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5.0 out of 5 stars Bjork's continued reign of 90's pop culture, 4 Sep 2010
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This review is from: Post (Audio CD)
Debut took the world by storm with millions upon millions of copies of the album being sold, Post at that time was predicted to underperform!...a thought so hard to grasp now of course, with over 4 million albums sales worldwide almost matching Debut's success and matching that Trip Hop elemental electronica pop and ambient style of Debut, this time we have something more colourful with the addition of Ambient and Pop Rock styles too to add to this albums character and in every way is as much as a classic as ever and is highly regarded by critics as one of the definitive albums of the 90's.

As i stated in my previous review of Debut, Bjork is one of my all time favourite artists because of her striking imagination and creations with her recordings, each so feirce,vibrant and a force of nature, and alongside Madonna,Marvin Gaye and Kate Bush defined me and my perspectives of music and entertainment, that unusual vibe is so love and the sense of raw emotion conveyed within each song, so blissful and frenetic it makes somewhat of an intriguing listen everytime, and like Debut and the follow up to Post Homogenic it is an albums that is considered timeless and grows with it's organic sounds! 15 years later.

Also it must be noted (as i mentioned earlier) Queen Of Pop Madonna herself is a fan of her work ensured she collaborated on her Bedtime Stories title song in 1994 inbetween albums, a song that is so very deep and elemental it was a match literally made in heaven that many critics were taken by surprise, in fact i was surprised that Bjork didn't provide vocals on a song from Madonna's Ray Of Light album a few years later (another definitive classic album!).

Also the songs Hyperballad and Isobel from this album are highly regarded classics that makes Post a must listen alone!

an absolute mesmerising affair, 10/10

Teenage Dream
Teenage Dream
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5.0 out of 5 stars THE guilty pleasure of 2010 is here! Katy Perry delivers retro pop and surefire production for her sophomore album!, 2 Sep 2010
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This review is from: Teenage Dream (Audio CD)
Katy Perry until recently at least wasn't my cup of tea! my brother being a huge fan of One Of The Boys (and believe me he played it at everry given chance!) struck me that she wanted to be too famous too early with I Kissed A Girl,Hot N' Cold,Waking Up In Vegas etc. seeming way too generic and flowery and sweet to listen to, let alone a commercial mess of production!
Nevertheless, California Gurls (which without a doubt has become something of a huge anthem this summer,and it's brilliant!) won me over with it's retro 90's style production, Cyndi Lauper campness and prince 80's electric guitar synths and an absolute cracking hook of a tune! she had indeed won me over from being a P!nk/Madonna/Prince/Bowie style hybrid of a wannabe, to Katy showing us that actually she is somewhat of a guilty pleasure to hear one the radio Ipod or CD player stereo speakers!

however, it's the title single Teenage Dream that definitively certified myself as a fan! like Katy's answer to Madonna's huge anthem Into The Groove this albums title track is a synth pop,rock masterpiece of a tune! and on of 2010's most expertly crafted sensational thumpy songs i have ever heard, each time a refreshing joy of a listen.

My brother was so delighted (and actually scarily ecstatic!) when this album arrived yesterday morning, which a % must have been from being 'high' from the Candyfloss Straberry Sugary smell that grasps your nostrils as soon as the jewell case is opened to play the disc, almost in a similar respect to Madonna's Like A Prayer booklet having the Church scent smell in a blissful sort of way and definitely a soft nice smell, Katy's however is something of a polar opposite which may either cause migranes or just have you addicted...let's say i prefer Madonna's scent from Like A Prayer's patchouli oil which is AMAZING! also the candyfloss reminds me of the funfairs of Summer and adds to the playful personality of the album itself.

In a year dominated by generic R&B,Electro sounds and Lady Gaga, Katy offers that antidote for good old skool pop tunes and one 80's style groove after the next (some better than others!).

Stand outs include ET,Firework,Pearl,Not Like In The Movies,What Am I Living For? and Last Friday Night.

