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S. J. Pinder "scifihorror fan" (Cornwall,UK)

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Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £3.20

5.0 out of 5 stars an astonishing album by an inspiring new artist!!, 4 July 2009
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This review is from: Ladyhawke (Audio CD)
Ladyhawke for me is just what the music scene needs to give that entiely unique level of brilliance that she has taken in her electronica sound to recreate that distinctive sound of the 70/80's.
this is from 2008 and fortunately i have purchased this album recently to enjoy the sheer brilliance of this album to which everyone must own.
it is completely different and sheer beautiful to listen too, both exciting and touching while with it's raw edge makes it one of the greatest debut albums i have heard this year.
at this price it makes this album a must have item for fans of genuinely epic music.

others recommended-
The Fame-lady Gaga
Lungs-Florence & The machine
La Roux debut album

Ladyhawke has the power of the aforementioned aritists with this one album, it is brilliant!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest Album of 2009!, 4 July 2009
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This review is from: Lungs (Audio CD)
i was intrigued with this artist since i heard her in the BBC sound of 2009 contest, since then i have seen the video's and learnt more of Florence's musical style (electronic,folk alternative art rock)for Smash With A Fist,Dog Days Are Over and (one of the best songs ever!!) Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up).
this album came today and i have heard the whole thing through and i must say this is as epic music can possibly get ever!!
especially in this electronica dominated chart it's nice to have a change of pace and sound and Florence does not dissappoint with every song on here being unique and deep yet also overwhelmingly uplifting to certain degrees.
similar in unusual taste as kate Bush's art rock style which is quite a gem to hear, and the album also has a sort of artistic imagery with each song which entails it to be not only an art piece in the music scene but makes it one of the best albums of the year!!!

Florence incorporates so many distinctive layers within her music which incorporates a Madonna artistic innovation and creativity within her body of work (Florence sites her as a huge influence, and her rendition of Borderline is mesmerising! i long for Flo and Madonna to collaborate) with a Bjork unusually distinctive delivery via the way of Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks.

Ms. Welch has since release (writing in October 2010) has achieved much acclaim the past year and a half for Lungs and it's so very easy to see in a year full of generic pop, Florence brought back that essence of pop music that is so very raw and needed in the genre and showing that British pop is coming back and on top, and by selling over 1.5 million copies across the UK and double worldwide and reaching acclaim in the US, Florence is going to grow as an artist.

With huge anthems and rawly EPIC songs on here, Lungs is an album which EVERYONE must own.It's personal, it's artistic and it's very blissfully produced and Florence's voice is one that defies anything and is just so vibrant and raw.
everyone must get LUNGS today!

Wild Young Hearts
Wild Young Hearts
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £4.07

5.0 out of 5 stars The Noisettes-Wild Young Hearts...One Of The Biggest Albums Of 2009!, 2 July 2009
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This review is from: Wild Young Hearts (Audio CD)
every element of creating the perfect musical melody and catchy song is encompassed in the fabulous recording by The Noisettes, by doing this Wild Young Hearts is most definately one of the biggest and best albums of 2009!!
2009 is definately a year with new independant artists at the helm (La Roux, Florence + The Machine and Lady Gaga to name a few big names)and this album reflects the threesome at the height of fresh talent with this exciting and retro album.
Shingai Shoniwa provides the strong as ever vocals on the album and is supprted by exceptional bass and rhythm by band members; Dan Smith and Jamie Morrison, the formulae is perfect.
this tour de force in retro soul and indie rock make for a joyous record and feelgood moments galore s well as captivating lyrics and (again) Shingai's amazing voice!
a must have album!

La Roux
La Roux
Price: £4.75

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5.0 out of 5 stars a classic already!!, 2 July 2009
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This review is from: La Roux (Audio CD)
La Roux is an instant hit for me with singles- Goin In For The Kill,Quicksand and BulletProof each being classics in my opinion.
this album is part of the current trend of new wave 80's elcetropop set by Lady Gaga with her stunning album-The Fame.
La Roux takes a different perspective of the 80's style electronic sound with that europop feel about it that makes this classic British.
i think this is one of the best debuts and artist could ever have, with a sound familiar to early Cyndi Lauper meets the Human League.
this album is completely different and a unique gem this year and along with offerings by Lady Gaga,Lily Allen,Florence & The Machine and Little Boots, La Roux is definately an artist that is growing with acclaim.
a must have item!!
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Supernatural - Fourth Season Part 1 [DVD]
Supernatural - Fourth Season Part 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Jared Padalecki
Offered by Excess Gaming
Price: £5.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Part one of the best season yet!!, 5 Jun. 2009
To start with i must say, the script and wit in each storyline here has been exceptional making Supernatural the best american television show since Buffy The Vampire Slayer, season 4 has upped the ante (which i thought would be hard to do after the perfect Third Season)and i must praise the ever increasingly good looking Jensen Ackles for the best acting i have ever,ever seen, truely astonishing how he plays Dean after 'doing a Buffy' and being resurrected and brings forth that emotion drawn out from Dean's experiences in Hell is truely magnificent and emotive to watch it lures you into the story.
The chemistry between the two leads is as ever magnificent and makes for cracking entertainment through each episode.
Castiel is an interesting inclusion to the series as he and Dean play off of each other to truely remarkable speed and with such power behind their scenes it creates so much (sexual and dark) tension between the two that makes this arc all the more interesting.
the fight scenes have cracked up several notches too as well as the ever astonishing use of on screen gore as notified in the previous seasons has become a major trademark.
and now for the episodes themselves.

