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Cheapest Android Retina Display (2048 x 1536) - NEW Polatab Elite Q9.7" Android 4.2 (JellyBean) - 2GB RAM - Tablet PC with RETINA DISPLAY (2048 x 1536) QUAD-CORE CPU - POWERFUL GPU - 16GB STORAGE - SLEEK DESIGN - BLUETOOTH - FLAT 50% OFF - LIMITED TIME OFFER (Black Front)
Cheapest Android Retina Display (2048 x 1536) - NEW Polatab Elite Q9.7" Android 4.2 (JellyBean) - 2GB RAM - Tablet PC with RETINA DISPLAY (2048 x 1536) QUAD-CORE CPU - POWERFUL GPU - 16GB STORAGE - SLEEK DESIGN - BLUETOOTH - FLAT 50% OFF - LIMITED TIME OFFER (Black Front)

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great value tablet - but needs some tweaks to improve battery life (if you are not afraid to root!), 27 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I ordered from BE Tablets 19th May 2014, very speedy despatch and delivery - received an email it had shipped on the 20th and it arrived 22nd. Overall I am very happy with the tablet for the price. There are a couple of points I found that might help others who have purchased this tablet:

- Battery life initially was very short – I watched the battery level drop like a stone – over 25% in one hour just from light web browsing over wi-fi. The battery status in settings advises that ‘Cell Standby’ was the biggest culprit. This rang alarm bells as this was an issue with the early Chinese android tablet I had back in 2010. A quick search showed this to be the case – it still has the phone and telephony apks and is constantly searching for a cell signal but of course there is no cell radio. I rooted the tablet easily (using Kingoapp), installed a root explorer (eg ES File explorer), did a search for any phone or telephony apks in the system folders and renamed them (eg phone.apk.old). The next time I charged the tablet the ‘cell standby’ no longer appeared in the battery status and the battery life seems improved.

- Suggestions made by other reviewers to improve battery life still apply – use in airplane mode with wi-fi enabled, restrict background data, reduce screen brightness, turn off synchronisation of user accounts (email, google etc.)

- USB charging – before disabling the phone apk’s above, plugging in the USB cable the tablet screen indicated it was charging, however the battery level continued to drop, so it didn't seem to work. However it seems that the phone apks were draining the battery faster than the USB cable could charge it. After removing the phone apks I was able to fully charge the tablet using a USB cable while the tablet was not in use. However if I played a video with the USB cable plugged in the battery level still dropped (by about 5% per hour of video played) so you would need the mains charger plugged in for heavy use over a long period of time.

- I’ve had a few issues using an external 32gb SD card in the micro SD card slot– it sometimes lags and freezes when opening anything stored on the card, eg gallery or file explorer. I have to un-mount and mount the SD card again or reboot the tablet to get it to work. My SD card worked fine in my old android tablet.

- Internal storage – although the tablet is advertised as 16gb there is only circa 12gb available for you to use as storage (as is the norm with any android tablet - the rest taken up by operating system programs)

- Ethernet internet connection – worked fine when connecting an Ethernet cable via USB connector into the USB slot

- Adobe Flash player 11 comes pre-installed so video works on websites (eg BBC news) however BBC iPlayer does not work from website (you have to use the app, which is better any way as you can download TV programs (if made available by the BBC) and save them to watch later when off-line).

- Screen protector – comes fitted so perfectly you can’t even see it is there – other than a tiny circle cut out over the front camera lens.
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Taking Forward the Primary Curriculum: Applying the 2014 National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2
Taking Forward the Primary Curriculum: Applying the 2014 National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2
by Roy Blatchford
Edition: Paperback
Price: £10.08

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5.0 out of 5 stars A Great Little Book, 15 Nov 2013
I enjoyed reading the book, it helped us to begin thinking about the new Primary Curriculum for 2014. I thought it was so good, I ordered a copy for every teacher at my school.

