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Elvis '56 [DVD]
Elvis '56 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Elvis Presley
Price: £5.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars THE ELVIS PRESLEY REVOLUTION !, 16 Mar. 2012
This review is from: Elvis '56 [DVD] (DVD)
The year 1956 is when the music world was turned upside down. The dreary black and white world became exciting colour. And a 21 year old American embarked on his legendary road from rags to iconic stardom and universal popularity.

1956 was the defining year for Elvis Presley - and for Rock'n'Roll.

The effect Elvis Presley had on the world is deep and undeniable. He literally changed our music culture and everything that goes with it. Unless you were around when it happened or are a fan, it may be a little difficult today to grasp this reality. But this DVD goes a long way to visually explain it all.

The documentary was made in 1987 but the performances are all from 1956, and so you should not expect 5.1 surround or even stereo sound. It is very well narrated in a 'southern' style as it graphically takes you on that journey when Elvis Presley became a household name almost overnight through sheer raw talent.

Snippets from his early television performances are here, from the Dorsey Brothers, Steve Allen, and Milton Berle shows to the final Ed Sullivan appearances. Elvis unleashes his devastating unprecedented style onto shocked American television audiences to mixed reactions. What looks like tame body movements today translated to suggestive out and out sexual behaviour back in 1956!

Shake Rattle and Roll, Heartbreak Hotel, Money Honey, Love Me, and Hound Dog are performed almost demonically! He looked possessed! Such were his feelings for the rythym and blues he was performing. Some of these songs were old recordings by earlier bluesmen but suddenly it was like pouring petrol over a naked flame. They brought out the beast in an otherwise very shy and polite young man and it looked like Elvis was plugged into an electric socket. This resulted in anger and protestation from adult America, whilst awe and ecstasy emanated from their children.

Elvis belonged to the teenagers. Suddenly they had a hero of their own. The teenagers won through and the rest is history.

Highly recommended.

Harum Scarum (Elvis Presley) [DVD] [1965] [1956]
Harum Scarum (Elvis Presley) [DVD] [1965] [1956]
Dvd ~ Elvis Presley
Offered by globalmovies
Price: £7.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Hollywood, what were you thinking??, 6 Mar. 2012
Thanks to Hollywood and Elvis' horrendous management, Elvis was pushed to starr in the movie that forever tarnished his acting reputation, and alongside 'Easy Come Easy Go' is unquestionably the worst of all his films.

In this 1965 MGM 'epic' Elvis is resplendent in arabian dress complete with turban, sings some of his less desirable movie songs, disables a leopard with an impressive karate chop, and surrounds himself with arabian harems.

The Plot: Johnny Tyronne the film star (Elvis) is promoting his new film in the Middle East when he is kidnapped by a gang who want to hire him to carry out an assassination. He refuses of course, especially as he has fallen for the target's daughter. And the target is a king if you will. He escapes dramatically and sings his way back to civilization.

Now as you can see from my other reviews I'm Elvis' number one fan but I draw the line at this junction. When presented with a good script Elvis was capable of tremendous acting, as can be seen from many of his other movies, especially the ones between 1956 and 1962. But here Elvis plays into the unmerciful hands of the greedy Hollywood moguls and his old fashioned foolish manager 'Col' Parker, whose only motive was quick dollars. The film took just three weeks to make and grossed $1.5 million only at the box office in 1965 (equivalent to approx $11 million today).

Poor Elvis stood no chance. With a title like 'Harum Scarum' one automatically deduced that this is no 'Titanic'. And releasing it as Harem Holiday in the UK did not help matters, nor did being produced by the king of the quickies Sam Katzman. But the film may appeal to children and you will need this dvd to complete your collection. If you are not a fan of Elvis however, please go and watch paint dry instead.

2 stars instead of 1 because Elvis looked great in the arabian costume. It is widely reported that he liked it so much that he even wore it at home. So, some joy at least for Elvis.

Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis
Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis
Price: £35.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars HELLO MEMPHIS !, 2 Mar. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The one time RCA should've featured an exciting live on stage shot of Elvis on the cover of an Elvis Presley live album, they put a picture of his Graceland mansion instead! Just the front of his home with no Elvis in sight. That's typical lopsided marketing and decision-making by his management in the 70s. The Graceland picture would've nicely adorned the cover of his later 1976 album 'From Elvis Presley Boulevard' instead.

