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N. J. Williams (Dublin, Ireland)

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Metallica - Live in Europe [DVD]
Metallica - Live in Europe [DVD]
Dvd ~ Metallica

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4.0 out of 5 stars Metallica in Europe, 19 Jan. 2011
Anyone who is more than a casual fan of Metallica will realise by the picture on the front of this DVD means that it is most likely from their early 90's touring. As such, this DVD comes from 1992, and features a soundboard and pro shot set from the Netherlands which (while not the best definition and sound) gives a great insight beyond the other available material from this time period.

As such, it contains all the usual 'Tallica stables of this time period, introducing a few rarer tracks

01. Enter Sandman
02. Creeping Death
03. Harvester Of Sorrow
04. Welcome Home (Sanatarium)
05. Sad But Thrue
06. Wherever I May Roam
07. ... Of Wolf And Man
08. The Unforgiven
09. ... And Justice For All
10. Bass & Guitar Solo
11. Through The Never
12. For Whom The Bells Toll
13. Fade To Black
14. Master Of Puppets
15. Seek And Destroy
16. Whiplash
17. Nothing Else Matters
18. Am I Evil?
19. Last Caress
20. One
21. Damage Inc.
22. Motorbreath
23. Breadfan

Rock Star Supernova [Australian Import]
Rock Star Supernova [Australian Import]
Offered by CD USA
Price: £2.73

2.0 out of 5 stars The Thing That Should Not Be, 26 Nov. 2010
For an album which features the bass of Jason Newsted, the guitar of Gilby Clarke and the drumming of Tommy Lee it's rather surprising that this album sounds as manufactured as it does. Newsted was ignored in Metallica, Clarke was a stop gap in GNR and Lee (although a founding member of Motley Crue) was never the most reliable one. So, rather than use this project as a way to show their Individual talents, the members are almost doing it for the chance of some easy cash and a little recognition that they're not dead.

The album itself would be a fair effort, maybe a rather borderline solo effort by any band, but you have to believe that throughout the years touring these guys might have picked up some inspiration and advice from the likes of Axl Rose, Nikki Sixx and James Hetfield. Since Newsted joined the project late, he doesn't contribute to a single bit of songwriting - even less than what he did in Metallica - and since he was injured after the show finished he never toured with the band.

A good show, but a truly disappointing album that could have been so much better

Puddle Of Mudd - Striking That Familiar Chord [UMD Mini for PSP] [2009]
Puddle Of Mudd - Striking That Familiar Chord [UMD Mini for PSP] [2009]
Dvd ~ Puddle Of Mudd
Offered by Helgy
Price: £2.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars An Interesting Look at a Rather Bleak Band, 12 Jan. 2009
To be honest, I was suprised to find this concert released on UMD, and not because of the performance from the band - which is pretty decent - but because its hard to imagine a European audience embracing the release so much that it becomes commercially viable. It didn't, and several years later, we are left with mountains of UMDs that are being sold as low as 95p

So about the performance, some of which is available on YouTube as a taster, and this UMD performance...which includes some extra bonus material.

If you only buy the UMD, and you were at the show, you make a wise investment. Its got the entire set, unedited, and its also got some bonus acoustic tracks towards the end. The set is solid and no doubt if you owned Puddle of Mudd's 2003 release 'Come Clean' you will know most of the material on here. There is a little more material from the later albums, some of which is pretty decent, and you start to wonder if they had of been launched without the Fred Durst association would people have taken them more seriously?

Alice In Chains, Metallica and, to a certain extent, Pink Floyd all spring to mind as these songs are playing. There is nothing on this set as deeply moving as the latter but certainly more energetic then I have ever seen the former. As for Metallica, the comparison is apt, because the band have continued to tour despite studio upsets and Wes looks, and feels, a little bit older for it.

If you liked Puddle of Mudds first album, and its not that embarrassing to say you did, then by all means purchase this gem of a release. If you didn't like it then this UMD is not for you.

The thing letting it down, however, is the format....BLS have a UMD so I know that powerful rock shows can be performed through this medium, so why POM missed that chance I am not so sure!

Fantastic 80s!: The Complete Collection
Fantastic 80s!: The Complete Collection

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5.0 out of 5 stars there is no better 80s compilation, 31 Dec. 2008
there is no better 80s cd. period. i actually taught i was dreaming when i saw all these artists on the same boxset, and top quality songs to back em up, of course we all have favourites of the artists we would like to switch around and play with but as a radio presenter i have to say that this is the THE most comprehensive way of getting quality 80s hits together without making your own personal playlist on itunes...and even would still be personal taste...whereas this box set ensures that the people who come to your party/listen to ur musical taste...will have nothing but praise for you

seriously, buy this now, u will not be disappointed!

oh and if you have played gta vice city stories then you need this!
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End of Days Ost
End of Days Ost
Price: £9.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars, 29 Nov. 2008
This review is from: End of Days Ost (Audio CD)
Perhaps the only reason you will ever want to own this soundtrack, in 2008, is because of the track 'Oh My God' by Guns N Roses. When this soundtrack was released, its hard to imagine fans would have to wait another 9 years for a song to be legally released by the band, and even when it was this track was not on Chinese Democracy as promised. Its sad because there are a lot of other tracks on Chinese Democracy that sound like End of Days...even if the bands lineup has changed since 1999 - pre Buckethead but post Slash GNR is a rarity in itself - and this track (which hasnt been performed live since 2001) is hardly the best example of GNR but for the hardcore fan its a must have. Find a decent 2nd hand copy and hold onto it for future reference.

