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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / The Girl who Played with Fire / The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest  (Extended Versions) [DVD]
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / The Girl who Played with Fire / The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Extended Versions) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Noomi Rapace
Offered by Bee-Entertained
Price: £11.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars the girl Trilogy .extended., 15 Feb 2012
The girl trilogy
When I seen all the adverts and posters for the films and books I was not really keen on seeing it but when a few friends where talking about it they where raving at how good it was so I went and seen the girl with the dragon tattoo and as soon as I finished watching it I went and bought this box set.
The box set itself contains all 3 films with extended scenes and additional scenes to make each film 3 hours long. They add a little bit of depth and a little more extra to the girl with the dragon tattoo but really not a great deal and for the other two I'm not sure what they add. Each film is split in two so it is less daunting to sit for 3 hours strait which I liked but didn't at the same time. I like it as with Stephen kings films they are really long and you can lose concentration after 2 hours. But if you are keen to watch the film it stops half way through so you have to mess around to get part 2. The episode also has an intro of what has happened previously and a title screen with credits at the end of each episode.

The girl with the dragon tattoo is very gripping even after 3 hours it is a story that just grabs your attention and is rather fast paced with a few scenes that are a bit far as I will say but they are important to the trilogy.

The girl who played with fire is a little less gripping and I believe a little slow to get in to but it is really the first part to the last film as the last film continues strait after the second. The 3 hour version is good but it is hard to do in 1 sitting as the film slowly gives you information is the characters and the story but action is few and far between. But is a good film

The girl who kicked the hornets' nest again I believe a little slow and there is little action in this film and similar to played with fire hard to do in a 3 hour sitting so good for the split. But the last episode of the film begins to pick up motion and starts to grab attention again and leaves you wanting a little bit more.

The last disk is just all the special features from all 4 films from interviews to recording fight scenes and a few extras like the family tree.
The films have 2 sound settings only and no variation between the to 1 is original Swedish with subs 2english language no subs and that is it only the 2 but for most will be no prob.

Overall this product is good and worth getting and if not this box set then the individual films and I would highly recommend dragon tattoo I have seen in a few reviews people moaning of the film quality the DVDs I got are crystal clear and the subtitles are clear and easy to read.

Emerald Forest And The Blackbird
Emerald Forest And The Blackbird
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £7.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars swallow the sun, 8 Feb 2012
swallow the sun new offering
this is my first full listen to a swallow the sun album. I have listened to odd tracks from full moon and loved them. this album starts off with a slightly slow song with a bit of talking at the intro and is very soft till it picks up with the doom guitar and the heavy vocals. The album douse seem to jump from soft track to heavy tracks and swaps a few times. The album has some amazing songs that are easy to repeat like cathedral walls with the female vocal and others like the title track that is good but not the best. Some vocals are much screamed and are not my fav but the growls are better. There are acoustic songs and the best is "this cut is the Deepest" the vocals on this are soft and are sang very well and is a nice song.
The album is very clearly well produced and well writhen and is a long album at just over an hour.
The album overall is very good album and well worth a listen and I'm glad I got it. on first listen I was a little but unsure but the more I listen the more I enjoy the album and the more I get used to some of his vocals.
The musicianship on this album is amazing and I love the guitars.

Ashes Against the Grain
Ashes Against the Grain

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4.0 out of 5 stars post metal mix with folk, 8 Feb 2012
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This review is from: Ashes Against the Grain (Audio CD)
Agalloch ashes of the grain
I am a new listener to agalloch but when I found them by accident on youtube with the song "not unlike the waves" I had to listen to more. So I listened on youtube but no other song stood out to me as much as not unlike the waves but something came over me a few weeks later to buy the album along with Alcest.
When the album arrived I put it on and was hooked for some reason. Agalloch have written a perfect album the sound is amazing and the weighting is very my taste. The album is a mix of post metal and black metal and reminded me of Twilight- monument to times end. The songs are all long slow building tracks with few lyrics thorough the music takes centre stage as the lyrics are not throughout the music more like ISIS with the post sounding guitars and the fact the lyrics are not the main thing on the album as many bands now have songs that have lyrics over every part except solos. The lyrics on the album are mainly in the black metal growl style with small elements of chant more like folk. The songs are slowly built up in the post metal fashion and track one changes half way through after a small break I the track.
The artwork is amazing for me it's simple with what looks like a birds head falling then the cover inside is the bird flying past in the orange and brown. The back has not have the track names just some text "white as the falling snow Black as out citadels burning against the sky" then the booklet has the track names interlinked with the lyrics I think. The artwork is more folk like but amazing.
the album is better that I first expected and each listen it grows more for me and I like it better. Well worth a listen.

