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5.0 out of 5 stars Cheap but work fine, 27 Sept. 2010
Buying a new HD TV, I needed a few HDMI cables (cable box, Blu-ray payer, X-Box, etc). I'm normally a buyer of quality cables, but due to cost of quality cables, I decided to only buy one expensive, and a few of these cheap ones.

Connecting them all up, I can't see or hear any difference between these or the expensive cable. That's on a 56" LCD (calibrated) and mid range 5.1 surround system.

Whether they are as durable or last as long, I couldn't say, but they will do for now.

Philly Re-Grooved - The Tom Moulton Philly Groove Remixes
Philly Re-Grooved - The Tom Moulton Philly Groove Remixes

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2.0 out of 5 stars Excellent mixes ruined by poor mastering, 27 Sept. 2010
I'll start off by admitting that I am a big Tom Moulton fan, from his classic early work to his newer mixes of both classic tracks and the occasional new track. And his work here is as good as ever - each tune clearly mixed with love and respect. "Jay" and "Music Lover" have done some excellent reviews here, so won't go in to any more detail abou the fantastic tunes.

But the sound is APPALLING - all midrange and distorted, with little bass. I'm surprised that none of the other reviewers have mentioned how bad it is (and I would be interested in anyone elses feed back on the sound quality). I have many of these tracks (in their original mixes) on other CD's and vinyl and every one of them sounds far better quality than on this CD.

How did this get past quality control? Tom Moulton must be very disapointed to have his work handled in this way.

As much as I love these mixes, as a professional DJ I could never play any of these tracks out.

Such a pity. I just hope they get around to remastering it.

I also have Dimitri's "Get Down With The Philly Sound" which is a double album of similar material and that sounds extremely good.
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Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 1TB  USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

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4.0 out of 5 stars It's a black box that stores data, 20 Feb. 2008
What can I say?

It's a black box, you put data on it, and read data off it.

I've had one for 4 months, and used it everyday without any problems. It doesn't run hot, it doesn't make any noticeable noise - when sat next to my PC.

The blue light on the from steps up and down to indicate the drive being accessed.

It comes with an external 'lump-in-line' power supply, and a USB lead to connect it to your computer.

It comes ready formatted to FAT32. Plug and play via USB2 to any recent PC (mine's Windows XP) and it just appears as an addition drive. No set up required, no software installation required.

I can't say if it's better than any other drive, but it does what it should do. - It's a black box, you put data on it, and read data off it, without any fuss.

Sony D-NE520 ATRAC/MP3 CD Walkman
Sony D-NE520 ATRAC/MP3 CD Walkman

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5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent player, 21 Nov. 2006
I was looking for a CD Walkman for use in low light conditions - ideally one with a back lit display, but I doubted such a thing existed (having never seen one) until I came across the Sony D-NE520.

The display back-light only lights up for 10-20 seconds after any button press, but that's fine for selecting tracks or changing sound settings.

It also has a red LED that lights when in play mode, flashes in pause mode, and goes out in stop mode - very useful for knowing what mode it's in at a glance. The same LED also turns amber when playing an mp3 disc and green for an Atrac disc.

Atrac is Sony's own music compression codac, claimed by Sony to be better than mp3. It also offers gapless playback which is great for mix albums. However the SonicStage software that Sony supply with this player is very slow at burning CD's. Also you can only play the Atrac files on some Sony players.

I've ended up just using mp3 CD's burn with my existing software.

Like most discmans, the buttons on the front panel are a bit fiddly but the remote that the D-NE520 comes with has much larger buttons (especially the play/pause button). (The more expensive D-NE920's remote is very fiddly.) However the display back-light doesn't work when you use the remotes buttons.

It also has a function call "Search" (no the player only (not on the remote): Pressing "Search" allows you to scroll through other tracks or, on an mp3 disc, to scroll through folders (say artists), drill down and scroll again (say albums by that artist) then again (tracks on album) all without interrupting play. When you finally select a track it jumps from the track currently playing to the track selected with a short gap.

Sound quality is excellent, but at low volume settings it is possible hear a back ground hiss on the output.

Overall I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Now the bad news, it has been recently discontinued and is in short supply.

Hung Up [2 Track CD] [CD 1]
Hung Up [2 Track CD] [CD 1]
Offered by music_by_mail_uk
Price: £4.94

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4.0 out of 5 stars One of two UK CD singles, 9 Nov. 2005
A great track - expect this to go straight in to the UK chart at number 1.
The only difference between this CD single and the other one, is that this one contains one less mix. However neither of the two UK CD singles contain the full length version that you hear on the video. For that you will have by the 12" or wait for the album.

Prelude's 'mastermixes' Vol. 2
Prelude's 'mastermixes' Vol. 2
Offered by rbmbooks
Price: £22.80

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not as good as Volume 1, 7 Sept. 2004
Nowadays a remix is often a completely new production, with only the original vocals remaining. But back in the 80's it was much more basic.
The Mastermix albums came from exclusive extended remixes that were made for New York's KISS radio station, by editing together the original 12 inch mix, with the dub or instrumental mix, and a few effects added. Very basic, but excellent in that they keep the feel of the original.
I had both this and Volume 1 on vinyl and back in the 80's so decided to buy again on CD. I had forgotten that when I brought it first time around I had been disappointed (enough to not buy Volumes 3 & 4 when they came out). Volume 1 is absolutely excellent, but this Volume 2 is just OK.
The first few tracks are mixed in to each other, then the rest are individual. The Album starts with the excellent Reach Up, but just as it gets to the best bit - the break and Everybody Reach, Reach To The Top. Everybody Reach Up, Don't Stop, Don't Stop it mixes into D Train's Keep On.
The D Train mix doesn't really improve on the original 12 inch version. The Indeep remix is only the original accapella laid over a different, but not as good backing.
Sharon Redd's Beat The Street borrows from, but isn't as good as the Special dub mix that Prelude put out on a 12 inch (flipped with a dub mix of Can You Handle It). Like many of the mixes here it suffers from to many 4 beat repeat loops.
The high point of the album for me is the classic Musique Keep on Jumpin', but on most of the tracks the remixes don't improve over the originals.
All in all, the album contains some great tracks, and is interesting as a way of seeing how the remix art started, but I would advise you to purchase Volume 1 for that.

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