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Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player
Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player
Price: £30.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Bought a second one asap, 6 May 2014
Can't recommend this enough, I bought a second one within a week, just a fantastic piece of kit and so easy to use.

The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions
The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions
by David Berlinski
Edition: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars As atheist as i am christian, 20 April 2010
I'm not so sure berlinski isn't a closet theist. I've heard precisely the same language used by other apologists who start out by proclaiming their agnosticism or atheism - their credentials to criticize actual atheists - and then transition to some sort of argument that there must be something "out there" beyond the narrow, constricting view of rationalism.

My experience is that once you understand not only the scientific implausibility of the supernatural, but the psychological and anthropological reasons that man creates deities, you comprehend "the imaginary friend" construct and cannot, with a straight face, defend belief in Santa Claus, god, and other spirit world beings.

I speculate that Berlinski still clings to his deity - indoctrinated as a child in the traditions of the abrahamic faith -although, as an "intellectual" he is probably too embarrassed to admit it. Thus he defends faith from a position of bogus agnosticism.
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Holocaust [DVD] [1978]
Holocaust [DVD] [1978]
Dvd ~ Meryl Streep
Offered by Revelation Films Direct
Price: £7.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Excellent series, extras please?, 21 Nov 2008
This review is from: Holocaust [DVD] [1978] (DVD)
Having never seen the series before i was not expecting much, but this suprised me, at its best it was incredibly enthralling i watched lal 5 pretty much back to back. However no extras at all?!?! i just cant imagine what was going through the minds of the creaters when they called this an aniversay addition? I could have got a copy of the videos on ebay for 50p and just transfered on to dvd the quality would be just as good:( such a shame. I will recommend this series but not this set.

Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)
Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)
Offered by Entertainment Hub Ltd
Price: £42.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Lazy, 7 July 2006
= Fun:3.0 out of 5 stars 
This game is not what i expected. There is not an original part of this game, from the incredibly poor storyline, dire voice overs and particulairly poor monsters. The game is way too cute i dont want to kill those cats or the lumps of slime with the big smiles i want to kill something that seems threatening. The developers are lazy, people stand around doing nothing uttering the exact same comments when you speak to them. Very little changes with the night time people still stand around, some may go to bed and some may go to the pub but its all exactly the same every day and every night. I only enjoyed it because i love RPGs and i stick at them, and this game needed a lot of patience, some field fights are harder than bosses, and these field fights really drag out the levelling up time and once u level up you lucky to get a few hp and skill points. The development of characters is so dull and the hero is an awful hero who doesnt even speak. Not as good as the hype.

The Devil's Rejects - Special Edition [2005] [DVD]
The Devil's Rejects - Special Edition [2005] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sid Haig
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.77

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1.0 out of 5 stars Awful, 10 April 2006
I really cant believe that people can give this any stars, it is quite simply the most inept movie ever made. It is not a horror as there is not one scary or creepy scene, anyone who likes this film really has the most awful taste in films. The hills have eyes was terrible but it was at least creepy and scary. Unlike classics such as bonnie and clyde or thelma and louise, not one of the family has a quality that makes you like them or want them to survive, the best bit is when the sadistic freaks get tortured. Acting is atrocious, script is atrocious and the music is absolutly awful. Also must surely have the record for the most f words uttered in a film. Stupid and bad.

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