In The Fishtank
In The Fishtank
Price: £7.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars in the fishtank 14 ISIS + aererogramme, 8 Feb 2012
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This review is from: In The Fishtank (Audio CD)
Isis + aererogramme
Isis the legendary post metal band from LA and aerogramme from Glasgow Scotland are put together with 2 days studio time to Wright and record what they like. From the bands albums you would expect a heavy sludge sound with the heavy vocal but what we get is something a little more special. A softer more post rock ambient album consisting of three tracks.

Low Tide - 9:29
Is a slow build track with many guitar slides and the soft drums that slowly flowers building up and sound of pure calm. The bass is clear and up front before the soft vocals from i believe the aereogramme singer. The main thing as I have always found with isis the music is the thing that stands out most the vocals are not throughout the track and the main attraction is the guitars and drums. The song towards the end gets a little louder and more of a wall but not a very heavy song in all. More of the experimental stuff found on the last 2 ISIS albums.

Delial - 3:55
Is the more ISIS heavy riff latent track that is more inline with the oceanic album and the more soft echo style vocal from I believe aaron turner. The drums are a little darker sounding on the track and breaks away in the middle to a more distorted guitar and whispers with slight screams like from pink Floyd carful with that axe engine. And the guitars and drums build up to a heavier more sludge tone. And the end of the song ends with the ringing of the guitar.

Stolen - 10:40
Is a soft track again starting with soft drums and a slow guitar slowly building up more notes and gain is more like later ISIS. The song again has the soft vocal of the aererogramme singer. The song I soft and in parts you are left with just drums then as the drums drop out the guitar comes back till the drums are gone or very faint then sound effects are added to the song for a short while.
As the song progresses it becomes more experimental and goes through many changes.

The artwork on the EP is as all in the fishtank series of fish with the band's name. The inside book is just in the fishtank back catalogue from 1 to 13 and the back of the book is a small text of when is on the album and all the usual information and a block of text about the making of the album. The back is again just text a small section on what in the fishtank series is and the tracks.
As you can tell I am a ISIS fan and never heard of aereogramme before this EP and will definitely give them a listen now.

The Elephant Man - Special Edition [DVD]
The Elephant Man - Special Edition [DVD]
Dvd ~ Anthony Hopkins
Price: £9.25

5.0 out of 5 stars the elephant man the story based on Joseph Merrick, 7 Feb 2012
The elephant man film starring john hurt as Joseph (john as he Is in the film) Merrick. Anthony Hopkins as the doctor who helps john.

The film is all shot in black and white and I think it is better for that reason as it seems to make the film a little darker and the mood a little lower than most films. This film is old for me as its is 12 years older than me but the acting is amazing and its one of those films you start to care for the main characters. This may be because it's based on a true story of a very inspirational man who lived his life and got on with it. The film douse portray him a little bit needier than he actually was (from what I have read). The film is a very sad film and stays with you for a long time as it is a very emotional story. There are parts of the film that I have read are not true but one scene is very powerful and did happen for sure was the rail station scene. The end of the film although sad is a very nice scene as it portrays his later life as the happiest days of his life.

There isn't allot of information of his childhood for it never shows how his step mother treat him and never really mentions his father. The film is a very nice but sad film.
The film is amazing, the picture is clear; the sound sometimes goes low then high but not much.
The special features are not too bad the interviews are ok. The trailer is well the trailer not much to say on that. The real story of Joseph is good but a little short at 20 mins could have been like a full documentary but its ok.

