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Offered by Sent2u
Price: 5.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars If everyone heard this it would bring world peace, 15 Feb 2004
This review is from: Dummy (Audio CD)
this was one of the first albums I purchased on CD in about 1997 when I was 15. It has truly stood the test of time as a uniquely elevated record which is both original and truly perfect in its ability to harness emotions as well as being so versatile you could play it loudly in the garden on a summers night, or enjoy it in a candle lit bedroom at medium levels- it works like a wandering star. Every praise of this record is fair, so if you think you don't like this kind of music just give it an extra chance and you will (it might be categorized as trip hop, but its far too good for categories).

Bran Van 3000, Glee [Audio CD] Bran Van 3000
Bran Van 3000, Glee [Audio CD] Bran Van 3000

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5.0 out of 5 stars Under-rated to the Nth Degree, 27 Jan 2004
Deserves much more recognition than just being 'the band that produced that one hit wander that was used in a fancy beer advert'.
This is one seriously enjoyable journey in sound and lyric. It takes a while to get into the album as a whole, but is extremely worth while, as it turned into the soundtrack of a whole period of my life. Its an album to put on when you need uplifting without being too lighthearted as there;s some serious stuff alongside the wit, and some luxurious basslines, beats and tunes to get your teath into. Tracks 'Forest' and 'Afrodisiak' stand out to begin with and remain my faves, but the whole album just cruises through nicely, works particularly well with the sun shining through a mountain apartment or late at night at your house party.
If you like ecclectic styles, you'll love this!

We Love Life
We Love Life
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.89

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Sunrise You Will Hear, 24 Jan 2004
This review is from: We Love Life (Audio CD)
This is one under rated album, its an absolute masterpiece of originality in sound and lyric, that I wander why I see it discounted all the time. The tracks 'Wickerman' and 'Sunrise' alone are worthy of 5 stars. This is why the couple of tracks I still haven't porperly got into (roadkill and I Love Life) don't bring down the mark. This is a modern, relevant masterpriece that has all the emotions expressed in a genious way. Please get it, you deserve it.

Lazer Guided Melodies
Lazer Guided Melodies
Price: 5.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars Life Affirming - I Want You!, 23 Jan 2004
This review is from: Lazer Guided Melodies (Audio CD)
Discovered this record only five weeks ago, having never heard any other Spiritualized tracks before. This is something seriously special and life affirming.
It is truly powerful and features a perfect fusion of electrical psychedelic scapes with edibly pure guitar beneath the floatiest, transcending vocals you could ever wish for.
Really cannot understand why this is not a more famous record as it is truly inspirational, should be up there with the other 90's classics, maybe its just too good.
Laser Guided Melodies is timeless, original and beautiful and would say it is accessible to anyone who's got as far as reading this review.
Favourate tracks so far are 'Run' and 'I Want You'. WOW!

Let It Come Down
Let It Come Down
Price: 6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Wheres the spirit gone?, 23 Jan 2004
This review is from: Let It Come Down (Audio CD)
Having been absolutely blown away by Laser Guided Melodies, which is their first record I believe, the desire to purchase every record they have released was overwhelming.
Today I bought Let It Come Down after having listened to Laser Guided Melodies constantly for four weeks. The anticipation was very high, unfortunately my lack of knowledge of the band set me up for quite a shock.
I had no idea that this would sound so utterly different from Laser Guided. I hate to be disappointed but I am. This is not a bad record if gosbel-jazz-folk fusion music is your kind of thing and it does sound like a lot of craft and skill has gone into this record. However, to me, this just sounds like a different band altogethor from the Spiritualized that produced Laser Guided Melodies which was so exciting. Now I'm not sure whether to buy any other albums or just stick to the original masterpiece of sonic euphoria that is Laser Guided Melodies. Or maybe I am just conservative and can't take such a serious change in dirction...

Gorillaz: Phase One - Celebrity Take Down [DVD] [2005]
Gorillaz: Phase One - Celebrity Take Down [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Gorillaz
Price: 16.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, Clever and Cheeky Animation to be enjoyed, 8 Jan 2004
This DVD is seriously worth having as its made excellent use of the interactivity which the format allows. Attention to detail is amazing, travelling from one menu to the next is like an entertaining journey in its self. Gorillaz are an amazingly imaginitive creation musically and visually, this DVD does them justice- Highly Reccomended!

Original Pirate Material
Original Pirate Material
Price: 4.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Heavily-Enchanting, 17 Sep 2003
If you liked the feelings that the film 'Human Traffic' gave you, this is perfect, somehow. Even if you were never part of a club scene or lived in innercity Birmingham, there is something about the atmosphere this album creates which strikes the perfect balance between mild piss-take, with serious undertones which makes for a piece of purely unpretentious, no pressure enjoyment. There are moments of nostalgia inducing subtlety (Weak BEcome Heroes, Its too Late) which are increased if you listen to it after a night out with your good friends. Skinner is a deep observer like me but has the incredable ability to turn those observations into something usefull: a touching and affecting album which suits any mood, especially an -I-dont-know-what-i-feel-like-listening-to-next one.
I gave it a cautious four becuase there's one track about drinking brandy which isn't good, but is swampt under the carpet by the rest. I regret that the new life this will have brought Skinner will render this album a never again classic, making it even more enchanting.

Going Blank Again
Going Blank Again

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5.0 out of 5 stars Leaves you with an elevating feeling of completeness, 17 Sep 2003
This review is from: Going Blank Again (Audio CD)
At first this album seems fairly subtle and can pass you by without real notice if you don't focus on it. Perhaps whilst leaning out of your bedroom window on a sunny day or whilst on a journey through some unusual place with a personal stereo, you'll suddenly feel its power washing over you, sending shivers down your spine, sending you on a journey accross 50 states of mind. Chrome Waves, Track 4, is an amzingly soaring track which makes you realise you're on a journey through time and seems to reflect on your life from a new plane. A spine tingler if ever I heard one! Also Leave Them All BEhind is an absolute classic, a perfect intro to an album of subtle perfection.

Visual Audio Sensory Theater
Visual Audio Sensory Theater
Offered by OnlineMusicFilmsGames
Price: 8.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Overwhelmingly Amazing, 17 Sep 2003
All I can say is, you'll have moments where you'll feel this album so much that you'll want to turn your body inside out to allow every blood cell to absorb the sounds you are hearing.
That happened to me while sitting on a mountain in Morocco whilst listening to this on my personal stereo.
This is coming from someone who likes a lot of different music, Smashing Pumpkins to Lamb, Tool to Dub Reggae, The Doves to Curve, not just some Nine-Inch-Nails-only-industrial-type, although I do ike some of their stuff also!
Overall, please get this album I want more people to have the privilage of hearing it!


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5.0 out of 5 stars A True Grower, It'll Grow To The Top Of Your Collection, 10 Mar 2003
This review is from: Cuckoo (Audio CD)
Start by listening to a track in the middle and you will get a feel for it and tune into to the subtle dynamics of Curve. You'll start to feel the ethereal power of the dynnamic sounds which completment the ultimately catchy tunes, with Halidays pure vocals like a rose-petal bath. The most poppy tune is Superblaster, this would be the ultimate Curve party tune. Spread the word, Curve are so under rated, so many people are missing out on this, I couldn't reccomend it more. If you like anything like My Bloody Valentine, NIN, Depeche Mode, Leftfield, Garbage and the likes you're guarenteed to like this.

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