A brilliant album that will be regarded as Katy's most defining record of pure retro style bliss and somewhat of a career high as we will see it selling out and topping the charts on a global scale, she is going to literally dominate 2010.

while not 100% perfect, it's a fantastic album that will be anually played every summer! 9/10

You Can Dance
You Can Dance
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5.0 out of 5 stars Madonna's underrated historically important remix album! and immortal classic, 24 Aug 2010
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This review is from: You Can Dance (Audio CD)
for a lot of my short life (18 years currently as i write this review of the album) Madonna has been a literal hero for me, an artist that i have witnessed push boundaries through her material,artisty,performance art, and always a pivotal and important musician and my all time favourite artist! You Can Dance always gets severely overlooked and i purchased the album two weeks ago and i am so mightily glad that i did!! it's a definitive masterpiece of a remix/dance album containing some underrated classic,unreleased album tracks and a newbie each segued together to make one fantastic listening experience.

For me it is a lot of Madonna's under acknowledged albums usually spark a plethora of creativity (see Erotica,The First Album and Music) alongside her BLOCKBUSTER masterpiece albums (Confessions on A Dance Floor (more on that later),Ray Of Light,Like A Prayer,True Blue and Like A Virgin)and i can confirm that You Can Dance literally sparked something of a revolution in being the very first remix album in music history influencing Michael Jackson,Janet Jackson,Jennifer Lopez,Britney Spears and Paula Abdul amongst other to make some of their own (to mixed successes)but You Can Dance has currently shipped 6 million copies worldwide and remains something of pure excitement and wonder.

It all kick starts with a mini masterpiece of an epic tune with Spotlight which truely is a timeless song that i kick myself that Madonna didn't release with an EPIC video in 1987 to really promote this album (You Can Dance was promoted almost solely by her name!)it truely is an underrated song that in everyway matches the uptempo and dark synths of Into The Groove...speaking of which that too is expanded upon in a huge remix which makes it sound all the more of the blockbuster that it is, and a true hit single of the 1980's evoking that pure uptempo bliss and thumpy synth anthemic flourish that remains symbolic of the era. Over & Over from Like A Virgin is also enhanced on this album to such a fantastic effect, Physical Attraction is also given something of a thumpy rethink from The First Album. While Underappreciated anthem Everybody from The First Album (and Madonna's DEBUT single!) also reflects that timeless appeal of the neo-disco flourish and excitement that will be revisited a few times in her career demanding people onto the dancefloor!

While, Holiday on this album just proves why it is something of a genuine power anthem that reflects Madonna's own knack for making her material just pure timeless material none can match. For me however it's that charm of the remix Where's The Party from her True Blue album that is given something of a real HUGE enhancement from the powerful original in the aforementioned album that evokes a very Marvin Gaye What's Going On style dark groove and real old skool R&B Synth percussion and real high power style tuning remixed by Shep Pettibone (who also did Into The Groove on here) who would be a major collaborator on her I'm Breathless soundtrack with Vogue and on the underrated masterpiece Erotica album it just really revisits her inspirations for the album and messages to the listener why she is such a phenomenal talent and how she can control her listeners and audiences to really let themselves go free and feel the sounds and live the lyrics. Something no artist can ever match!

I would have loved it if Madonna followed You Can Dance up with a remix album in the 90's after her like A Prayer,Erotica and Bedtime Stories albums and see Express Yourself,Deeper & Deeper,Erotica,Keep It Together,Human Nature,Cherish,Why's It So Hard and Waiting remixed and segued but that album never materialised, nor did it after the success of Ray Of light and Music where we could have had Ray Of Light,Nothing Really Matters,Sky Fits Heaven,Don't Tell Me,Impressive Instant and Swim remixed to full power. And of course in the 00's delivered a real career hight with Confessions on A Dance Floor which in itself is a thematic triumph that reignited that flare this album has with the songs segued together like a DJ night-set and really crafting the record as a piece of artform.

One hopes that Madonna will release another remix album to this standard soon! as You Can Dance is an underrated masterpiece of a dance recording and an album i highly recommend for their album collection!

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xx (Digipack)
xx (Digipack)
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Modern Masterpiece! The XX grande debut is one of major importance!, 5 Aug 2010
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This review is from: xx (Digipack) (Audio CD)
until i heard recently the fact that this band has been nominated for the Mercury Award Prize and upon hearing the mesmerising song islands on BBC Radio One i would never have heard of The XX, and my oh my that would have been an utter disappointment if i hadn't!

