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Vax Genuine Filter Kit (Type 27) - Air Upright
Vax Genuine Filter Kit (Type 27) - Air Upright
Price: 17.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Indispensable if you are sensitive to air quality, 6 July 2013
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Indispensable if you are sensitive to air quality - works very well.
I just couldn't use my previous vacuum cleaner - just couldn't. Instant headache and dizziness. With this vacuum cleaner, as long as I wash it clean from time to time (every 2 months or so) - no such problem. I began to like to vacuum clean my house :-) makes the house feel much healthier.

Dymo M10 Mailing Scales 10kg
Dymo M10 Mailing Scales 10kg
Price: 33.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars Does what it says on the tin, 26 Jun 2012
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This is the cheapest USB-enabled scale with 10kg range i could find. The USB interface works OK. Fortunatelly it has no "tare memory" (does not permamently bend under rated load) effect as one el cheapo scale i bought before. This is a padding so that i can hit 20 words of review.

Audio-Technica  ATH-ANC7B Headphones,Wired
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Headphones,Wired
Offered by DJ and Studio
Price: 129.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars No problems with leakage for me., 7 Nov 2011
Hi there,
I happen to have this headphones for nearly a year now and I agree that they are superb in nearly every department. However, contrary to some other reviewers here, I have no problems with sound leakage unless playing at the highest possible volume, which i never do - i like my music quitet, that's why i have bought noise-reducting headphones in the first place. I am routinely using it in my office and never had any complaints.
The 'leg test' - as someone proposed to put the headphones against your leg and listen - is useless, because the jeans/other clothes you will be wearing, are not close in properties to your head. If you want to test for leakage, set them to your favourite tunes, AT COMFORTABLE VOLUMUE, and have your friend wear them, then listen. I can not hear anything.

Having said that, i like my headphones a lot! a real lifesaver when flying i fly often but also in the lab or office when i want to focus.

Cameron Sino Extended 3000 mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 with Back Cover
Cameron Sino Extended 3000 mAh Battery for Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 with Back Cover
Offered by UK Battery
Price: 8.08

5.0 out of 5 stars Great if you need it, 26 Jan 2011
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It makes the phone much, much thicker, but the general feel and handling stays excellent, if not better than before(especially if you have large hands). The cover is of good quality, fits the phone perfectly.
Battery itself - for me - indispensable. I travel a lot and travel is when you expect to need things like internet and GPS the most. I agree with previous reviews.
THe downside is that I can't use my flip-cover with it, so make sure you have something like a screen protector too. Can't complain tough.
Does what it says will do.

Targus 15.4- 16 Inch Laptop Backpack Carry Case
Targus 15.4- 16 Inch Laptop Backpack Carry Case
Price: 23.98

5.0 out of 5 stars Great, but popular, 12 Dec 2010
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Very good backpack. This is my second one, the first one lasted over 2 years which i consider a good result. However, the fact that it became popular makes the fact of the laptop inside difficult to hide - should not be considered as laptop disguise anymore.

audio-technica ath-anc7 hifi
audio-technica ath-anc7 hifi

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5.0 out of 5 stars Mobile listening studio, 24 May 2009
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I am not a Hi-Fi maniac, but I don't like noise and I do like silence, and quiet music. I have previously tried Tevion noise-canceling headphones from Lidl (16gbp). For that price, I was very satisfied with them. Blessing on crowdy airports and during flights, and also a good isolator if I want to focus in the office. You can really forget about all this nosie around you. I still have them but I decided to see how much better can it get if I pay some serious money. After extensive search and reading the reviews, I have decided to go for these.

First impression - the plastic could have been better - I mean - it's not too bad, but I have seen tougher-looking ones. Second impression - the faux leather ear cup cushions are of very good quality. The bridge is very sturdy and gives a good impression. Contrary to what other reviews say - I find the ear cups rather moderate in size, which is positive. They are definitely not "Huge" - or that other person probably compared them to open-air headphones. The Tevion ones are bigger and I have seen many even bigger ones not even claiming to reduce outside noises.
The whole set-up, including battery, is surprisingly lightweight. That also explains my initial impression of the cup plastic not being tough. It does come with a pretty massive protective case to store them in. It's not too heavy, but in terms of protection it is truly looks like a tank and gives impression that it would sustain long years of use. In other words, the message is clear: if you are not using the headphones - store them in that case, not in the drawer.
They are comfortable to wear, however, You do need to make breaks sometimes, because, unavoidably, ears are completely enclosed by the ear cups and they may sweat. Myself, I easily go for 2 hours of listening without discomfort, before feeling like to take a break.
Onto the sound.
Sound is really crisp and deeply detailed. I can risk to say that, unless you are in a studio or other well-prepared listening enviroment, no ordinary headphones can get close. Simply because of the external spurious sounds. Noise reduction indeed works great, and, as for my initial worries, it works much better than with the 16gbp Tevion ones. I can actually hear the difference in mp3 material encoded with 128kbit and 192kbit. All the subtleness of the recording comes out. I am satisfied.

I was worried that, at least in terms of noise reduction, they may be only marginally better than cheap headphones. But now I can say that they do deliver and the difference is big and positive.
My previous Tevion headphones produced an audbile hiss when not connected to the audio source. As an automatic control engineer myself, I can say that this is understandable (this is normal in high-gain zero-stabilising circuits, and noise-canceling circuit is exactly that). With audio-technica, the hiss is still there but is much quieter, and is completly inaudbile when connected to even quietest music source. If used in a noise-reduction mode only, the internal hiss is still much quieter inside than the outside noises, and to me, that only proves that the circuitry works as expected. As an engineer I can tell that it would be impossible to eliminate the noise completely.

I am going to use them in the office and during flights. I would not take them to tube or for a walk tough. The bridge itself looks sturdy, and won't break easily, but nonetheless it's more of a hi-fi design rather than heavy-duty. They don't look like they can take any rain either (I live in Scotland).I'd rather use my old Tevions for that purpose.

It may be so that other companies have launched a negative comments campaign against this model, because virtually none of the negative comments I have seen so far about these headphones are true.
For example, It does not appear that they leak sound (i.e. nobody can hear what I am listening to), even at highest volume setting (which I am not going to use anyway, what for?). If Your headphones do, you are either overloading the NR circuitry, or the headphones are faulty themselves.
Secondly, the fact that they change their frequency response after switching the NR circuit off is also normal - to say simply, they are designed for the active mode operation, and their ability to transmit sound even with battery depleted is only a secondary feature.
If I didn't want noise reduction for any reason, I would use open-air headphones anyway. The same goes for listening to the music very loud.

Now, for a nearly 100gbp they aren't cheap, even tough the BOSE ones are three times as expensive. But I can certainly say that they do what they promise to do.

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