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Freebird [DVD]
Freebird [DVD]
Dvd ~ Phil Daniels
Offered by CLICK n PLAY
Price: £18.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gem!, 14 April 2009
This review is from: Freebird [DVD] (DVD)
I love this film, although I have seen a fair few reviews putting it down. Maybe we move in different circles, as I found the characters to have a lot of credibility - I have bumped into a Grouch (Phil Daniels) once or twice in my little lifetime, honest! Mind you, that side box was over-the-top enough to make me chuckle. Grouch stole this film, in my opinion. Just want to pick him up and cuddle him, he's such a softy sweetheart, naïve in all the right places. Fred (Gary Stretch, phwah!) is on the point of an epiphany, realising how important his daughter is to him. Fred needs to choose between what he wants and what he thinks he wants. Tyg (Geoff Bell) is an almost sobering influence on the trio. His character seems shadowed by his mates, but he needs to be there as a foundation for the trio. I'm sure a lot of people have met a Mole (sorry, don't have the actor's name). I know one in particular I'd love to pull such a stunt on, but can't mention him publicly - he's quite well known in my world and it might put ideas into the wrong (or right?) people's heads. When grouch read the paper report in Mrs Welsh Lady's shop, I chuckled!
My main concern was what our real Wessex lads think of seeing themselves portrayed as neatly combed Power Rangers, unorganised and generally dippy. Next time I bump into one, maybe I'll be tanked up enough to ask (then run!).
I hear MAG were a bit dubious about this film at first, but these characters do exist, though they seem to be becoming few and far between. Watching this film makes me realise what a duller world it will be when the likes are gone. Guess we'll have to give up the ghost to a nine-to-five, second-mortgage existence.
I'd like to says a great big THANKYOU to Jon Ivay. I found a lot of realism throughout the film, sad, tender moments mixed with cracking humour which gets us through from birth to death. Having grown up on the likes of Cheech and Chong and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, congrats to the team for the most descriptive and credible trip scene I can recall ever seeing!
I'm putting the word around about this film. I don't think it had half the publicity in the general market as it deserves. I'll be looking out for Ivay in the future. Well done and take it easy, bro.

The Devil's Rejects  [DVD]
The Devil's Rejects [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sid Haig
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Price: £9.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars Classic!!! Or should be!, 14 April 2009
This review is from: The Devil's Rejects [DVD] (DVD)
One of those rare treats for us viewers, a sequel that surpasses its predecessor! The filming was started in 2004 as a continuation of House of 100 Corpses (which didn't seem to take off so well for a while).
We follow the story of Baby, Otis and captain Spaulding as the local brass moves in for revenge of the murder of the last Sheriff Wydell. The new Sheriff Wydell (brother) is tormented by rage and revenge. The movie touches on this, keeping us up to date and in touch with the growing madness and the consequences for our Firefly family.
Baby and Otis meet up with Baby's dad, the Marx-manic Captain Spaulding, at a motel to plan for escape. There they managed to brutalise another family. (The actors were pretty traumatised filming some of these shots - be warned!). After some more cracking bloodshed and splat scenes, the family run to Spaulding's adoptive brother's for safety, little knowing hoe powerful the thirst for revenge has become to the surviving Wydell. I won't give any more subplots away - spoilers are pants!
I personally can't praise this film enough. The documentary feel to the filming, the tender and loving family moments, the injection of realistic humour, the beautiful scenery and the choice of music all combined to rouse a feeling kin to empathy with the ever decreasing Firefly family. Personally, I feel this film will soon become a classic within it's genre. Genius!

Very important footnote: R.I.P. Mathew McGrory (Tiny). In his short life (though well over seven foot) he graced our screens in a style all his own. Mathew died in 2005 of natural causes, the same year this film was ready for us. Cheers, you're a star!

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