Death Magnetic Limited Edition
Death Magnetic Limited Edition
Price: £11.55

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5.0 out of 5 stars Most Anticipated Album Since Load!, 1 Sept. 2008
In 1996 Metallica released Load, their follow up to the Black album, which was such a change in the opposite direction it was like when Dylan went electric for Metallica fans. Haircut, make up, Indie and Country style videos and apperances in NME and on Jools Holland made Metallica shunned the world over. Things slightly improved with some stop gap albums (well, three) as the years went on and when Metallica went to find their routes (albeit without Jason Newstead) on 2003's St Anger it was an absolute disaster. With Bob Rock, and man behind the Black album, and former Ozzy/Suicidal Tendencies bassist Rob T (in spirit by the way, since Rock played all bass parts in St Anger, Death Magnetic is Rob's first official studio album with the band) it seemed like nothing could go wrong. But having tried to hard they simply didn't realise the hole they were digging themselves.

In 2008 Ulrich says "if it wasn't for us completely reinventing the (songwriting) process" on "St. Anger", "there would be no 'Death Magnetic'. (Frontman) James Hetfield would be in Nashville playing country music, I'd be off producing films and (guitarist) Kirk Hammett would be on tour with (guitar player) Joe Satriani." This sounds pretty good to me. Except Ulrich and films actually, that sounds terrible, really really terrible.

In any case, Death Magnetic has a lot to live up to, and its no small task to say this album (the fans hope) represents the return to pre-95 form we expect from Metallica. The first 5 albums type Metallica who sold out stadiums across the world and achieved the mainstream metal bill many can only dream about.

I have no idea whats part of the Limited Edition boxset, and having only heard 3 songs from this album, I cannot officially comment. What I have heard sounds like it could have been recorded on Ride the Lightning had they have had more money at the time. Otherwise I have to say that it looks as if Metallica fans will have to wait and hope the 12th of Sep brings that news they want to hear so badly

Chinese Democracy
Chinese Democracy

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5.0 out of 5 stars I Cant Get No Satisfaction, 13 Jun. 2007
This review is from: Chinese Democracy (Audio CD)
It was the first week of January 2001 when I heard about this album. An article in the magazine Kerrang! about the band performing in some House of Blues out in LA at 3.30am in the morning. It was the first GNR performance in 7 years, except there was no Slash or Duff, Gilby or Matt and Rose looked liked he had been hiding from the world. Later on that year they cancelled several tourdates, incl. Rock Im Ring and Rock Am Ring, and it would be another 6 years before they fact, it would be just as long before Id finally get a studio version of 'The Blues' by Guns N Roses...and yet I obtain this and other tracks illegally.

This album needs to be released, if for nothing else, to give fans the closure they deserve. The wait for Chinese Democracy has been just as long as the legacy it is about to shape. Every new note ive heard this band perform has been music to my ears, and I cant let that music stay locked up in a vault forever, that would be a crime. My advice to u is that if, like me, u are sitting there starring at a copy of Chinese Democracy in the record store at 9.01am on Sept it...steal it...this music has to be heard.

Live Era
Live Era
Offered by all my music
Price: £27.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars Guns N Roses Back with a Vengance!, 16 Mar. 2006
This review is from: Live Era (Audio CD)
Unbelivable as it probably is, Guns N Roses had a bigger following in Japan towards the mid 90s then they did in the US, with millions of fans purchasing albums and their CDs reciving extensive Radio Play. Unlike most bands such as Megadeth and Quiet Riot the band never released bonus Japanese tracks on any of their albums...with the exception of one, Coma, live in Osaka 93 and worth the price of this album alone. The 10min classic is one of GnRs finest songs and the fact that it was only ever performed live a handful of times (Osaka 93, Chicago 92 and Oklahoma 93) means its inclusion is an excellent bonus for Japanese fans.
The album also official buries the original line up of GnR, and focuses mostly on shows in the period 88-92 as opposed to the titles cover.
Disc 1
1. Nightrain [Las Vegas, 1.25.92]
2. Mr. Brownstone [London, 8.31.91]
3. It's So Easy [Paris, 6.6.92]
4. Welcome To The Jungle
5. Dust N' Bones [New York, 5.16.91]
6. My Michelle [London, 8.31.91]
7. You're Crazy [Tokyo, 12.10.88]
8. Used To Love Her [Tokyo, 12.10.88]
9. Patience [1st half - Mexico '93 OR Paris, 7.13.93; 2nd half - Paris, 6.6.92]
10. It's Alright [Houston, 9.4.92]
11. November Rain [Tokyo, 2.22.92]
12. Coma [Omaha, 4.10.93] * ^
Disc 2
1. Out Ta Get Me [London, 6.28.87]
2. Pretty Tied Up [Tokyo, 2.22.92]
3. Yesterdays [Las Vegas, 1.25.92]
4. Move To The City [Tokyo, 2.22.92]
5. You Could Be Mine [Tokyo, 2.22.92]
6. Rocket Queen [Las Vegas, 1.25.92]
7. Sweet Child O' Mine [Paris, 6.6.92]
8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door [London, 4.20.92]
9. Don't Cry [Tokyo, 2.22.92]
10. Estranged [Tokyo, 2.22.92]
11. Paradise City [Las Vegas, 1.25.92]
* Japanese & Vinyl Releases Only

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