There is a reason why this album has been thought of highly by critics, the public and ranked in pole position of many polls last year, this is a purely emotional driven pop record with some mesmerising synthy acoustics and indie style pop electronic music that really is setting itself apart from what is the mainstream. Instead it conveys many deep meaningful situations within each of the songs and due to this...each one is indeed a reflection of experimental pop music and British Music as a whole at it's very best!

thankfully, The XX are now getting recognition by the public and the album has been certified Gold with sales in excess of 100,000 copies distributed across the UK. I am hoping that this band meets the same success as that of Florence & The Machine also did in 2009 as this is a band that are so very cutting edge and ultimately very bittersweet in their melodic turns it makes for an absolute MUST LISTEN!

each song has a very gentle electronica style about it which moves the listener in with the rhythms of each tune and the lyrics come so very sharp and deep you can place yourselves in those situations conveyed in the lyrics.

The songs are also very blissful in a variety of ways which makes it ideal for the relaxation of Summer and tht imagery of summer nightime with open skies and stars and ocean waves on coastlines are just created in my mind with each song that it really brings everything to life in your mind and...well...ears!

there is a reason why this has garnered universal acclaim on Metacritic! this album is a genuine MUST hear it is just so pure and rich and brilliant words can literally not express all that i feel for this band and i wish them success in the future...and by darn i hop they win that Mercury Prize! MASTERPIECE HIT of 2010!
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Rock Steady
Rock Steady
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5.0 out of 5 stars No Doubt's MASTERPIECE!, 5 Aug 2010
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This review is from: Rock Steady (Audio CD)
one of my all time favourite bands released one of me all time favourite albums of the last decade in 2001 with Rock Steady, a perfect blend of electronica pop, Dancehall,Raggae,Ska,Hip Hop and Dance Pop with a fantastic New Wave twist almost effortlessly transforming what could have appeared somewhat generic or unhinged transformed itself on one disc into what i would call a modern masterpiece!

Rock Steady is the 5th full studio album by No Doubt and this is the album that certified me as a fan WAY back when i was about 9 years old! i loved that raw energy Gwen Stefani had with her vocals, and the synthy deep basslines in their songs and that pure nonsensical vibe each song has on here that makes this album flourish with colour and depth to the lyrics which get you to either relate to or just propel one's self to the dancefloor and boggie yourself senseless!

Hella Good is for me the most HUGEST sounding dance anthem of the recording, produced by Pharrel and the Neptunes and Nelle Hooper(a future collaborator on Gwen's L.A.M.B and Sweet Escape solo albums) with a very huge Madonna synth vibe dance anthem like Into The Groove or Dress You Up in terms of the fact that the lyrics are really belted out while the dark synth grooves motivate you to just groove out to the song! Hey Baby shows reggae and Dancehall influences and was also a major hit here in the UK very pulsating and very anthemic!

What i also love is that William Orbit who collaborated with Madonna on her sensational Ray Of Light(1998) and Music(2000) albums works here with ND on a hidden gem called Making Out and you can really tell the influence from those aforementioned albums on this song, Gwen's vocals have similarities to Madonna's in itself but Orbit's Trance/Electronica style is present and really elevates this song above what it should be, it's a sensational listen it really is!

we also later on garner collaborations with Prince on the unusually artistic sounding Waiting Room, and a further few Nellee Hooper productions such as the mesmerising Running, the mini-epic Detective, In My Head and of course the title track Rock Steady which incorporates some unusual slow Dub sounds along with edgy House styles.

Rock Steady is an album which is elemental in every sense of it's description and indeed ranks as one of the all time greatest albums made in the 00's decade, i even personally rank it higher than the AMAZING Tragic Kingdom. Unfortunately Rock Steady debut outside of the Top 40 albums chart! despite the success of it's singles which makes the album something of an underrated masterpiece but has since in 9 years of release shipped a grand total of 6 million album units worldwide (their second highest after the 18 million selling Tragic Kingdom!).

