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Wind and Wuthering (1976)
Wind and Wuthering (1976)
Offered by MediaMerchants
Price: £6.89

5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Gale force strength of greatness, 28 April 2007
This is a very good album, in parts great and I love it.

Looking at my CD, I have a habit, wife will call it an obsession of leaving on the price stickers and anything else in stickers on my CD's. They are like my children [sad]. If they are packaged in cellophane then that means carefully taking them off and reputting them on the CD cover itself. Why? Good question, one is that I can tell where I got it, in some cases which country, how much I paid as well. Looking at this it has three stickers, The price £7.99, Virgin value sticker, and the shop Littlewoods sticker. Which is no more, a bit of history, so it is one of my old CD's and when prices were far higher, so this was a bargian back then.

The reason why I am telling you all this trivial stuff is, if you are still awake? Is that I have had my money's worth and I will buy the
Wind and Wuthering [Hybrid SACD + DVD] version. The price is not that far off my £7.99, back in the mid eighties with inflation and all that boring stuff.

Getting to the CD, it has not worn as well as trick Of The Tail. Sounds slightly dated in parts, but still bloody marvellous! I think honestly the weakest track is All In A Mouses Night: surprisingly not written by who I thought, but by Tony Banks. I checked the pretty impressive booklet of the time, when most CD's had jack s**** in reading material, just a thin cover back then.

I am just going to point out 3 delights that a waits you. Of course there are more?
Your own Special Way: MEGA, maybe Mr Rutherfords greatest song?
Blood On The Rooftops: Excellent, Hackett/Collins at their best? Maybe. Beautiful moving guitar playing then great lyrics sung by a great sounding Phil.
Afterglow: Written by Banks. This makes up for his earlier weak track and this closes the album. Majestic.

Even with All In a Mouses Night being a bit tired and twee, it is still very listenable and moving.

So I would again suggest as I have with Duke, if you are thinking of buying Wind and Wuthering {remember I also had in on vinyl, then Cassettes was the future?}. I am not cheap? So seeing I am going to invest in it for the fourth time it will be the Hybrid SACD + DVD version. That should see me to my retirement in about 18 fast approaching years.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Brilliant.................., 28 April 2007
This review is from: Duke (Audio CD), my CD Duke has a scratch, it makes an annoying almost, morse code letter O, dashdashdash, over and over in a certain section. It is not a jump yet? But will be shortly. Why am I happy then? Because I will have to replace it and this time I will buy the Duke [Hybrid SACD + DVD] version. How did this scratch appear, is not important, as in the past I would of interrogated all my family. As I am very careful with handling CD's, this comes from having vinyl in the past, it teaches you respect. CD out of cover into CD player, avoid touching playing surface, when played, put back into it's cover and placed back on shelves, simple and neat

Am I tight? No!!!! I just don't like having so many versions of the same CD, take Dark Side Of The Moon, I have the normal CD, 20th anniversary edition and then the sacd version.

I think this is a very strong Genesis album, okay there is more on the human emotion then some furry creature or some magical pond in a forest. But it is Brilliant and if you want to be reflective about your not so great past, then bang it on. Feel Collins/Rutherford/Banks inspired woe.

All tracks are great, and the majority are bloody brilliant.My Favourite? If I have to choose one and it is hard with so many to choose from, all 11
[ I know there are 12 ]are worthy candidates.
DUCHESS is my choice, overall it is and at most times my favourite. I am like a kid in a sweet shop, quicky moving on before I change my mind.
Weakest is Misunderstanding: it is good, but I can not listen to this time after time.

If you are new to Genesis, then shell out the extra dosh and get the Duke [Hybrid SACD + DVD] version. If you are not new to Genesis then start manhandling your Duke CD.

Then you can almost look your wife in the eye and tell the truth, like I have. That you need to buy a replacement and I know it costs more dear. Please dear, I will hand wash your not so small smalls dear for a year. It will be worth it. Scrub away.


