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Mister B. Gone
Mister B. Gone
by Clive Barker
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars Barker pens a sinsister change-of-pace, 13 Sept. 2008
This review is from: Mister B. Gone (Hardcover)
Clive Barker let's loose his inner demon, literally in a tome reminiscent in tone to "The Yattering and Jack."

"Burn this book." The title character exclaims, and begs, and pleads as he is the book and he is talking to you, the reader. Burn it? No, I found it too entertaining. In fact, When coffee got spilled on mine I quickly ordered a new copy for my library.

The Demon in the book, I won't say how he go there but I will say that when Gutenberg invented movable type and set to print mass quantities of a certain religious text, Hell was not amused and set to stop the event. So, who is Mr. B. Gone and how does he fit into this? Well, he's a demon named Jakabok Botch (not sure the spelling here) who begrudgingly gives up his story -- how he was horrifically burned by his father, escaped hell quite by accident and made his way through our world -- in return for your promise to burn the book when he's done.

This is really a novella, a really long - short story. The only issue I had was the constant rambling about "burn this book" that crops up at every chapter mark, I skimmed over and read the meat of the book instead. Some other people should learn the same trick.

What I find funny is that people give really high-marks to the Audio Book read by Doug Bradly (Pinhead from Hellraiser) and really low marks to actual book. Guess you can't find your own voice!

This is a really good, little, sinister piece that would be right at home in the Books of Blood.

So Read this Book.

Serenity [HD DVD] [2005]
Serenity [HD DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Nathan Fillion
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars I kicked myself for not watching the show!, 18 July 2007
This review is from: Serenity [HD DVD] [2005] (HD DVD)
This movie had me from the opening frames. Not since Star Trek or Star Wars has such an ensemble been cast and such roles, just pushing the archtypes but not cliche's been written for sci-fi. The show, Firefly was one of the best television lost, damned American TV exects never giving good shows a chance to catch on. FOX only aire 11 of 14 episodes of the show, and that wasn't enough to give an audience time to find it.

Usually sci-fi is moronic crap, geek dribble or achiningly boring drama with a special effect or two thrown in for good measure. Firefly was not that at all. It was never dull, usually hilarious and always riveting.

Serentiy Captures the best of the show. The opening is a prequal to the television show, then we move to just after the last episode for the majority of the film.

The movie follows a crew of mercinaries led by two ex-soldiers who lost a war against the homoginized goverment of boring, overly clean people who are also a bit evil. They have a girl onboard who has been altered physically and pyscologically to be a computer-like killing machine in the body of a cute teenager, and her brother who broke her out and is now hiding her. Of course they want here back, but that's not all, there's an race of flesh-eating crazies roaming the galaxy, and how they came to exist is a secret the goverment wants to hide and the crew of Serentiy is about to find.

First, go watch the fourteen episodes on DVD, then see the film. It's great stuff, shame it's all over.

Lord of Illusions [DVD] [1995] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Lord of Illusions [DVD] [1995] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Barker shows hints of what his films could become, 13 Oct. 2004
Losing the strait ahead structure of his first two films Barker draws out his short story "The Last Illusion" (Books of Blood VI aka Cabal) and makes an intriguing prelude to "The Great and Secret Show" Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the D'Amour's second story will ever see the screen.
The story centers around an occult led by nix, a petty demon-like man with some real powers, but little ambition. After he kidnaps a 12 yr old girl, his best learner, Swan, and a small band of followers who see the error of there ways mount a rescue, they seal Nix in an iron mask and bury him in the dessert.
Years latter...
Swan is married to the girl, Dorthea, now a woman, but Nix's followers are ready for the resurrection. Fearing for her safety Swan fakes his own death hoping that when nix returns he'd leave Dorthea alone.
Harry D'Amour, a Brooklyn PI is brought in to determine the possibility of Nix's return and protect Dorthea. Of course D'Amour and Dorthea have heat as she admits nearly immediately that she loved Swan but was not in-love with him. The not-really-dead Swan complicates his own plans by trying to scare Harry off.
Eventually everything falls apart for Swan, his woman is in Harry's arms, his enemies are after him, and Nix is after his soul.
The showdown ensues and is much more satisfying than Hellraiser's non-conclusion.
There's some nifty visuals and enough gore in the superior directors cut. Mostly there's a real feel for fans of the horror-fantasy novels, Weaveworld, Great and Secret Show, Galilee, that Barker is so favored for. This is the only film that feels like his books and feels like it's own world, complete and fully realized.
The film is a bit overly stylized and Barker's stagnant camera and unimaginative set-ups do little to invite the eye in. A better 5.1 mix would have helped sell this as well and the DVD lacks a HD transfer so the contrast and details are a bit grainy.
Over all a solid film that could have benefited from better editing, camera work and a better DVD presentation.
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Vespertine [DVD AUDIO]
Vespertine [DVD AUDIO]

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4.0 out of 5 stars Some DVD audio FAQ seems to be needed here., 30 Sept. 2004
This review is from: Vespertine [DVD AUDIO] (DVD Audio)
I read a lot of confused DVD Audio Buyers.
First, DVD Audio requires a DVD Audio player (not just any dvd with 5.1 can do it) with 6 analog out-puts (one for each channel) and a compatable reciever.
Second, you need to make DAMN SURE the the Dynamic Range Compression option on your DVD player is OFF or NO
Third, you need to make sure there is no Downmix Option checked (reducing the 96khx to 48khz so it doesn't sound crappy through cheap stereos.)
Forth, Digital outputs, Coax & Optical do not, DO NOT carry the uncompressed DVD Audio single, on a downmix.
Fifth, ALL DVD audio has a 2 channel and 5.1 channel 24 bit, 96khz mix and a 5.1 channeld 16 bit 48khz dolby mix, you have to find the right one, and without a real DVD Audio Player and compatable discreet imput receiver you can't.
Last, put the damn thing in and play it set up right, and it will sound amazing.
You might also want to notice that it plays as promised for other reviewers, so it's you and your equipment, not he disk.

Weaveworld / Cabal
Weaveworld / Cabal
by Clive Barker
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars The most complete and amazing journey into wonderland ever., 3 Mar. 2000
This review is from: Weaveworld / Cabal (Hardcover)
Clive Barkers second full-legnth novel is amongst the best of his works. Gathering an assortment of souls for an amazing, harrowing and horror filled adventure into the further relms of the imagination. Weaveworld is a triumph of creativity, a wonderous and engrossing journey into the unknown and into humanity.

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