Rock Steady is pure gold from start to finish!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Madonna-The debut that marked the career of a lifetime, A Legend Is Born!, 3 Aug 2010
This review is from: Madonna (Audio CD)
The First Album is one of the most brilliantly executed debut albums of all time! upon release the album drew negativity and bias due to critics dismissing the album's material too early on and just ultimately drew negativity and stated Madonna as someone who sounded like Minnie Mouse on helium and a One Hit Wonder and wouldn't last more than a year! what those critics FAILED to realize was that Madonna is in fact a credible artist and provided new mediums to the pop music genre and turned it's head on the (then redundant in 1982) Disco genre providing new,distinctive sounds with the help of Reggie Lucas,Jim 'Jellybean' Benitez and Mark Kamins.
Madonna took three years in development since Madonna Veronica Louise Ciccone moved from Michigan to New York City in 1979 and she joined bands Emmy and The Breakfast Club and became an instant hit with crowd's in several clubs and bars around the city including many Black clubs,Gay clubs,Disco bars,rock bars and everyone knew that her style would appeal to ALL major markets and the mainstream. John Benitez acknowledged that Madonna had a talent for appealing towards mainstream and having a connection with each of her audience's as well as being one of the most creative music artists he had collaborated with.
Little did they realise that a few years later when Madonna was signed by the President Of Sire Records Seymour Stein (after presenting two singles Everybody and 'Aint No Big Deal) he loved her singing style as it was different from the mainstream female artists of the time and aknowledged that Madonna had a style that displayed a higher range of singing as well as a lower range (as displayed in Everybody on this album!)which literally commanded the listener to take themselves to the beat!
She was signed in 1982 and had that year to create new music for a fully fledged debut album, the album that beholds us right now!
This album is of historic importance and although Madonna developed as an artist and attributed herself to different styles and genres of music and as noted as The Queen Of Reinvention to the world and it wasn't until Like A Virgin (24 million albums sold WW.),True Blue (26 million albums sold WW.)and Like A Prayer (21 million albums sold WW.)established her as The Queen Of Pop this debut album is where she established herself as something that was anti-contemporary trends that it had it's own against mainstream pop releases and has since shipped over 10 million copies of the album across the globe.
Songs like Holiday,Lucky Star and Borderline reflect Madonna's knack for creating songs that will appear timeless and grow over the years! songs like Everybody and Burning Up show that Madonna can blend genre's within a single song such as Disco one moment and then Rock the next while I Know It,Think Of Me and the dance epic Physical Attraction stand on their own legs and may aswell have been released as singles also!
what the album of course did was show how far Madonna was willing to go to prove herself as an entertainer,showman,musician,artist,vocalist and (within moments) a musical icon and legend, Madonna did it herself through teamwork with her trio of producers, through the aid of Warner Bros. and Sire records and through her (still) ever expanding and ever loyal fanbase! we ALL have our favourite albums,era's,music video's,style's and songs but most importantly it started here with the single most important album of her career and of music history.
With a back catalogue of albums that has the sensational likes of Like A Virgin,True Blue,Like A Prayer,Erotica,Bedtime Stories,Ray Of Light,Music,American Life,Confessions On A Dance Floor and Hard Candy and with 41 UK top 10 hits, 13 #1 singles,12 #1 albums (just behind the Beatles with 15)and inspired hundreds of musicians and millions of fans there is no doubt that Madonna Veronica Louise Ciccone is more than just The undisputed unmatchable Queen Of Pop but she is the definition of a musical legend and currently (in 2010) looking at her 52nd Birthday she has the looks,stamina and strangth and vocals to fill out stadiums,break records and remain the most continually strong musician and icon of all time and 350 million albums and singles shipped worldwide according to Guinnes World Records she is the most successful female artist of all time and the 4th most successful artist behind Elvis,The Beatles and Michael Jackson!

