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La Cafetiere Bialetti Fillter Funnel To Suit - Moka Dama 6 Cup, Replacement Part
La Cafetiere Bialetti Fillter Funnel To Suit - Moka Dama 6 Cup, Replacement Part
Price: 5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Useful spare parts for Bialetti Moka coffee maker., 20 July 2012
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I have used a Bialetti Moka coffee maker for about 5 years. The first spare part you'll need, is the rubber ring that seals the lower from the upper part. These rings are especially short-lived, if you allow the coffee maker to overheat. Fortunately, the new model comes with a safety valve that lets out steam, and makes a sound as soon as the internal vapor pressure reaches its allowed maximum. That's the exact time when I take the coffee-maker off the hot plate, and transfer it to another plate that's been set to a low heat. I let it sit there until it stops sputtering out fresh coffee through the top of the central tube. Then, when the fresh coffee surface has become motionless and quiet, I immediately immerse the lower part into cold water. If I then hear a hissing sound, I know I've left it on the plate too long, with possible damage of the rubber ring as a result.

From time to time, it will, however, happen that you leave the coffee-maker too long on the plate, and that as a result the rubber ring becomes damaged. Thus, access to replacement rubber rings is indispensable.

Still, after wearing out five or six rubber rings, I noticed another problem, which was that the hot internal water lost its ability to penetrate the finely ground coffee. I tried all kinds of tricks, but they were of no avail. This is the point where I ordered a new Bialetti Moka coffee-maker. In fact, I ordered two - just for good measure. The new coffee-maker worked perfectly : And it became clear that the old one was not fit for use any more. This happened after three or four years of daily use.

It was at this point that I found out I could order replacement Bialetti filter funnels. The idea is, that it should not be necessary to buy a new Bialetti Moka coffee-maker every three years, and that all you need is a new rubber ring + a new filter funnel. I therefore ordered three replacement filter funnels. However, I have not had the chance to try this out yet, since the new Bialetti Moka coffee-maker works so perfectly, that I haven't felt a need to start experimenting with replacement filter funnels yet. But it certainly feels good to know that I have the replacement parts, since I feel certain that at one time or another I am going to need them.

Bialetti Tuttocrema Frother
Bialetti Tuttocrema Frother
Offered by Harts Of Stur
Price: 19.90

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3.0 out of 5 stars Bialetti milk brother, 27 Jun 2012
I am now using my second Bialetti milk frother. The inside is covered with a non-stick layer, which is very practical, because it is easy to rinse out the metal pot with only a dish-washing brush and hot water. After a couple of months the layer starts to wear thin. But it's okay, you can still rinse it with just hot water and brush. Worse problems occur if you forget it on a hot stove. THen you need to work for about 45 minutes to remove the hardened remains of the milk, now all black and carbonized. The best advice is to use a chopstick that you can sharpen somewhat with a pocket knife. Wood will not leave marks in the non-stick coating the way a metal object will. The worst problem is, however, that the lowermost screwed-on metal wire mesh disk comes loose after a while, and this has happened on my first as well as my second Bialetti milk-frother. The reason is that the centre of the meshed disk is made of soft plastic, that cracks after a while. Presumably this can be fixed, if you tie a metal wire around the ripped plastic center-piece. But I have not tried this yet, since it is possible to use it even with a crack. But then you have to pull it up very carefully, using but little force, and then push it down hard. About 30 strokes works very well. But the milk should not boil. Smoking hot is as far as you go. If you let the milk boil, you will not be able to create the froth, unless you cool it down first, by immersing the hot metal pot in cold water for about a minute. Apart from these flaws, and points to watch, it is a very useful instrument. My guess is that with daily use, it can last at least a year or two, if you do take care to remove it from the stove before all the milk has turned to black carbon. And even if this happens a couple of times, you can probably still use it, if you carefully remove the hardened carbon with a wooden stick, or with your finger nails (careful, though because it can hurt). I give it only three stars because the center-piece of the mesh always cracks. Usually I fill it up to one fifth. That way the froth stays inside. Otherwise you need to put a rag on top of the lid, so that all the surplus froth that spills out, can be sucked up, and so that you do not burn your fingers on the hot milk.

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