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Escape Plan
Escape Plan
Offered by Lovefilm UK Limited
Price: £2.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars surprisingly good - for a change!, 6 Sep 2014
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This review is from: Escape Plan (Amazon Instant Video)
feels like its back to the good ol' days of watching sly and arnnie dish out some good films again! Its got a half decent story, the actors are using some of their talent and there's a good chance you'll watch it till the end. Don't worry, its not another cash-cow like expendables or cowboys in space (or whatever its called), in fact, it looks like they may have actually put some effort in this one...

Edexcel AS Physics Revision Guide (EDEXCEL A LEVEL SCIENCES)
Edexcel AS Physics Revision Guide (EDEXCEL A LEVEL SCIENCES)
by Mr Tim Tuggey
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.89

2.0 out of 5 stars Inadequate!, 22 July 2014
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Inadequate would be the best word to use here.

Too many details are omitted and the explanations (if any) are at times unclear. As a result you are left trying to just remember it all rather than understand it, which often leads to.....why bother learning it?

Another thing I have to say is that you could understand everything in this book, but still score badly on a physics exam because in the sections of an exam paper that ask you to EXPLAIN, or SUGGEST A REASON FOR or DESCRIBE, this book would be totally useless at preparing you for them. Why? Because examiners are looking for certain phrases or technical words which you may never have thought to include in your answer - and this book doesn't teach you when to use them!

Interestingly, upon reading examiners reports for candidates answers, they all seem to say the same thing - candidates waffle on about things that are irrelevant to the question, or candidates fail to recognise the points which need to be made.

Bad points aside, its just a revision guide, and it probably assumes the reader has already undergone intense study of the subject. It has some pictures to aid and there are a few insufficient small exercises - however, a revision guide should be at least prepared to ready someone for the exam board they advertise on the front!

Bosch TAS2002GB Tassimo T20 Hot Beverage Machine, Gloss Black
Bosch TAS2002GB Tassimo T20 Hot Beverage Machine, Gloss Black
Offered by Hughes Direct
Price: £56.99

4.0 out of 5 stars good quality coffee at the touch of a button!, 29 April 2014
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The coffee is just like costa which is great and the hot chocolate is tasty too. I wouldn't recommend the tea though as it tastes a bit like dish water but why use a coffee machine to do tea anyway, right?

The setup is relatively straight forward but you might spend an hour trying to find the English section in the instruction manual as its written in every language known to man. I just ripped the English bit out and threw away the rest of the manual, but be careful not to spill coffee on the manual as its made from the cheapest possible paper, it will just lose structural integrity with the tinniest exposure to liquid.

The Cup Conundrum:

The cup holder is a little odd. When I place a cup on the tray the coffee fills up and overflows because I don't have a bigger cup, but there is no extra room for a larger cup unless you remove the cup holder completely, which defeats the object of the cup holder.

Otherwise its great, makes good coffee which I enjoy everyday!

Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)
Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Wii U)
Price: £39.85

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4.0 out of 5 stars Super Mario 3D World, 7 Dec 2013
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New Super Mario Bros. = NSMB

Many people have hailed this game as the greatest Mario game since Mario 64. Whilst I think they might be exaggerating somewhat, the game does give you that level of 'excitement' that you may have come to expect from premium Mario games. Here's a brief summary of the game's highs and lows:

0) What makes it different?

Probably the cat power-up enabling you to climb walls and reach those hard to get places.

1) Its in 3-D.

Its hard to imagine any modern Mario game still existing in the 2nd dimension, although NSMB has given some temporary fun until this game's release. Being in 3D is nothing new though, don't forget that Mario sunshine on the gamecube was also in 3D (equally as good as Mario 64 IMO) as well as the Mario 3D Land on the DS, not to mention the successful super Mario galaxies on the Wii.

2) Innovative level design

The designers never fail to surprise me with their creativity. Some of the level designs are pure genius and non repetitive. Every level is different and all the worlds have their own theme which brings the game to life. However, I have also found some courses which are very basic, short and unchallenging...but thankfully they are few.

3) Great music scores

Its quite clever how they change the music as you progress through as level. For example, on some levels, as you approach the end the music starts to enter the last phrase and becomes accented as you reach the exit for a dramatic end. A small point to make, I admit, but its just something that made me smile.

4) Multiplayer fun

Probably one of the selling points for the game. Whilst it is great fun to play four players on the same screen and share the adventure, it also becomes harder to play as too many players creates chaos. You will find that you will bump and push each other off a lot which can be frustrating. This was equally as frustrating for NSMB. Making the players pass through each other would have made things easier. Still, it was great fun.