Les Voyages De L'Ame (Digipak)
Les Voyages De L'Ame (Digipak)
Price: £15.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars black/post metal band alcest, 11 Jan 2012
As a new fan of alcest this is my first album by them. I got the album when I seen it for a good price from the local hmv.
When I got it home I was expecting it to be much more black metal with the heavy scream like vocals you get on a black metal album. I was surprised by this album the vocals in French are not heavy there soft and more upbeat with the music. The songs are more slow and soft to start gradually getting heavy. The vocals as I have said are more clean and soft which fits better with the album. to me this is not black metal as I was told they where its more of a mix between post metal and a small amount of black metal with some off the guitar. Some songs the vocal are more like sigur ros as it's more like an instrument than a vocal. The album also get heavier as it goes on the softer songs are at the beginning then the vocals get more traditional black metal and the guitar is harder. But there are still sections in the songs of clean vocals. To me this was like when I first got the black metal album monument to times end by twilight. The songs are longer than a few black metal bands I know and there is a bit of change as the go on.
The artwork on this album is different to many black metal bands as its a nice image of a peacock in an archway with its tail getting larger and its mainly green. And it has the gold text a very nice cover and nor actually bleak like some albums artwork where its normally bleak looking forests or someone in the black and white makeup on or satanic.
This album is a shock to me and it is amazing.
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( )
( )
Price: £8.29

5.0 out of 5 stars ( ) a masterpiece, 3 Jan 2012
This review is from: ( ) (Audio CD)
Sigur ros made 2 albums before () and the first release was not really that well known but there second attempt Ágætis byrjun was a rather big hit then 2 years later the released ().
For me this album is there best album followed closely by Ágætis byrjun. This album is a masterpiece in my eyes from the simplistic artwork to the music. When I first had a listen to sigur ros the vocals really grated on me I did not like the idea of post rock with vocals as all I had listened to prier was instrumental post rock. What got me to get the album was i seen it for a good price and the artwork caught my eye it was simple and nice too look at. There was no track listing and nothing to tell me what to expect from the music. When I got it home I had a listen and was surprised this time at how much I liked it. The ambient post-rock feel with some cool sounds thrown in which where used more so on track 2. The music on this album is mainly soft and slow with the vocals bringing in many instruments and playing techniques such as the use of a E-bow on a bass and a violin bow on a guitar the vocals that are of no actual language. the album is just beautiful and easy to listen too.
Now I am a big fan of this album and this album is my first full sigur ros album. for some people I know the vocals will not be for them so I would say have a listen first.
This album made me get all albums by sigur ros apart from VON. I love this band now and this album is by far there best. The album after this although had a few good songs was a letdown for me.

Fear Is Excruciating
Fear Is Excruciating
Price: £13.17

4.0 out of 5 stars red sparows, 3 Jan 2012
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This review is from: Fear Is Excruciating (Audio CD)
Red sparows 3rd album
I will briefly say that red sparrows previous two albums have a concept to the names this is their first album without this concept. So for some this should have helped this album as a few people moan the song names are too long. This album compeered with the early too is just a little short for me. The album is fantastic and the songs well played but it just falls short to every read heart.
The few things that I think put this album down one star is comparing them with their previous albums. The first albums had few songs with long tracks and the albums themselves where very long. This album us shorter and the songs are shorter too this is only a small thing but the album seems over to fast. Second is the music on the album seems a little more soft and in a lower mood than previous there are a few heavier songs but it is a little slow in comparison.
The artwork I am mixed on I like it but it's not as complex looking as previous works and I am big into the artwork is part of the package and its good but not much to look at when put against every red heart. I like the fact it's got a small poster inside I like red sparrows as there is always a poster with the album and it's a little touch that makes it feel better to me.
From my review I sound like I hate the album but honestly its not that way I love the album like all red sparrows and most post rock albums it is a beautiful album with a few heavy parts mixed in just seems less frequent then previously given. The songs are very nice and fit in with my album collection. Just I think the weakest of the red sparrow albums.
A must have for any post rock fan and the back catalogue is that bit better.

