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When a Scot Ties the Knot: Castles Ever After
When a Scot Ties the Knot: Castles Ever After
by Tessa Dare
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Loved this book!, 27 Aug. 2015
I gave When a Scot Ties the Knot 4.5 Stars.

I have a severe weakness for marriage-of-convenience stories. It’s one of my favorite tropes in any kind of romance, and I can’t resist a book with even a flavor of it. Arranged, convenient, or even blackmailed marriage, such as this one. So yes. I was definitely interested in reading this book. Add to all this that the heroine had invented a Scottish beau in order to escape a London season, and a man with that named just happened to be real. I was most definitely hooked, and was happy that I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book from the publisher.

The heroine, Maddie, was really interesting. She was all my favorite things. A book lover who was not only imaginative, but also smart. I can never get enough of those types of female leads. It helped that Maddie was also a genuinely nice person. Plus, she had a debilitating fear of crowds, and it made her sympathetic. All this is to say, I was a big Maddie fan.

The hero, Logan, took me a bit longer to like. At first, I was convinced he was selfish. He wanted Maddie’s land, and would even stoop to blackmail to get it. However, he didn’t want it for himself. Instead, he wanted it for all of his men, in order to give them a home. Plus, Logan was a big reader, and in my opinion, we need more heroes in romance who are readers.

The relationship between Maddie and Logan was an interesting one. The story was all about Maddie having invented this Scottish sweetheart with the name Captain Logan MacKenzie, and then discovering that there actually WAS a Captain Logan MacKenzie. The romance took a bit to get going because of the blackmail issue, but once it did? I was all in. Maddie needed someone who would accept her brains and the fact that she had goals outside of marriage, and Logan just wanted a home for his men. Obviously, his goals in life began to change though, since he ended up really wanting Maddie for his wife. The thing I loved about these two together was that they always talked things out, even feelings. Too often, people are scared to reveal deep feelings like fear. This was not the case here, and I truly loved the fact that Logan and Maddie were so up-front with everything.

In the end, this is one of my favorite books of the year. I read it in practically one sitting, and when I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about this novel. Logan and Maddie were really great characters, and the plot never bored me. The only thing I have negative to say is that Maddie’s fear of crowds was never really solved, but that’s a minor issue. I highly, highly recommend this book to historical romance lovers. There was romance, a great set of main characters, and because it’s by Tessa Dare, there was just the right amount of humor. If you haven’t started the Castles Ever After series, go remedy that. It just gets better with each book. ~ Brianna

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.*

The Sacred Bond Series Boxed Set (Christian Romance)
The Sacred Bond Series Boxed Set (Christian Romance)
Price: £4.47

4.0 out of 5 stars Worth a read!, 13 Aug. 2015
This was my first time reading Christian romances and I have to say I enjoyed it. Lots of different scenarios. Worth a read. ~Ava

Her Reunion Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series: Book 3
Her Reunion Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series: Book 3
Price: £1.99

3.0 out of 5 stars good romance, 13 Aug. 2015
I gave Her Reunion Bond 3.5 Stars.

I liked Daniel and Wendy. This was a second chance love story with family and sacrifice. Enjoyed this one. ~Ava

The Doctor's Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series Book 4
The Doctor's Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series Book 4
Price: £2.49

3.0 out of 5 stars Slower than the others but still enjoyable., 13 Aug. 2015
I felt this was slower than the other romances and I didn't feel the connection as much between Boone and the heroine. When they got together at the end I felt it was out of the blue. ~Ava

A Christmas Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series Prequel Novella
A Christmas Bond (Christian Romance): Sacred Bond Series Prequel Novella
Price: £0.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Quick, fun read., 13 Aug. 2015
Quick, enjoyable read that explains the bond and also John's involvement. Liked this one. ~Ava

What You Left Behind
What You Left Behind
by Jessica Verdi
Edition: Hardcover

3.0 out of 5 stars A realistic YA story, 13 Aug. 2015
This review is from: What You Left Behind (Hardcover)
I gave What You Left Behind 3.5 Stars.

The synopsis of this book pulled me in and I had to read it! Ryden has a lot on his plate, more than the average seventeen year old and along with his duties of a single father he is crippled with guilt. My interest in the story was held in the first quarter. I felt for Ryden and I wanted to discover what happened with Meg.

I did like the mystery element with Meg’s notebooks and the secrets she had left behind. I did wish the end result was explored further, Ryden was shocked and confused as expected, but I felt Meg was thought of poorly and I would have liked some closure after Ryden processed things.

