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Price: £3.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Random, 13 Nov. 2014
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This review is from: Random (Kindle Edition)
Loved it. Not what I expected at all when I bought it but can thoroughly recommend it. Well worth the low price.

Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £117.41

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5.0 out of 5 stars almost too full of memories to review, 29 Jan. 2004
This review is from: Babelogue (Audio CD)
its 1989, you're at university in manchester and you hear about this group who are supposed to be the next best thing. you buy your smiths tickets for their gig back home and go along with your mates, then you find out that the support is this new group. you are drinking warm cider in the bar when the support come on and even tho they are a floor and 100 yeards away, the room shakes and your head vibrates. you go to watch them and are transfixed by the singer, masses of hair and stripped to the waist. you have to stick your fingers in your ear to hear his voice !! when you finally manage to track the album down you jump straight to the final track, because its unlike anything you ever heard before and you almost wear the grooves out. you never hear of the group again. i was that fool, raymonde were the group and the smiths were blown off the stage and 'son of the soil' was the song. james maker's voice is still making my ears ring,and the rest of the album has probably five gems on it. arrogant, swaggering, bombastic, almost undefinable. unmistakably influenced by 60s epic pop, northern soul and something else altogether. brilliant, but ultimately a bit dated, but only in the way that a snapshot of a fantastic experience or an old girlfriend or a memory of your youth can ever be. listen and remember.
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Now It's On [CD 1]
Now It's On [CD 1]
Offered by shakedownrecords
Price: £1.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars back with a bang, 10 Jun. 2003
This review is from: Now It's On [CD 1] (Audio CD)
i've heard this described as 'crystal lake's' little brother and i can see why. fuzzy rocky guitars with a riff that you can't stop whistling, and a melody that seems too twee to be true. bouncy and poppy, lytle actually seems to be enjoying singing this. the video is good too, with stuffed animals nodding along to the tune - a typical grandaddy touch. the b-side 'trouble with a capital t' is excellent too. its got to no.23 in the charts which is disappointing in a way, but if the goons who buy s-club and their ilk don't like, grandaddy must be doing something right !!

Bad Men
Bad Men
by John Connolly
Edition: Hardcover

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3.0 out of 5 stars a major disappointment, 10 Jun. 2003
This review is from: Bad Men (Hardcover)
i'm not disappointed by this book because its not a charlie parker book. (amazingly he does appear briefly - but why?)i'm disappointed because its such a comedown from the gripping visceral tension created in his previous works. parker is a conflicted hero that we can almost identify with (as far as we ever can with someone who kills readily and suffers from visions of his murdered wife and daughter) we care about what happens to him and his friends. at no time was i remotely drawn to any of the charaters in bad men, not even the token oddball sheriff, melancholy joe. connolly's symbols here are wielded awkwardly, the handicapped boy who sees clearer than other 'able' people on sanctuary, the woman on the run from her evil husband with the demonic surname, the rookie cop trying to do her best, and by the book etc etc. it all seems a little hackneyed. there are several similarities with connolly's other books: the american north-west as a back drop, the grisly consequences of crimes long past come back to haunt, and the second sight 'enjoyed' by a number of the protaganists. don't get me wrong, i love connolly's writing. his previous books have been read and reread in this household until the covers are falling off. i waited and waited for this book to come out and i've devoured it in a day, but that spark is just not there. it reminds me of some of the episodic holiday reading that passes a few days by the pool but that is forgotten by the flight home. a bit like dean koontz, i suppose. its still a good book, but the whole moths/ghosts that can kill/bad guys only in peril concept is unworthy of connolly's obvious brilliance. i understand why he wanted to take a break from parker and rachel etc, but that's the world he really convinces me with and i hope he returns sooner, rather than later.
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Am I Wry
Am I Wry
Offered by marxwax
Price: £27.97

5.0 out of 5 stars lovely melodic powerpop, 16 Sept. 2002
This review is from: Am I Wry (Audio CD)
yet another new band that i first saw on mtv2. this grabbed me from the first chord and captivated me until the last. the singer looks about twelve and sounds like a choirboy. the music is a potent mix of dreamy melodies and strange changes of direction a la lush/pale saints. remarkably composed for a first single, confident and assured in the way that only new scandinavian bands seem to to be. apparently their stage show is something to behold, and they are playing near us supporting martin greche. i wonder if he'll be upset if i leave after mew ?

Til the End
Til the End
Offered by Townsend Records
Price: £0.28

5.0 out of 5 stars best track off the album by far, 24 April 2002
This review is from: Til the End (Audio CD)
having been very disappointed by their debut album, i have to say this track is a belter. its a superb tune, diving straight in to pure emotion. the chorus makes you wish you could sing (i can't), but i bet you'll play air drums along to it. the guitar sound is taken straight from the railway children, but that's not a problem. this is what haven are capable of, so why do they miss the mark so often. this is great.

