great 1080p gaming card and is DirectX-12 ready. The 2gb version is the one to go for if you intend to game at 1080p. The only games which saw a benefit from the 4gb version were skyrim when some of the extra texture packs and mods were added and GTA5 which surprisingly used over 3GB when on maximum settings, just ensure you turn the AA down.


McCulloch M46-125WR Petrol Wheeled Rotary
McCulloch M46-125WR Petrol Wheeled Rotary
Offered by Platinum Home and Garden
Price: £254.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars McCullock M46-125WR Petrol Lawnmower, ideal for medium to large sized lawns!!, 22 April 2015
Everything from the main shell, blade, engine and the handle bars are made from high quality parts and everything fits together well. I agree the included instructions on how to fit the handle bars and basket together are shockingly poor to say the least but anyone with half a brain cell will be able to understand how it goes together. The biggest problem is the basket which will take a good 15 minutes on your own to figure out unless you have someone holding it while you clip it together.

The Briggs & Stratton engine is a reliable workhorse, our previous mower had a B&S engine and even after 10 years was still going strong, they are considered a by word when it comes down to petrol lawnmower engines. This one is more powerful than our old lawnmower which does help if the grass is slightly damp or on the longish side! I note that some people say the lawnmower doesn't come with oil, well i've never come across a mower that does. For those that want to know a good quality "10W-30" semi-synthetic oil is what you should be looking for although 10W-40 or even 5W-30 would be more than good enough. Be careful when you first fill the engine with oil and ensure you don't overfill, constantly check the dip stick every few pours. When the oil level is on the full side, pull the starter cable a few times WITHOUT PETROL IN, this will allow some of the oil to lubricate the engine prior to firing it up the first time. Standard unleaded petrol from a garage is all you need for fuel so for first time users simply take a jerry can and fill it up next time you fill your car. Prime the engine 5 times and then start the mower. It will chug and cough for a few seconds and probably misfire once or twice until the petrol and oil finds it's way into every place it should. You should immediately start using the mower for a good 10-15 minutes to ensure everything works.

There are a few things that need to be pointed out. Firstly, you can higher or lower the lawnmower to a number of pre-determined points so you can choose what length of cut you want, you need to know that because this is a rotary lawnmower and not a cylinder lawnmower it won't cut as close, so if you want a bowling green look then you need to pick a cylinder mower, the advantage of a rotary mower is they cope better over uneven ground and wet grass, for the average garden rotary mowers do a better job! Secondly, you can alter the hight of the handle bars so regardless of how short or tall you are you will find a setting that suits you and it is quick and easy to change. Third, the sides of the collection basket are made from a tough mesh material which has been coated in plastic, personally i would have preferred it to be hardened plastic but it does feel like it will last so don't be put off by it. Forth, there is a self cleaning system where by you can connect a hose to the top of the "deck" and it will clean out the underside, it works well but i would leave the mower outside to dry before you go storing it away afterwards.

The wheels are chunky and make it easier to cut edges, not only that but it does help if the grass is on the longer side. Bigger wheels along with a stronger engine also means that this mower has a strong self-propelled drive, indeed it will pull you along at a "fast walking pace", this also helps if you are going up hill.

Are there any downsides? Really only one... if you want to pull the lawnmower backwards when the engine is going (as you need to do on the odd occasion) you have to push it forwards without engaging the clutch and then pull it back with the front wheels raised slightly... for some reason the self drive motor does not like to be pulled backwards without doing this!

VERDICT: A very powerful 46cm bladed rotary lawnmower. It comes complete with a mulching accessory although you don't really need it, instead all you need to do is to remove the collection box. It cuts grass much more finely than my past mower and makes light work of grass that is a few inches long. The deck is made from high quality steel and it has a good quality engine. I highly recommend this lawnmower, whether you have a medium or large lawn this will do the job just fine and the build quality is first class.

Highly recommended and i would be happy to answer any questions from an owners point of view should you want to know anything i haven't mentioned!!
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E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion 500ml
E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion 500ml
Price: £3.67

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4.0 out of 5 stars E45 moisturising lotion - A simple and easy to use moisturiser that can be used daily, 9 April 2015
The lotion is slightly more runny compared with the cream and from that point of view does make it easier to spread. Despite the bottle saying there isn't a scent I would argue there is a slight vinegar smell, it takes around 5 minutes to fully absorb and once it does the smell disappears.

My partner and I both use this on a daily basis as it offers great moisturising abilities, not only keeping normal skin moist but dramatically helping soften dry skin. It also makes a great base to which I can apply a foundation cream to my face. Being a pump action bottle makes it easier and cleaner to use and this bottle seems to last us around 4 weeks and that's with both of us using it daily.