The romance was low in the book, and rightly so, this was about Ryden’s journey from a promising football star to a single dad. He had a lot to come to terms with and I could understand that part of his journey. Joni appeared as a friend at first but the underlying attraction was there. I liked Joni and their relationship was fun and just what Ryden needed but I did feel at times it was a bit soon considering all that was going on.

What You Left Behind was an interesting story and different from what is out there. For me, I felt there were lots of threads going on at once and wanted one or two to be the main focus to enable them to create a bigger impact. But with that being said, the writing was enjoyable and the characters likeable. ~Ava

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Better When He's Brave: A Welcome to the Point Novel
Better When He's Brave: A Welcome to the Point Novel
Price: £3.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Love the Point Series, 12 Aug. 2015
“My beast made of gentleness and compassion was made to fit perfectly against his beast made of hardness and fight.”

I’ve been looking forward to the #HotCop’s story since he was first introduced in Bax’s book. I knew Titus was a rough, stoic man and I couldn’t wait to get inside his head.

I love the Point and the environment Jay Crownover has created. The Point is raw, gritty and real. Rainbows and sunshine don’t belong in the Point, oppression and fear is the only things that thrive and I loved it all.

Titus was all the male I expected him to be. He held the whole of the Point on his shoulders, he was the last good man standing, trying to bring order to a lost cause. His determination and passion ticked all the right boxes and I was on team #HotCop all the way.

Reeve was a feisty girl and one that I liked. As it’s been a while since I read Bax’s book I couldn’t really remember Reeve and her involvement in the story, although her actions were summarised in this book, I did wish her backstory was fresher in my mind. I would say Reeve is a girl you will either love or hate. She came back to the Point to make amends and for that I was on her side straight away. Titus was immediately protective of her and I loved their sizzling romance.

Better When He’s Brave was full of action and tension. Enemies were everywhere and no one connected to Titus was safe. This upped the ante and the suspense was high. Titus was as expected the gorgeous rugged hero and I loved it!

If you are a fan of the series then Titus’ story will not disappoint. Get 1-clicking today. ~Ava

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Precise: 1 (Pulling Me Under)
Precise: 1 (Pulling Me Under)
by Rebecca Berto
Edition: Paperback
Price: £4.49

3.0 out of 5 stars something different, 5 Aug. 2015
Precise was a short novella setting the story for the full-length novel Pulling Me Under. Precise wasn’t an easy read and at times it was a little frustrating, as I wanted to shout at the main character and tell her not to let her mum abuse her anymore. With that being said, it’s easy to be an outsider looking in. Kate was ruled by fear and guilt and it would be in no way easy.

Precise gave us a small glimpse of Kate’s life with her daughter and husband Paul, although things ended well there is a sense of foreboding as I believe with Kate’s mother in the background this won’t always be the case.

If you are looking for something a little bit different with a thread of suspense then check this one out. ~Ava

SEAL of Honor (Hornet)
SEAL of Honor (Hornet)
Price: £4.54

3.0 out of 5 stars good action, wanted more from the romance, 4 Aug. 2015
I gave Seal of Honor 3.5 Stars.

I’ve had this book on my list for a while and being in the mood for a little bit of action and suspense I dove in.

Seal of Honor was Gabe’s story, a retired Navy SEAL who formed a hostage rescue team with a group of misfit mercenaries. Gabe was the authorative, stoic type and I liked his character. I think the story line was so full and fast moving that I didn’t really get to know his character as much as I would have liked.

Audrey Van Amee is trying to find his brother after he has been kidnapped. She crosses hairs with Gabe’s team and is taken along for the ride to get her brother back. Now I don’t mind a bit of instalove, if I like the characters I can get on board with whatever they feel but after a whole 48 hours, Gabe and Audrey were declaring love and I was struggling to believe it, especially given the circumstances that surrounded them.

I liked the author’s writing. I found the book easy to read and enjoyed the action element. I loved the dynamic of Gabe’s team and the twists and turns the rescue mission took with a surprise or two at the end. Seal of Honor was a good read I just wanted to feel more between Audrey and Gabe for me to really get their relationship.

If you are looking for a good action packed romantic suspense then you need to check this one out. ~Ava

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Love and Always: A Pound of Flesh Novella 1.5
Love and Always: A Pound of Flesh Novella 1.5
Price: £1.99

3.0 out of 5 stars Sweet Bonus, 4 Aug. 2015
I gave Love and Always 3.5 Stars.

I enjoyed meeting Carter and Kat in A Pound of Flesh therefore I was looking forward to more in this short novella.

Love and Always takes place a few months after APoF ends. As far as storyline goes it was more like a sweet extended epilogue. The bonus was spending more time with Carter and Kat and also the lead up to Max’s story. If you really connected to the characters the first time around then you will love this sweet, romantic bonus. ~Ava

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

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