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3.0 out of 5 stars Beyond the Rainbow?, 28 April 2007
This review is from: Genesis (Audio CD)
Hard album to say how great or how poor it is. Total stars for this would be 3.5, but we don't do halves.

Of course thinking about this album you have the great tracks Mamma: and Home by the sea: and second home by the sea: Then you have have the pretty good ones Silver Rainbow: and thats all: Depending on what mood you are in is It's gonna get better: which can be there or not. To the not good, the album filler Just a Job To Do: Then the all time sh*te that is Illegal alien: You can not understand what the hell they were thinking at this stage of their Phil Collins lead career? Chasing air play?
This should have been a single, but should not have been on any album apart from a best of. They managed to do it in the past with and without Gabriel in 'charge'. Even Collins managed it with Match of the day: and inside and out: and pigeons: that was released as an ep, 7" and also a blue 12" version to boot.{which I have saved from my earlier troubled life}. I wouldn't mind, but in my opinion these songs are worthy of an album, not just a best of.

I played this yesterday in my wifes car, she wasn't there of course! She is a Morrissey fan, so I took a risk. It was sunny, so shades on, volume up. Hadn't heard it for years, it sounded great. Still skipped the usual tracks, thinking eh? I have played it at home since and sorry to say it is strong and weak. Also it is one of those albums you have to have? But only played when you really want to hear it and that is not often.
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Eragon (1 disc) [DVD] [2006]
Eragon (1 disc) [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Edward Speleers
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.26

10 of 19 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars I blame Peter Jackson, 27 April 2007
This review is from: Eragon (1 disc) [DVD] [2006] (DVD)
I blame Peter Jackson for raising the bar so high with his masterpieces the Lord Of the Rings films, which I also have read the books and Love, before seeing the films.. This review that follows is based solely on the film as I have not read the book or books about Eragon.

I was not impressed with this film, it seemed to have the feel of Willow and the make up and props that reminded me of a BBC fantasy drama from the 80's. I know this might seem harsh, but sorry, that is what I thought as I watched it, not enjoying the experience and not really connecting with any of the characters. I thought the best two actors and their characters are King Galbatorix (John Malkovich). With his over the top edgy, verging on madness type pantomime baddie, oh yes it is! And the dark-magic "Shade" sorcerer named Durza (Robert Carlyle). It took a while without cheating and looking at the DVD cover, to guess who it was. This small niggle ended up being more entertaining then the film. Great performance Mr Carlyle! Watching this I felt that many of these actors were making up for missing out on not appearing in the Mr Jackson's classic. If I was them, I would have given this a miss and waited for the Hobbit to be made into a film or Terry Brooks The Sword of Shannara.

It had a deja vu [thankfully not the film] feel to it, meaning I have seen it all somewhere before. From a galaxy far far way, to films that are too numerous to mention, but will try. We know the basics. A boy orphaned, finds an object, unknown to him it has some history behind it. Don't want to ruin the story, it turns out to be a egg.

This boy lives with his cousin and uncle on a farm that is just surviving. The uncle is played without cycle clips by the actor from BBC's New Tricks, Alun Armstrong. I bet he cheeses off Dennis Waterman and James Bolam? Who are both accomplished actors, by getting parts in proper and hopefully blockbuster films like this and Van Helsing. Luck has it that his best bit in the film was as a dead body. The main story of the film starts.

Earlier the dragon has hatched and was trying to be cute and badly failing where the baby dragon in Harry Potter was Cute. It got no better when it grew, I was half expecting Sean Connery's voice to be heard. Instead it is a monotone voice of Rachel Wiesz. For some strange reason every time I hear her voice? I felt the urge to pluck my eyebrows, odd? The dragon's shape and design was almost as bad as the dragon in Never Ending Story, less fur though, bad still bad. My picture of the ideal dragon is , surprise surprise Dragon from Shrek. Superb. This dragon looked not right.

