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Eternal Design - One Personalised bottle label and matching chocolate bar wrapper...Great Christmas Pressie for anyone (bl06)
Eternal Design - One Personalised bottle label and matching chocolate bar wrapper...Great Christmas Pressie for anyone (bl06)

3.0 out of 5 stars Prompt delivery and good quality product, 23 Dec. 2014
Prompt delivery and good quality product.
However, it didn't come with any instructions on what each label was for, just 'cut label to size and stick down'. So I ended up sticking the label for the bottle on the chocolate bar - and then, had to use selotape to stick the other label onto the bottle.

Admittedly, my mistake. But instructions on what was what would have been useful....

Far Cry 3 (PS3)
Far Cry 3 (PS3)
Offered by Excess Gaming
Price: £11.95

4.0 out of 5 stars Few short steps from perfection, 11 Mar. 2013
This review is from: Far Cry 3 (PS3) (Video Game)
Throughly enjoy this game. The environments are stunning and the game play is incredible. It has had me hooked for a long time now. The amount of game play is amazing - with all of the side quests etc. doubt is he one of my favourite characters. He's just incredible...

However, whilst every positive review on here is 100% accurate, in my opinion - this game's brilliant ideas just weren't persued enough.
I enjoyed the storyline concept. Partying on a tropical island and then getting captured by pirates. Great idea - except the entire partying scene lasted less than a minute. When game started and we had to track down the other people - I didn't know who we were looking for and most importantly - I didn't care about them. Really felt they could've built up the party scene and introduced the characters...

Secondly, the concept of hunting and becoming dependant on nature is a genius idea. Hunting skins to craft new equipment such as rucksucks and wallets. But once you've killed your 2 pigs, got your hide and make your rucksack...the pigs become useless. It would be nice to see more use for the wildlife...perhaps hunting skills - using the flesh for meat (to heal health etc).
The idea of crafting plants together to form potions - a nice touch ... but again this wasn't followed through enough. Admitingly it does feel as though I'm trying to compare it against Skyrim - but I think it needs to act more like a nature based survival game as opposed to a FPS and skills such as hunting are important...

With the exception of Vaas - the rest of the game characters are bland and dull. Vaas may have set the standard too high.

In all an amazing game and I urge everyone to give it a shot. I'm really engrossed into the gameplay

Great game

Medal of Honor - Limited Edition (PS3)
Medal of Honor - Limited Edition (PS3)
Offered by musicMagpie
Price: £9.98

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Didn't want it to end - Singleplayer review ONLY, 19 Oct. 2010
I'm not a fan with the multiplayer - close quarters, every man for himself style warfare (such as the type in here or on MW2). After playing the BETA for this game, I decided it was not for me. Not that there was anything particulary wrong with it - it just wasn't my cup of tea. Hence why this review is from the singleplayer mode.

- Graphics and visually wise it was stunning it was a pure bliss to play!
- The storyline was awesome too. I wasn't a fan of MW2s storyline, it was over the top, too far fetched for me to engrossed in. In MOH, it's a lot of more realistic and bealivable and unltamitly to me - makes it a much better game. I loved the way you switch from your different characters as their paths intercross.
- The ablitity to peek and lean from cover is very nice. Holding down L2 and moving L lets you pop your head out from cover or lean from the walls. Altough intially, holding L2, L1, L and R1 to fire from cover was a tad tricky to master at first - but it didn't take long for me to get the grip of it!
- The slide mechanic was awesome, a nice touch for you too slide to the next avaiable cover. It really helped the combat flow.
- The sounds were awesome - far superior to that of MW2! The explosions, gun shots were incredible - it really made the game in my opinion.
- The combat was varied, lots of different missions. From calling in airstrikes, helicopter shooting, stealth and sniping - vrey varied
- Love the gore, the main sniping mission was great - very long range sniping with a sniper that takes peoples arms and legs off was pretty amazing!

A few downsides however,
- I found the game a little short. Maybe I played it too much, but I felt as though it ended too quick.
- The missions were all based on a moutainside. Working your way up a moutain and moutain/cave combat. It would've been nice to have some desert, village settings...

But a great game in all, highly recommended!
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Heavy Rain (PS3)
Heavy Rain (PS3)
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £20.00

5.0 out of 5 stars New and worth the money, 6 Mar. 2010
This review is from: Heavy Rain (PS3) (Video Game)
Probably one of the most unique games I have ever played!!!!

For starters - the storyline is INCREDIBLE! partically with Ethan and his sons. You really do feel sorrow and emotion for him and its him - that I feel - that makes the game addcitive...your desire to find out what happens and to ensure that everything is okay for him. In fact - its the storyline that keeps me playing. I'm not drawn in by the action or the intesinioty of the game (like I am to other games) - its all about the story here!