Anyway, that's my one and only gripe with this superb album. The concert itself is legendary. Elvis had not performed in Memphis since 1961 and this was his first concert in his hometown since then. Expectations were high and it is such a blessing that this concert was recorded, because it tops all concerts. Elvis was keen to be there for his people and they were just ecstatic to see him. Together with the audience, Elvis and his slick TCB band almost blew the roof off the Mid South Coliseum. They really never sounded better.

Elvis' regular bassist Jerry Scheff had been replaced by newcomer Duke Bardwell and a new backing vocals group recently discovered by Elvis himself also join the band on stage, in addition to the existing vocals. He proudly named them 'Voice'.

Elvis rocked like never before, and every song performed was done as only Elvis could - more especially the rock'n'roll and gospel numbers. They were beyond fantastic. Just listen and you'll see what I mean.

In 1974 Elvis was 39 years old, divorced, and wealthy. And though no one knew it, he had just three years to live. He would spend those final years playing live to screaming audiences all over America, as if trying to perform in every city of every state. He would play Memphis again in '75 and '76, but this concert has to rank as one of the best he ever performed. Elvis delivers rock'n'roll, gospel, blues, and country with hits mainly from his catalogue.

The album featured here is the restored and enhanced version of that concert first released in '74, with additional songs previously absent and with the distracting audience screams and noise dramatically reduced and cleaned up. Elvis wore his Ace of Spades jumpsuit for this show, better known now as the Memphis 74 suit.

This is an historic performance and deserves to be an essential part of your collection.

Stay Away Joe [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Stay Away Joe [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £4.22

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4.0 out of 5 stars IT'S FULL OF BULL . . . !!, 14 Feb. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
. . . . yes, but don't let the title of my review keep you away!

This is Elvis' craziest film with a very loose and loony plot about Joe the bull-riding cattleman, and his loopy family and friends. And about a bull (I kid not).

I found it a little hard to follow what's going on in between all the wrestling, fighting, and wild partying. And so will you but it doesn't matter. You will get a kick out of all the hilarity, the slapstick, and the ongoing 'horsing' around between Joe (Elvis) and his crazy friends (even a few of Elvis' real-life friends have parts in this film.)

Oddly, there's just a few songs featured in this 1968 movie. Though they make fairly pleasant listening, they are written for the movie strictly, and apart from the title track none are much to write home about.

Another thing that will not escape you is how fantastically good and slender Elvis looks. If there ever was an example of human perfection, you will find it here. Elvis really never looked better. His Cherokee blood from his mother's ancestry is also glaringly evident in this movie.

Apart from the original theatrical trailer, there is no bonus material included in this dvd. Still, an all round pleasant and quite funny Western with beautiful Grand Canyon scenery. Just lose your inhibitions (and your mind) for ninety minutes.

I recommend it.

Easy Come, Easy Go [DVD] [1967]
Easy Come, Easy Go [DVD] [1967]
Dvd ~ Elvis Presley
Price: £4.46

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2.0 out of 5 stars Certainly not Elvis' best !, 3 Feb. 2012
It would be impossible to convince a film buff with this movie that Elvis Presley was a good actor and the highest paid in Hollywood for a time during the '60s. Even more difficult is explaining to someone after watching this that Elvis is Rock music's most influential superstar.

And we have the joint collaboration of Hollywood and Elvis' foolish manager to thank for that.

This must be, without any hesitation or doubt, the worst movie featuring Elvis Presley ever. And this is very hard for a devout fan to admit. Most fans claim that Harum Scarum is the worst but in my honest opinion and with a lot of pushing and shoving this takes the prize, with Harum Scarum a very close second.

As the script goes, Ted Jackson (Elvis) and Skip are deep sea divers competing for lost treasure from a sunken ship. After an underwater fight with Skip, Ted Jackson salvages the treasure. There is a twist to the plot at the end but in the meantime you see Elvis walking in and out of places going nowhere, while talking and singing to whoever he comes across.