5'' Android 4.0 3G tablet smart phone MTK6575 Cortex A9 1GHz CPU dual SIM dual standby WIFI GPS Star N8000 Flash player 11, new google play store (black, white, pink)
5'' Android 4.0 3G tablet smart phone MTK6575 Cortex A9 1GHz CPU dual SIM dual standby WIFI GPS Star N8000 Flash player 11, new google play store (black, white, pink)

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great first Android phone, 18 Sep 2012
This phone caught my eye as it has been in the top 5 phones sellers on Amazon for a while now and seemed to have overall positive reviews, so I thought I would take the plunge to replace my old phone. Like others who have reviewed, I only have a SIM only contract and can't bring myself to pay £400 for SIM free handset (I would be terrified of losing or dropping it).

If you already use a Samsung or iPhone then you probably won't be as impressed with this phone as I was. However my previous phone being a Nokia 5800 this is a major upgrade! This phone was easily better than a Galaxy Ace that I bought but returned as I wasn't happy with the call quality or music player sound quality. It also compares favourably to my Archos android tablet in terms of speed and response time. I was a little concerned about the size being too big but it is that fraction smaller than the Note that it doesn't look silly when holding it or making calls. The screen size is wonderful if you have found yourself squinting at smaller phones to read the numbers and text etc.

The phone recognised a T mobile SIM after inserting it and switching on and I was able to make a call straight away. The call quality was perfectly adequate. One swipe on the notifications bar at the top of the screen and selecting `enable data' and I was able to browse the web and download apps from Google Play over the SIM's internet connection. I put in my 16gb micro SD card (a 256mb card is already included in the slot) and it scanned it straight away and found all my photos and music. I tested the music player and after tweaking the audio mixer settings the sound was fine, possibly not as good as my old Nokia but easily as good as the Galaxy Ace. Enabling wifi and it found my home wifi signal and after entering the password was connected. As others have mentioned the wifi signal isn't that strong, I was only in the room next to my router and the signal strength was showing less than 50%, whereas my Archos tablet shows it at 80-90%.

The phone arrived in 15 days from order date to central London from Drakotek, this included 2 weekends so 11 working days. A China Post tracking number was supplied at the time of despatch though I couldn't get this to work on any websites I tried. However after emailing Drakotek they responded the same day advising me when the package had left China, though they did not seem to be able to track it within the UK Royal Mail system.

Overall am very happy with the phone - its just such amazing value.

8" Android 2.3 WiFi 3G GPS 6-Point Capacitive Dual Camera Tablet PC MID
8" Android 2.3 WiFi 3G GPS 6-Point Capacitive Dual Camera Tablet PC MID

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3.0 out of 5 stars First review - updated, 16 Nov 2011
I ordered this and it arrived in only 7 days from date of ordering which was very impressive bearing in mind Tomtop are based on China (which I didn't notice when I ordered!) So this is going to be very expensive to ship back to China as I want to return it. The supplier has been very responsive and helpful in email correspondence.

Android version running is 2.3.3 and the Model shows in settings as EM86. I haven't been able to find much about this model searching on the internet and have not been able to locate any USB drivers for it but the supplier has emailed me to say they will try and find these for me. No CD or user manual of any kind was included in the package.

Good points: The screen is fantastic compared to a resistive screen I have on my current tablet. Very responsive and sensitive. Definitely a capacitive screen - responds to the lightest touch. Also pinch and zoom works great when web browsing, viewing pictures etc. Also very speedy and snappy response in opening apps and switching between screens - again compared to my current tablet which is a year old.

Bad points: Official Android Market is installed and lets you search and find apps - BUT nearly every app I have found gives me a message `not compatible with your device' and will not let you install it. This included Youtube, BBC iPlayer and Adobe Flash Player. You can install apps from SD card as App Installer software is preloaded. However the main reason I want an Android tablet is to access the Market so this is why I am returning it. I also had a few issues with the Flash player. Flash 10.3 comes installed but I couldn't get any websites to play videos until I resinstalled it (again from SD card using App Installer). I still couldn't get BBC iPlayer website to play - message `cannot play this video' was shown, though news website DID play video which was odd.

