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Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

5.0 out of 5 stars Everyone should own a Kindle!, 22 Sep 2011
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I am not a really big fan of books and could never understand the big fuss surrounding the Kindle.

That was until recently. I was on holiday a few weeks ago and decided to take a book with me to help pass time on the flights. I've always been interested in the Discworld books but have never got around to reading them. So I decided to start at the beginning and bought The Colour of Magic.

I was engrossed by it and managed to get through it in only a couple of sittings. Since then I decided I'd read through the whole series but I didn't want to have a big collection of books as I don't really have the room for them (the Discworld series spans almost 40 books) so I started looking at the Kindle and decided to buy one to see what all the fuss was about.

I've only had it a week but I must say I'm really impressed. Forget all the haters that don't like the fact the screen isn't backlit and is only monochrome, it's designed for one purpose only - to read books and it does it exceedingly well. For starters it's the perfect size, roughly the same size as an average paperback. It feels very solid and well built for something to amazingly thin, and that screen really is something else!! I often thought that reading on a screen could never replicate the look of reading on paper but the E-ink Pearl screen does a fantastic job of simulating a real book, it's absolutely fantastic and because it's not backlit it doesn't strain your eyes in the same way that reading on a monitor or phone screen can after extended periods of time.

Furthermore it's extremely easy to use - in only a couple of minutes the Kindle had found my Wi-fi network, I'd entered my network name and password and the whole thing was ready to go. As I bought it direct through Amazon my account was already linked to it and the books I'd ordered were downloaded automatically within seconds.

I've only been using it for a week and I'm not going to repeat what other people have already said, but needless to say I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this. From being a skeptic to a convert, I really believe that everyone should own a Kindle even if, like me reading isn't really your forte. It's a perfectly designed device that adds a whole new dimension to book reading. I'm glad I got one and now on those flights I'll have something to keep me occupied all the way :)

Society Of The Spectacle
Society Of The Spectacle
Price: £13.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quality stuff - These guys never fail to impress!!, 12 April 2011
I originally saw South Central a couple of years ago at a Prodigy gig at Sheffield Arena. Dizzee Rascal was supporting and South Central came on after to warm the crowd up before the Prodigy came on stage. And warm the crowd up they did. They seemed very unassuming on stage, with their trademark hoodies and decks but once they got going I could seriously have had a full night of their material, such was their impact - for me they very nearly upstaged the Prodigy.

They're not strictly a dance act, as they take their influences from various genres such as rock - with the likes of Rammstein's Du Hast getting remixed by them, and even goth music, with mixes from tracks originally by Sisters of Mercy - their appeal is very broad and certainly it seems to be more than just people into dance music who like them. I saw them again at another Prodigy gig, this time at Bridlington Spa and once again they had everyone going wild. I'm not exaggerating when I say they could easily have carried the night on their own.

Now onto this album. As is their style, it's all their own material but with a sound of early synth music but given a modern twist, with a bit of Daft Punk thrown in for good measure and this is no more evident than in their new single Demons. There's some really great music on here and out of the 12 tracks on offer I don't think there's a single weak one, which is no mean feat.

If I had to choose a standout track from the album, one that I would elevate above all others, it has to be Crawl. This track is awesome, it's a fairly dark track and features lyrics from Gary Numan, which again goes to show their retro electronic influences. Having Gary Numan on vocals really adds weight to what is already a very impressive album.

The only downside is that this album is not mainstream, which means it's probably going to be underappreciated and underplayed, which is a huge shame because these guys have some serious talent. I urge anyone that wants to hear something a little different but still fresh, to take a chance with this album, I'm sure you won't regret it.
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Dark Knight Joker Limited Edition Imax Film Cell Display
Dark Knight Joker Limited Edition Imax Film Cell Display
Offered by artcandi
Price: £34.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quality, 7 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this for my girlfriend as she's a Dark Knight nut. She thinks the Joker is one of the best characters ever in movies so having a film cell with a genuine piece of Joker IMAX film will be a dream for her.

The thing itself is nicely presented, complete with certificate of authenticity on the back and the limited number of the item on the front. A really nice item and a must for any Dark Knight or Joker fan :)

Powerball Techno
Powerball Techno
Offered by eoutlet-uk
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars It works!!, 4 Jan 2011
This review is from: Powerball Techno (Sports)
My girlfriend bought me one of these (the Techno) for Christmas because I tend to suffer from RSI in my left wrist due to a job I used to do a few years ago. Since then it can be very painful to perform even the slightest thing and my grip is also rather poor because of this.

I was doubtful that this thing could actually work but I, like a lot of people have been quite intrigued for some time so was quite interested when I found my girlfriend got me one.