Isis: Clearing The Eye [DVD] [2006]
Isis: Clearing The Eye [DVD] [2006]
Dvd ~ Isis
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £10.54

5.0 out of 5 stars isis clearing the eye live dvd, 29 Dec 2011
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Isis clearing the eye

Isis are one of those bands that are different to the mainstream crowd. There music is often switching between heavy riffs to softer part and each song is usually over 7 mins and each song never has many lyrics and many of the song is more soundscape that the average.
This DVD highlights some of there best songs from there first three albums. The dvd is split into 7 songs from 4 shows many in 2001 and 2005 and 1 full performance from Australia lasting 70+ mins playing 8 songs. Each song has its name at the intro as they start to play it. the dvd in total last about 2 hours with bonus features as there in fiction vid is included plus 2 photo galleries and there discography so far. The DVD also had a booklet.
1 is the artwork. It is very simple but is very in stile with isis it works well with the large pipes in the green glow with the light acting like a moon. It is a simple idea but I think it works well for the live DVD then the cover under the card sleeve is a different angle of the pipes again this time running horizontally going from large to small till the pipe disappears. This is a very nice cover.
2 the booklet consists of images of concrete corridors, photos of the band or crew, tunnels and more weird images. The book also contains notes from the band on each performance and all the extras on the DVD plus the lyrics.
3 is the sound on the DVD the recording is generally very good and is easy to listen to but one thing I found was that the vocals are very low in the mix so for some they may not be to happy with that for others it will be fine. To be I love the DVD and it works well as i think the vocals are not as good as there playing.
4 is the video on some shows from 2001 the quality is well not the best it is what I believe recorded on a small cam corded as the picture is a little grainy its not to bad to watch but if the whole DVD was like it would not be to great but this was a show from their first album I believe so when they were not that well known and is a good archive. The later shows from 2005 are amazing perfect picture and very easy to watch. I would have liked a little more from isis on the stage show as I thought as they are very into their imagery they may have had a video in the background but there was non but still an amazing show.
Over all I love this dvd and is a must have for a isis fan.

Beyond The Universe
Beyond The Universe
Price: £7.37

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4.0 out of 5 stars Exxasens beyond the universe (post rock), 12 Nov 2011
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This review is from: Beyond The Universe (Audio CD)
I love post rock music and the less vocals the better.

On ordering this album I noticed there was no review for it so thought I would Wright one as a review is nice to read on order to know what you're getting?

Firstly the artwork, the artwork is all space pictures from the front pik seen above to the solar system at the back with the track titles. Inside is the same pictures just inverted. The packaging itself seems a little cheep as it is a small book a bit taller than most and the actual CD holder is a cheap plastic cover (found here) [...] and it is not attached to the book or any plastic case. So I recommend you keep the plastic sleeve it comes in so not to lose the disk.

The album itself, the album is a long album at 53 mins long and 2 songs with vocals 1 with samples. The 1st track with vocals is Por Que Me Llamas a Esta Horas which is a very nice track the instruments are soft and the vocals are very nice they do add to the song very much and it is one of my favs even if vocals are not usually good on post rock. The second is the last track Stellar which I personally didn't like much I think the vocals where not to amazing so let it down for me and the song with samples is spiders on the moon with a shuttle take of sequence and Armstrong on the moon which is an amazing track that keeps changing pace thorough. Most of the album is instrumental and at some points very heavy sounding but there is a general feel to the album most songs sound close to one another but this works well as it sounds more like one long piece of music with some soft and heavy bits all changing as it goes on. The track lengths are something I'm not used to in post rock there all at the 4 min mark so no song is to long the longest is 4.55. There are 13 tracks on this album and I personally love 12 of them the only one that ok is 13 stellar with the vocals.

I give this album 4 stars because most of the songs are amazing the 1 star down is because the packaging seems cheep and gives the chance to lose the cd so was not too happy about that and the last track the one to close the album down was not to my taste. Best tracks I believe are (sky in red, Por Que Me Llamas a Esta Horas, Polaris and spiders on the moon)

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