The way the story progresses and the way the charatcers storys cross is really great. The story's not forced and even when you are roaming around freely it feels as though you are involved with the story - not like other games where the action seems to exist seperatly to the story and you dont feel as if the game play is linked at all with the story.

The graphics are incrediable. At times they're so good it's actually scray! The animations are smooth...and the way you can control the speed really shows how well the animations are done. However, the graphics are focused on the characters face. The graphics on the background obvjects aren't special. Its clear they want you focus on the face - but with the great facial animations it's no problem

There is a few things that I personally was disappointed about:

- First the amount of control you have. Okay, there's lots of control...but if you think if it gives the game replay will be disappointed. I've played the game twice (because of the prevention of copying save files I had to start again on my second PS3) on both I did different actions, the opposite of what I did on my other PS3. The result...none. The game is pretty much exactly the same...Not what I was expecting...but still gives you lots of flexablity - more than any other game on the market

- Second at times...its hard to know what to do. Partically in the areas you are left to wander.

Its an interactive story and its hard to find a real fault In fact...this game is more or less faultless (on your first run...before repition sets in)...but it doesn't mean you're going to like it. If you want a game thats unqiue and heavily based around a storyline buy it...but if you want intense action and replay value...stay well clear!

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3)
Offered by passionFlix UK
Price: £7.12

94 of 102 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars OUT OF THIS WORLD, 5 Mar. 2010
Well...Where to start?

With everyone raving about COD:MW2 ... I felt as though I was the over one who felt it was over rated. I felt there was limited change from MW1. The game was basically same, just the typical update to graphics etc. BFBC2 vs BFBC...there's a BIG difference and A LOT has changed.

Destruction 2.0 - Destruction was the point of BFBC...and it's been upgraded. Now facusing on mini destruction, it's posible to shoot holes through walls and poke your gun out and fire. Paint chips off walls when you shoot and ENTIRE buildings fall to the ground - its now posible to knock a house down, killing all inside!!!

Visuals - BFBC was laking in this department. Yeah the graphics were good but the game was missing the polish - the finish that COD:MW had. Now it's changed. BFBC2 is very well polished, with huge upgrades to textures and general graphics. Animations are smooth and characters die as they would in real life.

Dark - BFBC was known for it its cheesy gameplay - mocking 21st century warfare - not in BFBC2. Now it's serious, now it's dark - but, if you're like me, and you like Sweetwater and Haggards humourous exchanges - they're still there :D!

Enviroments - So from the desert and grasslands that were in BFBC - In BFBC2 - there's snow, there's jungles, there's swamps in added in - making for really intense warfare!

Sounds - The sound quality in this is intense...if you got surround sound or powerful speakers. this will blow you away. In comparision, sound effects in COD sound like toy guns...


Flexablity - once more the game relies on play the game your way!

First Mission - Not sure how to call this - but the first mission takes you into WW2. Thats right - confusing...its starts off JUST LIKE W@W. Dark warfare in the jungles of japan. The weapons and vechicles are all straight from BF43 ... which do start of thinking "There's nothign new here...enviroments like W@W, weapons from BF43" - but that's not nessiarly a bad thing. Why fix something that isn't broken. BUT DON'T WORRY ...the game goes straight back to its routes and returns to the open ended gameplay of BFBC

Open Ended - Well...after finishing the game, I felt that the Single Player was not as open as it was in BFBC. No more multiple routes to an objective, no more exploring. No more sneaking around the back of a base...choosing your route. In BFBC2 Its still retains the large maps...but there's a lot less exploring one route to an objective - which for a big downside. Saying that!! Thats just compared to BFBC1...compared to other FPSs like COD it is very open. loads of flexbility and loads of exploring.

Gameplay - so now the game plays a lot tighter, spenidng most of your time in compact towns, villages or jungles. This makes it a lot more intense and a lot more enjoyable and times, it does feel a little bit like COD - that is uintuil you fall an entire building with your grenade laucnher. But good marks for more intense action yet retainning the BFBC notion of flexablity and maps. PERFECT mix of the two.

Exploration - You still have to look for collectable weapons and destroy Ncom stataions (just like gold crates in BC1). It would have been awesome if you got to fly a helicopter like in BC1 (so we can practice for online mode!)


Classes - There's four classes: Assult - all rounders, Medics - to heal and revive, Engineers - destroy and repair vechniles, Recon - long range attack. Choose wisely ;)

Weapon select - Now, unlike BFBC and more like MW2 - choose your class, then your primary weapn. Each class has different weapons, Recon has sniper, Medic has get the gist - BUT...ANY KIT CAN EQUIPMENT can ahve all of the bonus of a Recon but have a shotgun instead...which is an AWESOME idea. Choose your secondary weapon also.

