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Birds - Marius Neset
Birds - Marius Neset
Price: £12.00

0 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the critics said, 30 April 2013
This review is from: Birds - Marius Neset (Audio CD)
"Birds is as fresh and vigorous as any music being made today and confirms the emergence of a remarkable talent."Irish Times, UK *****

"The title track begins as playful and quirky as blackbird song before developing a complex brass score. Spring Dance is a lyrical duet with Neset's sister on flute. Neset's melodic bop infuses Fields of Clubs, while Math of Mars is dreamy and Fanfare reminiscent of Aaron Copland. Outstanding." OBSERVER, UK *****

"This is a breathtaking album, this final track leaving you breathless and one of those albums which you put on again immediately it ends."York Press, UK *****

"Vibrant, bold and imaginative, Neset's star continues its upwards trajectory." Irish Examiner, UK *****

"What's striking is how teeming with influences the music is, from Nordic folk to American pastoral to Django Bates, Steve Reich and Wayne Shorter. You can find most of them in the epic opening title track, and there's still almost an hour to go. As Anthony Burgess said of James Joyce: here comes everybody." The Independent, UK *****

"Birds takes shape as a one-hour long suite, and is an example of the exceptional qualities the 28 year old saxophonist/composer has." Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet, N, 6/6 STARS

"Neset is in my ears the biggest thing that has happened with the saxophone in Norway since Jan Garbarek in the 60s."Nettavisen, N, 5/6 STARS

"Birds is an astonishing statement, not just of Neset's prodigious talent on tenor and soprano saxophones but also of his fantastic reach and imagination as a composer." Herald Scotland, UK

"It's 25 March and the CD that could still stand on 31 December as the most impressive jazz release of 2013 is available for purchase. Simply brilliant? No, more complexly brilliant. A triumph in every sense." The Jazz Breakfast, UK

"Birds is a strong follow-up to Golden Xplosion, and Neset shows himself as an exciting player, and a newthinking composer." VG, N, 5/6 STARS

"A masterpiece."Jazz Special, DK

"This hotly tipped Norwegian saxophonist has fearsome technique. His follow-up highlights his composing skills with a flurry of resonant tunes. Outstanding record." THE TIMES ****

"An early contender for record of the year. Highly recommended". ALL ABOUT JAZZ, US

"[With Birds] the young Norwegian saxophonist Marius Neset has extended his talents. Each new step by Neset seems to take him forward by a big distance".GUARDIAN ****

"Recording's emphasis is on composition, with unexpected turns and a broad romantic palette". FT ****
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Subjekt - Neon Quartet
Subjekt - Neon Quartet
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.58

3 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Critics Reaction, 19 Nov. 2012
This review is from: Subjekt - Neon Quartet (Audio CD)
"Neon Quartet are a classy UK collective who blend the melodic flare of long-established saxophonist Stan Sulzmann with the beguiling textures and understated rhythms of a rising-star rhythm section". FT

"It's another advance for this gifted, multi-generational band's reflections on jazz's past and present". GUARDIAN

"... the band has honed its absorbing, elegant but forceful sound into a subtly interactive bustle that promises much from their live performances; overall, this is an impressive collective effort from an accomplished set of world-class musicians and yet another classy album from Edition". LONDON JAZZ

Walking Dark - Phronesis
Walking Dark - Phronesis
Price: £12.11

5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the Critics Said, 23 May 2012
"the secret of Phronesis is it stands for more than the sum of its parts and this outstanding album has got to be the best example of that to date." JAZZWISE

"Høiby is one of the most arresting bassists on the contemporary scene, his sound at once lithe and sonorous, his solos compulsively listenable, and with the unshowy but fluent piano of Neame and the cracklingly energetic drumming of Eger driving the band, Walking Dark is Phronesis's most accomplished album to date." LONDON JAZZ BLOG

"Perhaps it's the emotional volatility that ultimately makes Phronesis so different and appealing. Whatever, the music comes up as fresh as paint." MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

"As the pile of talented and exciting piano trios continues to grow ever higher, it takes a very talented and exciting threesome to rise to the top and stay there. Enter Phronesis." allaboutjazz

"a group at the peak of its creative powers...with total confidence in their own abilities" jazzman

"With Walking Dark, Hoiby, Neame and Eger might soon be very big names indeed." BBC Music

"Walking Dark confirms their position as one of the great piano trios of our time. " the arts desk
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Price: £15.17

5.0 out of 5 stars What the Critics Said, 23 May 2012
This review is from: Flight (Audio CD)
"... another leap forward for a fast-developing European jazz original". GUARDIAN ****

