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HoraDeals(TM) Soft Gel TPU Rubber Skin Case Cover For Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S, Glossy Black Jelly,Including One Microfiber Clean Cloth
HoraDeals(TM) Soft Gel TPU Rubber Skin Case Cover For Apple iPhone 4 4G 4S, Glossy Black Jelly,Including One Microfiber Clean Cloth
Offered by HoraDeals Mall
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5.0 out of 5 stars totally perfect. advise you get black as i heard coloured ..., 8 Oct. 2014
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with these type of bargains you wonder if it's going to be rubbish. 6 months on, totally perfect. advise you get black as i heard coloured ones get mucky. it's saved my phone a load of times...

Hannah Williams & the Tastemakers
Hannah Williams & the Tastemakers
Price: £13.46

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4.0 out of 5 stars Here's What The World Has To Say About This Album - Blogs/Radio/Newspapers/Magazines, 16 Oct. 2012
"It'll rock your socks off" - Giant Step USA

"One of the records of the year" - Return To The Classic SPAIN

"Powerful... Soul lovers, rejoice!" - Ozarts Etc FRANCE

"Stunning... Hannah's performance lifts her on a par with London's Adele & Amy Winehouse." - Soul Guru GERMANY

"Electrifying" The Orange Press AUSTRALIA

"Magnificent" - LoudAt UK

"Magnificent" - Craig Charles BBC Funk & Soul Show UK

"Beautiful and powerful... For those who love soul" - Pause Musicale FRANCE

"Wonderful" - Sherwood ITALY

"The same feeling as when I first heard Etta James" - Dubbe SWEDEN

"If you lapped up the last Sharon Jones album, this one's for you" - Monkey Boxing UK

"Continental Sophistication" - MintSouth UK

"Strong and funky" - Bama Love Soul USA

"The best in raw soul and deep funk" - 1Beat GERMANY

"As good a soul album as you'll hear all year" The Examiner USA

"Snazzy" - Perlich Post CANADA

"A funkbomb" Blues & Soul Magazine UK

Take From Me
Take From Me
Price: £13.67

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4.0 out of 5 stars Same same but different... and better., 8 April 2012
This review is from: Take From Me (Audio CD)
First of all I have to declare that I work with another band that are on the same label as Dojo Cuts. But anyway.

This record came out at the same time as the new Lee Fields album, and I know a lot more people will have bought Faithful Man, but I can say I've got more out of the Dojo jam that Lee's. The Expressions record is just a little confused about what it's musical intention is and so there's an extraneous feel to it, whereas Dojo Cuts have really focussed their sound and built on the understated style of the last album. I bought this on download to see how Record Kicks, which is essentially a vinyls label, approach the modern aspects of the music industry. I'm not a tech guy and I found it pretty easy and the digi was available in FLAC, mp3 and other useful formats, so that's a thumbs up there apart from the money being processed by paypal which will annoy our Wikileaks brothers. (You don't need a paypal account though.)

The drumming patterns are funky and add plenty of busyness to the sound, and so are perfectly complimented by the almost Hip Hop/RnB basslines which funk in and out allowing the backing track plenty of breathing space, letting you take in the snare's ghostnotes for example. Sax and trumpet never split a note, never hang around too long. They're always bang on with fluid hooks, and that's important as it's only them and Roxie who are making the real melodic statements here. The guitar can be soulful, and it can be funky depending on what's needed. For me, the organ's a little low in the mix but that's not the band's fault. And for the first listen or two, you sort of wish it would scream around a little more, but that's the point when you really start to appreciate the dynamism if the Dojo sound. It's all about a concise approach to a genre that can get showy and avant-garde, and that's why they sound so fresh compared to the over-jazzed, JTQ style funk bands that still take up a lot of shelf space in the shop.

As for Roxie Ray, she's just great on this thing. She's soft in places, hard in others, vulnerable sometimes. On the title track, she's resigned and emotional. She starts out soft and the band lay it down calmly, but then the skill of her melodic narrative starts to get you as we hit the second verse and she breaks the soul convention of outright shouting, trading it in for wailing, out of tune through most of the verse. The band fall in with her and we all go into the deep place with them. It doesn't have to be in tune to be right. It's a real joint, with proper songwriting. And that's the Dojo way, there's no shouting, there's no Hammond solo's, there's no sprinting basslines, there's just none of the silly stuff that I think gives the genre it's "retro" or "revivalist" tags in the mainstream. It's modern. It's succinct. It's accessible. It's classy. It's soul soul soul.

Flight of the Ancients
Flight of the Ancients
Price: £7.88

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4.0 out of 5 stars In agreement with the others, 13 Mar. 2012
This review is from: Flight of the Ancients (Audio CD)
Just a quick review to say I totally agree with the four star reviews. This album's solid throughout. Nicely produced. Some lovely arrangements. If you're into you afrobeat or funk or whatever you'll be down with this one for sure. Great record label too, always doing good stuff but unfortunately still not doing mp3 downloads for their vinyl customers which is annoying because i cant take my record player on the tube with me... First and last tracks win it for me