Speicalizations - Think of them like 'Perks'. You can choose 3. Two for your character (more health, more ammo etc) and one for your vechilke (more armour, stronger weapons etc). Not only this...and unlike MW choosing weapons and perks is quick and can be done in literally seconds.

Game Modes - So the old Gold Rush (now named 'Rush') and Conquest are in BFBC2 but as are two new game modes. Squad Rush...same thing as Rush but squad based. and Squad teamdeath match - 4 teams of 4 in all out are outnumbered 2 to 1...teamwork is the onyl way you can win. - and of course...ther'es now hardcore mode. Okay taken from MW...Less HUD, less health...but hey, it's great!!! and fits nicely into BFBC2!

Teamwork - if you're unfamiliar to BFBC the game is all amount teamwork. Now more every-man-for-himself like in MW...its teamwork..not the best player its the best team.

DLC - way before the game's release DLC had been annoucned and DICE have made it clear they're going to support this game for longer than BFBC. they've promised there'll be weapons, maps and specialisation DLC...and as a sign of dedication the games first DLC has ALREADY BEEN RELEASED...The online store already states their second map pack due to be released at the end of the month with, inviduual class upgrades (such as Assulat upgrade DLC) which includes new character skins, new weapon skins, new trophys and new awards....with one of these upgrades epr kit...its going to be a great new additions - altough released date/price isn;t confirmed.

Weapons - From BFBC...all of the old weapons are here...But there are some new ones. The Thompson is in this version as is the M1 Garand. The G3 and M14 are also added in to vary the game play a bit

Clan - The most requested feature from BFBC was the inclusion of clan support - that's now added. Granted, limited, no more than MW2. It doesnt have rankings and stuff like that - but you can create private games which is great!


BFBC2 is completey different to any FPS on the market. Its pace is slower...maps are huge and since its team work rather than takes getting used to. It will take dedication - things work differently on here than on other FPS. The game...may not be for you...

but in all...This game is game I have played - EVER!
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PS3)
Offered by DVDBayFBA
Price: £8.91

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars What's new?, 28 Dec. 2009
MW1 was a huge hit and I was expecting this to be too.

The problems I have with the game is that the game has lost creditablity. The story is nothing you can relate to. MW1 had a great story, a great setting and you could believe that the russians were providng nuclear bombs to the Asian countries...With its secret and stealth focused combat it was easy to see that the events in MW1 were really happening but the opposite is true in MW2....all out war between Russia and USA...and what 2 men taking down the entire Russian army? No were near as believble.

Whereas the graphics are great, the detail is amazing and the voiceacting is superb...The hundreds and hundreds of men you kill in missions just seem to distract you from. To be complety honest! The graphics, visual, maps etc didn't seem to be that much of an improvement from MW1 and with the same weapons (pretty much) as its prequel...I am asking myself 'what's new'?

I haven't played online and I'm not fond of CODs online system so I can't/won't comment or judge the game from that aspect (so if you're buying for an online experience you may wish to disregard my review).

The game is great - I'm not disputing that...well worth its good reviews and its price tag - not convinced it lives up to its hype - espically since the mass airport murder you will take part in @(in the game) just seems to be included just to fuel its publicity....
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Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire (4-Disc Set) [DVD]
Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire (4-Disc Set) [DVD]
Price: £16.07

17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The fall of Rome, 11 Nov. 2009
if, like me, you have ever wondered: How could the Roman Empire fall? When its the most famous and advanced empire of ancient history? Then watch this!

The documentaries in this boxset take each event: from the birth of roman empire to its fall, looking at each major event and detailing how it propelled Rome into greatness and at the same time marked the Empries end.

From Ceasars march and conquest of Rome, to Claudis's invasion of Britainna, each documentary is educational and most of all gripping.

With the perfect mix between Historians talking about the events, and the events been made for a very enjoyable watch.

Highly recommended.
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1066 [DVD]
1066 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ian Holm
Price: £5.98

51 of 54 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Best DOCUMENTARY ever!, 11 Nov. 2009
This review is from: 1066 [DVD] (DVD)
Those wanting a film, you should turn away. This is a docu-drama. A documentary useing drama to tell history rather than a historian.

I love the layout of this show, with the focus being on the actual people who fight the battles. Whether it be the Saxon farmers, the Norman soliders or the Viking men you see the perspective and POV of each. This, like all documentaries should do, doesn't label one as 'the bad guys' or 'the good guys'. The narrator is very good, definging saxon/norman/viking words and much of our language comes from this year! And its clear, also, that Tolkien himself based his stories on this: Middle-Earth, shire, orc, elves, beserker are all Saxon/norse words!!!!