this album is a must have for ANY music collection in itself, and if you're a new fan let your collection grow with each album and live every moment! for 12 of my 18 years i have been a fan and she has inspired me and motivated me in so many ways like loads upon loads of fan's out there and everyday i am thankful! You Can Dance!
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Doctor Who -- The Complete Series 5 [DVD]
Doctor Who -- The Complete Series 5 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matthew Smith
Price: 11.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Matt Smith + Karen Gillan + Steven Moffat = Perfection! the best full series of Doctor Who to air in years!, 2 Aug 2010
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Without a doubt Doctor Who series 5 literally grabs you within the first opening sequence of a newly regenerated Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor hanging on for dear life on a TARDIS catapulting itself through time and through the Earth showing stunning cinematic scenery and pure slapstick fun, then the new titles and theme tune! powerful,thematic and scary, just the way it should be by the ever amazingly talented Murray Gold. With The Eleventh Hour we are provided a whole new production and world form the mind of the amazing writer Steven Moffat with a sensational back catalogue of writing and production credits as he takes over from Russel T Davies amazing 5 year run on the show. Of course some were going to be judgmental of his clear pristine direction for fans of the RTD era of Eccleston and Tennant but i say welcome it with visions like that of Tim Burton and very James Cameron style cinematic quality production and taking the simplest of scenarios and creating so much suspense through the direction much like the powerful Alfred Hitchcock...and that's JUST The Eleventh Hour so far let alone the following 12 episodes!

now for the episodes themselves-
The Eleventh Hour-simply the greatest way to start the series in the entire show's history! not even Rose can match this behemoth of an episode! straight away i fell in love with Matt's doctor and Karen Gillan became instantly likable as a companion(by the end of the series i say she ranks alongside Donna Noble,Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane!)her feistiness,attitude and humor comes through thick and thin and becomes iconic in her own right. Arthur Duvall is also incredibly likable as Rory Williams and he makes a few more appearances later on in the series(more on that later on). We are given quite an apocalyptic situation for a plot line to, more so than Tennant's disappointing final episode. An alien force is threatening to blow up the entire planet if Prisoner Zero (another alien species who is actually rather frightening in appearance) it's an exciting mini-thriller of an adventure and really is fast paced and puts you right on the edge of your seat! 24 eat your heart out! and come the end of the episode, Matt Smith more than proves that he IS the Doctor and we are instantly given the story arc mystery of this series...what is the crack? what is the pandorica? and who or what is the silence? overall a masterful debut and 10/10 gold!

The Beast Below-an episode that rather split opinion with fans, i felt the story was strong and the creature effects very effective, but the episode comes off as slightly rushed and if it were 10 minutes or so longer than the audience could really get into the storyline more, but we are given an interesting setting of Starship UK, some ingeniously directed sentences, and the instantly powerful and recognized quotation "I'm The Bloody Queen!" by Queen Liz 10 who makes a very good supporting character and is instantly likable if slightly mysterious. The Smilers are some of the creepiest beings i have ever seen on the show that i feel they're somewhat underused in this storyline, and the winders are very intriguing...but the main twist is what the beast actually is. Despite a few shortcomings and a quickly identified resolution it is a very solidly made episode and demands a few viewings to gain more understanding and actually is a really good episode indeed. 7/10

The Victory Of The Daleks-This is an episode that i actually rather liked despite being another episode which some have distaste for but it brings forth why the Daleks are some of the most powerful and skin crawlingly formidable foes of the entire run of Doctor Who and they provide the scenario, should the Doctor save the earth and let the Daleks run free to create a new empire? or should he destroy the new species of Dalek and also face the destruction of Earth itself? so whatever the outcome is the Doctor must face these repercussions and ultimately whatever the outcome...he has lost! Ian McNeice is a surprising turnout as Churchill with some of the most cuttingly funn quotes you will hear and the new look Daleks despite a mixed reception i think grabs the vibe of the Dalek's in the 70's with a very retro look about them and despite being coloured red,blue,white,yellow and orange imagine a colony of new and improved and vastly more violent Daleks! it's a horrifying thought on so many different levels and i look forward to seeing this! overall i rank this episode an 8/10 and Gatiss' best work of the series yet as he makes full use of the World War setting.

