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Philips Multi-Groom Ultra Precise Beard Styler Series 1000
Philips Multi-Groom Ultra Precise Beard Styler Series 1000
Price: £17.45

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3.0 out of 5 stars Trim trimanee trim trimanee., 19 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Some men can grow something that resembles facial hair whilst others can't. This is for the former. However, though it's listed as a beard trimmer, if you have a full growth, I doubt this will be of much use; it's aimed at those short growth beards who need to trim once a week. The foil shaver, three trim length attachments and small cleaning brush will do the job, so you can trim into any shape your heart (or hers) desires.

It's light, easy to hold, is battery operated and won't cost you much, though I would class this as more of a travel trimmer than a home one.

Head -Deluxe-
Head -Deluxe-
Price: £128.46

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4.0 out of 5 stars Can you dig it?, 18 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Head -Deluxe- (Audio CD)
When it was first released way back in late 1968, 'Head' was rather poor value for money. It wasn't that the songs weren't very good, they were, it was that not only did it clock in at a smidgeon under 29 minutes, there were a mere six of them from the group, the rest of the space being taken up by snippets of dialogue from the accompanying film and a pseudo classical piece. (That might be one of the reasons it made no impact on our charts.) In 1994, it was issued on CD with six extra tracks, which added another 15 minutes to its length. Now its part of the Rhino Handmade series, one of seven such releases involving the group. Well down on what we're used to, of the 58 tracks (though five are of an interview) just 21 have never been issued on record or CD.

CD1. Augmented by ten bonus tracks, this has the original 14 track LP, which has been remastered to bring you a truly wonderful experience. Half of those bonus offerings are previously unreleased, including a rough mix of 'Can You Dig It', and alternate mixes of [a much longer] 'Daddy's Song', 'Swami' and 'Happy Birthday'. There's also a session for the spoken word 'Ditty Diego'. Beware; it goes on for 23 minutes but it does give you an insight into a recording process.

CD2. Sixteen unissued takes and mixes are spread amongst another seven that we've already heard on various releases. Of most interest (for me anyway) are three unreleased live songs that were recorded during the Salt Lake City concert for the 'Circle Sky' filming (with Jones playing a mean bass and organ with duff microphones all round), and Peter Tork's final duty as a Monkee, recording a vocal and banjo accompaniment for 'California, Here It Comes'. Standing out from the rest are a couple of alternate rough mixes of 'Porpoise Song' and an elongated 'Long Title' with a superb Tork vocal. Weirdly, a couple of these have an advert for the film tagged onto the end. The remaining ten are a variety of mono mixes, radio spots and an eight minute introduction to the live tracks, which is a great cure for insomnia.

CD3. Consisting of a five part 'open ended' Davy Jones interview about the film and intertwined with excerpts of three tracks from the LP and three complete selections, this will probably be the least listened to of the 22 CDs that come under the Handmade banner. ('Open ended' is where gaps are left between the answers so a DJ can add in the questions to make it sound as if the interviewee is there.)

Also within the (unnumbered) box is the ubiquitous 45 that contains backing tracks of the USA 'Porpoise Song/As We Go Along' single, and a badge. The booklet contains images from the film and sports superb front and rear colour photos of the group on stage.

The number of tracks spread over three CDs is a bit thin and the unissued stuff isn't as numerous as the rest in the Handmade series, but what's inside is still pretty darn good. Psychedelia is mixed with vaudeville, which is united with some crack(l)ing live performances, a couple of well worn standards, a nod to Eastern philosophy, and a great rock tune. It's not up there with the other Handmade boxes, but that's only because these particular sessions didn't produce as much material for consideration. For hardcore Monkees fans, this is a must have; for everyone else, the '94 CD is the place to look.

I know a lot of it has found its way onto the Handmade boxes, but maybe it's time Rhino released a CD of the '33/3 Revolutions Per Monkee' television special. Whilst we wait in hope for that, Peter Tork took centre stage for this, the 'Head' soundtrack, and, along with being the guiding force of 'Headquarters', is his finest moment as a Monkee.

Rexel Mesh Bags with Black Zip (Pack of 10)
Rexel Mesh Bags with Black Zip (Pack of 10)
Price: £20.80

4.0 out of 5 stars In a mesh, 13 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
A mesh bag covered in plastic with a zip fastening that is ideal for carrying not only pens, pencils, etc. but is also ideal for a mobile phone and all those things. 'Er indoors took them to school and they have turned out perfect for storing a wide variety of items. The ones she has kept at home are handy for all her sewing/embroidery bits and pieces.