So in all, if you're looking for a may be disappointed, but if you are looking for a dramatical repersentaive of the darkest year in English history - this is for you

PS: At the time of this review, 1066 was avaible on 4OD (search for '4OD' then on channel 4s site search for '1066')

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars I'M LOVING THIS!, 16 Sept. 2009
Wow. What a headset!

You certainly get your £140 worth of cables! Despite the amount of cables setup was easy - with sections in the instructions for 360, PS3 and PC.

The sound quality is crisp with the surround sound adding a lot to already amazing games! You can control each speaker (there's 4 of them) invidually...making the rear speakers louder than the front etc. This is easy to as this can be done on the clip and instead of numeric volume levels (such as volume: 20) it uses colours, Red for Max, Green for min and as you adjust each or all of the speakers the colours fade...!

The microphone clips on easy and it has all of the important features such as mute and volume control. I've often found that some headsets are a bit quiet and Ive had to mute the TV to understand what other people are saying...this is clear and crisp.

It does require two eletrical make sure you have space and one optical and USb port (for PS3).

In all a fantastic product...I can't get enough and I never tire from the crisp sounds!

One warning though the Sub really really vibrates your head!!! I've had to take regualr breaks to stop my head from exploding lol
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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PS3)
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PS3)
Offered by Bonkers4Bargains!
Price: £29.90

25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars You cant stop - literally, 10 Jun. 2009
About time the PS3 got a decent RPG. And for the fans of Champions of Norrath on the PS2...this is a must buy. Its sort of like the Oblivion of hack and slash RPGs...

So, here's a little list of the things I love about it!
- This map is just goes on and on and on and on
- Loads of quests and I mean loads! The side-quests are not plentiful but are fun...varied tasks: SOme invovle just talking, some requrie you to escort, kill monsters, explore the map collecting things, you get the gist.
- The enviroments in this game are beautiful, so varied, so well created. There's lots of caves, caverens, dungeons and basements to venture into. With weather effects, day and night cycles its a pleasure just to explore.
- Lots of different mounts to buy (including horses!) that you can use to attack, jump over small walls etc as well as class specific mounts. Each mount improves yor character in diferent ways
- Basically, you create the the controls. You have four action buttons (X, Square, circle, triangle) you decide what each one does. So, for example, equip a sword onto X, a bow onto Tri...and everytime you press X, your character attacks with a sword, when you press Tri he attacks with his bow. As well as that! by holding down R2 or L2 you get eight more slots so in total, 3x4 slots = 12 slots to equip weapons and magics. Potions are assigned to the you got 4 slots there to play around with tooooooo.
- The devlopers seriously had some fun making this game. There's lots of humour, such as a jokes on gravestones (which you can read), there's even a quest which lets you watch a cutscene of a metal music band playing their songs...great! And for a quest you have to gather all of the Sacred 2 deelopers and give them a kick up the back side so that'll get onto working on Sacred 3 - a great and fun quest where you can vitually snoop around the Sacred 2 Headquarters!!!!
- Someone else wants to play with you? All they have to do is turn on a controller and press start...and they're in, they want to leave, just the opposite basically. So easy to get friends to play with you...the online modes great too...up to 4 players. Each player can go their seperate way/s, play a campaign, free play or even P2P.
- Customize your own spells! Do you want your fire bolt to have a chance at burning the enemy? Or be able to hit more people at once? Increase the range? Or reduce the time it takes to regenerate? ALL spells allow you customize them.
- Customization!!!! Wow. You can customize weapons to the max. Some weapons and armour have slots where you can add bonus's to them (such as poision damage, fire damage etc) and enhance them. In the end, you have loads of customization of weapons and armour!!!
- Trophies. For the games I've got this has the MOST TROPHIES. Granted there are some very hard trophies but they're all achievable and there's plenty for the trophy hunter in ya...or just for something to aim for!

Alais, its not all good news for this game, I'll tell you why:
- I brought this game because people said you can do four player LAN (2 people on 2 PS3s)...but you can't. Meh (but if you can 4 PS3s you can do 4 player LAN
- Limited choice of characters and hardly any customization of them.
- What I felt was the 'point' of RPGs, but the makers managed to suck the fun out of picking up new weapons and armour. They're presented in a list format altough you get a picture, its not as fun as in say Champions, Balders gate, Dungeon Seige and even the PC version of the Sacred 2
- The tutorial is poor and for things like getting new spells and encharting weapons you are left in the dark. A step by step guide would make this game a lot easier to master.
- YOU CAN'T STOP LITERALLY!: Because you can't pause it. Posibliy one of the most annoying things about this game, you can't pause it - probabaly because they wanted it mainly as a online only title...even though...a pause function would be great...

In short, if you're a fan of RPGS partically Champions, you'll find it a great investment. The game is almost endless and with two different campaigns it will keep you occupied for a very very VERY long time....
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