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Supernatural - Complete Fourth Season [DVD] [2009]
Supernatural - Complete Fourth Season [DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Jensen Ackles
Offered by wmdservices
Price: 8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just like a fine wine..., 2 July 2009
...this series gets better over time.

If you are looking at this season with a view to buy, you are likely to have seen the first three seasons and therefore are not concerned about spoilers. However, if you are looking to see if perhaps it's worth buying the entire series based on a succession of reviews, I have tried to avoid too much in the way of spoilers in my review.

First a brief synopsis (for the latter party):

After their mother is killed in an unexplained and inexplicable fire when one is four and the other six months old, Dean and Sam Winchester grew up on the road, trained by their ex-Marine father John to hunt and kill every unholy, supernatural thing that lives in the night. For a few years Sam left the `family business' to live a normal life - college, a girlfriend and a life in law beckoning - until Dean reappeared with news that left both brothers chilled: "Dad went on a hunting trip and he hasn't been back in a few days."

Since that moment the Winchesters have battled ghosts, poltergeists, vengeful spirits, demons, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, cannibal creatures and even things not so supernatural as they seek to track down not only their father but the evil that killed their evil that, as they dig further for the truth, has plans for the young Sam Winchester that threatens everything the small family holds dear, including the lives and souls of John and Dean themselves. But is it all really just about Sam or is there something bigger and far more dangerous brewing...?

Season 4 opens with explosive revelations over the first three episodes that ripple throughout the entirety of the season. The Winchesters are reunited and at first it appears that the bond between the brothers is as strong as ever. But both have been changed by their time apart - one is delving into his darker side with honourable yet misplaced intentions whilst the other is hiding a secret that is not only destroying him from the inside but has repercussions beyond his imagination. The strength of the familial bond that had before gotten the brothers through every heartache they have faced is, this season, challenged like never before. Whilst Dean and Sam are still Hunters and still travel the highways from town to town ganking the bad guys, they are discovering that their lives are not theirs to live as they choose. There is a war being waged around them between two extremely powerful forces: the agents of Hell, who they have fought on several occasions, and the warriors of Heaven, who (until now) have been nothing more than hearsay in the annals of Hunter history. Both sides have a cause to fight for and both have reason to see one of the Winchester boys either brought to heel or removed from the board...just not the same brother. As the truth becomes evident and the full horror of the ultimate plan lies bare, the Winchesters find themselves in a race against time not only to prevent the unleashing of a dangerous foe but also fighting to save themselves and each other from becoming lost in the storm.

Season 4 is a wealth of emotion, suspense, intrigue, mind-blowing revelation, humour albeit sometimes on the darker side, and rewarding character interaction with an ending that will leave you saying the one phrase other fans have been saying for three years - "Damn you, Kripke!". Whilst each season has had its driving thread (and season 4 is no different), the series doesn't waver from the basic story of two brothers living on the road, protecting the populace from every nightmare ever dreamt of, and their constantly evolving relationship. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki take everything they have learnt and built up over the last three years as Dean and Sam and, somehow, manage to better themselves again in every way possible. Both characters have undergone world-shaking events and I'm pleased to say that, unlike other shows I have seen in the past, the repercussions of those events are fully integrated to the foundations of who the Winchesters are and neither lead actor shirks an opportunity to bring the underlying forces to the screen, even if all we actually see is a subtle change in expression. It certainly speaks to their talent that even a glance can contain an entire conversation and, with the addition of Misha Collins to the line up this year (with the confirmation of his appearance in 17 episodes next season), things only got better.

Creator, writer and director, Eric Kripke has created a monster that grows year after year. Season 4 saw record viewing numbers and ratings. It saw brilliant scripts, amazing performances from the two leads and guest stars and the introduction of a new face that promises to bring yet more delight to the show. I'm eagerly looking forward to September and Season 5 but in the meantime I'll be watching season 4 a few more times because, quite simply, I appreciate each and every episode, performance and line a little more every time I do. It's just that good.

Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels Trilogy)
Daughter of the Blood (Black Jewels Trilogy)
by Anne Bishop
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars I don't understand the review..., 1 Dec 2005
...from Simon Brooke. It reads like a different book altogether. It is unfortunate that the love, the beauty and the important lessons of faith and trust have been lost to him. It is also unfortunate that the explanations of society, provided at the beginning of each in the trilogy, were not completely understood.
Daughter of the Blood introduces a world that was once pleasurable and peaceful, split into Realms. Sadly, ambition and the desire for power have caused widespread corruption among the Blood - the ruling class who are blessed, sometimes cursed, with supernatural power. At the core of this corruption are two women who are willing to do anything to cripple society into accepting their way, without care for the consequences to the land, drawing in younger women as apprentices and encouraging all the negative aspects of life as acceptable ways of socialising and ruling. The only hope for all the Realms is a prophecy of the coming of Witch - the dreams made flesh, holding all the power and compassion to heal the rifts, and the only Queen who can hold the loyalty of the three most dangerous males in existence. It is she who will heal the people, remove the taint and restore the land.
Jaenelle may only be 12 when we first meet her, but she has no illusions about who she is, what she is. Due to the power and knowledge she holds, her family have no understanding. They see a disturbed child rather than a wonderful one, a child with no power, no sense of reality. The stories of 'mythical' creatures and small behavioural quirks lead to Jaenelle becoming a victim of the corruption among the Blood and, more importantly, the centre of a plot to eradicate all opposition by our antagonists.
Yes, the men she draws to her could have prevented the explosive ending...BUT only if they had been told. Saetan Daemon SaDiablo teaches this Witch to love, trust and how to harness her power, becoming a fatherly figure. Daemon Sadi - a man abused by the Queens, become bitter - learns to love and trust from Jaenelle in turn. Lucivar Yaslana vows himself to Witch's side, another victim to the corruption. Not one of them finds out exactly what happens in Jaenelle's 'hospital' in time. It is not lack of power or lack of caring - it is simply that they cannot find the information they seek. Please note - no one but those actively engaged with the cruelty at this place knows of it.
Through the book, Bishop tells us the whys, the whats and the hows clearly in regard to each character of import. Through that we learn how the Blood should work, how far society has fallen and how desperate so many are to regain the peace and stability of years before. The added information of ruling structure, castes and levels of power at the start are an added bonus.
Whilst I do understand that some may be offened by the chosen names...Saetan IS the High Lord of Hell, Daemon and Lucivar are his sons. It still seems rather fitting. And I accept that Kaeleer and Terreile are dark is the world we live in. Everything physical that happens within this book takes place in reality as least Bishop isn't graphic or gory about it all, using the less-is-more approach in suitable manner. She provides a tale that shows how light must be cared for and protected in the dark until it is strong enough to blaze.
Try the series...put everything aside and look at the beauty within. You'll likely find something that brings a little hope into our own darkened world.

