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Leaving Time
Leaving Time
by Jodi Picoult
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional, involving and gripping, 26 Nov 2014
This review is from: Leaving Time (Hardcover)
I am a huge Jodi Picoult fan and so I was eagerly awaiting her latest release, Leaving Time.

Jenna Metcalf’s mother disappeared in tragic and mysterious circumstances, and although Jenna was with her, she remembers nothing. Over ten years have passed, and Jenna still searches her mother’s journals which recorded her research with elephants for clues. With no further clues, Jenna enlists the help of a private detective and a physic….but can they help Jenna to discover what happened and find out the truth?

I really enjoyed this! Jodi has SUCH a talent of drawing you in straight away and holding you there long after finishing the last page. I felt as though I was right there beside Jenna as she went on her journey to discover the truth about her mother and to find out what had happened.

Jodi has done a lot of research for this book and it shows – the elephant sections are detailed and rich, and I found I could picture each scene clearly in my mind.

One of the best parts of Leaving Time is that it is surprising, there was a twist and scenes that I did not see coming or could even guess at, and I really want to talk about it but I can’t. All I can say is wow…you need to read this for yourself! Jodi has written a fantastic, emotional and involving book that will have you absorbed throughout.

Breaking Love: Full Hearts 2
Breaking Love: Full Hearts 2
by MJ Summers
Edition: Paperback
Price: £8.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Steamy and very enjoyable!, 21 Nov 2014
I really loved the sound of Breaking Love, and I was particularly excited to read it. I should mention that Breaking In Love is part of a series, but it is perfectly fine to read this one as a standalone, as that is what I did and it was thoroughly enjoyable!

MJ Summers definitely knows how to write a great story! I had never read any of MJ’s books before but I was drawn in straight away by Breaking Love, the storyline is fascinating and addictive in equal measures!

I really liked Megan and Luc – they had SUCH chemistry ad I fell I love with the way they bonded and went together, I feel they were really suited for each other! One of the things I liked most was that Megan and Luc had their own lives, and their own background stories, and I liked that we were able to see them as individuals as well as their scenes together. I loved the passion between them and I was hooked to their story wanting to know what would happen to them and how their journey together would progress.

If you like a romantic book with a bit of drama, and characters that you will fall in love with and root for then this is for you! Breaking Love is a romantic and steamy novel that is very enjoyable from start to finish.

The Great Christmas Knit Off
The Great Christmas Knit Off
by Alexandra Brown
Edition: Paperback
Price: £2.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A delightful story to fall in love with!, 18 Nov 2014
Having LOVED Alex’s previous Carriington’s book series, I was so excited for The Great Christmas Knit Off as it is not only a brand new book from Alexandra but the start of a whole new series!

After being left heartbroken from being jilted at the altar, Sybil throws herself into her favourite hobby – knitting. But then after a disaster at work too, Sybil decides to make a hasty exit and a few weeks before Christmas runs away to the picturesque village of Tindledale. There she discovers Hettie’s House of Haberdashery, a place dedicated to knitting and needle craft! But the shop is due for closure – can Sybil and her love of knitting help?

This book is the book you should all be reading and getting cosy with! The setting of Tindledale is BEAUTIFUL. I instantly wanted to pack my bags, move there and live happily alongside Sybil and the others! Tindledale sounds like the perfect village – it is so welcoming and will definitely warm your heart this Christmas!

I loved Sybil – we meet her when she is going through a hard time in her life and I felt for her straight away. As I read on I liked her more and more, and by the end it felt as though I had known her for yeas and like she was one of my best friends. There are so many fun and vibrant characters to meet – Hettie in particular is a fantastic addition and I thoroughly enjoyed her scenes. There is even the cutest black Scottie dog called Basil to fall in love with!

Please don’t worry if you’re unsure about the knitting aspect, or you don’t do knitting – I had never knitted in my life before reading this (so I have zero experience in the knitting zone) but I was so swept up in the story and I loved the sound of all the knitted Christmas jumpers! I now wish I could knit myself!

