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Festival (Ltd. Digi)
Festival (Ltd. Digi)
Offered by ScreamingCd
Price: £11.13

3.0 out of 5 stars Time to move on, 8 Jun 2010
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This review is from: Festival (Ltd. Digi) (Audio CD)
The problem with this and their last album, Global Warning, is that Jon has pilfered Criss Oliva's demo tapes a little too much. I love Savatage but there's a little too much recyling of old demos going on. Ideas that weren't good enough to make any of the official Savatage releases, and consequently are 20+ years old, make this album sound a little uninspired and dated in places. I am a huge Savatage fan, even as far as spending all my grant money and a freezing night on paddington station in 1991 just to see them at the marquee, but I have to admit that although this album is not bad songs such as Lies, Living On The Edge and The Evil Within are just not very exciting.
The formula of heavy tune, nice acousticy tune, heavy tune, nice acousticy tune is present and correct once again to break any type of flow the album could've had. The production is as weedy as ever with the guitars playing second fiddle to the drums causing the pacey end to the otherwise excellent Afterglow sound pretty feeble.
On a more positive note, Death Rides A Black Horse still shows that Jon still has it, whatever 'it' maybe. The Title track is quite good and I Fear You is sufficently bottom endy to make an impact. On the whole the best songs aren't as strong as the ones on Global Warning but I think it is more consistant. I just hope Jon moves on next time, beefs up his production and produces some really evil Doctor Butcher style metal, or is that just me? Probably.

Annihilator (Limited Edition)
Annihilator (Limited Edition)
Price: £13.91

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3.0 out of 5 stars Blowing Hot And Cold, 7 Jun 2010
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'There are 66 solos on this album' boasts the sticker. I have to admit that Jeff Waters is on fine form on this self titled release. For myself it's at the expense of the song writing which has its moments but sadly not enough for me to mark it higher than a 3. The album starts really well with a couple of blasters relying on fast thrashing rhythm style chugging, ala Slayer, rather than clever riffage of songs such as Fun Palace and My Precious Lunatic Asylum, but this isn't a critisism just an observation. Dave Padden is a great vocalist and it's nice to see him hanging around. See him on youtube and he can sing and play Annihilator music, quite a feat indeed. After the first 3 tunes it's very much a mixed bag. Betrayed is ok without taking the roof off, 25 Seconds is a disjointed mess, Death In Your Eyes perhaps should be earlier in the track listing and The Other Side sounds at odds with the rest of the album. It's only 9 songs with a (an excellent) cover of Van Halen Romeo's Delight, and at the end I was asking myself 'was that it?'.

The shredding and Dave Padden are the highlights here and is a good antidote to the arguably overblown 'Metal'. Will I still be spinning it in the future like Never Neverland or Waking The Fury? Possibly but not as much.

The Obsidian Conspiracy +Bonus CD
The Obsidian Conspiracy +Bonus CD
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £13.32

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3.0 out of 5 stars Repeated Listens Recommended, 7 Jun 2010
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Unlike the first couple of reviews The Obsidian Conspiracy is not quite a 4 for me. The first half sounds like recycled material from their previous efforts yet the second half is a little more creative. But after a 5 year wait it's a little underwhelming especially as it follows the beast that was 'This Godless Endevour'. It's as if they've not really tried and thrown some songs together without thinking whether they are worthy of following their past effort. The production is exactly the same which causes you to wonder if they've progressed at all. Add some pointless covers and you starting asking yourself if the fantastic packaging with the 'shred like Loomis' bonus CD, postcards and lyric cards all kept together in a natty box, is covering for the fact that there's not much depth to this release. However, once you get past this and listened to it on its own merits it's quite a solid effort with Nevermore finding a comfortable niche for themselves. I wouldn't rate it higher than Enemies Of Reality, it's more on a par with this album.

Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
Offered by Empor UK
Price: £17.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sudden Chills, 1 Oct 2009
Not since Icon has a Paradise Lost album given me the chills. I've stuck with them through thick and thin and came to accept their favoured goth rock. And then to be suddenly presented with a wall of gothic doom was very exciting indeed. This album is dark, haunting and very downbeat, just what classic Paradise Lost fans have been aching for. The guitar melodies send shivers down the spine, Nick Holmes uses every asset in his vocal ability. But it's hard work and if you're prepared to put the effort in there's perhaps their greatest hour underneath it all. If you like their radio friendly tunes then this is not the album for you and understandly why it is getting a mixed reaction on Amazon.

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor, 2008 Christmas Special  [DVD]
Doctor Who: The Next Doctor, 2008 Christmas Special [DVD]
Dvd ~ David Tennant
Price: £4.30

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2.0 out of 5 stars An episode of 2 halves or the Doctor's 'Moonraker', 4 Jan 2009
I thought the first half of this episode was gripping and quite chilling (graveyard scene). The premise was excellent and the cybermen are always a good bet for some good bad guys. The casting and interplay between Tennant and Morrisey was a highlight and it was all building up so nicely including good sets and atmosphere. Sadly it started going wrong when the cybermen started using workhouse kids to do their work for them. "The cybermen are metal robots who don't get tired, why are they using fragile under fed kids?" I thought, and then the cyberking, of which I was expecting something quite frightening, rose up like something laughable from a cheap godzilla movie. I honestly thought i'd fallen asleep and Wallace and Gromit had started (it reminded me of a close shave).

In half an hour RTD had stripped any menace the cybermen had, and perhaps ever will have. It was as if RTD had run out of ideas so tried to make it look spectacular instead. However, the last scene was great it's a pity the rest of my family had fallen asleep. This was Dr Who's Moonraker.

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