Mission To Mars [VHS] [2000]
Mission To Mars [VHS] [2000]
Offered by dyerwilliams
Price: £1.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars i love this film - give it a chance, 9 Mar. 2002
i have seen this film at least eight times, and it gets to me more and more each time. i took my science-fiction mad niece to see it at the flicks and she absolutely loved it. to see the looks of awe on her face as the effects kicked in was one of my favourite experiences as a first time uncle. perhaps it has clouded my judgement a little, but there you go. i understand why people don't like it, the name de Palma and the genre involved raised people's expectations to an unreachable level. yes the film has flaws, the dialogue is a bit clunky and trite, the plot is a little simplistic (but 'unrealistic' as a criticism surely never washes when you are talking about sci-fi, that's the whole damn point), and as for derivative tell me about a recent sci-fi film that doesn't at least give a nod to its predecessors. the effects are great, and de Palma'a knack of staging striking visual tableaux is everpresent. the criticism of the cartoon-like alien is nit picking. who is to say what it would look like ? the cgi effects fit the fact that this is a message left by the original inhabitants. what i can't understand is why all the people who line up to slag this film off don't get the incredible passion and emotion of the closing twenty minutes. from the moment the team enter the edifice, i find this one of the most moving, uplifting pieces of film making i have ever seen. lovely music, genuine awe amongst the cast, a positive message of union and love (i sound like an old hippy) make me mist up every time. if you like a big slice of overblown melodrama, expansive (and expensive) effects, and a film with its heart definitley in the right place, approach with an open mind and engage that bit of the brain that just enjoys being entertained without being intellectually stretched. my niece and i loved this film.

Between The Senses
Between The Senses
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £2.72

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3.0 out of 5 stars much anticipated - hugely disappointing, 18 Feb. 2002
This review is from: Between The Senses (Audio CD)
i've been hearing haven singles on the radio for about a year now, and i was really looking forward to hearing this album, but i have to say it is really very disappointing. i've no aversion to taking chances with buying music, if i've got some spare cash, i'll look around for something to buy. i really thought i was onto a banker with this one, but sadly the hype and other reviews simpy overstate the case for this album. it reminds me of so much other stuff that i've heard down the years. there are three songs on there that live up to my expectations, 'say something', 'still tonight' and 'til the end' show a spark of melody and spirit and that certain something that hint at some promise, but the rest of it really is sub-smiths and embrace jangle pop that lumps along with no real purpose. believe me, no-one is more disappointed than me, but its only worth a point apiece for the three songs i've mentioned.

Carlito's Way [VHS] [1994]
Carlito's Way [VHS] [1994]
Offered by funkybunnie
Price: £2.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars fantastically moving and affecting., 14 Feb. 2002
as i'm writing this, i'm listening to patrick doyle's superb score, which for me is an integral part of this film. a hauntingly realistic portrayal of one man's desperate struggle to move on from his criminal past while acknowledging that he can never be rid of the old ties of loyalty and origin. carlito brigante no longer feels at home with his previous life and all the characters that inhabit it, but his attempts to go straight are doomed to failure. his one chance is the person that links both lives, and the one good influence he has ; gail. this film is awesome in its construction. you are willing pacino's character not to get involved, but you can see all the time that he has no choice. the climax of the film is pure poetry, de palma's direction hauls you along at breakneck pace, and incredibly, you start believing that carlito may yet reach his goal, a normal life with gail and their unborn child. the first few minutes and last few scenes are, for me, the most moving few minutes of celluloid ever. pacino's performance is flawless, penelope ann miller adds the right level of pathos, and sean penn is superb in an unusual role. all in all, unmissable whether you are a fan of the lead and director or not. five stars are not enough, and the score is superb too.

Invalid Litter Dept. [CD 2] [CD 2]
Invalid Litter Dept. [CD 2] [CD 2]
Offered by rsc-media
Price: £6.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars he must be listening to something else, 27 Sept. 2001
this was the first at the drive-in song i ever heard, and it took me ages to find out who it was by. i bought the album, and struggled to listen to the rest of it at first. i kept returning to track five, invalid litter department, before the rest grew on me. what grabs me about this track is its fantastic energy as bixler screams out apparently unrelated phrases with real bile, building up the intensity until he gets some sort of release with the chorus and the disturbing 'dancing on the corpses' ashes' refrain, and then it all starts again. what really sets this single aside from the rest of ATDI's stuff is the melody that begins with the piano intro and weaves in and out right through to the end. if you bother to listen, you will never forget the haunting feeling to this record, and is you see the accompanying video (the true story of hundreds of unsolved murders in a mexican shantytown), you WILL NOT forget it. sadly, as they appear to have split up, we will not get to know whether this melodic, disturbing experience was a one off or whether they could produce anything approaching it again. a song that had (maybe still has) the power to become a classic.

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