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Evolution Under the Microscope: A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution
Evolution Under the Microscope: A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution
by David Swift
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars Well written, efficient academic argument, 21 April 2006
David Swift writes efficiently and academically on this emotive subject. Instead of concentrating on the polar arguments i.e. macroevolution vs design he simply and objectively looks at the facts and intrepretation of them by key scientists such as Richard Darwins. He then presents, not an opinion but a factual biochemical analysis on the possibilities, probabilities and as it turns out the improbabilites if not the impossible. There is no theological discussion regarding the facts although he does show the origins of evolution and darwinism. The first five chapters are useful in that Swift discusses why the Darwinist belief became mainstream but i reccomend you skim over them unless you are particularly interested in the history of science and the Age of Enlightement battles between theology and scientific discovery. One key thing these chapters do show is that whilst with limited scientific technologies one could compare morphology and ASSUME macroevolution occured, it is no longer reasonable or indeed scientific to "forget" or simply "ignore" the behaviour of atoms, amino acids, polypeptides and all the substances that cause the morphology. He rightly argues that one should NOT disregard what we know of biochemistry in order to fit it into the evolutionary hypothesis. This is bad science. After all, one cannot come up with a correct hypothesis by blotting out every single piece of evidence that serves to falsify it. Unfortunately this appears to be common practice in only one field- this one.

Before i bought this book i looked on the American sister site and people criticised it for taking the approach of looking at the HOW not when and where something may or may NOT evolved but this was short-sighted. Swift also looks at abiogenesis and the fossil record neither of which can explain evolution and indeed serve to discredit it. In the past we could only look at the morphology but now we can look at the mechanisms responsible for that phenotypic morphology and just because something looks like something else doesn't mean its related or evolved (think Cyborg and human). Swift only objectively looks at the evidence. He does NOT argue for design but simply rejects the current evolutionary explanation because it doesn't match with the majority of things we know about biology and biochemistry.

I reccomend this book to anyone interested in biology regardless of previous studies. It is however an academic book so those not familiar with this academia may struggle. There are however helpful analogies and diagrams. One must be open-minded and so if you have already made up your mind that Swift is wrong i suggest reading another book e.g. The Blind Watchmaker. If you are willing to open your mind up to the possibility that macroevolution is only a theory and a flawed one at that then this book is worth a shot. I throughly enjoyed it....

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