The Time Of Angels/Flesh & Tone- makes Blink feel neutered in comparison, this terrifying and horrifically suspenseful two parter is the Aliens to Blink's Alien. It's a full on assault on the nerves and puts you directly on edge, the script is fast paced, the direction is so very cinematic and the settings are so claustrophobic and so wonderfully used for the storyline it creates so many twists and turns throughout and an entire army of Weeping Angels!! it's genuinely scary stuff that i recommend that you don't watch alone in the dark!River Song's return to the show is the icing of the episode's cake and she's much more fully fledged and three dimensional in comparison to her previous Moffat written episode in series 4 Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead and by the end of this storyline instantly became a favourite of mine! Alex Kingston really makes her a character so very iconic and super heroine but also so mysterious,who is she? who is the most important man she killed? i imagine Steven Moffat is planning something that will slap us all around the face in awe.Amy is also given a few of the most scariest sequences as she falls victim to a Weeping Angel steadily approaching her out of a TV (it's scarier than The Ring!) and when she becomes slowly stalked and surrounded in the 'forest' in Part 2. An absolutely brilliant two-parter and such a classic! 10/10.

The Vampires Of Venice-Rory Williams returns in this romp of an adventure and despite being occasionally slapstick it is beautifully filmed and makes use of it's setting and yet again the script is what makes the episode so darn fun! and the 'vampires' are pretty freaky in a very traditional Hammer Horror style of writing sense. It's a favourite of mine and what i call the guilty pleasure episode of this series, it's alos a bit grim in places and continues that fairytale theme of series 5.This episode is wonderful in so many ways and on so many different levels, 9/10.

Amy's Choice-for me this could be the greatest single episode of the series if put in any of the previous episodes ( i even rank it higher than Midnight and Turn Left!) it creates a very surreal scenario and the subdued direction of Murray Gold's soundtrack add's to the mystery of the plotline. The TARDIS crew must make the decision of which dreamworld is the dream and which one is in fact the reality, it is a character growth storyline but also has some of the most hilariously grotesque aliens in recent memory OAPS with a viscous edge! no other could write it than Simon 'Men Behaving Badly' Nye. It's quirky,it's fun but it's also very deep and provides a 'what if?' situation that Amy must have been questioning while on her adventures with the Doctor and having liked her character all the way through this episode made me fall in love with her, playing vulnerability and strength in the blink of a second! Matt Smith shines again and Arthur Duvall is again purely fantastic! Toby Jones makes a very intriguing Dream Lord...with a twist! 10/10

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood-If in any other series this would be the strongest two parter but with the BIG one to come later and the terrifyingly amazing one prior this episode is the weaker of the bunch, but nevertheless is a brilliant watch that works as one feature length episode as it is rather cinematic, i love the rural scenery(yet again on the series as a recurrent theme!)the Silurians return at their viscous best!it has been somewhat controversial amongst fan bases that they don't have the third eye from their previous appearences on the classic series but they are a malicious tribe and a fabulously detailed in the make up department and re also quite terrifying at the same time. The supporting cast allows for the tension to build in this somewhat Torchwood-esque episode (well it was written by Chris Chibnall!)where the acting plays up to the visual effects. there's a nicely horrific homage to Saw (all i am saying is poor Amy!)towards Part 1's cliffhanger and the end of Part 2 will have you at the Kleenex and also on the edge of your seat. Meera Syal grew into her own as Professor Nasreen in a rather comically dramatic way! this episode in it's own right is stronger viewed in one full swoop as part 2 literally plays up to the suspense of part 1. but i would definitely give this a 10/10 on many levels, a brilliant two part plot.

Vincent & The Doctor-Again, this must be a classic episode on so many accounts and if in any other series would be viewed as one of the best! it's quirky,surreal and in many ways 'artistic' and somewhat eccentric. The plotline and science fiction takes a backseat as we delve into the mind of Vincent Van Gogh played superbly by Tony Curran, this may also render the waterworks as the message by the end of the storyline hits you really deep. Some sequences are even really intense with the creature of the plot.Richard Curtis shows why he is an impressive writer and lends the drama,the humour and the action together so very smoothly much like series 5 as a whole has managed to do. This episode is a toure-de-force on many accounts and i love the homages to Gogh's artwork and the visual interpretation's of Starry Night. This is Doctor Who at it's most artistically relevant best! 10/10