Verdict: if you need a moisturiser for your Face or body that can be used on a daily basis then look no further, it takes around 5 minutes to fully absorb but lasts throughout the day and can be used as a base underneath other products such as foundation or self tan. Aside from the very mild yet undesirable vinegar scent when you first apply it, this stuff gets the thumbs up!

Intel Core i5 i5-4690K CPU (Quad Core 3.5GHz Processor, 6MB Cache, Intel HD 4600 Graphics, Socket H3 LGA-1150)
Intel Core i5 i5-4690K CPU (Quad Core 3.5GHz Processor, 6MB Cache, Intel HD 4600 Graphics, Socket H3 LGA-1150)
Price: £189.54

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars i5 4690k - a great choice for gamers and high performance users without spending i7 money!, 6 April 2015
The 4690k is by a clear magin the best 4th generation i5 on the market, indeed I would go as far as to say it is the best i5 ever made. It's performance to cost ratio makes it an undeniable choice for multi tasking, gaming and even video editing. It's clocked at 3.5GHz and has 6mb of cache, it does have a turbo feature although there is no hyper threading. However, unless you are doing heavy video editing along with running games at the same time as multiple website tabs open then you genuinely don't miss hyper threading technology. I've used a few of the latest AMD 8 core CPUs over the last few months (building systems for customers) and while they are very impressive I have to note that this 4 core i5 is a lot stronger on single threaded applications and especially gaming where compared to an AMD 8370 with this you will see around a 7-10 fps boost. There are internal HD graphics so if all you are looking for is a processor for business ventures then you won't require an additional graphics card.

VERDICT: if you are looking for a 1150 socketed i5 then look no further, performance is strong and the chip is very energy efficient. Aside from the standard Intel cpu cooler they include (which I would honestly avoid) because it can get quite loud this is a great cpu choice, gamers need look no further especially considering this is unlocked and prime for overclocking!

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Classic Beige
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Classic Beige
Price: £5.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Rimmel foundation cream, do you want a blemish free appearence? Look no further!, 5 April 2015
A quick and easy to use foundation mousse which is quite thick in consistency so ensure you apply it sparingly otherwise it can start to look like a face mask. It's easy to spread and covers blemishes and imperfections quite easily especially around the nose and cheeks and covers dark circles under the eyes especially well. I would advise you use a moisturiser prior to using this especially on dry areas as it does help it create a more uniform look, I can confirm the finish is more matte than gloss but not a flat matte because it does provide added depth, the key to pulling of a successful look is to ensure you do all your face, only covering certain areas never seems to work. It is now the only foundation I use, indeed apart from eye liner and a hint of lipstick I don't use any other makeup. This classic beige colour really is authentic and it easily lasts several hours. It works especially well on oilly skin, something I've suffered with for many years. Thumbs Up!

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash and Conditioner
Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash and Conditioner
Price: £15.54

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4.0 out of 5 stars Meguiar's Gold class Shampoo Review, 4 April 2015
Having owned the NXT Generation Car Wash (which is purple in colour) i was eager to test this out and compare both the ease of use and quality of the results.

Both the NXT Generation and this gold class sud up very easily, both have a great smell and both seem to offer very similar cleaning results once you've finished. However, this gold class version does seem to have a slightly thicker consistency and the suds do tend to cling to your car better.

Verdict: This is simply a car shampoo, it doesn't contain any wax or protective substances in it which means unless you applied a wax a few days or a week or two before then you will need to apply a wax afterwards. It offers great cleaning to bodywork and i do prefer its slightly thicker consistency but overall when you factor in the price i think the Meguiar's NXT Generation shampoo is the better buy if all you want is a simple yet quality car shampoo!

5 Star Air Duster Can HFC Free Compressed Gas Flammable 400ml
5 Star Air Duster Can HFC Free Compressed Gas Flammable 400ml
Price: £5.44

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5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for clearing dust out of a computer case without touching too many components, 3 April 2015
As a computer tech these are perfectly suited for cleaning out computer cases without me taking everything apart, in particular using this around the CPU heatsink and graphics card fan is essential for making my life that little bit easier. This multi-pack is great value and when using the straw in the end of the nozzle you can better aim the gas meaning you use less. RECOMMENDED

Emporio Armani Intimates Men's Eagle Boxer Briefs, Black, X-Large
Emporio Armani Intimates Men's Eagle Boxer Briefs, Black, X-Large
Price: £27.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars E.A Intimates Eagle Boxer Brief Review!, 2 April 2015
Emporio Armani has become my favourite go to brand in recent weeks, I own several of their Trunks, boxers, thongs and a few briefs. This one is the latest additions to my collection. While i'm quite fit and lean i do have wide hips so take XL size which fits my 38 inch waist perfectly, there is also a small amount of stretch which helps when you sit down and for general day to day comfort.

