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SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Black/Red
SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Black/Red
Price: 23.98

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2.0 out of 5 stars Stylist, bassy, snug but fragile., 31 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
- 73% -

Look: 8/10
They are cool looking, metal and deep red - amazing! However the cord looks and feels cheap - someone aptly described them as 'liquorice laces'. They look just like laces!

Build: 5/10
Solid metal buds are great and feel rigid. The connection with the wires feels flimsy though and the plug is straight meaning it can be easily damaged while having an ipod loose in a pocket for example. Interchangeable bud sizes means you can find the perfect one for your ears. Broke after one month though! [read end]

Sound: 7/10
For this price, okay they are fairly good. Deep bass and have the ability to be very loud, perhaps too loud for a base level (e.g. lowest volume on macbooks for example). I tried out 40+ headphones etc.. prior to jumping blind into purchasing these and I must admit I was a little disappointed. It didn't give me a new appreciation for a song like some other headphones I tried, this said for 35 I doubted they would. The sound isolation is very impressive once you find the correct buds. Its scarily good actually, as I discovered too often while crossing the street. People also won't hear your music either. Probably good for bass heavy music or rock (e.g. The Who).

Usability- 7/10
The small size of earphones is practical for a commuter like me however the cable was really quite long - sometimes this was irritating. I would have appreciated a volume control built in (i understand there is a upgrade model now with this built it).

So, feeling solid, looking good and great sounding for their price however.... One month into using them (and using them very very carefully) they broke. The left earbud suddenly blew, the volume of it went down to nearly nothing compared to the right ear bud. I was very disappointed and after just one month. They were returned under warranty without hassle - Thanks Amazon.

I considered buying a replacement pair... really I thought hard about this. I have decided not to and instead to invest a little more for a better pair.

Hama Star 62 Tripod with Carry Case
Hama Star 62 Tripod with Carry Case
Price: 17.50

4.0 out of 5 stars Great value but don't expect too much, 18 Feb 2012
This is fantastic value, a real steal. Some people expect too much for their buck though.

This does a solid job if treated with care by a budding amateur photographer. It is very light, easy-to-use and versatile - so this is perfect for the amateur wanting to explore the possibilities afforded with tripods. I guess the type of photographer still using point&shoot or compact-system-cameras. SLRs (especially with big lens) are probably too heavy for this, but just think - if you have a SLR you are probably the more advanced photographer and willing to splash out a little more. This tripod does the things you'll need but is fragile and plastic-ey in most places, making it liable to breakages so prepare to treat it carefully (consider this fact parents).

It teaches the basics of tripod use, without fanfare or complication - just treat it well and you'll continue to kindle a love for exploring photography. Perfect for the careful beginner with a small budget. Well worth its price tag of 14.

Agent Zigzag: The True Wartime Story of Eddie Chapman: Lover, Traitor, Hero, Spy (reissued)
Agent Zigzag: The True Wartime Story of Eddie Chapman: Lover, Traitor, Hero, Spy (reissued)
Price: 0.51

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4.0 out of 5 stars Keeps you interested but lacks a tiny something..., 6 Jan 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was my first Kindle purchase, so the new experience perhaps taints slightly any clear opinion of the book itself. That said, I did enjoy it and I read it within 4 days which is very quick for me.

1) Very detailed research.
The author has obvious spent a long time trawling the exploits of Eddie Chapman to the smallest detail. Almost to the point where one has to question how he learnt of the exact facial expressions or spoken-word that Eddie Chapman had witnessed without being there. I hope he has not elaborated on the facts or memoirs he collected. The picture I get of Eddie Chapman from this book suggests that he could be responsible for any elaboration though. Credit to the author for this richly researched work and for weaving it together well. Plus the notes in the back are interesting for those wanting more but it isn't ideal on the Kindle to flick backwards and forward to these.

2) Well written.
It is well written and kept me interested but it felt like it began to drag towards the end slightly as the author was running out of steam or resources.

3) Character analysis.
I like the author's attempt at trying to understand who Chapman was, his personality, needs and psycho-makeup. From the resources he had, he manages to take you with him on not only Chapman's journey but also his own analytical journey of who Chapman was and who Agent Zigzag was. You find by the end that your own journey does not end with the last page but you continue to wonder who Chapman was, drawing your own conclusions and reflecting on that whole wartime period and generation. It encourages you to want to seek out more, especially similar tales of wartime spies. E.g. Agent Garbo.

1) It began to drag a little towards the end. There is clearly a lot of information about certain periods of Chapman's life and less about others [I'm trying not to insert a spoiler]. But the last few chapters are more difficult to be motivated about but remain good, just not as good as the beginning.

2) The lingering doubt over some parts of the story. This is an amazing story and unbelievable for so many reasons but aren't most published spy tales however the detail of some interactions etc... seem almost subject to a dunking in the imaginations of Chapman and/or the author.

3) The notes are difficult to refer to in the kindle addition. You cannot flick backwards and forwards like you would with a paper book.

4) There are a number of spelling mistakes, typos and places where words aren't separated from each other by a space. Very annoying at times.

Encore EBP-E69CR Electric Guitar Bundle - Cherry Red
Encore EBP-E69CR Electric Guitar Bundle - Cherry Red
Price: 144.93

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful whether played or just looked at, 11 April 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The picture does not do this product justice, it is a rich and full bodied red which is beautiful. It looks far more expensive than its price tag. I've just started learning and I find it a pleasure to be learning on this, its comfortable and just great for beginners. The accompanying items are also great, the bag isn't the best but far better than I'd expected while the guitar strap is actually a bit of disappointment. I haven't any confidence in it holding this lovely guitar so its worth investing in a better one. The likelihood is though that'll be sitting to learn for a long time before needing the strap. The stand and cables are great also but the amp is very small but totally adequate initially for a beginner.

The only real problem I had was the delivery of this product. It took 47days from dispatch, two lost guitars and a less than helpful DHL/Amazon communication however this shouldn't detract great praise for the product.

A must for any budding guitar hero hoping to emulate the long line of rock stars that use a cherry-red SG style guitar. The beauty of this guitar is that it looks so great that it sits proudly in a room on its stand and you continue to go back to it and learn rather than being hidden away in a cupboard.

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