Other downsides to consider, the unit weighs nearly 600g which is heavier than my old tablet. Anything over 500g is quite hefty on the wrist to use as a bookreader.

I haven't tried anything else like the built in 3g SIM slot, GPS or camera as I couldn't get past the problem with the Android Market.


Update - I have done some further testing while waiting for the supplier to update me.

It appears there is no firmware update to fix the Market problem. At first the supplier informed me the RAM is insufficient to download large apps but will allow small apps. However this makes no sense. Not only do I get the `incompatible with your device' error message for some small apps, I tried to install an earlier version (2.2.7) of Market apk on this tablet and it installed all the apps I previously had a problem with. Of course this is a temporary fix because as soon as you reboot the tablet the Market automatically updates to the newer version 3.3.11 so you would have to reinstall the old Market everytime you wanted to install a new app. It seems the version of Market installed on this tablet requires some compatibility criteria which is not present on the ROM.

I have tested the 3G connection and am pleased to report it works perfectly. I `enabled 3g' in wireless settings and inserted my T-mobile SIM card from my mobile phone, and the network was recognised instantly, an APN was created automatically and I was able to web browse straight away. There does not seem to be any dialler or phone software installed so I am not sure how you would be able to make phone calls as the product description describes (although Nimbuzz does work for audio calls). I tried calling my SIM number from another phone while it was inserted in the tablet and just got a `number unavailable' message. A word of warning, make sure you insert the SIM card in the right way round as it is a very tight fit and there is no room to get tweezers or anything in the slot to help remove it. The SIM card and memory cards fit in flush with the edge of the tablet and you have to push it in a long way with a fingernail to click it to engage and release it.

Battery life is decent - AVI video file plays for approx 5 hours at auto brightness and 50% media volume while on airplane mode. However battery use says 80% has been used by mobile standby during this time which is odd. This was with 3g switched off.

Other working apps:
- Google street view (will also download from the installed Market)
- USB drivers - got device to be recognised in USB debugging mode with PDAnet

Not working:
- Skype video calls (also get force close error trying to use camera after installing. Had to uninstall and factory reset to get camera working again)
- Ad-hoc wifi not recognised

TDK BD-R 6x 25GB Blu-ray Disc J/C (T78056)
TDK BD-R 6x 25GB Blu-ray Disc J/C (T78056)
Offered by Branded and New
Price: £4.50

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3.0 out of 5 stars This item is for a single disc!, 4 Oct 2011
Be aware that the 6x referred to in the description means the speed of the disc. There are not 6 individual discs in this item, there is only a single disc. Although shipping is free it took 7 working days (12 days from date of order) for it to arrive in central London.

God's Battleaxe
God's Battleaxe
by Richard Lee Bradshaw
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £23.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Meticulously researched, 10 Jan 2011
This review is from: God's Battleaxe (Hardcover)
The first full length published biography of John Bradshawe, one of the most renowned men of the seventeenth century. A detailed and comprehensive account of the life of the ordinary man who sentenced King Charles I to death, including reference sources, quotes and illustrations. The product of over 20 years painstaking research by the author standing as a tribute to his patience and determination in bringing to life this often overlooked chapter of history.

Melanie C: Live Hits [DVD]
Melanie C: Live Hits [DVD]
Dvd ~ Melanie C

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2.0 out of 5 stars Surround sound problems?, 10 Nov 2006
This review is from: Melanie C: Live Hits [DVD] (DVD)
I ordered this disc and had to return it as it would not play properly. The replacement DVD had the same problem so I returned that also for a refund.

The disc is marked 'DTS' sound but it has no DTS soundtrack. There is a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack but this only worked on the 'acoustic' set. I could not get any sound on the 'electric' set unless I selected the 'stereo' sound option.

