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Cut Sleeve Boys [DVD] [2007]
Cut Sleeve Boys [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Chowee Leow
Price: 4.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!, 4 Nov 2009
This review is from: Cut Sleeve Boys [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
I don't write many reviews, but I felt compelled to write a positive review for this film since everyone else seem to think it utter rubbish...which it isn't. Now I am gay, but it seems to me that a lot of gay men are taking this film and the issue of campness way too seriously. The film is a laugh, I really liked some of the jokes, the whole thing has a lighthearted feel to it - its not going to win any oscars for acting, but the talent on show here is not that bad all round, plenty of gay films from the US have way worse acting in them (even expensive tv shows, just look at Dante's Cove for gods sake). All I can say is if your going to watch this film with a bee in your bonnet about gay rights and truthful depictions your going to hate it...not because it isn't somewhat truthful, I know enough gays/trannies to know there is some truth in this films characterisations...and the film doesn't say that all gays are camp, etc. There's a couple of fellas in the cast who are gorgeous looking as well. Take the film as a bit of fun, have some wine/beer and popcorn, and don't take yourself or others so seriously, this film doesn't.

The Secret of the Rosary
The Secret of the Rosary
by De Montfort
Edition: Paperback
Price: 3.54

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5.0 out of 5 stars TAN edition, 5 Sep 2009
As far as I know the TAN edition of The Secret Of The Rosary is the only current version which is not infected with JPII's Luminous Mysteries - in other words St. Louis de Montfort's book is untouched and printed as it was written. The only downside to this edition is that the type print is very small...and I needed a larger more easily read typeface for someone with poor eyesight. If you have that problem then you need to go for someone elses edition before Oct 16, 2002 - the dreaded day when JPII interfered with Our Lady. No doubt many of you out there will be of the mind that JPII was the greatest Marian Pope ever and there can be nothing wrong with the Luminous here is the complaint: the Rosary exists because it is a way of praying the Psalter (the Liturgy) with Our Lady for those who can not read (obviously mostly not too relevant these days) or who have no time to say the Liturgy of the Hours (most of us), hence each Ave represents one psalm, and there are 150 psalms, hence 150 Aves. Now JPII has made it up to 200 Aves, representing...NOTHING! Certainly cannot be the psalms...the Luminous Mysteries themselves are clearly real events in Christ's life, but they are put together this way because JPII was a Phenomenologist, and each of these meditations represents a phenomenal moment - something hidden being revealed...Phenomenology is not Catholic, and while the idea of revealing the hidden is not itself bad, the whole concept in these new Mysteries is coming from a non-Catholic way of, like I say, it has the affect of stopping the Rosary be what it is - a Marian Psalter.
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The Blessed Virgin Mary in England Vol. 1: A Mary-Catechism With Pilgrimage to Her Holy Shrines
The Blessed Virgin Mary in England Vol. 1: A Mary-Catechism With Pilgrimage to Her Holy Shrines
by Brother Anthony Josemaria FTI
Edition: Paperback
Price: 12.10

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3.0 out of 5 stars Conservative, not Traditional, 3 Sep 2009
This and its companion volume present a Catholicism in line with the Institute of Christ the King and the Society of St. is primarily a catechism that uses Marian theology/ancient English devotion to Mary as a foundation to leap off and teach this Conservative version of the Catholic faith. Very much follows JPII as the Marian Pope per say. Traditional Catholics with a capital 'T' - Society of St. Pius X by allusion only - are referenced infrequently, but when they are it is a straw man...the author takes a middle ground between what he calls 'Modernists' (which in his language means the extreme liberal crazies) and those dreaded 'Traditionalists' that don't even like the Dogma of the Assumption because it meant a change in, as said, Hermeneutics of Continuity done very, very conservatively. For the most part though 90% of this book is fine and any Traditional Catholic - those who don't like Vatican II and the post-Conciliar Popes novelties - could use it...I use it as reference as it is useful - but not being Conservative in any way or form I would not use it for catechesis since it promotes following Vatican II and the rest upon the assumption the Pope can never do wrong ever, etc. etc. The first volume hasn't much on Marian shrines in England, so no use buying it for info on those...some parts on Marian devotion in England, but quite general.

Rules for Discerning the Spirits (Church Interest)
Rules for Discerning the Spirits (Church Interest)
by Ludovic-Marie Barrielle
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Ignatian Spirituality, 27 Aug 2009
This booklet is a simple but direct explanation of St. Ignatius' teachings on the discernment of the spirits. NOTE: Amazon seem to have the idea that this is of particular interest to gays, but I have been using this exact copy for years and there is absolutely nothing in it about being gay! I can't see why it would be of particular interest to gay people more than hetero people! That aside, I find this exposition simple enough to easily read over and over again and grasp the principles of St. Ignatius and be able to practice them - I really do recommend it, it has turned my life around!