Obviously this is no Titanic as the film took two weeks to make and grossed just under $2 million (around $15m today.) By 1967 , Elvis had already proven that with a decent script he was a brilliant and believable actor. But no one, no matter how good, can ever make this drabbiest storyline decent. No one. Not even Marlon Brando at the time could have done anything with this horrendous script. Elvis, as he had proven in his earlier films, could have handled challenging scripts had he been given the opportunity. Instead, he was tragically committed by his crooked manager and Hollywood to churn out such mediocre fodder. In turn, these movies challenged his reputation.

If you like Elvis, get this film to complete your collection. If you're not a fan of Elvis (they do exist), please don't bother. And how did you end up here :-)? The ones he made between 1956 and 1962 are his best and showcase Elvis as a brilliant actor.

Finally, 2 stars because the songs aren't as bad as the film.

Elvis At Sun
Elvis At Sun
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars . . . . . . ' I SING LIKE NOBODY ', 3 Feb. 2012
This review is from: Elvis At Sun (Audio CD)
That was Elvis' reply in 1954 when he was asked who he sang like as he walked into Sun Studios before laying down the first world changing tracks.

And he wasn't kidding. He really didn't sound like anybody.

The tracks 19 year old Presley recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee were mostly blues and country songs he had listened to while growing up in Tupelo and Memphis. But when you compare his versions with the original records, they are DIFFERENT. Elvis revamped and energised those tracks like a demon on fire. They sounded completely NEW and turbo-charged.

There was nothing wrong with the original songs of course but this good looking blue-eyed hyper with a strange magnetic voice injected adrenaline into every syllable. And he did it with just his own battered acoustic guitar, Scotty Moore on electric guitar, Bill Black on stand-up bass, and later, the most basic of drums played by D J Fontana.

And that's it. The fuse was lit and the world's not been the same since - Elvis Presley turned it upside down and set it on fire. Songs like That's All Right Mama, Mystery Train, Good Rockin' Tonight, and an electrifying Tryin' To Get To You still bleed today.

Reviewing each track is pointless but I can state that even though I was many years from being born, I am transported back to the mid 50s with every single track. I can even hear the freight trains and smell the tennessee swamps. It is no overstatement to suggest that music history was rewritten with just these recordings.

If you were forced to throw away your entire CD collection but allowed to keep just one, then this is the one to keep. Because this is:

. music history in the actual making.
. the very beginning of modern day pop and rock.
. the music that kicked down race barriers.
. the man who gave teenagers an identity.
. the man who literally changed American and western culture.

This IS Elvis Presley.

Buried [Blu-ray]
Buried [Blu-ray]
Dvd ~ Ryan Reynolds
Offered by HarriBella.UK.Ltd
Price: £6.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars C A P T I V A T I N G !, 29 Jan. 2012
This review is from: Buried [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)
A well made 2010 film, with a difference. A guy buried in a wooden box. But he's alive - that's the difference! And that terrifying scenario makes up the entire film. Yes, the entire film!! But I was 'captivated' for that duration. And I really couldn't wait to get to the end.

I found myself closing my eyes and stopping my breath for as long as I could, trying to feel what the guy was going through. Cremation came to mind several times as a preferred method of eventual disposal. Anything but the horrifying risk of being buried alive.

Not a film that one can watch more than once (or twice if you're stuck on a desert island), but I still suggest that you see it, unless you suffer from severe claustrophobia or depression, in which case decline all offers at all cost.

One thing is for sure though - you will thank God for your existence after seeing this. Your complaints about life in general will subside too (for a while though), 'cos you now know that things could be much much worse.

Another certainty is that you will not forget this film. It will haunt you for a long time. Have fun!

Girls! Girls! Girls! [DVD]
Girls! Girls! Girls! [DVD]
Dvd ~ Elvis Presley

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3.0 out of 5 stars A GOOD CATCH !, 19 Jan. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Girls! Girls! Girls! [DVD] (DVD)
I like this 1962 film. With a title like that you know it's going to be at least a fun movie. Certainly not one of Elvis' best, but not as bad as some that he was to starr in later.