The Great Christmas Knit Off is a truly delightful story that deserves to be read and enjoyed this Christmas. Alexandra Brown draws you in instantly with a captivating story, characters to root for and love, and a community and village to fall in love with! Alexandra has created a novel full of emotion, fun, and warm feelings too. Put on your Christmas jumper, grab a hot drink and enjoy getting lost in this stunning story.

Hard Time
Hard Time
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling, exciting and steamy a must read!, 6 Nov 2014
This review is from: Hard Time (Kindle Edition)
I haven’t read anything by Cara McKenna before and I must say I LOVED the sound of this novel so I was really excited to start it.

Annie Goodhouse doesn’t need to be warned about bad boys; good sense and an abusive ex have given her plenty of reasons to play it safe. But when she steps into her new role as outreach librarian for Cousins Correctional Facility, no amount of good sense can keep her mind – or eyes – off inmate Eric Collier. Eric doesn’t claim to be innocent of the crime that landed him in prison. In fact, he’d do it again if that’s what it took to keep his family safe. Loyalty and force are what he knows. But meeting Annie makes him want to know more. When Eric begins courting Annie through letters, they embark on a reckless, secret romance – a forbidden fantasy that neither imagines could ever be real…until early parole for Eric changes everything, and forces them both to face a past they can’t forget, and a desire they can’t deny.

I really enjoyed this! I’ve never read anything quite like this before with the plot and the setting of the prison, and so for me this was very exciting to read about. I loved the setting of the Correctional Facility, it made everything more intense more exciting and I was gripped because I constantly wanted to read on to find out what would happen and how things would develop.

Both Eric and Annie had me hooked! The tension between them was sizzling, I loved their forbidden interactions and their secrets, and I was completely involved in their journey, even more so when things stepped up a gear. I especially fell in love with Eric, and I didn’t expect to because of his circumstances, but he won me over very quickly and I looked forward to every scene he was in.

Hard Time is a thrilling, exciting, sexy and steamy novel that needs to be on everyone’s shopping list! This is a romance with a difference and one that will stay in your mind long after finishing the last page.

Diamonds in the Rough (The Secret Diamond Sisters - Book 2)
Diamonds in the Rough (The Secret Diamond Sisters - Book 2)
Price: £4.19

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5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic story full of drama & surprises - a really fun read!, 5 Nov 2014
The three Diamond sisters survived the summer in style after coming to live with their long-lost billionaire father. But making a place for themselves at their exclusive new Las Vegas private school is throwing them any number of gold-plated curves. Savannah’s YouTube stardom turns into a Sweet Sixteen reality show extravaganza–with complimentary enemies on the side. Dangerous flirtations don’t keep Peyton from a gamble that will risk far more than she planned to bet. And when Courtney and the sisters’ archenemy, Madison, uncover two explosive secrets, it will rock even this town of glittering illusion–and turn their lives upside down all over again.

I absolutely LOVED the first Diamond Sisters book – The Secret Diamond Sisters, and so I was very excited to jump into the sequel and start reading!

Starting where the last book left off, we are back with the Diamond sisters after the summer. I loved being reunited with the Diamond sisters, it is so much fun to be in their story and to get completely lost in their world. One thing I like most about this novel is that the story is told from four viewpoints – each of the sisters Savannah, Peyton and Courtney, and also their archememy Madison. I liked that we were able to see from each person’s view, as I enjoyed reading about them and watching them grow and develop throughout the book. I really like all four in their own way, they’re all not perfect and have their own agendas, plans, thoughts or secrets but this is what makes them SO fascinating!

There is lots of drama, lots of action and I was hooked to every single word not knowing what was going to happen next but thoroughly enjoying the ride! Michelle Madow is a very talented author who keeps you on the edge of your seat with plenty of secrets and surprises in this thrilling, fun and exciting novel. I am very much looking forward to more from Michelle.