" of Britain's most interesting jazz pianists and composers" TELEGRAPH

"There are many brilliant young pianists, composers, arrangers and band leaders out there. However, it is very rare that we get everything in one package as we in Dave Stapleton's Flight. Had he been American, he had been a super star in the jazz family already. World class music played by world class musicians". SIDE 2 (Norway)

"Jazz projects with strings can be dull and worthy, but pianist Stapleton's writing for both the Brodowski String Quartet and his own jazz quartet, who together form the ensemble for this recording, satisfies on every level". INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY *****

"One of the best conceived and executed albums by a young British Jazz musician for some while" JAZZWISE ****

"A beacon of talent" TIMES

"Absolutely gorgeous togetherness, especially when Dave Stapleton's piano steals among the gentle murmurings of the Brodowski Quartet. OBSERVER

"Jazz/classical mixes are fiendishly difficult to pull off, and few of them are as deeply synthesized as the music on Flight. It is an album whose elegant surface sits atop real depth and substance. Highly recommended". ALL ABOUT JAZZ
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Statement Of Intent
Statement Of Intent
Price: £13.45

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the critics said, 3 May 2011
This review is from: Statement Of Intent (Audio CD)
THE MERCURY PRIZE "The set goes deeper than its widely praised successor 'Kairos Moment', with greater space given to individual solos and the band... sounding ever more dynamic in their musical dialogue."

* * * * MOJO MAGAZINE "...this superb group are terrific players inspired by thoughtful compositions. Waldmann's themes have a strength and clarity, underlined by his own calm, understated delivery"

* * * *JAZZWISE MAGAZINE "A formidable yet flexible unit, Kairos 4tet make free flowing contemporary music that packs melody, rhythm and high flying improv into a tightly wound whole. Hence you're as likely to leave whistling one of their many refreshing tunes as you are to be impressed by the group's compelling interplay and imaginative solo skills."

METRO "Waldmann's troupe have resisted the zeitgeist to make music that is resolutely acoustic and unapologetically lyrical....Waldmann has a melodic gift as a writer and considerable grace as an improviser"

AllAboutJazz"....full of energy, inventiveness and melody, demonstrating a maturing musical sensibility, and placing the band fairly and squarely in the top flight of the UK jazz scene....Statement Of Intent is exceptional."

* * * * THE IRISH TIMES "...a superb group whose increased solo strength continues to be reinforced by intensely focused interplay... remains fresh and, for all its contemporary feel, accessible."

* * * * MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS "Adam Waldman is one of the most distinctive saxophonists in the UK...The Kairos Statement impresses with its sure sense of artistic purpose"

* * * * Time Out "Statement of Intent melds lush classical-ish harmonies with adrenalised improv, shimmering beats and purposeful grooves to bewitching effect...This is smart music that isn't trying to impress but does simply by its sheer quality, enticing you into the warmth of Waldmann's world"

LONDONJAZZ BLOG "For listeners who enjoyed `Kairos Moment', getting hold of a copy of this fine follow-up album should be a no-brainer. For those who missed that release, `Statement of Intent' provides an opportunity to catch up with a rapidly maturing group who have something exciting and original to say."

YORKSHIRE PRESS "A classy and intelligent work, Statement Of Intent is an accessible slice of modern British jazz and will go straight into albums of the year lists.

THE JAZZ MANN " ****Their keenly awaited follow up retains the group's core qualities whilst at the same time expanding their musical and political horizons... it succeeds brilliantly.

musicOMH "**** The whole band plays with energy, confidence and authority - but also in a streamlined manner free from superfluous clutter. The overall group sound is both disciplined and flexible."
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Golden Xplosion - Marius Neset
Golden Xplosion - Marius Neset
Price: £13.94

3 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the critics said, 26 April 2011
"Marius Neset, the 25-year-old Norwegian saxophonist who surfaced in the UK last year with Django Bates (his teacher and mentor at Copenhagen's Rhythmic Music Conservatory), not only combines Brecker's power and Jan Garbarek's tonal delicacy, but has a vision that makes all 11 originals on this sensational album feel indispensable, and indispensably connected to each other. Neset is on his way to being one of the biggest new draws on the circuit". John Fordham, GUARDIAN 5/5 STARS (UK) *****

"This is certainly a golden explosion of an album. Neset presents himself as a full-blooded young saxophone-lion with monster technique and a rhythmic capacity that he uses with overwhelming results... Neset is a young musician on an exceptional level...Golden Xplosion is an album which should establish Marius Neset at the jazz scene far beyond Scandinavia." Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet, 13. April (NORWAY)