The Lodger-Gareth Robert's best episode of his run on the series is this masterful Doctor-Lite (well companion-lite so the case may be as Amy is present in 6 scenes!)James Corden is on top form here as Craig, Matt is just hilarious trying to be a 'human' and playfully slapstick! this is definitely a hidden gem that despite not being entirely perfect makes way for the high on drama and action finale that is to come. 9/10

The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang-The finale that tops ALL finale's! it has it all and more, each checked spot on the list comes with it's very own superb twist, we have action,adventure,scares,genuine horror,suspense,claustrophibic settings,superb script,skilled direction,iconic sequences,iconic villains,brilliant cast and the most definite cliffhanger to top ALL cliffhangers! this is why Doctor Who is the greatest of British television!
TPO begins ith the greatest ever pre-titles sequence the show has ever done! with River Song escaping from her prison cell (WHY is she there?!?! you scream!)which allows for ALL significant characters to be brought back from sries 5 in a full swoop! (Liz 10,Churchill and Vincent across 5 minutes)and to top it all a reference to Jack Harkness in an alien bar and the most visually impressive gag i have EVER seen...Hello Sweetie engraved in the oldest cliff face of the universe!
TPO also boasts the most terrifying scene in Doctor Who history as a Cyberman arm comes alive and attacks the Doctor and Amy beneath Stonehenge and a very The Thing/Alien directed cyberman sequence when the head literally sprouts legs (face hugger anyone?!?) it's shocking on many levels. Then you have the iconic shock of the Doctor approaching the alien armies arriving above Stonehenge and the single shot of every iconic foe to be seen on television and the cliffhanger that will have you on the edge of your seat! it crosses time and the universe and the screen encapsulates you in the moment and the universe literally blows up to a silence! it's visually eyegasmic! Part 2 elevates the tension to off the scales as the Daleks are then made TERRIFYING again! an impressive scenery of an apocalyptic Earth and some of the most intese sequences to ever be seen! and the most twists to be seen in a finale! but it all concludes wonderfully and it all pay's off leaving two ends to the plot still open for series 6 next year! WHAT/WHO is The Silence, and WHO is River Song?!?! 10/10.

overall, this is the finest set of episodes on one series of the show, the themes are very mature the direction is ALWAYS superb on many levels. Matt Smith is officially MY doctor, Amy Pond is a superb companion, Rory Williams is an amazing supporting character, River Song is definately full of mystery and wonderfully iconic on many levels! this is a must for those who love a genuinely tight knit plot and the most impressive science fiction,thriller,drama in British history!

amazing, and the special features are set to be really jam packed full of awesomeness! with Confidentials,video diaries,commentaries and apparently much,much more!
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The Singles 1992 - 2003
The Singles 1992 - 2003
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.13

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5.0 out of 5 stars No Doubt~The Band Who Defined A Generation!, 29 July 2010
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This review is from: The Singles 1992 - 2003 (Audio CD)
Without a doubt this Singles Collection is one of the greatest ever put together, it reflects in fine detail non-chronological order each superbly crafted masterpiece of a song and it flows perfectly! No Doubt were and still are one of my all time favourite groups Gwen Stefani has a very raw Madonna texture to her voice with that quirky gravity she has and it makes each song really spring to life from the disc.
Writing in 2010 i can easily see why her solo career matched No Doubt's back catalogue of masterpiece music making! and Gwen's solo career from 2004-2007 and the band's album releases have so far totaled to over 50 million albums shipped globally! now that is an incredible achievement in many respects.
No Doubt really brought the 90's it's distinctive sound with use of Raggae style rock,Dancehall,rock anthems,pop rock,dance and of course New Wave Ska styles within each song...pure bliss.
Also the album inner sleeve is superbly detailed and very entertaining to read and look at the photography by the side of each song showing their growth as a family and as a group from their early beginnings to Tragic Kingdom to Return Of Saturn and of course the masterpiece album of the 00's Rock Steady!and their most recent single release before Gwen's solo career the cover song It's My Life by synth pop group Talk Talk.
This is a must and up there with the greatest ever greatest hits packages! and a fan awaiting to hear their new material which is speculated to be released by the end of 2010! it's exciting stuff.