Dreams Made Flesh
Dreams Made Flesh
by Anne Bishop
Edition: Paperback

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5.0 out of 5 stars A fitting introduction...or finale...or even both!, 25 Sep 2005
This review is from: Dreams Made Flesh (Paperback)
My first question is: Have you read the Black Jewels Trilogy? If not, why not and why are you looking at this wonderful quartet? On with you and read the trilogy! If yes, then you're possibly wondering what is so great about this book. Well, I'll tell you.
Carey has done it again. Not only does she give us Jaenelle's life to follow, with those three great men to stand by her side, but here she gives us who those men really are.
Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, High Lord of Hell - meet him in his younger days, when his rule is almost new, his power as yet fully realised and his love for his family tested to the limit.
Lucivar Yaslana - last born son of Saetan, born with fire in his heart and the desire of freedom in his soul, meets the one woman who can tame one and match the other.
Daemon Sadi - the mirror. Of the three, it is he who has earned the love of the Queen all serve. It is he who can match her. It is he who will give everything he is to protect her and keep her love with him.
To each Carey dedicates pages in which we learn to love them more than ever before, see their suffering as never before, learn of their dreams clearer and truer then they were when we first met them.
Let's not forget - Carey also tell us of the birth of the Blood, that fateful blessing cum curse of which these three men are part. The well of power from which they gain their strength and honour...all is laid bare.
To be honest, it's not a prerequisite to read the Black Jewels Trilogy. You can love these men without ever reading it. But I can guarantee, if you read this collection you will want to know what happened next, what happened before. If you've read it, read this. Either way, Carey has written another extraordinarily lovely and feeling set of stories.
Go on...just read them.
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Sin City [DVD] [2005]
Sin City [DVD] [2005]
Dvd ~ Bruce Willis
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 7.10

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5.0 out of 5 stars Breaking the rules, 25 Sep 2005
This review is from: Sin City [DVD] [2005] (DVD)
Sin City is one of those films that you see posters for, think it looks interesting but don't neccessarily get the point. At least, until you sit in the cinema and get to see the full glory.
That is the word for this film - glorious. Filmed with techniques and a style that haven't been used for a long time, Sin City presents three stories that, whilst not consecutive or concurrent, are nonetheless compelling. Each actor lived their character so deeply I could believe that this was all they ever were, who they had ever been. Despite the previous hits, both film and telelvision, spread between Willis, Owen, Rourke and Alba (as the easiest faces to identify), even my Sin City mad friend could see no one else when they went home to read the books!
This film is a rule breaker. The last film I saw that involved thought as an important feature of the script was Dune. As much as I love Frank Herbert's work, I was completely in awe of the way the three directors matched unspoken dialogue with fantastic colour technique to provide a thrilling, astounding vacation into a world that is both different and similar to that in which we live. Black and white filming is mostly restricted to flashbacks within any genre but here it is used to effect, making even the most bloody of scenes somehow softer.
I'm sorry to say I was not impressed with Kill Bill...yet Tarantino's scene was not only bloodless but hilarious. There is a wonderful amount of dark humour to be found within this delightful film - delightful as a study for media students, as the final pleasure for fans of the books and even for those who have never read them before. I am in the last catergory. And I can assure everyone, I loved this film so much I'll happily watch any others that are screened. (And thankfully, I hear more are planned)
If you're a fan, you've seen it all ready. If you're not and you like the difference in films, films that change the rules, that break them, then watch this film. It's worth renting at least once, just to be able to say you've seen a masterpiece.

The Silver Wolf
The Silver Wolf
by Alice Borchardt
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Another brilliant writer..., 24 Mar 2003
This review is from: The Silver Wolf (Paperback)
...another wonderful book.
When I picked up this publication, I didn't know the relationship with Anne Rice. I was glad not to know - the style of writing is very different. Borchardt has a softer way of providing images and feelings compared to Rice and it makes a refreshing change.
The main characters are full and provoking - their relationship with friends/family and later each other giving a twisting realisation that things are not as they first seem. Lucilla, son Antonius and Pope Hadrian aren't used too heavily in the plot - an often made mistake - but instead merely help it along to the final show-down with Gundabald, Regeane's horrid uncle.
This novel, and the others dealing with the lead couple, are original, uplifting, intriguing and refreshing.
Keep going, Borchardt!!

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