"Getting on to Django Bates's favourite-sax list isn't easy (it spans Charlie Parker to Evan Parker, with Iain Ballamy in the middle), but his star pupil at the Copenhagen Rhythmic Music Conservatory, 25-year-old Norwegian saxophonist Marius Neset, is there already. Neset's imminent second album is a showcase for his virtuosity and genre-crunching openness". GUARDIAN F&M Playlist (UK)

"Diversified young Norwegian sax sensation Marius Neset showed what the fuss is all about: remember that name." Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent, after concert at Vossa Jazz (US)

"On Golden Xplosion Marius Neset seriously marks himself as a saxophonist and composer of international class. He deconstructs with greatness the jazz genre with his muscular and creative playing, and have his totally own signature in the room between avant-garde, fusion and bop". Jakob Baekgaard, (DENMARK)

"Golden Xplosion is a really strong album from a saxophonist that is really a master of his horn, and with a few exceptions, has written all the music himself. Explosive is the word". Roald Helgheim, Dagsavisen (NORWAY)

"Marius Neset's concert at Vossa Jazz confirmed the impression from his new album, Golden Xplosion: This is a saxophonist with so much energy and the ability to interpret, that he marks himself as something more than just "unusually talented". On tenor and soprano sax, he delivered fast runs, along with lines with vitality and authority, and are really looking forward to the continuation." Terje Mosnes, Dagbladet, after the concert at Vossa Jazz 15. April 2011. (NORWAY)

"Golden Xplosion is a wonderful album! An album where the musicians is pushing it as far as it can go , and give us saxophone-jazz of the highest class. Recommended!" Jan Granlie, Jazznyt (NORWAY)

"For the sheer multiplicity of event, the resplendently rich palette of sound and the incendiary aural thrill it detonates, Marius Neset's Golden Xplosion is aptly named". Arts Desk (UK)
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Blissful Ignorance - Meadow
Blissful Ignorance - Meadow
Price: £15.17

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the critics said, 28 Feb. 2011
"[Meadow] has produced one of 2011's likely jazz triumphs of the year...worthy of ECM label's greatest moments". GUARDIAN **** (UK)

"This is an album of sublime creativity that will stand the test of time... they have created a classic". JAZZWISE MAGAZINE (UK)

"Imagine the sound of saxophonist Wayne Shorter if he'd worked on a north-Euro ECM Records project, perhaps with the label's legendarily restrained house-drummer Jon Christensen - then add one of Europe's most sensitive and resourceful pianists, and you have something like this remarkable trio". GUARDIAN ****

Meadow is three superb musicians... an assertively interactive group. The trio is in arresting form throughout". IRISH TIMES ***** (FIVE STARS)

"The success of Meadow and Blissful Ignorance is predicated in its focus on the song, the sound, the melody and the collective". ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"An early contender for new trio of the year...Quite simply one of the most accomplished recordings by the Edition label thus far". UK VIBE ****

"Vastly appealing...European Jazz at its most elegant" MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS ***** (FIVE STARS)

"Meadow deliver a classic in conception and in execution" FOCUS/ LE VIF (Belgium)

"Meadow are able to make almost-empty space seem eloquent. Tore Brunborg's sinuous sax is supported by faint but urgent patterings from Thomas Stronen's drums and perfectly placed enigmatic chords from pianist John Taylor". TELEGRAPH (UK)

"Recorded at Rainbow Studios in Oslo, Meadow turns out to be more rhythmically varied than its ECM-type provenance might suggest... very pleasant". INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK)

"A blissful combination that brings together three of the most creative musicians in European jazz". THE LIST (UK)

"Some new albums arrive with a bang and a great deal of hype and some just kind of creep up on you and surprise you... and before you know it, you're in love with them" BBC RADIO 3 `JAZZ ON 3'

"What an absolute joy this trio disc is". THE JAZZ BREAKFAST (UK)

"Boldly understated and yearning compositions". THE SUNDAY HERALD

"An album filled with music that is frequently joyous and infused with a palpable sense of groove". LONDON JAZZ BLOG

"Meadow have come up with a modern classic, contemporary yet timeless". THE JAZZ MANN
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Alive - Phronesis
Alive - Phronesis
Price: £14.45

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the critics have said, 9 Aug. 2010
This review is from: Alive - Phronesis (Audio CD)
"Alive sounds like one of the hot UK jazz-album contenders of 2010"
**** [The Guardian]

"The sort of album that should get bigger jazz names quaking in their boots." [Bass guitar Magazine]

"Look out for Phronesis - they might change your life!" [Sean Rafferty 'In Tune' BBC Radio 3]'

"Alive is about as exciting as it can get without actually seeing this band live and in the flesh" **** [Jazzwise]

