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Hi-Tec Womens Harmony Back Strap Dark Taupe/Light Taupe/Tiffany Thong Sandals O001632/041/01 8 UK, 42 EU, 9 US
Hi-Tec Womens Harmony Back Strap Dark Taupe/Light Taupe/Tiffany Thong Sandals O001632/041/01 8 UK, 42 EU, 9 US
Offered by Hirst Footwear Limited

4.0 out of 5 stars Great sandals, 27 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These were a great, cheaper alternative to the Teva sandals I really wanted. Really comfortable for around about town. Well made, I take a 71/2-8 size 8 was a perfect fit.

4 Lazy Legs Pets Carrier Basic, Black
4 Lazy Legs Pets Carrier Basic, Black
Price: £22.00

1.0 out of 5 stars Pet carrier - really?, 27 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm not really sure where my head was when I decided on this purchase :( I had a young pup and wanted to take him out and about in town prior to finishing vaccinations. As I wanted to be hands-free to negotiate doors, etc, I looked around for a suitable carrier. After much research I opted for this!
I can honestly say this is downright dangerous to a dog being carried in it.
It has a bit of foam padding ... I never worked out where this was meant to go, I would have assumed over a shoulder to take some of the pressure off, but it reached no where near my shoulder.
The cord and toggles designed to take in some of the fabric, and reduce the hole the dog is sitting in, failed. As soon as weight from the dog was on the base of the bag then the cord just slipped through the toggles.
My pup was not overly wriggly. It was well within the weight range this item is supposedly designed for.
Unfortunately I left it too late to return and get a full refund. My fault, but I cannot recommend this product.

First Call Inks Ink Cartridge Replacing Epson Apple T1295 Multipack (Pack of 10: 4x Black, 2x Cyan, 2x Magenta, 2x Yellow)
First Call Inks Ink Cartridge Replacing Epson Apple T1295 Multipack (Pack of 10: 4x Black, 2x Cyan, 2x Magenta, 2x Yellow)
Offered by First Call Inks
Price: £8.50

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good quality cartridges - great price, 27 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I didn't write a review instantly, I thought I'd wait to see how the cartridges performed. I didn't intend leaving it over 2 years for my review!! I'm just about to order my next set of cartridges. I've been very impressed with them, the colour is good, the cartridges last quite some time. Easy to fit and what's more, the printer quite happily accepts them. Very pleased.

Pet Trimmer Pocket Pro Black
Pet Trimmer Pocket Pro Black
Price: £9.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Pocket Pro does exactly what I need it to do :), 17 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this product after seeing my vet use it to trim off fur to take a blood sample. She seemed quite happy with it so I decided if it was good enough for her it would be good enough for me.

I have a very heavy coated Border Collie who I usually trim on her legs and under carriage - great for the hot summer months, great to stop her getting clogged up with mud during the winter. Her coat is incredibly absorbent and difficult to keep tidy. I'd previously used scissors for this trimming but never felt entirely easy doing so, too easy to make a mistake.

I didn't want a heavy duty trimmer, nor one with the constraints of a lead. This has proved to be perfect for the job, it's also excellent at cutting through heavy matts. It's relatively quiet, my dog isn't in the slightest bit bothered by it, but then she's pretty bomb proof at the best of times :) It is important to oil it before and after use (as stated in the instructions), the battery it came with lasted quite a long time. You wont get hours of use out of the battery, and the only reason I've given 4 stars and not 5 is due to the fact that the replacement batteries I've used just don't seem to have the same punch as the original one (which I no longer have and have forgotten what type it was).

I've been using this trimmer now for several months, it's comfortable to hold and the switch is easy to operator. Another reviewer said they had to hold the switch down the whole time - I've not found that to be the case but you do have to be firm when switching it on.

If you are wanting to trim a dog all over then this is not the tool for you (it clearly states it's purpose on the packaging), but in addition to face trimming, I would recommend it for the use I'm putting it to, ie tidying up under the belly and the rear legs in order to cut down the amount of matts gathered.