The movement of the dragon. The flying and such like was boring. The only time it worked for me was when they were at the cliff face and a rock falls over the edge and the camera looks over, 1/2 a thrill[hence 2 stars]. When it came to the bit when the dragon and Eragon leapt off . Yawn. Even the flying sequence in the rescuers down under is more convincing and exciting and thats done with crayons. IF you have been lucky enough to experience Shrek 3D ride at Universal, you will know what an exciting dragon flight is. Ok the shaking of the seats did help and water spray, but it was still good, dragon looked good and very exciting. Or take Happy Feet [what?] bear with me. An exciting chase or the experience of movement, in this case swimming. The Leopard seal, that turned the film from a kiddies cute film to a bloody hell that is a good film.... When Eragon was learning how to fly the dragon, it was almost the quidditch match in the first Harry potter film where his broom is possessed. And that wasn't very good even back then, see what I am getting at. This is an up todate film and I wanted more.

I know Jeremy Irons won an Oscar and was brilliant as Scar in The Lion King. So he is not just a good actor but also has a great voice. So what happened here, not convincing at all, even with that annoying gruff voice. It doesn't make you any harder. Then when he started a speech to Eargon, what he has seen in his life. I was transported to Blade Runner with Rutger Hauer doing the famous speech of battle cruisers whatever.

The evil assassins, seemed to be done on the cheap, never really having a proper view of them, either the darkness of night or shadows hide them. Scary? No just annoying. Then the main baddie troops they send to fight the goodies, no expense spared there, shaved heads, eyeshadow and bad teeth, I have see more scarier things on the terraces on Match of the Day.

I know you might be saying it's a kids film. But is it? Modern films that are for children also work on levels for grown ups, this had more cliches then film. Then what little film was left? Was a disappointment. I am happy that I didn't waste my time watching it at an expensive cinema, my daughter didn't fancy it. So I have it on DVD and if the urge is ever there to watch it again........

A Trick Of The Tail
A Trick Of The Tail
Price: £16.68

17 of 23 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A class act to follow Peter.....BRAVO, 26 April 2007
This review is from: A Trick Of The Tail (Audio CD)
This is really where I started to appreciate Genesis. The release of this album just lifted the top of my head making room for this great group. I was young back then and I thought you could only have one favorite group and in my case it was Yes. So sadly I missed the Gabriel years, though I had friends who played Genesis before this album. The gabriel years I thought were pleasant, whimsical and very listenable music, I just skimmed the surface, here and there. Like a stone thrown in a river and then sunk with a plop to my narrow minded thought that YES is best, nothing else. Then a bloody great switch was pulled.

I have of course rectified my earlier misguided doctrine, my appetite for Genesis knew no bounds and I revisited all the earlier stuff and of course loved all, maybe not Trepass.

This album is of a different timescale and era. So listening to it today? It doesn't sound dated and it certainly hasn't lost any of it's magic. It should be put in a glass cabinent and have sugar thrown at it. It is that good, it is a classic.

Collins vocals are great with just a hint of the artful dodger when needed. Drumming brilliant. This was the real start of the Mr Collins quest for world domination. Only one more album of this highest standard they would achieve[Wind and wuthering]. Then the slide began, not too drastic at first. Still good songs but more radio friendlier, integrity lost to the dollar, maybe?
At least Mr Hackett never stuck around, Rutherford and Banks never put up too much of a struggle. Polo ponies you know? New house or car?

This line up of Genesis[Collins/Rutherford/Banks/Hackett] proved they could still maintain it after Gabriel.

It is hard to choose a favourite as they are all brilliant and like the passing of the seasons these change.What is your favourite favourite? Listen and find out............

Deja Vu [DVD]
Deja Vu [DVD]
Dvd ~ Denzel Washington
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £2.24

3 of 15 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Fast foward please, 26 April 2007
This review is from: Deja Vu [DVD] (DVD)
The only thing Deja vu about this film is Denzel Washington's acting, he is a bit like Hugh Grant. He plays the same role, himself all the time. Deep broody thoughtful modern man in touch with his feelings. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed his films in the past. He has made some great ones. This is I am afraid a turkey.