Lazarus Rising-10/10-the best way to start a season ever, from the bewildering and eerie introduction scene of Dean awaking from his grave and in pure 'Twilight Zone style' finding it hard to adapt but quickly coming to realisation of what has happened, there are many twists and turns throughout, loads of tension, action and witty dialogue followed up with slick direction making this one of the best ever episodes.

Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester-10/10-cracking and exciting from the get go, following straight on from the previous episode as hunters have to come to terms with the souls they couldn't save when they return to haunt the hunters in a true spectacularly viscious style, this is yet another perfect Supernatural episode.

In The Beginning-10/10-amazing! more is discovere about the traumatic events of the pilot episode and what lead Dean and Sam to avenge their mother's demise, turns out she was a hunter herself, many more twists are unveiled when Dean is propelled back in time by Castiel,remarkable.

Metamorphosis-10/10-after the cliffhanger of the previous episode we are lead into an episode of self discovery as well as the drk realisations coming to the fore about not being able to save an innocent man cursed with a genetic disorder that causes him to become addicted to raw meat, and human blood.a stunning character analysis as well as slick direction and pure tension making this another corker.

Monster Movie-10/10-time for a lighter toned episode now as the brothers come to confrontation with a mysterious shapeshifter recreating scenes from classic monster movies, this is not your average Supernatural episode but it is the most fun you could ever have.

Yellow Fever-10/10-another humourous episode but also incredibly dark as a mysterious virus is plaguing a town causing them to become scared to death by the least scary of things, more twists are added to the main arc as well as some friction between characters, plus some witty sequences and fantastically paced direction.superb!

It's The Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester-10/10-it's Halloween and that is one of the minor excuses to propell views into an episode filled with the most ghauls possible in an episode which features an fantastic zombie showdown and a confrontation with tweo superb villains n a urder mystery several cuts above the rest, one of the greatest episodes ever as more is added to the main arc and more questions are raised with the stunnng concluding sequence between Castiel and Dean.

Wishful Thinking-10/10-some light entertainment is to be had here as Sam and Dean encounter a town with a mysterious wishing well causing wishes to have darker twists that the victim will not see coming, guest starring Ted Raimi (Joxer from Xena) as a wonderful protagonist for the episode adding humour as well as vulnerability to the role.

I Know What You Did Last Summer/Heaven & Hell-10/10- stunning two parter that is very ar heavy as another villain is introduced and the main arc has yet another twist put to it, Dean reflects on his time spent in hell, while Sam and Dean conide in Ana, a mysterious new character whith a strange hear the angels, but just who is she?and why to angels and demons want her so badly?there are some brutal sequences here and chuck loads of gory moments, but it helps in the tension caused throughout the episode.

Family Remains-11/10-beyond perfection and another favourite episode of mine, this is a very brutal twist on the average family haunting episode dafying just about everything as the apparent ghost of a woman who commit suicide in the attic of a mansion haunts its recent addition to the house, a family looking for a fresh start, but may suffer a bloody finish.Dean and Sam not only confront the ghostly presence but must also face the dramatic consequences of not being able to save the amazingly scary episode that shows what is lacking in horror films of late,truely exceptional.

pre-ordered season 4 pt 2 already and cannot wait to see how this season will end, purchase today!!

The Dreaming
The Dreaming
Offered by Qoolist
Price: £19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Unusual,quirky,stunning Art Rock!, 23 May 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Dreaming (Audio CD)
Kate hit a stride with the stunning Never Forever, and here with her 4th album, she delivers a new style of synthesised pop rock with new production and a fresh yet bewildering style that makes this album nothing short of perfection.
Hounds Of Love followed this three years later and is of yet her greatest ever album along with The Sensual World, but this album offers a unique blend of a social commentary meeting with very opinionated views by Kate of modern society and also makes key references to horror films (Get Out Of My House was inspired by The Shining)and historic figures (Houdini and Pulling Out The Pin)and events (The Dreaming most notably)my favourite is a tie between the hilarious There Goes A Tenner which tells of people forced to go to rod banks due to a credit crunch,Suspended In Gaffa about someones search for God, Night Of The Swallow and Get Out Of My House.
overall this is an astonishing artform by Kate and is definately a triumph in Brit rock.
i love it -10/10