The 21 Day Wonder Diet: Lose up to 10kg in three weeks (The Australian Women's Weekly Essentials)
The 21 Day Wonder Diet: Lose up to 10kg in three weeks (The Australian Women's Weekly Essentials)
by The Australian Women's Weekly
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

17 of 19 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars 21-Day Wonder Diet ... too good to be true?!!, 12 Aug. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
OK, so the title and the claim hooked me, why wouldn't it? Having decided I'd a bit of weight to shift, I was pulled in by the claim plastered on the front cover 'lose up to 10kg (that's 22lb) in three weeks'. Sucker! I should know better, I DO know better, but ... this claim coming from such a prestigious group as the Australian Women's Weekly, had to be worth investigating.

So, pulled in with the cover hype I finally got to the nitty gritty on page 8 of the book. Yes, lose up to 10kg in 3 weeks, however, a very important little fact they forgot to tell me on the cover. Quote from the book (8 pages in!): "The diet is for TWO people" (not the recipes are for two people) ... ah ha! So we are not talking a weight loss of up to 10kg (you did know that was going to be too good to be true, didn't you?!) for just one person, silly me, but a possible combined weight loss of up to 10kg for TWO people - well, that's ok then :( Shame they omitted to tell me this on the cover, but then of course I'd not have bought it. If this 10kg value isn't for TWO people dieting then I'm not sure where they've got this value from. The book cites two testers, one losing 5kg and one losing 5.5kg (both working for the AWW test kitchen).

On page 8 it also says: "This is a serious weight-loss diet that will supply your body with around 1,000 calories per day". You're telling me it's a serious weight-loss diet, a calorific intake of that amount for that period isn't usually recommended.

So, let's get to some positives. The book is very nicely presented, as you'd expect from AWW publications. The recipes are nicely laid out, giving all the essential information regarding calories per portion, fat content, etc, etc. So, the recipes can easily be used if you are following a low-fat or weight-loss diet.

It's a 3-week programme following a daily plan, so the book tells you what to eat and when to eat it. I knew that. I don't like that part of it, but I'm prepared to swop and change - as a non-fish eater I have to. Many people will like to follow a rigid plan.

This book is the UK version, with examples of fat content eaten in an average daily diet, and various other things, given as UK values. However, they've failed to just double check the UK ingredients. Day 1 breakfast ... 200g rockmelon. Eh? Not a huge buyer of melons so maybe it's just me, but had to look on the web to find out that rockmelon = canteloupe melon! Talking of Day 1 Breakfast, the ingredients are (bearing in mind the recipe is for 2 people) 200g of rockmelon (canteloupe as I now know it), 200g of honeydew melon & 200g watermelon. We have to wait until Day 9 before melon is mentioned again - snack is 200g watermelon. Strikes me that if you rush out and buy ingredients to follow the plan on a daily basis that's a huge amount of melon gone to waste!!

So, do I recommend this as a diet plan to follow? Absolutely not.
Do I recommend it as a nice, low-fat cookbook? Well, yes, guess I would but am sure there are others that may prove better - seems to be a lack of use of seasoning and herbs.

If you want to follow a weight loss plan, then I'd look no further than Ms Conley's GI diets (see my other reviews about a couple of her books) ... use the daily calorie amounts and use the recipes from this book. I do believe 1,000 calories for 3-weeks is insufficient.

What I do like about the recipes given is bread isn't a no-no. There are a number of meals using bread, albeit rye bread.

Another downside to the book is lack of prepare ahead lunches. If you are at home for 3 weeks so having access to a cooker and you really do want to be told what to eat and when to eat it, and you don't have any foods you dislike and you don't mind huge waste of melons, oh, and you have someone to share the recipes with, then this might be the diet for you, but I'd say check out Ms Conley's first. We know hers work, she takes great pleasure in telling us they do by giving huge lists of successful dieters in her books - this one appears to have been tested by just two people.