Stay [DVD]
Stay [DVD]
Dvd ~ Ewan McGregor
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.81

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5.0 out of 5 stars A tale of Phenomenology, 17 Dec 2006
This review is from: Stay [DVD] (DVD)
I think the problem people have with this film is that they try and interpret it as a 'story' dealing with 'relationships' in the common sense view. But it is actually an exposition of basic Phenomenological principles: essentially the problems of subjectivity and objectivity, and how the mind discerns these. In its essence it is the same as the Matrix films. It is then a film expounding a philosophical view via drama - hence, the characters don't seem 'real', and overall it is weird. Personally I think a good intro to this method of thinking is the book by Sokolowski, 'Introduction to Phenomenology' - it isn't a history of the philosophy, it just explains in around 227 pages how to think like this (hence it is a good foundation that will enable you to interpret such films). I don't agree with Phenomenology, but this film was a very artistic and thorough expounding of this philosophy, so it get full marks.

The Cave [DVD]
The Cave [DVD]
Dvd ~ Cole Hauser
Price: 2.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent action horror!, 28 May 2006
This review is from: The Cave [DVD] (DVD)
I don't see why so many seem to hate this film - it is a good action film, excellent monsters, and really good ending. Sure the acting will never win any Oscars, but who cares - they just run around in caves dodging monsters...I thought they were really good at running around, getting eaten, and blowing things up. Excellent brainless fun - get a few beers in, popcorn, turn the lights out, and enjoy!

The Good Shepherd [DVD]
The Good Shepherd [DVD]
Dvd ~ Christian Slater
Price: 3.60

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2.0 out of 5 stars nothing brilliant, 21 May 2006
This review is from: The Good Shepherd [DVD] (DVD)
This is OK as a tv movie - the ending is pretty sudden and unexpected - since they didn't give us any clues to who did do it. Mindless viewing to pass the time with. As far as the religious content is concerned it is pretty orthodox, treating the Church with respect.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind--Collector's Edition (two discs) [DVD] [1978]
Close Encounters of the Third Kind--Collector's Edition (two discs) [DVD] [1978]
Dvd ~ Richard Dreyfuss
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good edition, but I want the theatrical version, 28 April 2004
I think this 3rd version is the best so far - no in the spaceship scenes(which ruined everything I had imagined), and one or two other bits thrownin which all round make more sense this time. Nevertheless, I wish theywould also give me the original version, because no matter how good this3rd version is, that is the one I really fell in love with as a 9/10 yearold boy in 1977, or 1978 when it came round Britain - and I want it back. Thankfully I have the early 1980's tv premier of this original version onvideo, the only time the original has ever been shown outside the cinema. Someone please listen to me! Anyway, well worth spending some money on,and the extras are really fascinating.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition [DVD]
Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition [DVD]
Dvd ~ William Shatner
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: 9.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant! Wish had the theatrical version., 28 April 2004
Yes, I think the Director's Edition is very good (I absolutely HATE the new YELLOW titles though), but I wish we could have had included in this the original theatrical version - which was the version I fell in love with, and still love dearly! As for the endless complaints people make about this film being so slow, that is exactly what I love about it - to me this is REAL sci-fi, about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything! Every time I see it it gives me some new idea about reality to ponder - and because it provokes me to think I consider it better than the other Star Trek films, which were just done for entertainment alone. The concepts behind the story are a simplification of Teilhardism (Pierre Tielhard de Chardin), which was very influential around the mid 60's and throughout the 70's. So, whether you like philosophical sci-fi (which I think is the only valid kind) or not (as I guess many don't from the negative stars many have given me above!), this film is far more than entertainment - it is an adult discussion on man's place in the Universe.

The Black Hole [DVD] (1979)
The Black Hole [DVD] (1979)
Dvd ~ Maximilian Schell
Price: 4.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant film, not so fab DVD, 28 April 2004
This review is from: The Black Hole [DVD] (1979) (DVD)
Ever since this came out in 1979, when I saw it at the cinema 3 times age11 (which was alot when we only went to the cinema once a year!), I haveloved this film. So no complaints there...but I do have complaints withthe awful film transfer. You'd think they could clean the original copy,its so full of dust it is unbelievable! It is still better than the tvversions, so worth buying, but it isn't brilliant either. And I agreewith the other reviewer - about time we had a collector's edition...thecomplete lack of any extras was a real downer. Here's hoping eventuallywe will get a DVD edition worthy of the film.
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