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Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)
Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360)
Price: £8.96

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1.0 out of 5 stars I have played the 360 demo and...., 27 Jan 2009
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
...i must say that this is the biggest dissapointment i had this gaming year!
Im a big fan of the Resident Evil series and really felt in love with Resident Evil 4! Great atmosphere, the situations created in the game putted the player in tense situations and the controls worked fine and really helped to reinforce this feeling, whenever you aimed you couldnt move, you had to deal with the situation and hope for the best! And it never felt frustrating, the controls responded fast and you could understand what you were doing wrong whenever you died, it was the players fault,not some bad and confused game level design. I am only refering Resident Evil 4 because that game was the turning point on the series and nobody expected that Resident Evil 5 would take another big turn. And that would be just fine! The demo i have played really felt empty and soulless. No atmosphere to remind me that i was playing a Resident Evil game! Very confussing level design(didnt know where to go what to do), the enemy AI and animations are the same as R.E.4(not a bad thing but a couple of years have passed and i was hoping for something new), the controls are really bad specially when turning while aiming. I have changed the turnig settings to fast and still it felt s...l...o...w! The new gun/amo/health menu is the worst thing they have implemented in this game! You can heal, change weapon without having to pause the game, but you cant move at all!! You just stand there mixing green herb and red herb, then yellow herb, use the mixed herbs to heal yourself, change weapon etc etc, while getting hit from all sides!! Amazing stupid decision whoever thought that freezing the player would help to increase the tension!! I like the old menus. I can get away for a moment and come back to it when i was ready or whenever i thought i was ready, and it felt incredibly scary not seeing the enemy! Its like i would close my eyes and when i would open them again i'd be back in the horror! R.E.5 demo in some aspects feels like a copy-paste of the previous R.E. game but without any fresh ideas! It just lacks the impact of making you feel that you're in a survival horror game! All i did in the demo was shoot a lot of " zombies" and doing the same old "protect your partner with a sniper" mission! Im not even mentioning the possibility of playing offline cuz your new partner just stands in your way most off the time. And who wants a partner in Resident Evil? Except for some small parts the Resi series as always been a one man/women surviving in a zombie apocalipse where you could never feel safe and always scared of every corner! That's the essence of the Resident Evil games! The great Shinji Mikami(game director of R.E.1 and R.E.4) left Capcom to form his own games company Platinum Games(Madworl/Bayonetta), and it looks like he took with him all the creativity and imagination to push the series one step further! Maybe Capcom will prove me wrong, after all it's only a demo! But i dont think the apple will fall far from the tree! It will be just another action game and still it will sell a lot for just 1 reason, it says RESIDENT EVIL on the cover.
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