Needless to say, I've not followed the diet, the fact it's 1,000 calories per day is enough to put me off. I am sure you will lose weight, how could you not, but I'm sure I wouldn't last the 3 weeks on this calorific level. I have used some of the recipes though, and they've been fine.

Skinner's Field & Trial Duck & Rice
Skinner's Field & Trial Duck & Rice
Price: £22.99

65 of 67 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Skinners Field/Trial Duck & Rice - good value, good food, 30 July 2012
I've been using this product for 10 months now and very pleased with it. As dog numbers have risen, price spent on dog food has had to lower. So with 6 collies I've gone from Burns, to Arden Grange and now to Skinners. I have to say that I have found absolutely no difference in condition between each product. This hasn't just been a fanciful change here and there, the older dogs have been on the initial feeds a good couple of years before having to 'down grade' but in price only.

Ignore the review that say tummy problems given. You CANNOT expect one food to suit every dog. They are all individuals as are humans. If you are feeding another type of food you must phase in gradually, that's not particular to this food, that's what you should do with any food changes in, so the dog's stomach copes with the change.

What I like about the product is it's wheat/gluten free, free from artificial colours/preservatives and free from BHA/BHTs. My oldest dog is only 7, my youngest 14 months, she's been on this since moving to an adult food at 9 months of age. All dogs are fit and healthy, all of them 'work', all have lovely glossy coats and very importantly all have nice, firm (kickable) stools - you can tell a lot about a dog by the stools that are produced!!

I would recommend this food, especially if like me you have to cut down on cost without wanting to cut down on quality. I know a few people who have changed to this as their dogs have a very sensitive tum, and they seem to do very nicely on it.

Worth giving it a go, but DO bear in mind, to give it a fair chance you do need to phase it in as you phase your usual food out, preferrably over a 2 weeks period. Give it a few months.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Jun 8, 2014 6:22 AM BST

Snopake 15414 'Lite' A4 20 Pocket Display Book in Clear (Pack of 12)
Snopake 15414 'Lite' A4 20 Pocket Display Book in Clear (Pack of 12)
Offered by Office Needs Direct
Price: £23.06

5.0 out of 5 stars SnoPake Display Book Lite - clear, 29 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Needed 6 display books fairly quickly, ordered these and arrived next day courtesy of my Prime trial :-)

What's not to like about these, especially at the price - far cheaper than I can get in my local supermarket or stationary shop.

Good strong spine so should stack well on bookshelves, a pocket running over spine and an inch or so onto front cover - plenty of space for personalised labels. The clear cover is just that, perfectly clear enough to see the inside cover sheet. The pockets are soft but strong - none of those nasty 'harsh' pockets that rip the instant you put something into them. The pockets are well welded onto the spine and with a 2 year guarantee too, can't go wrong. Working out at just over £1.60 each, can't go wrong!

Cables To Go 3m Usb 2.0 A/b Cable Black
Cables To Go 3m Usb 2.0 A/b Cable Black
Offered by sellthemquick
Price: £2.80

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 3m USB cable (printer-computer), 29 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Not a lot to say about a cable, is there? It works - that's a big plus, looking through some of the other reviews there are bog standard cables out there that don't! It's a good price and offered me a good length so that I didn't have to locate printer right next to computer. Using to connect a Mac PowerBook G4 to Epson SX535WD printer - worked perfectly first time. Can't ask for more than that :-) Oh, also arrived next day courtesy of my Trial with Amazon Prime!

