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Terrier (Beka Cooper)
Terrier (Beka Cooper)
by Tamora Pierce
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars I've only just been able to put it down after solid reading of the entire book!, 28 Dec 2007
This review is from: Terrier (Beka Cooper) (Paperback)
I have just finished reading the book and I loved it! It had me gripped right until the last page. It is in the form of a journal written by Beka Cooper, and ancestor of George Cooper. Beka is a girl who is cripplingly shy yet her passion for her work in the Provost Guard forces her to break through this shyness to help the people of the lower city, her people.

Beka is presented as a 'real' girl who makes mistakes and gets mocked for them. She does not stumble across all the answers, she must work them out for herself and she takes us along this route with her: we know everything that Beka knows but no more. We do not get a view point from the criminals which is good, it enables us, the readers, to work out things as Beka does.

Beka does not just show us her struggle to catch the criminals and overcome her shyness, we see her family struggles and relationships, her crushes, her friends and her loyalty to both strangers and her friends amongst the lower city.

No other Dogs (slang term for the Provost Guard, Beka is a trainee Dog known as a Puppy) seems to care about the people that are going missing but Beka wants to protect her people knowing that, but for the Lord Provost's kindness, she and her family may have been the ones to go missing.

This book is a gripping read and i highly recommend it. And, if you have not already, i recommend that you read Tamora Pierce's other series aswell: 'Song of the Lioness', 'The Immortals' and 'Protector of the Small' are all set in Tortall like Terrier but it is not necesary to read them first to understand this book. She has also written 'Circle of Magic', 'The Circle Opens' and 'The Will of the Empress' which are based in a different land and concern 4 children who, unkown to them, have strong magic and are taken under the wing of the Winding Circle temple to be taught to handle their magic. All of these books are highly recommendable and I believe you are mising out if you have not read them.

Alicia: My Story
Alicia: My Story
by Ali Appleman-Jurman
Edition: Mass Market Paperback
Price: 6.15

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5.0 out of 5 stars Emotive, admirable, humbling and vastly educational, 25 Feb 2007
The only reason I bought this book was because we both share the name Alicia; I was originally sceptical that I would find the book boring and tedious yet once I had started reading I found it impossible to stop!

Alicia enables you to catch a glimpse of life for a Jew in Nazi occupied Poland; she speaks of the prejudice from all sides, loss of loved ones, the struggle to find work and food, and her eventual journey from a life of hate to one of love. It is an extremely emotional book that had my crying at many points.

I am currently 16 (roughly the same age as Alicia for most of the book) and can truly admire the courage and loyalty she shows when faced with danger; I do not believe I could have acted in such an admirable way and am humbled.

As I read the book I realized that the tale was so drastic and horrific that, if it was a story I would have found it overdone and too dramatic; the fact that this is a true story with no exagerations (the only changes were to names)I find it hard to believe that life wa so cruel for people like Alicia.

I recommend this book to everyone! If you are interested in real life under the Nazis rather than just facts and figures then this is the book to read. If the topic does not interest you then I still recommend the book as I believe everyone should be aware of the horrors that come from blind belief in the wrong things.

Journey to the River Sea
Journey to the River Sea
by Eva Ibbotson
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Journey to the river sea, 14 Jun 2003
The book is slow to start so if you like books which start with lots of action and suspense, this is not the book for you. Apart from the slow start this book is actually quite entertaining and exciting, also I found it (most of the time) unpredictable!

It is all about a young orphan called Maia, she is sent out to live in the Amazon with some relatives she never even knew existed. As soon as she was told of the arrangements, she began to imagine what her new family would look like, all the pets they would have and of their lovely, welcoming personalities, but receives a shock when she finally meets them. She loves life in the amazon but is less than happy with her family. The story tells of how she befriends a half english-half indian boy named Finn and they try to save each other other from the restricted lives which they hate and learn to appreciate the Amazon jungle as the haven which it is for them.

This book is not fast paced and lacks some suspense but the storyline is good and still provides an entertaining read

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