For the first few times I had difficulty getting the ball started even with the string and I had to resort to using YouTube to find out how to use it properly (there are a lot of good videos on there for anyone who is struggling to start the ball) but once I got it going there's been no stopping me!! I've had it just over a week but I swear I feel a difference already. Certainly after only a few minute's use each day the burn can be felt in my forearms due to muscles that aren't used that often starting to wake up so I have no doubt that it is actually doing me some good.

I can see me using this ball for a long time to come as it gives gentle, thereputic exercise to my wrists, hands and arms and I truly believe that over time the strength in my wrists and my grip will certainly improve.

The Techno ball also has red and blue lights built into the rotor that illuminate and create "fire lines" when the ball reaches a certain speed, which are really quite hypnotic. It never needs batteries as it gets the power it needs from the spinning of the rotor.

Although the Techno ball also gives you a score in the form of your speed which scrolls across the rotor face when the ball is sufficiently slowed down I can't recommend it for anyone who uses these balls for competition because it can sometimes be hard to read due to there being a specific way you need to hold the ball in order to read it properly without it degenerating into a messy and ineligible mess of flashing lights (a technique I'm yet to master). It is possible to use the supplied wrist strap and simply drop the ball from your hand and let it dangle on the end of your arm to keep the ball steady which does make it far easier to read but also makes it impossible to switch the ball from hand to hand while it's still spinning.

All in all I highly recommend this item for anyone who struggles with dexterity or who needs to strengthen their arms, hands and grip, it's a great product and in low light conditions the fire lines look stunning, but for anyone who's into competition then you may be better off choosing a ball with a built in digital display. For me, however, it's perfect :)

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy
Offered by westworld-
Price: £11.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Quality and powerful, 24 Dec 2010
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This review is from: Tron Legacy (Audio CD)
Went to see the movie on Wednesday and loved it but must admit that I'm not a Daft Punk fan and seeing that they had worked on the entire score for the film put me off a little.

I should have had more faith. It's certainly not the usual Daft Punk style by any means and I mean this in a very, very positive way. The film is fantastic and the soundtrack really shines through. It's full of pounding, harsh synth tones and soft yet very powerful orchestral notes which fit perfectly with the film's unique and graphically stunning art direction.

It really shows Daft Punk in a new light and proves to me that they are capable of much more than the usual house music they're known for. They have created some exceptional pieces of music that are capable of provoking some pretty strong emotion. In short I love the film, and love this soundtrack equally as much. The only criticism I have is that I wish some of the tracks were longer.
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Sony NWZS545B S Series 16GB Walkman with Built-In Stereo Speakers - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)
Sony NWZS545B S Series 16GB Walkman with Built-In Stereo Speakers - Black (discontinued by manufacturer)

4.0 out of 5 stars Good Old Sony :), 28 Feb 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First off this wasn't the product I originally bought. I got it as a replacement for the frankly embarrassingly rubbish Creative Zen X-fi player that I got my girlfriend for Christmas and failed within a couple of weeks of light use.

Amazon were good enough to accept my return and refund me so I came back and bought this item.

I bought it mainly because in my eyes Sony give excellent performance at good price points. I own a Sony player myself (NWZ-A828K) and coupled with superb sound quality it's performed flawlessly in all aspects.

Same applies here. From charging it up with the supplied cable, to copying media files to it using simple drag and drop through Windows Explorer operation is a dream. Build quality is excellent as expected and navigating the menu system is easy and quick. Sound quality is clear and deep but the only slight issue is as other reviewers have pointed out, it is a little on the quiet side even at full volume and with AVLS turned off. Whether this is down to the unit itself or the supplied earphones I'm not sure but it's only a minor gripe and will still be perfect in all but the most noisy environments so not really a big deal.

Overall, after the fiasco I had with the Zen player this Sony is a joy and comes highly recommended especially at this price point.

Creative ZEN X-Fi 16GB MP3 and Video Player with Wireless LAN Compatibility (discontinued by manufacturer)
Creative ZEN X-Fi 16GB MP3 and Video Player with Wireless LAN Compatibility (discontinued by manufacturer)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Would give no stars if I could. Terrible, terrible product., 20 Jan 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this as a Christmas present for my girlfriend and from the first time she used it she had issues. Firstly was the issue with the sound. It was awful. She set it up using the X-Fi enhancer but it sounded terrible, bad balance and total lack of bass. It was only when she turned off said feature and discovered she could alter the bass and frequency ranges that things improved, but still wasn't a patch on my Sony player.