I love the golden waistband with embroidered "EMPORIO" logo. It provides decent support and because its quite chunky in design it won't start to fold. While the material is cotton i have to say it feels extremely soft yet sturdy, unlike any other type of cotton underwear i've come across, whether it is the way it has been stitched or the weave of the material i don't know but the soft feel of the material really gives a quality fit and feel. The pouch has a decent shape and good amount of room and will be perfect for the average sized bloke, i particularly like the high cut on the inside of the leg which does reduce irritation somewhat. The white G.A branding with the logo on the back does leave a lot to be desired and i hope it doesn't start to peel off after a few washes but so far after two weeks of ownership it is as good as the day i bought it. Washing wise, washing at 30*c using a liquid detergent seems to work best, adding a small amount of softener to the wash does help to keep it feeling soft although don't overdo it!

VERDICT: High quality and very masculine looking underwear, the combination of black and gold really looks classy and the fit and feel is excellent, very much resting on the hips but below the waist, my one concern is the white logo on the back, aside from that these are highly RECOMMENDED, remember you get what you pay for!!!

Meguiars G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax
Meguiars G18211 Ultimate Paste Wax
Price: £27.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax - Easy to use and offers great protection., 1 April 2015
Some background information first if you will allow me...

For the past few years i have been a loyal user of Turtle Wax Ice Synthetic Paste Wax and even as i write this i can honestly say that is still one of the best synthetic products i have come across, it was very good value and came with an applicator and cloth. The first thing to note that just like the Turtle Wax Ice, this Ultimate Paste Wax comes with an applicator and cloth and is a FULLY synthetic product. Technically anything that is fully synthetic cannot be called a wax as waxes are naturally produced (carnauba wax for instance comes from palm trees), indeed to follow car industry standards this should in fact be called a "sealant". I do understand why they have used the term "wax" simply as it is easier to advertise it and most people understand what a wax does but i do think it is important to distinguish the difference between Synthetic protectants (sealants) and products that contain naturally occurring products (called wax).

Firstly, anyone that knows anything about car products and does a lot of car cleaning will tell you that synthetic products always provide better and longer lasting protection than any naturally occuring wax, even Carnauba based products while offering a deeper shine won't last anywhere near as long as their synthetic counterpart. This never use to be the case, indeed only in the last few years have synthetic products taken the lead in car bodywork protection.

Finally down to the review... Inside the box you get the metal tin which contains a 311g block of semi-hard wax, which has the colour and consistency of bees wax. You also get a 1x black foam applicator pad and 1x black microfibre towel for removing any residue. Right off the bat i must congratulate Meguiars simply as they are more generous in the amount of "wax" they provide in the tin compared with other brands and it is nice that they include an applicator and cloth as well. The "wax" has a semi-hard consistency when you initially rub the applicator into the top of wax but as you start to apply it to bodywork it quickly turns into a butter like consistency making it incredibly easy to spread, a lot easier to apply than the Turtle Wax i was previously using.

You can easily apply it to all the bodywork of your car including any plastic areas and even glass and it won't turn white. Indeed you can apply the "wax" to the whole car and wait around 5-10 minutes before you need to remove it because thankfully it has a slower cure time than other brands. Equally you can apply this product in full sun to hot paintwork but having tested this out i would honestly avoid doing that as it DOES dry out far too quickly. After 10 minutes or so you can buff the residue off and what you are left with is an incredibly high shine.

I have purposely waited to see how long the protection lasts before writing this review, i applied this product just before Christmas and 14 weeks later it has finally given up its protection, considering how bad the weather has been with heavy rain and mud besides the usual contaminants such as road tar and brake dust i have to be honest and say i'm impressed at how long this has lasted especially as the car has been used on a daily basis. Sure, i have been washing my car every week like most people but i haven't applied any new wax during that time. If it can last 14 weeks during the harshness of winter i'm hoping it can last longer during the summer months.

Verdict: Very easy to apply and to buff off once it has cured. Provides a deep glossy shine and gives at least 3 months worth of protection through the harshness of winter. I certainly recommend this to anyone looking to protect their paintwork and it makes washing the car in-between waxing even easier as everything glides off. The fact they include a foam applicator and microfibre towel in the box only sweetens the deal.


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