You can but these singularly but it's much better (and cheaper) to buy a pack of ten. You might think you won't need more than one but you will.

Rexel A4 Clear Heavy Duty Ring Binder (Pack of 10)
Rexel A4 Clear Heavy Duty Ring Binder (Pack of 10)
Price: £40.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars I can see you, 13 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Transparent, with a card/contents holder on the front, as with the mesh pouches, these two ring binders are very useful in all walks of life, particularly school, which is where these are being used. There isn't much to report about them. All you need to know is they do what they're supposed to.

Again, for the price, you won't buy just one because you'll soon realise you need a few more, so the ten pack is the way to go.

The Threshing Circle
The Threshing Circle
by Neil Grimmett
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not very good, 12 May 2015
This review is from: The Threshing Circle (Paperback)
It's May 1942 and the island of Crete has been occupied by Germans for a year. An English woman, Marianna, and a lover of a married resistance fighter, is writing her journal when they break down her door, take her away and hang her. Sixty two years later, a supposedly property hunting couple turn up on the island and disappear. Despite the police and Cretans telling her otherwise, local bar owner Kirsty doesn't believe they have returned to England and that something is going on. She enlists a man twice her age (who just happens to fancy her enough to keep asking her to marry him) to help her discover what has happened to the couple.

Yes, it's in the crime/thriller/mystery genre but could also be logged under the 'a tourist guide to...' section. The bar owner invites the couple over for dinner and they don't turn up. So what? It happens all the time yet she goes out her way to try and confront them as to why. Really? Running a busy bar frequented by lots of tourists, I would have thought that would be the last thing on your mind.

The last third is the only part where any excitement is generated, but even after that bout of fervour, it manages to read as something from Mills & Boon. The last couple of pages were, to be brutal, pathetic. The rest of it was, like all the characters, whom I cared nothing for, equally forgettable.

It wouldn't have dragged the narrative from being anything but turgid but, as many reading this won't have been to Crete, it would have been handy had the author included a map to show us where the places he mentions are situated. After all, there seems to be a surfeit of remote and abandoned villages on such a small tourist island (being slightly more than the combined size of Kent and Sussex), so it would have been nice to know.

I was sent this by the publisher for review purposes.

Bosch 0603672200 PLR 50 C Digital Laser Measure
Bosch 0603672200 PLR 50 C Digital Laser Measure
Price: £117.89

4.0 out of 5 stars Measure for measure, 11 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Caveat: This review is for the PLR 30 C, which is the version I was sent, and not the PLR 50 C.

Many times I've tried to measure the distance between walls and had to put a marker down because my tape measure hasn't been long enough. It can also be rather difficult trying to do a similar thing from floor to ceiling and nigh impossible to get the distance between two walls at the highest point, unless you have an assistant. (Tape measures tend to get rather floppy if you extend it too far.) So you need something else. Bosch have just the thing for you. The PLR 30 C is a small hand held measuring device that is a boon for finding out distances, lengths, heights, clearances, areas and volumes. Sounds complicated. It can't be, as I can use it.

Turn it on with the bottom red button and you're met with two icons and a numerical readout. You can switch between measuring from the rear or the front of the device with one button and another allows you to choose whether to have it fixed or moveable. That is, move it back and forth and the reading changes as it happens. The button for this is also used for area and volume measurements, which the device works out for you.

When measuring a distance, the display lets you record four at a time with the most recent at the bottom. If you try to record a fifth, the first one taken disappears. To take a measurement, just point it at a wall, etc., press the top red button and a dot appears (the icons on the screen flash red too), press it again and that's that. You have to take the reading within 20 seconds or the dot disappears. You can also add or subtract measurements using the appropriate +/- buttons. The bottom button clears the readings from the screen. It has bluetooth to send to other devices. The '30' in the name denotes the maximum measured distance, which is to three decimal places.

The only thing this is missing is the ability to switch between metric and imperial measurements. Yes, I know it's German but being a non imperial country doesn't prevent other manufacturers from incorporating the option.

Oh, it also comes with a case and, surprise surprise, a manual. In an age where all instructions seem to have to be downloaded, it makes a pleasant change to have a good old paper one. Mind you, it seems a tad expensive for what it does.