If U Seek Amy
If U Seek Amy

5.0 out of 5 stars Love Her, we all want to If U Seek Amy!!!, 18 May 2009
This review is from: If U Seek Amy (Audio CD)
Circus has increased in massive sales worldwide and this single release will only help with this.
it is a cheeky and sassy little retro song very reminiscent of her Oops...I Did It Again! era and makes a fantastic return from Max Martin who co-penned the massive-Baby One More Time,Crazy,Stronger,Slave 4 U and (personal favourite) Overprotected.
so it makes sense that this song is addictive, catchy and will be massive worldwide!!
a highlight on the Circus album and quite simple the most controversial song Britney has yet released due to the uproar created by the cheeky catchy chorus...this will only help.
to download and buy immediately!!
10/10 p.s buy Circus Deluxe Edition today!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 4: Time Of Your Life (Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dark Horse))
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Volume 4: Time Of Your Life (Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Dark Horse))
by Joss Whedon
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars Buffy:Of The Future,the most 'out there' the show has ever been., 18 May 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
i am still amazed at how diverse, complex and epic each volume of season 8 has been, it is (like the show) a movie every volume, and this one in particular is more different than anything else the writers have done on the show.
it shows a different cross-over altogether and also sees the return of, not only, a major villain(as shown on the beautifully illustrated front cover) but also the return of a major character not seen since season 6(not not Warren and Amy who also have a scheme up their sleeves).
this is what i shall call the major character development episode of the season, sort of like Get It Done but with a grander budget.
some illustrations even reminded me of the cult film The Fifth Element, and the plotline here has so mny twists within it you have to really pay attention.
Dawn's subplot gets a revamp here as she makes another major transformation, into a Centaur (half human half horse greek myhological creature), speaking of the creatures, the ones in the future are pretty artistic and authentic looking that only the comic series can take full advantage of.
Time Of Your Life is a really spectacle story and a mjor character development episode full of intense fight sequences and snappy dialogue that makes this (as with previous volumes) an excellent 8th season of the show.
remember to purshase-The Long Way Home, No Future For You and Wolves At The Gate to get the full spectacle of the season thus far.

Predators & Prey looks as though everything is going to be turned upon its head and things are gonna take a darker turn as hailed writers from the show write five stories in one volume(!!)and more is to be revealed on the villain Twilight(!!!)Pre-order a copy,i am.

The Sensual World
The Sensual World
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.11

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5.0 out of 5 stars a haunting piece of gold from Kate, 16 May 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Sensual World (Audio CD)
why on earth would This Sensual World not become of great commercial success like The Hounds Of Love,that i do not understand.
this is fantastical and provides us with yet again more classic Kate with fantastical supporting beats and pulsating lyrics that generate bothe sense of pace and beauty.
far from a ballad album but strong on its quirkiness and rhythmetic style to make this album simply one of the best ever created, no not the epicness of Hounds Of Love, but the grande feel once placed into your cd player.
this is one of the best things to come out of the pop dominant 80's and yes, just as great as Like A Prayer.

Hounds Of Love
Hounds Of Love
Offered by westworld-
Price: £9.98

5.0 out of 5 stars art rock at its extraordinary best~Kates masterpiece, 15 May 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Hounds Of Love (Audio CD)
overall this album is a triumph of epic proportions, it certified Kate as the queen of British pop/rock and with the hit after hit singles from this album it became one of the largest selling female albums and albums of the 80's therefore making it both epic and revolutionary.
synthesisers are used to their true effect here and only Britney Spears can compae today by paying homage and by reigniting the style on her recent albums(and best of this current decade)Blackout and Circus. Hounds Of Love found purpose to the synthesised sounds generating a euphonic trigger to the sounds created on each song.
also this is one of the first appearences of two different concepts on one album giving listeners a really extraordinary contrast between two styles aswell as the treat of exploring two different journeys.
the first being The Hounds Of Love and the most intriguing portion being The Ninth Wave making this album her most ambitious to date as well.
Running Up That Hill is definately the greatest comeback songs i have heard and one of the best songs ever created,Cloubusting proved a hit too when it was released and also makes for fantastic play, Mother Cries For Comfort is haunting and genuine while Hounds Of Love shows direct inspiration from Kates behalf of horror films, but it is The Big Sky that makes the wonderous dance song of that portion.
The Ninth Wave is the portion that creates a mood and supernatural influenced tale and each song follows the main protagonist, the lyrics strike out, the synths well used and he overall impact of the lyrics make this the most extraordinary thing you could ever hear on an album.
this is must have art rock!! and one of the greatest albums ever known to mankind!!

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