Second issue was the software. Every time she connected the player to her computer it seemed intent on finding every scrap of music on her hard drive and dragging it all over to the player. There seemed to be no option to stop this from happening, and it went through this every time she connected it up, which led to her eventually uninstalling it.

Now the big one. It has now stopped being recognised by the computer entirely and won't even charge. Tried a hard reset but even this didn't help.

In all this is a shockingly bad product and shame on Creative for keeping it on sale. I have just been in touch with Amazon and am now sending this shoddy piece of trash back to them for a full refund. I will then proceed to buy a more reputable brand and will never buy a Creative product ever again. Buy at your peril.

XFX 8400GS 256MB nVidia PCI Express Graphics Card (discontinued by manufacturer)
XFX 8400GS 256MB nVidia PCI Express Graphics Card (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Value - A great upgrade on a tight budget, 22 May 2008
I recently bought a new PC after my old one died.

The new system I bought had on board graphics which, when running windows Vista Aero wasn't particularly impressive.

Having added some memory to the machine I then decided to upgrade the graphics. Having seen the reviews for this card I decided to buy it (admittedly not from Amazon) and I have to say, for the price this card is amazing!!

It improves my general system performance massively, and runs Aero extremely smoothly. Games are also vastly improved and given the size of the card this is a big achievement.

The card itself is very small, runs extremely quiet and also has very low power consumption. In addition to this unlike a lot of graphics cards this one doesn't require a connection to your psu - just plug it into your PCI-E slot, install the drivers and you're away! Incidentally, it says on the box that it requires a 350 watt power supply unit or higher but my PC (Dell Inspiron 531. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.3ghz dual core processor, 250gb hard drive, 3gb RAM, on board HD sound and this graphics card running Windows Vista Home Premium) has a 300 watt power supply unit and handles it all perfectly even when running games. My system never gets hot and always stays whisper quiet.

In all this is a fantastic card. If you're upgrading from an on board system or do not have much money available I highly recommend it. At this price you can't go wrong :)

Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3)
Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3)
Offered by SweetBuzzards
Price: £8.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant!!, 2 Mar 2008
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
My previous review of this game (which I've now deleted)stated that this game wasn't worth buying because of the many bugs present in it.

Subsequently I've discovered that the 'Lost Connection' errors I was getting weren't actually down to the game but my router itself. I used to only be able to play for maybe 5 minutes before it would throw me back to the main menu and tell me I'm not signed into PSN when I knew I was. After 2 weeks of complaining and 2 emails to Midway I eventually traced the problem back to my router's firewall. For some reason this was confusing the game into thinking I wasn't connected to PSN when I was.

Nevertheless, on disabling the firewall I am now able to play the game trouble free and have not experienced any problems since (I do still have hidden SSID, WEP security and MAC address filtering enabled so I'm not completely without any form of security).

Graphically brilliant, fast and frantic, this game is everything I expected from a UT game. If you want fast paced shooting then you can't get better than UT3. I've been a UT fan since the very first one on PC and I love everything about it. If you're more of a measured, calculating gamer that likes to use a lot of strategy in their shooters, then maybe this won't be your thing, CoD 4 would probably be better for you, provided you don't already own it but if you're more of a twitch shooter then this game will suit you down to the ground.

Highly recommended, amazing fun!!!

Eye of Judgment for PS3 Playstation 3 Playstation Eye Included
Eye of Judgment for PS3 Playstation 3 Playstation Eye Included

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, original, amazing fun., 8 Jan 2008
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is what owning a PS3 is all about!!

I received this game for Christmas day (with Biolith Scourge theme deck and 4 additional booster packs) and since then I've hardly stopped playing it, and if I'm not playing it I'm trying to improve my decks.

Since getting it I've bought a Fire Crusader theme deck and another 5 booster packs which I should take delivery of any day now :)

Once you get over the initial confusion this game really comes into its own. It's furiously addictive and is a genuinely original and fresh take on the trading card genre. The way the camera reads your cards and generates a 3D creature on screen almost immediately is truly amazing and is a sight to behold. The possibilities of this game are incredible, there's just so much strategy involved and half the fun of this game is getting to know your cards and building your very own deck, then taking it online to battle against the world for never the same game twice.

Graphically the game is fantastic, with loads of cool lighting and magic effects when you place a card on the board and a creature or spell is generated in front of your very eyes.

I recommend this game to anyone that's a fan of trading card games, or anyone that is getting tired of the constant stream or shooters on the market at present. It really is a breath of fresh air and a real treat to find a game that breaks the mould and dares to be different, and it succeeds brilliantly. It's incredibly deep and involving and requires a great deal of time to master, but once you do it is very rewarding.

Get this game. You will not regret it.

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