10/10 fantastic bliss for nostalgia and a really sonic entertainment experience! GOLD.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Madonna goes for the gun and shoots out a MASSIVE TUNE, 11 July 2010
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This review is from: Revolver (Audio CD)
okay,when i first heard the song i did get a mixed opinion but in all honesty this is how a pop song should be in contemporary society! and this remix by David Guetta has allowed for it to have a distinctive identity. Sure it's not a Madonna classic of a tune but it is ridiculously lovable and just as great as Celebration was/is.
Unfortunately there was no promotion when it was released so therefore was her lowest chart placing in her history in her three decades in the music industry but nevertheless it doesn't take away that this is a great echo back to early 90's Madonna in the Erotica period in the sense of the House style beats and the pulsating grooves and even the more recent Hard Candy record with a very Urban feel about it too except Hard Candy had a very personal lyrics to the songs and an attitude and also Revolver isn't quite the genius we have come to expect for a standard of a song but it is much better than many contemporary pop songs and indeed deserves it's own credit where it's due and also with the amount of remixes here available this is QUALITY worth for money!

also the song was used in her recent (June '10) Interview Magazine photoshoot promo video and H&M Fashion range for this summer so i was re-introduced t the song in a new light as it were. This is a big hands in the air pop song that while nonsensical fun it does highlight Madonna's ear for a catchy tune that we have loved her for, and as a fan for most of my life and have her 12 studio albums and a few compilations i felt the purchase of this particular single hard to miss out on!
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/\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya)
/\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya)
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5.0 out of 5 stars THE EXPERIMENTAL album of 2010! MIA delivers on many levels here in a sonic masterclass of an album, 10 July 2010
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This review is from: /\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya) (Audio CD)
Let's face it, over the past two years we have been bombarded with generic pop with the likes of Pussycat Dolls,Lady Gaga,Beyonce,JLS,Cheryl Cole and many X Factor 'goods' being pushed down our mouths at any given interval it is indeed refreshing to have the like of Florence & The Machine,Paloma Faith and The Noisettes provide some of the best of British music last year to stride out the EN MASS USA takeover last year and indeed had some of the best albums last year too, Rihanna came into her own on her recording Rated R last year too which was beyond awesomeness.
2010 has seen somewhat of an elevation from that format and artists have gotten experimental with their sounds, we have thus far had genius albums by Gorillaz and Janelle Monae and fantastic pop recordings that outstand any contemporary view of pop with Christina Aguilera's phenomenal Bionic album(which MIA co-penned Elastic Love GENIUS!)Robyn's Body Talk and Kelis' Fleshtone managing to establish themselves apart which has transformed the unmainstream more underground style modes of production and brought to a far mainstream audience,

MIA is proudly one of the most innovative and experimental artists around and she is not afraid to speak her mind within her lyrics and darker electronic beats.Madonna did for pop(and i am thankful everyday for her The Queen Of Pop/Entertainment!P.E.R.I.O.D) what MIA has done (again extremely thankful) for Hip Hop (Jay-Z and Dizzee eat your hearts out!) by bringing a very old skool vibe and applying different physics and perspectives towards the sounds almost becoming something of a physical being itself.
Maya here is an album that shows something of MIA's first use of Industrial Electronica work that hasn't been heard on her previous recordings (Arular and Kala are well worth checking out also!) which in some ways shows the songs can be undeniably catchy through the hook of the rhythm and beat and also that blend of surrealist work almost like the photography for the album itself!

Maya can also be perceived as something as the most relevant recording for today's society as it does question our loyalties on modern technology without being critical, and it shows a journey within the electrical physics of the modern world which makes Maya not only an extremely authentic pop record but also the most needed this year.

It is confrontational but also extremely passionate which shows that this album isn't for a mass market audience but for those who love fantastic house grooves and experiMENTAl hip hop beats and for something unusual and infectious too.Madonna,The Beatles,The Rolling Stones,Bjork are some heavily HUGE artists who have had (having) their massive successes through their hugely popular recordings and also very personal masterpieces in the history of music. Here i find this is MIA's. It's an album that shows her growth as a musical personality and an artist it uses the strengths of her previous two albums and pushes the sound forward for a new dimension and it is indeed a must hear experience!

This is an album that NEEDS to be heard! 10/10
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