5) Lastability and depth

The game offers players an incentive to revisit levels by hiding stars and stamps on each course. However, some courses are just so easy and basic that you might not find much of a challenge until you reach world 7. I have to say that whilst the courses are well designed I didn't really feel that they were 'deep' enough. Exploration seems limited and therefore makes the game slightly more linear than say, Mario galaxy, but many might disagree with me.

6) use of the wii u gamepad

The quick answer here is that the game doesn't really seem to utilise the gamepad in any special way (or at least I haven't found a use) - unlike NSMB.

7) online features

This can be fun if you're into this sort of stuff. The stamps you collect can be used to help post illustrations online for others to see and comment, expressing your frustration about a particular course, giving pointers towards the location of hidden stars/stamps or, if you're like me, just post random nonsense.

final thought....

Its taken 1st place in game rankings for wii u and rightly so if you were to compare it against other titles currently available on this console, but I would say that its not quite the standard of super Mario galaxy (although not that far behind).

I, Anna [DVD]
I, Anna [DVD]
Dvd ~ Charlotte Rampling
Price: £5.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars I, James, find this boring, 21 April 2013
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This review is from: I, Anna [DVD] (DVD)
From the synopsis, the film sounds quite interesting, and the fact that Gabriel Byrne (secret state, usual suspects) was in it, i thought to myself - I can't really go wrong with this one. How wrong was I, Anna?

The film didn't start well for me. First of all, I had to turn the volume up to about 50 because I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. Its like the audio was recorded a mile away - what's all that about?

Slight spolier:
The film seems to focus on the relationship between a policeman and a possible suspect in a murder, but its just done in the most boring way possible. The main actress just ends up trotting all over London whilst the policeman follows her - some of these places being huge blocks of depressing council blocks - not exactly London's finest landmarks.

So I got very bored after 10 mins wondering 'where is this film going exactly?', and you know when a film is not doing anything for you when you start thinking about what you are going to have for tea tomorrow.

Oh, and when I turned it off about half way through, the telly was blasting because I forgot to turn the volume down again - so watch that if you buy this, although you'd be mad to.
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Theory Workbook Grade 6 (Theory workbooks (ABRSM))
Theory Workbook Grade 6 (Theory workbooks (ABRSM))
Edition: Sheet music
Price: £8.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars Don't rely on this to help you..., 7 Nov 2011
I have found that when you get above grade 5 in music theory, it is VERY difficult to find any book that can actually 'teach' you properly what you need to know - the AB guide to music theory is a very vague musical dictionary, the Josephine Koh books have no answers to their questions and now we have this.
This book is yet another classic case of "lets give the reader just one worked example and then we will pack the book out with 30 questions which don't look anything like the example" As a result you are left stuck because you don't have enough examples to go by.
It gets worse when you get to chapter 4 and 5 because its JUST questions. Yep, no examples or teaching at all. There are answers at the back to the last two chapters but its not so helpful when they just STATE the answers and don't actually explain why. So, if you get a question wrong, then you are not going to be able to figure out where you went wrong.

This book would probably suit someone who is going to work through it with a teacher, but if you are planning on teaching yourself music theory at this level using this book, I'd say you are in for some very frustrating times! I got a distinction in grade 5 theory with relative ease but I know I still couldn't scrape a pass on grade 6 theory even after a month of studying hard from this book and others.

Theory of Music Exams 2010, Grade 5 (Theory of Music Exam papers(ABRSM))
Theory of Music Exams 2010, Grade 5 (Theory of Music Exam papers(ABRSM))
Edition: Sheet music
Price: £3.75

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4.0 out of 5 stars preparing for the grade 5 exams..., 8 Jun 2011
I think it is safe to say that revising for any exam without the experience of practising exam papers would be a huge mistake.

These papers are essential not just for testing what you have learnt but also to see the style in which the examiners ask questions. I would strongly suggest anyone preparing for a grade 5 music theory exam to buy at least 2 papers and their model answers (sold separately) to get a 'feel' for what to expect and make sure you have covered all the different ways that they can ask the same thing. The advantage of taking these exams is that the questions are quite repetitive every exam period - for example there is always a question on intervals, composition, alto/tenor clef, transposition, orchestral instruments and with cadences at the end.

The only downfall with these is that they will only give you the answers and not the working or reasons. So, if you get the answers wrong you will either have to try and figure out why on your own or ask a teacher.

Remember that each paper you buy includes all the papers taken in that year, so from periods A,B,C and a specimen paper. So you are really getting 4 exam papers in 1. The model answers work the same way.

The papers are marked out of 100 pass = 66 Merit = 80 Disticntion = 90

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