The Eco Friendly Medium Beco Ball, Blue
The Eco Friendly Medium Beco Ball, Blue
Price: £4.29

4.0 out of 5 stars Fetch it!, 9 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Murphy is five months old and his current favourite is a squeaky rubber Alfred Chicken (that was a computer game years ago) but it looks like that favourite toy has been usurped by a new kid on the block. A green rubber ball. A green hollow ball with a hole in it that is made from natural rice husk rubber (no, me neither). Not only that, it whistles when you throw it. Actually it doesn't, but that's what it's supposed to do. Not that the dog cares; he just runs around with it in his mouth and chases after it and brings it back.

It's quite amusing putting treats in it and watching him get more annoyed when he can't figure out how to get remove them. What he has learnt to do is nudge it so it rolls for him to jump on. Again and again and again and again... It seems sturdy enough, so far.

Is it worth it? He thinks it is, and that's all that counts.

WD My Cloud EX4100, 16 TB (4 x 4 TB) 4-Bay Pre-configured 16 TB NAS with WD Red drives
WD My Cloud EX4100, 16 TB (4 x 4 TB) 4-Bay Pre-configured 16 TB NAS with WD Red drives
Offered by Kikatek
Price: £999.93

5.0 out of 5 stars Get off my cloud, 1 May 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I take a lot of photographs. Actually, in this house we take a lot of photographs and it doesn't take long for a computer hard drive to start filling up, especially when you have lots of videos of your holidays, grandchildren, weddings, pets, etc. "Oh, you can save it all to Cloud in case something happens to your PC" they said. Yes, indeed, but something made me wary of investigating that; it's not really there. It only exists in the ether, if you know what I mean. Then this came along.

Now, I'm far from being a technophile but this was no more difficult to set up than programming a video recorder, though I had to download a firmware update from 1.06.124 to 1.06.127, which took a while. You do get a lead for ADSL connection, as well as a three pin and two pin plug. There are also two AC/DC sockets round the back in case one fails. The interface is easy to use with plenty of information to hand. However, though the total capacity is 16TB, mine is showing only 11.89TB as available. (I say 'only', as it's still a lot.)

The fan is a bit noisy when you switch it on but calms down after a minute or so. As this utilises four drives, there are four RAID options; 0, 1, 5 and 10 (the last two are only available for four bay machines). The beauty of this is that with those four bays you can split it into sections, so different people can access their own parts, or their 'share'. As I use mine for storing photos, etc, the best option for me was to have mine on the default RAID 5, as that's best suited for small 'transactions'. If you do decide to alter your mode, you'll lose everything, so choose wisely. Providing your personal cloud is on, you can stream any of the content to a variety of devices, and it's all free of charge (other than the initial outlay that is); Blu-ray, PS3, digital photo frames, Xbox360, and an appropriate television. I haven't tried streaming anything from iTunes, as I don't download music, so I can't comment on that particular feature, though I assume it works in the same way.

At the front of this unit is a USB 3.0 port that has direct copy, which allows you to back up a USB stick simply by pressing a button above it. Apparently, this NAS unit can support RAW and 4K video, but I haven't got round to finding that out yet. If the 16TB system isn't enough, you can always swap the drives for 6TB ones to give you 24TB overall.

It actually looks good too and the blue digital display gives a readout of fan speed and internal temperature. That 11.89TB of space, which I think is disappointing considering its 4x4TB? That's equivalent to storing this review nearly 611,000,000 times. A word of caution though, the alleged quick install guide this comes with isn't. Quick that is.

The standard warranty period is two years but when I tried to register this unit I was told that my warranty had finished the day I ordered it. On questioning why, I received this response from Service and Support: "According to our system records this specific product is a quality sample and the warranty cannot be applied on it. I'm really sorry, but we cannot update your warranty status for this device." So, it seems that if it stops working, it's just tough.

You have to ask yourself what's best for your valuable photos, videos, documents, etc. An unknown public server, or your own one where you know exactly what's going on? Other than Western Digital not willing to honour any warranty should I have a problem (but yours will be guaranteed), this is good stuff.