Without going into the very light-hearted plot much, be prepared to have ninety minutes of sun, sea, and song. Lots of girls too. Elvis, a deep sea fisherman more passionate about the boat he works on than the many girls he encounters everywhere he goes. But wait, there's more. There is a story line in there too, and fantastic scenery to boot (other than the girls of course). Oh and Elvis performs an interesting dance scene with his lady.

As you might expect, there are many 'made to fit' songs in this movie. Not the real Elvis songs of course, but songs manufactured strictly for the plot with the exception of Return to Sender. And the song titles are worse than the actual songs. I honestly enjoyed them (and I am a rock and R&B fan). I even found the ill-famed Song of the Shrimp endearing. A sweet and simple story of a shrimp sung with a soft Calypso beat on a boat. You can even see Elvis shake his head in disbelief and almost throws his guitar into the sea as he sings this song, but I actually like it. I admit: I LIKE SONG OF THE SHRIMP !!! There, it's off my chest now and I feel better for saying it.

It is worth reminding ourselves that Elvis did not write the scripts or the songs. Hollywood did. Anything you don't like about any of Elvis' legendary movies, blame Hollywood. But mostly blame his greedy over-bearing manager, 'col' Tom Parker. He put all the deals together!

Another bit of movie info, did you know that Jackie Wilson (a great soul singer to the uninitiated) was off-camera and sitting in the audience while they were filming the Return to Sender song scene? Elvis admired him much and even copied some of his dance moves for fun in the scene. You can even see Elvis turning towards him and laughing with every one of these moves.

Anyway, an all round pleasant film with Elvis looking his early 1960s best.


GEMINI RM-3 Portable recorder
GEMINI RM-3 Portable recorder

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1.0 out of 5 stars Faulty !!!, 14 Jan. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: GEMINI RM-3 Portable recorder
I gladly sent for the Ikey RM-3 when I read what it can do, and it arrived just a couple of days before my departure back to my country of residence. I couldn't wait to transfer my cd collection, or capture our amateur singing nights, onto SD cards.

So imagine my horror when I got back and discovered the damn thing faulty !!

The problem: It plays a pre-recorded SD card normally but records onto SD cards with horrible distortion. I tried every possible means and variation, such as recording from various sources and switching SD cards and so on - all to no avail. Every recording suffered from unbalanced, fluctuating, muffled and greatly distorted sound. I even had an electronics engineer examine it, and he confirmed it was a manufacturer's fault. Grrrrrreat!

I couldn't believe my bad luck. I carried the RM-3 all the way from England, only to be gravely infuriated (didn't even claim back the VAT). Where is the supposed production quality control?? Don't these companies test their products before swamping the marketplace? To make matters worse, I don't have any trips scheduled back to England soon, so have missed the 'return by' date. Still, it will be used as a player only, so not completely redundant.

Lesson learnt: Test what you buy IMMEDIATELY.

Lenovo Z370 13.3 inch Laptop (Intel Core i3 2310M 2.1GHz, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB, DVDRW, WLAN, Webcam, BT, Windows 7 Home Premium) - Black/Silver
Lenovo Z370 13.3 inch Laptop (Intel Core i3 2310M 2.1GHz, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB, DVDRW, WLAN, Webcam, BT, Windows 7 Home Premium) - Black/Silver

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE AT FIRST BYTE !, 13 Jan. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My new Lenovo Z370 is my new best friend. In simple terms, we are now almost inseparable!

It all started with my quest for a 13 inch screen notebook, with minimum requirements of 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, webcam, DVDRW, and wireless connectivity, but I had a flexible budget of £500 in mind. I browsed that spec on Amazon as well as others and, lo and behold, this Lenovo came up as a candidate. It had all the spec I wanted and much more, all for even less than I had loosely budgeted. After researching Lenovo I went for it.

Within a couple of days I realised I had a winner. Fast, light and portable, beautiful to look at, and does all that it is meant to do flawlessly. Battery duration and start up speed (ready and waiting in less than a minute) together with a clever mousepad impressed me more than anything. For the time being I mainly use it for internet work and play, and storing my music collection, personal pictures and videocam archive.

With four months of hitch-free daily use since purchase, I can now confidently recommend this wonderful laptop.

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