Chinoiseries Pt. 2
Chinoiseries Pt. 2
Price: £15.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars Refreshing Instrumental Hip Hop, 27 Dec. 2011
This review is from: Chinoiseries Pt. 2 (Audio CD)
The Parisian producer apparently went to his native Vietnam on a holiday and found a load of records, brought them back to France and sampled them into hip hop breaks. That was Chin' vol 1, finely exampled by his switch of the "war" sample from 6/8 time to standard 4/4 but lacking a good drum beat. This is vol 2 and I think the best jams are "Gotta Go" and "Mrs Ho" although really I could reel off two thirds of tracks that are my favs like a good art book where you convince yourself that THIS is your fav piece and then you flick the page and you're like, "now this one's my fav," and so on. It's just a refreshing joint right the way through cuz of the different vernacular that he gets from instruments and styles not usually shaped into the genre. Obviously with a departure from the usual, the propensity for it to sound wrong is high, but he really nails pretty much every one. More, he produces the drums and bass maybe to a Dilla standard on a lot of them, with a lot of tape-sounding distortion on those added elements to congrue the dusty samples and also to give that "loud" hip hop sound where it almost feels a bit too big for your speakers, which is a mature thing. Basically the main lesson is that there aren't too many soul samples left and I think hip hop's been getting a bad name not only for the commercialisation and boxer promo talk-up, flopping the fight, but the desperation of the producer's sampling, epitomised by Kanye. They all need to get over to Vietnam and check some new flavours... I could write a lot more but I'll leave it for someone else. 4 or 5 stars.


No Time for Dreaming [Re-Issue]
No Time for Dreaming [Re-Issue]
Price: £10.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly The Best Soul Album of All Time, 17 Feb. 2011
I can't believe nobody has reviewed this yet.

I had What's Goin' On down as the best soul album I'd ever heard until this came out a few weeks ago. Charles Bradley's voice is the definition of soul. Every note he sings is beautiful and is filled with a thousand stories and emotions. The songwriting is classic and timeless; there is the perfect amount of room for all of the instruments to fully find a home in the deep soul rhythms, as heard on the seminal MSB album. Dave Guy and Leon Michels on the horns are the perfect partner for Bradley's voice; imperfect, raw, full of emotion, soulful, powerful, beautifully real. I saw Dave Guy with the Dap Kings a few months ago and he can play just one note, with his whole body into it like a sportsman teeing up a kick, and it's flawless and beautiful. Steinweiss never fails to play the perfect beat that the track needs, I can't think of one ride that's overcooked or anything. Oh and the production is so perfect. Roth & Brenneck. Expect less?

My only, only criticism is that I don't know why they included The Telephone Song, which was a b-side instrumental already released on the MSB album, that should have stayed on the 45's bum.

The Daptone family are so far ahead of everyone else in the soul game that it's getting hard to listen to other records. What is Brenneck going to do next? I'm flying to Amsterdam tomorrow to see them live and I might just ask him. Theyre not even playing a UK date. Clearly noone cares over here.

Anyways just buy it and keep putting soul up.


Price: £11.69

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2.0 out of 5 stars Almost Unlistenable, 6 Dec. 2010
This review is from: Compass (Audio CD)
Multiply and Jim are five stars, fall on the floor amazing. This is largely because Jamie Lidell has an outstanding voice. Those of you who have only heard compass will not know what I mean by this because on this record, his voice is hidden behind a swamp of egotistical production. The basic philosophy seems to have been to sacrifice rhythm, melody, songwriting etc for hi tech trickery post-production. The lack of coherence is annoying, and trying to dissemble all the noises, stops and starts just ruins any kind of vibe. I've been waiting for his latest release for a while now and looking down the cast of characters before listening to it I spotted names like Feist, Nikka Costa, Gonzales. All of these talents, like Jamie, have been wasted on this record. I might also add that a couple of the other reviewers said they liked the soul and funk on this record. I'm not sure if they understand those genres but I would have said it's way more in the left field/avantgarde/electro area.
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Make the Road by Walking
Make the Road by Walking
Price: £13.16

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5.0 out of 5 stars Can't give it anything less..., 10 Nov. 2010
Bought this album quite a while ago now and I can't stop listening to it. The production is pretty much perfect. The musicianship, well it's all the usual suspects, soul musics most wanted. The arrangements are absoloute quality and the best bit is the melody; the hooks kill, and when the horns are taking a breath, Nick Movshon and the others pitch in with probably the most tasteful fills you'll ever hear, looping you perfectly into the next horn line.

The main point is that you can get as much out of this album as you want. It is quality background music, driving music, eating your dinner music, got your other-half over music, in the shower music, dubbing a cut in your movie music, sampling for hip hop music, and even headphones on listening analytically music. Oh yeh, and Tommy made it in his apartment...

Can't give it anything else than *****
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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Price: £12.79

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4.0 out of 5 stars Almost Amazing, 8 Sept. 2010
This review is from: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Audio CD)
There's no doubt that they're unique, special and talented, but for me it cant be 5 stars because the production's just boring. Horns should never be recorded to a computer (digital) because you lose the top harmomics, always onto a nice fat tape (analogue) and the drums are sooo flat. I heard the band on Jools Holland and the drums were nice and juicy, but they clearly did the drums with a million microphones in a small, dead room, digital. This release should have been a free-for all sounding, energetic party, but the conservative recording techniques just restrained the feel and killed the vibe.
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Universal Masters Collection
Universal Masters Collection
Offered by SmokeCDs
Price: £7.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Motown Ever, 6 Jun. 2009
Better than the Supreme's in my opinion. I'm yet to hear thicker, bigger backing harmonies than the Vandellas. Seminal motown and soul. If you're looking for a taster, check Jimmy Mack out.

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