The Ultimate Gi Jeans Diet
The Ultimate Gi Jeans Diet
by Rosemary Conley
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.99

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Good eating, good weight loss, good plan, 16 Feb. 2011
I bought this book a few years ago and lost the required amount of weight. It was re-gained, such are the stresses of life! I have just returned to this plan to shift the re-gained weight, however, this time around I have slightly jigged this plan to fit in with the Amazing Inch Loss Plan, basically the same diet, 'cept weeks 3 and 4 on the AILP are 1,400 calories compared to the 1,500 on this plan. In the 3 weeks of being on the diet I have lost 12.5lb.
There is plenty in this book, there are the usual testimonials, good advice about what you should be eating, options for if you eat out, and lots of good advice for if you go over the calorie count, how to 'spend' your bonus calories in weeks 3 & 4 or how to save them up for a good weekend out. There are plenty of recipes, and most are very good. I don't eat fish and eat very little meat, but have found the recipes very useful.
I thoroughly recommend the book, whether you follow this diet plan, or tweek it as I have done to fit in with her new plan, it does work. I have already put a review on the Amazing Inch Loss Plan book ... sadly I did buy this thinking it was going to be something special. If you read that review you'll find that it isn't and I very much regret buying it. Just stick with this book and reduce calories in weeks 3 & 4.

Rosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan: Lose a Stone in a Month
Rosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan: Lose a Stone in a Month
by Rosemary Conley
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

29 of 33 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Only buy if a RC virgin!, 16 Feb. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I ummed and erred about buying this book, I wish I hadn't. Ms Conley is an extremely wealthy lady, and I'm a bit peeved that in some tiny way I've added to her wealth and made myself a little poorer!
If you know nothing about Rosemary Conley's diets then it I guess this book might be ok. Despite the thickness the majority of the pages are testimonials from the trial dieters. There are very few recipes. There are 28 pages of set meal plans, so assuming you like being told what to eat, when to eat it and you don't have any food types you dislike eating, then that should work for you. There's also 28 days of lists of what to eat on the Solo Slim - that's pre-packaged products, so basically a big chunk of the book is geared up to telling you which packet to open on which day and at what time of the day.
So, would I recommend it? No.
There is no doubt the diet works. However, I already have a copy of the Ultimate GI Jeans Diet. I would not recommend the Amazing Inch Loss Plan but I would recommend anyone to buy the Ultimate GI Jeans - it has many more recipes. The diet is exactly the same in that it's low fat and low GI, the only difference is in weeks 3 and 4. On both the GI Jeans and the Amazing Inch Loss you do weeks 1 and 2 on 1,200 calories per day. The difference between the 2 books is, the Jeans in weeks 3 and 4 prescribes 1,500 calories per day, the Amazing Inch Loss prescribes 1,400. Weeks 5 onwards, on both plans, you refer to the Basal Metabolic Rate tables at the back of the book to determine your weight and therefore the amount of calories you go to. Both books have the BMRs and both are exactly the same tables.
So I can't help feeling a little duped. There is so little of use in the Amazing Inch Loss book, for me, and I really would recommend ditching this and buying the Ultimate GI Jeans and just changing the weeks 3 and 4 to the 1,400 calories of the other plan.
It does work, I am now at the end of 3 weeks of the diet (using the amounts on Amazing Inch Loss) and have lost 12.5lb. Apart from the first day when I was well aware I was on a diet, I haven't felt hungry. In fact, the last 3 weeks I've eaten better than I usually do (hence the weight gain). Week 1 I lost a very good 8.5lb, this last week just 1.75lb ... but it's still going. I'm half way to my target weight.
The set plans are totally lost on me, I like to get up in the morning to the same breakfast & I don't eat fish and very little meat, so I do count my calories and I have used a number of the recipes in the Ultimate GI Jeans book.
I wish I'd saved my money and bought one of the low-fat cook books instead, and anyone with the GI Jeans diet book already, I'd recommend you just alter the calorie intake during weeks 3 and 4 to fit in with this diet plan and spend the money on a cookbook instead!
There are exercises shown in both books. The addition in the AILP is the references to [...] - where you can find recipes and fitness videos - all to view free of charge.
I've tried to make this as informative as I can, but I cannot recommend this particular book, although I do thoroughly recommend the other one and obviously the diet!

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