I also experienced jerky and frozen video on the first track of the 'acoustic' set which made it unwatchable.

I have no problems with any of my other DVDs and they all play fine either in DTS, Dolby 5.1 or stereo on my surround sound system. So I don't think it is my DVD player at fault. I hope that there is not a faulty batch of discs out there. It was very disappointing as I had been looking forward to watching this DVD.

You Belong To Me
You Belong To Me
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £7.09

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4.0 out of 5 stars We Belong To You, Jane, 4 Mar 2005
This review is from: You Belong To Me (Audio CD)
It's been a 3 year wait since Jane's last studio album (2001's 'Love at the Movies') - not counting 2003's 'The Collection' - a bizarre hybrid of Jane's 2nd and 3rd albums, which contained not a single track from her first platinum selling album! It's been even longer since fans heard any new original material ('Love at the Movies' being entirely cover versions).
This new album, called 'You Belong to Me' is a two part concept. The first 10 tracks are cover versions - Jane's salute to great ladies of song - Dusty Springfield, Connie Francis, Petula Clark, Sandie Shaw among others). Jane is known for her interpretation of great ballads and she doesn't disappoint here - the intonation of her voice and arrangement on the title track (originally recorded by Jo Stafford) is sublime. However there are some upbeat numbers to lift the mood - the fun 'Where the Boys Are', the cheeky 'Kiss Me, Honey Honey' (originally recorded by Shirley Bassey) and the infectious Brazilian rhythms of 'Blame it on the Bossa Nova'.
However the real treat for Jane fans is the second part of the album which comprises 4 self penned songs. 'I see It in Your Eyes' is a beautiful duet (performed with Nik Page who also is a support act with Jane on tour) which Jane penned about the heartache of the break-up of her marriage to Henrik Brixen. 'When I look at You' and 'Kiss Me One more Time' are also ballads which show the depth and maturity Jane has achieved in her song writing skills since the turgid 'Some You Win, Some You Lose'. The final song has insightful revealing bitter sweet lyrics (written about the sham of the public face of her marriage) which would be uncomfortable to listen to had they not been set to a loud jazzy Latin 'shake your maracas' type beat. Interestingly this is a different mix to the first version of the song which was released on a 4 track sampler only available at Jane's 2003 concerts. Another track from this sampler, the gospel inspired 'Let the Light In' unfortunately did not make it to the final cut of this album, making that 4 track promo a real collector's item.
Jane has been promoting this album with an extensive UK tour. Jane live is an experience not to be missed. Of course you see the humorous, down to earth Yorkshire woman who can chatter and entertain between songs. But it's always been about the voice - the power and clarity that captivates and enthrals. Too bad Jane is not on stage as long as on previous tours - the half hour set by Nik Page before Jane's show limits the duration of Jane's appearance. The show is also overwhelmingly medley orientated with very few full length songs performed, even of Jane's popular self-penned numbers. The placing of the downbeat 'tissues at the ready' section just before the finale also jars the rhythm and pace of the concert making it difficult to switch moods to the camp disco medley which wraps up the show - the sad section would have been best suited at an earlier point in the show. And where was Sue Ravey, Jane's long-time backing singer and best mate? No explanation or mention was made. However a few gripes aside, Jane still gets the audience standing and cheering by the end - for one reason, her voice is still awesome and the reason we are still fans after all these years. Another good reason to go to the concerts is to buy the new DVD which is not in the shops and only available on tour - containing a new film 'Being Jane' by Chris Terrill (who made the BBC 'Cruise' series which brought Jane to fame) documenting the ups and downs of life with Jane on her 2003 tour - the first since she split with her husband. It's gritty and sometimes upsetting but it's an honest account and clearly a gift Jane has made for the fans - within it she addresses the fans directly and thanks them for all their support over the years. Well Jane, thank you for that voice. You're our world and we belong to you.
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