From it's a explosive start it rapidly goes down hill the more they try and put some 'truth' to the unbelievable plot. It is a cross between the Minority Report, the Harry Potter sequence where they save Hagrids Griffin type Creature and a very poor version of Twleve Monkeys.

Around about the time these professors explain the far fetch hokum, sorry a kind of worm hole, bending time whatever. I was hoping to teleport myself into the future, where this film would be a distant fading memory. This is the view of a guy who has all his fingers, but has a scar over his left eye, due to a RTA. This is not gory.

Price: £7.48

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's not a best of....... it's just the best., 25 April 2007
This review is from: Voices (Audio CD)
I feel a bit stupid, as I bought this CD a while ago under the impression that it is one of them countless Best of's. So It was in a pile for a long time waiting to be played. What a shock I got when I banged it on.

Great opening track. Vangelis at his peak. Love the Voices, and the stirring anthem. Come To Me is just such Celtic brilliance. Then Track 5 Ask The Mountains is the music from the washer advert were the clothes turn into fish, a conger eel and jellyfish. Prelude has some gorgeous piano playing. Losing sleep[still,my heart] is such a moving love song.

It is all good. It is one of my Favourite favourites Vangelis CD ever. I need to have my backbone reattached as I am that blob on the carpet slowly spreading. Must stand up........

Price: £5.20

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5.0 out of 5 stars At my age it could be a problem.....but it wasn't, 25 April 2007
This review is from: Oceanic (Audio CD)
A whole CD about water and oceans could be a problem for me, especially at my time of life the wrong side of 47. When I bought this I was in two minds of playing this at so close to bedtime with my Horlicks. As I have not got to the stage of buying incontinent underwear yet. I didn't fancy spending more time in the little boys room, then sitting and relaxing to it. My doubts were unfounded and a dry bed in the morning as well. It is truly a amazing weak bladder friendly experience. No squelchy embarrassingly around. No!

The whole feel of this album is brilliant, hate to say it, but it's like being one with the ocean, man? No feeling of sea sickness either, it is in my top 3 of all time favourite Vangelis albums.

Beware if you have an STD, like a live infestation, I have not tested this album against that. Don't be surprised if they don't all gather around ones ankles waiting for the tide to come in.

Again Brilliant, no water wings needed as we are all dolphins with this album.
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Reprise 1990-1999
Reprise 1990-1999
Offered by Bee-Entertained
Price: £4.58

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The master at work, 25 April 2007
This review is from: Reprise 1990-1999 (Audio CD)
I feel for people who have just these snippets to this great man's music and are happy with that. There has to be a market as he fires off or his record company releases endless variations on compilation CD's. I will concur that he is a bit hit and miss, but thankfully he hits more then he misses. I am a collector of the music of Vangelis and being interested from the time of Heaven and Hell. I snap these compilations up happily enough, and bang them on to whet my appetite for his CD's. I love oceanic.

Track 6 Come to Me: Excellent, mystic vocals.
Track 11 West across the ocean sea: What words can describe this feeling, gobsmacked!
Track 13 Rachel's Song. Lovely vocals,the trouble with Vangelis is that when he is on song, words can not do it justice and this is one.
Track 16 Dawn: Great ending. A Sandwich?

This is just some of all the great tracks on this CD that I love slightly more then the rest. But It's close.

There is a fine booklet with this CD of mine. At the back it has all the albums that the tracks have been taken off. Get it, and if you love his music as much as I do, just work yourself down the list. It is worth it

Private Collection
Private Collection
Price: £5.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars William Tell was never this good, 25 April 2007
This review is from: Private Collection (Audio CD)
They have hit bulls eye with this great CD.

Oh I love Deborah track 3, Polonaise track 4, Anderson at his super smashing best. Every track is a peach.

See what you two can achieve if you play nicely together.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

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