"This scorching live set fizzes with a post-EST/Avishai Cohen-style energy, replete with sunny Mediterranean Brazilian flourishes and depth-charge basslines."
**** [Time Out]

"a spirited and dramatic three-way musical conversation". [The York Press]

"Characterized by intense, bass-driven grooves in odd time signatures, lyrical melodies, and fantastic interplay, this album shows Høiby's flair as a composer, whilst framing the pure strength of the performers as contemporary improvisers."
[Alex J Watson - All About Jazz]

"Anyone who doubts there's a UK jazz scene worth taking note of should listen to Phronesis, who are proof positive that we have bands that are worthy of jazz's premier league right on our doorstep."
[Bass Guitar Magazine]
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Between the Lines - Dave Stapleton Quintet
Between the Lines - Dave Stapleton Quintet
Price: £10.21

2 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What the critics have said, 13 April 2010
"Regular jazz lineups are hard to sustain in the choppy waters of the jazz economy. Worthy successors to head-turning first albums are just as tough a proposition. And running an influential jazz record label is probably harder than both. The Wales-based pianist and composer Dave Stapleton has done all three: An ebullient third album". GUARDIAN ****

"Dave Stapleton knows how to shape a 21st-century modern-jazz unit". INDEPENDENT

"Articulate and thoughtfully detailed, this is a smart application of core jazz values". BBC MUSIC ONLINE

"Carefully arranged, well-crafted albums such as this often fall short on fire and heat, but Between The Lines has plenty of both, and Stapleton's arrangements play to the individual strengths of his colleagues. Highly recommended". ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"What is really striking about this recording is how it really feels like the work of a band and a composer in harmony, not just a group of individuals showing off their talents. A disc that has true lasting appeal". THE JAZZ BREAKFAST

"[DSQ] can launch into a funky free-ish N'Orleans style collective romp (Daz Lightyear) with an underlying Hendrix-type keys riff (Horn), or a zippy 60s bluesy-bop theme (Wig Wag). It's a band that always keeps you on your toes". JAZZWISE ****

"A thoroughly enjoyable album which will appeal to all those who prefer their jazz served straight without too many fancy trimmings". VORTEX JAZZ CD REVIEWS

"Between The Lines" is DSQ's most multi faceted work to date, full of colourful imaginative writing covering a wide stylistic and emotional range". JAZZ MANN

Bloor Street
Bloor Street
Price: £15.17

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Guardian Review ****, 11 Mar. 2010
This review is from: Bloor Street (Audio CD)
This is the occasional but intimate partnership - first explored on disc on 2002's Secret - between alto saxophonist Martin Speake, pianist Nikki Iles, bassist Duncan Hopkins and drummer Anthony Michelli. The quality of the compositions, the incisiveness of the soloing and the collective spirit of the enterprise make this a better album than its predecessor. Hopkins's seamless countermelodic flow beneath Speake and Iles is reminiscent of the late Bill Evans sideman Scott La Faro on the opening Time to Evolve, and (like much of the material on the album) this theme has an intricacy that nevertheless sounds unforced. Unit Six is a Lennie Tristano-like bop labyrinth that Speake develops with patient precision over Hopkins's walk, and the stuttery closing Ants fascinatingly intertwines short sax and piano figures over drum tattoos that turn funky. Iles's soft touch and Hopkins's rounded tone combine sublimely on the lilting Moonbeam. The only downside is that this foursome has such rare meetings. GUARDIAN ****

"Nine originals with an undeniable warmth and quality from four much respected jazz musicians". DRUMMER MAGAZINE****

"A work of classic, tradition-infused acoustic jazz". JAZZWISE

"It has been almost a decade since the Secret Quartet made their first recording, but they have reconvened in glorious fashion on this intelligent, beautifully crafted follow-up. Speake's purity of tone and fertile invention on alto is a constant pleasure, and Iles is equally resourceful in her lyrical but tough-minded explorations at the keyboard. Edition Records are making a serious impact on UK jazz, and their studio recording here is exceptionally vivid". SCOTSMAN ****

"All the delicacy and lyricism one would expect from an album featuring Speake and Iles is here in abundance. An excellent acoustic jazz album". THE JAZZ MANN ****
"This music is poised, affecting, immediately accessible and classy, concealing considerable power in a deceptively winsome package. Both Iles and Speake are compelling, resourceful soloists, and the Canadian rhythm section display hair-trigger sensitivity throughout a pleasingly varied programme; this is not only yet another excellent album from Edition but also a perfect demonstration of the quiet strength of two of the UK's most accomplished musicians. Recommended". VORTEX JAZZ
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