One Hundred Christmas Proposals
One Hundred Christmas Proposals
Price: £0.59

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful & romantic - a perfect follow up to One Hundred Proposals!, 3 Nov 2014
Christmas in London and the ever popular have vowed to carry out one hundred proposals in December. This isn’t the easiest task, especially as Harry and Suzie are bus trying to plan their first Christmas together and a visit from the dreaded in laws. But is everything still perfect in their own relationship?

One Hundred Christmas Proposals is the follow up to Holly’s fantastic book One Hundred Proposals…and what a follow up it is! Now I LOVED One Hundred Proposals ever so much – in my opinion it was perfect and I didn’t think it could be topped, but One Hundred Christmas Proposals is so perfect and beautiful and I am just full of sheer happiness for this book!!!!

Holly Martin is such a TALENTED writer, she can evoke and create so many feelings from you and by the end of her books I am usually a swooning/gushy/blubbering mess who feels like she’s been on the most exciting and enchanting journey of her life. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Holly’s writing then please give her books a try – they are stunning.

I LOVED that Suzie and Harry are back, I did a happy dance when I had the book that’s how thrilled I was! I could not get enough of them in the first book so to have them back even for a novella was like Christmas day for me! If you know me then you will know I love a good swoon and Harry is definitely swoon-worthy! And gorgeous, and completely handsome, and sigh! I along with many others genuinely wish he was available in real life! Harry and Suzie are a truly wonderful couple and to join them on the next part of their journey was just MAGICAL. The love and devotion that Suzie and Harry have for each other makes me want to cry happy tears, I am so in love with them as a couple, their relationship, their personalities – they make me so happy!! My heart could literally burst with joy at how much I LOVE their scenes together. I could read about this couple forever…. so Holly, if you by any chance fancy writing any more about them (read: I definitely want another book please) then I’m completely up for that!

Can I also just express my excitement that there was more Badger and Jules in this too? They are BRILLIANT.

My heart loved this story…the proposals are beautiful, exciting, funny and will melt your heart all at the same time! There is friendship, fun, and also a bit of mystery about what Harry is up to as well, so plenty to keep you guessing! Holly Martin captures the romance perfectly and blends it all in with the excitement and the theme of Christmas to create such a spectacular and beautiful story that you will want to cherish.

McBusted: The Story of the World's Biggest Super Band
McBusted: The Story of the World's Biggest Super Band
by Jennifer Parker
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £7.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST HAVE for every fan!, 29 Oct 2014
I am a HUGE fan of McFly and Busted, and as a child I was a complete fangirl for them. When we were younger my sister and I went to four separate Busted concerts, and Saw McFly twice too. We had posters everywhere, knew all the words to their songs, we even had fanpages on the web dedicated to our sheer love for them.

If you are a fan of McBusted, then this is the book for you! It literally has everything you could ever want in it! One of my favourite things about this book is that each chapter is titled with an iconic Busted or McFly song, which made me want to sing as I read and really took me straight back to all the wonderful memories I have of those songs!

In this book Jennifer Parker takes a look at Busted and McFly from the beginning – their stories, their number one hits, and a part that I found particularly fascinating – the friendships that they had made and formed with each other. For me personally, I remember the day Busted announced that they had split up, and I was truly devastated, but as a younger teen I never really understood or knew why they had broken up, it was put out that Charlie wanted to do his own thing but I didn’t properly understand how it just seemed to come out of nowhere. Well in this new book Jennifer delves into the shocking Busted break up and as a reader you get a bit more of an insight into what happened and how Matt, James and Charlie felt about the situation. McFly also took a break and this is all covered too – so it doesn’t matter where you are a Busted Fan, a McFly fan, or even both because this really has something for everyone.

For me it was like delving into my childhood and reading about what really happened with the bands I swooned over and seeing how far they have they come since they first got together. And the best part is that this book reveals how McBusted came to be formed, taking you right up to the present day and where they are now.