Mudder Novelty Musical Note Dial Quartz Movement Watch with PU Leather, White and Silvery
Mudder Novelty Musical Note Dial Quartz Movement Watch with PU Leather, White and Silvery
Offered by Mudder Online UK
Price: £5.99

2.0 out of 5 stars A waste of time, 30 April 2015
There was a time when if you wanted to know the hour of the day, you was advised to ask a policeman. In those days they were everywhere. Now you never see a bobby on the beat to ask, which is just as well there are now a variety of ways to find out if you're late or early. Everything seems to have a display of hours and minutes. When it comes to watches, there are thousands to choose from. Here's another one.

It's silver with a white plastic strap. It looks cheap because it is, which shouldn't be detrimental because as long as it tells the time, it's okay. Right? Wrong. Within the bezel of this particular timepiece is a huge treble clef design, which isn't a problem in itself. No, that comes when you try to tell the time. The marks representing the hours, the three hands and the background are all the same colour, silver, and it makes it all too hard to see. Go elsewhere.

I was sent this by the manufacturer for review purposes.

The Monkees Present
The Monkees Present

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4.0 out of 5 stars All present and correct, 30 April 2015
This review is from: The Monkees Present (Audio CD)
Jam-packed with a whopping 84 tracks, of which 58 have never been previously issued (at least on anything legal), this 3CD set of the eighth LP (of nine) from the now trio was certainly a disparate collection of songs that, quite honestly, was The Monkees in name only, as they were all solo efforts. Like the previous Instant Replay (Deluxe Edition 3-CD Boxed Set), this is a mixture of country rock, ballads, show tunes and throwaways. There was nothing wrong with the compositions; its failure (it reached #100 in the USA charts and never came out over here) was partly due to complete indifference by Colgems, which was a shame because it's not that bad.

Unlike the first release on CD, which sported a coloured version of the sleeve, this reverts back to the original black and white cover. As with the other releases in the series this comes with a bonus 45, an informative booklet with lots of unseen photos (including an unused gatefold sleeve) and is, 'Instant Replay' excepted, also numbered - mine is 3668/5000.

CD1. The original dozen songs from 1969 are joined by Nesmith tunes that makes you wonder why they weren't included first time around. Due to the abundance of songs he was writing, maybe he decided not to waste this stronger material on his Monkees swan-song, so took them no further at the time. The missing quarter of the group may have left at the end of 1968, but Peter Tork makes an appearance playing guitar on a resurrected recording, 'Of You', which has a surprisingly mellow vocal from Mike that is far better than the previously issued take.

CD2. Including three mixes of 'Mommy & Daddy', this disc has songs that span the three year period between summer '66 and '69 and it makes you wonder why they exhumed such old recordings. Nevertheless, there's plenty of differences here to keep you interested, the unadorned version of the music hall 'I Never Thought It Peculiar' is particularly interesting (for me anyway). The ripe-for-a-TV-advert 'French Song' is the standout song on this CD, which is top and tailed by radio spots, ending with a ridiculous advert for 'The Monkees Greatest Hits' LP.

CD3. Whereas most of the other Handmade sets had a surfeit of backing tracks, the amount on this set just manages to make it into double figures with ten and they're all on this disc. Whilst many deride such things and find them pointless and mere space fillers, students of the group will be pleased, as it lets us hear bits that may have been lost in the mix. With half written by Nesmith, all the backing tracks have never been issued in any form. Yes, they might be instrumentals of songs that were never afforded vocals but none of us have heard them, which is the attraction. Jones tries to croon his way through 'How Can I Tell You' but fails, as his voice is too weak for the song. Mind you, it might have been a first run through, so maybe he wasn't trying. The last three on the disc are worth a mention; 'Michigan Blackhawk' is a rocker in Chuck Berry style, 'Little Tommy Blues' is a pre-war song, 'Till Then' is from 1944 and the triumvirate are a complete departure from what the group was ever associated with.

That accompanying single, in a picture sleeve that duplicates the USA 45 release from 1969, has two more previously unreleased mixes of 'Good Clean Fun b/w Mommy & Daddy' but as my turntable is in the loft, I have yet to hear either of these.

Their penultimate LP under the Monkees banner, this is one for the committed fan who must have everything. Some may scoff at the multiple mixes of 'French Song', though one version is appreciably longer, and get bored with hearing 'Mommy & Daddy' six times but that's what being a true fan is all about. If any casual buyers are interested in late Monkees, they're better off tracking down the first CD of this.

Without paying the quite ridiculous prices seen on Amazon, now Rhino (part of the giant Warner Music) has a UK office, you can get some of the box sets far cheaper and quicker than having to import them. What are you waiting for?

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