McBusted : The Story Of The World’s Biggest Superfan is a really personal and insightful look into how Busted and McFly came to be, the friendships, and their journey towards where they are now as the superband McBusted. This book is a MUST HAVE for any fans!!!
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The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy)
The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy)
by Marie Rutkoski
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favourite books this year, 28 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Wow. WOW. My emotions about this are all over the place. This has to be one of my favourite books I have read this year.

Kestrel is just ACE. At first I thought she might be a timid girl but she is cunning and she can think and come up with strategies and she can fight and she IS BASICALLY AMAZING.

I love the outfits in the story - the dresses, the ladies wearing their daggers like jewellery.... I loved the friendships too - Kestrel and Jess are magnificent. And I really liked Ronan too - he made me laugh!

Arin....oh my Arin. I LOVED how the power constantly shifted between Arin and Kestrel, I loved how Arin had more to him than just being swoon-worthy, he has goals and dreams and he is FIERCE. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And I LOVE A GOOD FORBIDDEN ROMANCE. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

The tension and the issues between the Valorian and the Herrani sides had me hooked, and the fact that Arin was from one and Kestrel the other made it so much more gripping.

The world-building is epic, the language used....ohgosh I COULD QUOTE THIS STORY FOR MONTHS.

Cannot WAIT for the next part

The Christmas Party
The Christmas Party
by Carole Matthews
Edition: Paperback
Price: £3.85

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5.0 out of 5 stars A party you won't want to miss!, 28 Oct 2014
This review is from: The Christmas Party (Paperback)
Louise is a devoted single mother who is very focused on providing for her daughter Mia, and she has a good job in a huge international corporation. The only problem is her boss and his inability to keep his hands to himself. She really doesn’t have time for romance – that is, until she meets the company’s rising star Josh Wallace. Louise usually doesn’t attend evenings out but on the Office Christmas party she decides to go and let her hair down – it’s going to be a night to remember…

I thoroughly enjoyed this! I ALWAYS look forward to Carole’s books – there is just something about them that has your attention straight away, and you can’t help but be drawn into and immersed in Carole’s wonderful writing.

I really liked Louise, I instantly felt a connection with her and I always wanted to read on to find out what would happen to her – especially at the party! The characters are very realistic and believable and by the end of the story I felt as though I had known some of them my whole life!

Even though the novel takes place only over a short amount of time it doesn’t feel slow at all – Carole puts in lots of action, drama and excitement so that you are absorbed the entire time! There is so much happening in this story – especially the party, and I don’t want to say too much but let me tell you all – this is a Christmas Party you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! The Christmas Party is a fantastic novel from Carole and one that everyone needs to read!

I'll Be Watching You
I'll Be Watching You
by Beverly Barton
Edition: Paperback
Price: £2.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars My first time reading Beverly's books - won't be my last!, 22 Oct 2014
This review is from: I'll Be Watching You (Paperback)
This is my first book by Beverly Barton, and I was really keen to start reading and see what her stories were like.

Ella is frightened and scared for her life after she receives a series of hand-delivered letters. Someone is out there – watching, wanting her, and promising revenge. Ella will do anything to discover the truth, even if that means joining forces with a man who comes with his own danger warning…

I really enjoyed this! I haven’t read any crime books recently so it was great for me to get back into them, and this one was just what I needed! I was instantly pulled in from the first chapter and I did not want to be parted from it – I’ll Be Watching You is impossible t put down.

In this case I’m keen not to reveal much about the storyline – I went in without knowing much and for me it was SO MUCH better that way as I was constantly on thr edge of my seat, constantly surprised and I didn’t know which way the story would go. Reading it this way also made it more enjoyable for the characters – I didn’t know who to trust or what the motives were for the person who was sending Ella letters and s I desperately wanted to read on to find out what would happen to Ella and if she would ever uncover the truth.

I’ll Be Watching You isn’t just a story about crime or a thriller, it has mystery, suspense and even romance and some steamy scenes in. This is a story that will have you intrigued and absorbed from the very beginning, I’m looking forward to reading more from Beverly.

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